I think some people still believe that because I am from NY originally, I secretly root for NY teams, even though I’ve said on the air that I have no allegiance to any teams from the Big Apple. Well, if those people saw me jump out of my chair a few minutes ago when Jose Valverde struck out Alex Rodriguez to send the Yankees packing from the playoffs, it would be pretty clear to them that I’m telling the truth.

How nice is it to see both the Yankees and the Red Sox not in the ALCS. Now all we need is the Phillies to lose (yes, I am saying this even though I picked them to win it all), and the three big money teams will all be gone. If you are a die-hard baseball fan like I am, I know you would love to see the Brewers or Diamondbacks and the Rangers or Tigers in the Fall Classic. In fact, I am rooting for Milwaukee to win it all.

It has been a great week for Dustin and I on the FAN. We have had a million calls this week (yes, literally one million) and are pumped that we are starting to get a lot of regulars who like to call us on a daily basis. We have heard from many passionate fans… especially those who are passionate about the Browns.

Speaking of the Browns, you may have heard the name Peyton Hillis mentioned a time or two, or three, or four, or… you get the point. Hopefully after this much-needed bye week we can get back to talking about him on the field and not off of it. It would help if Coach Shurmur would wise up and feed the ball to the big fella at least 25 times if not more against the Raiders. I really don’t get what the coach is doing. Hillis and Evan Moore are clearly two of his best weapons and he is clearly failing to use them enough.

We will talk plenty about the Buckeyes next week. Man they sucked against Michigan State. I don’t expect to see much better results against Nebraska. I think OSU will lose by 2 TD’s. Let’s hope I am wrong. O-H! _ _!

I know I have not updated you very much lately about places I am eating in Cleveland. The reason: I have not been eating out as much… yeah… kind of sucks but, I was starting to pack on a few of the pounds I lost. But, I still get out there at least once a week and have enjoyed almost every meal I have had, especially my weekly breakfast trips to the Borderline Café in Lakewood!

I really appreciate all the great support from the listeners, callers and tweeters. And we now have a show Twitter page @bullandfox. I’ll talk to you all again…weekdays at 2…RIGHT HERE… on the FAN!


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