By Adam The Bull | 92.3 The Fan

In all sincerity, where has Cleveland been all my life? People are friendly, the food is good, you barely have to go far from home to find the things you need, and the sports fans are abundant.

It was a bit of a bumpy road getting out here between construction on Rt. 80 and the usual mess that goes along with moving, but once my wife and I made it here and unwrapped a few thousand yards of news print containing pens, ribbon, shampoo and a ceramic elephant we got down to the business of exploring and settling in. In the past two weeks, I hit plenty of hot spots: Melt, Pannini’s, Deagans , Barley House, B Spot, Market, Angelo’s, and Mitchell’s (my wife and I have been there 4 times already – she forced me, I swear!). No shortage of great food here, and I’m excited that there’s a lot more to cover in that area.

I have been to Cleveland Browns Stadium and Progressive Field, and I really like both. The radio station is in the Halle building – a great location! It’s right near everything and is an easy trip back and forth to my new home.

I’m definitely feeling a lot closer to nature here than in the NYC area – and I’m not talking the Cleveland Metroparks; I saw my first ground hog this week. After some assurance, I’m feeling more confident that he won’t burrow his way into my home (he won’t, will he?) Speaking of nature, I used a lawnmower for the first time. Having always lived in apartments, this was novel.

I love the fact that people are so friendly here. My wife and I chat with everyone we come across – and even better, they are all sports fans. I have met tons of people in my short time here and have asked them all if they like sports. One person said ‘no.’ One!!! That’s it! This is a sports crazy town! I am very excited to be in Cleveland and ready to get on the air. This is my kind of town! Let’s hope I still feel this way when it’s negative 22 degrees and I’m buried under a foot of snow…

  1. George says:

    You’ve been to the bigger sports bars in the area. Now come to the neighborhood sports dives.

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