‘Occupy Cleveland’ Protester Alleges She Was Raped

CLEVELAND, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – An “Occupy Cleveland” protester tells police she was raped in her tent over the weekend.

Cleveland police are investigating an alleged sexual assault incident Saturday at the “Occupy Cleveland” rally involving a 19-year-old female student from Parma.

According to police reports, the 19-year-old student was instructed by “Occupy Cleveland” personnel to “share a tent with the suspect due to a shortage of tents.” The suspect identified himself as “Leland” to the woman. The woman told police that after she had thought the suspect went to sleep in his own bed, she slept in a sleeping bag provided to her by the rally.

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The student went to school Monday and told a teacher about her sexual assault incident in Public Square — which is being classified as “kidnapping/rape” — prompting the teacher to immediately contact the authorities.

“Occupy Cleveland” is one of many movements taking place nationwide in the wake of “Occupy Wall Street,” which is protesting against corporate greed.

Emails from CBS Cleveland to the “Occupy Cleveland” movement were not immediately returned.

  • Massimo Deportado

    Rapist – Another democrat “in good standing”.
    You parents are entirely to blame for this rape.

    • Delmont 88

      Homey Leland was just gettin back at the white man, havin his way with a little OCCUPUSSY.

    • tired


      • me


        are you blissfully ignorant or purposefully stupid?

        actually no, we don’t want the same things for this country. they want to end this country and eradicate western capitalism. they want to take money i and others have learned to pay off their school loans, or anything else they dream up (free internet was asked for, too).

        no, my wife and i had > $100k in school loans that we paid off ourselves by working our asses off. now we’re saving for ourselves and our kids. they want to take from those that earn in the name of ‘the worker’.

        they don’t want the same, they want what they think is an easy paradise.

        “A government which robs Peter to pay Paul, can always count on the support of Paul”. – George Bernard Shaw

      • Big D

        R U kiddin’…the civil war is just beginnin’

    • Massimos an ass

      Oh clearly.

      Because the rapist should not be accountable for his actions, right? I mean, if you’re a protester, and especially a Democrat, this is what you deserve, right, you fucking idiot?

      • John Galt

        Of course she didn’t deserve this!! But there is a point there, unlike the Occupy movement Tea Partiers have families and jobs to go home to. If young females choose to share a tent with a strange men at a rally I don’t think her parents did an acceptable job of preparing thier Daughter for the tough realities of life. I also blame the organizers overall acceptance of the drugs, public sex, unsanitary living conditions, etc.
        The Ironic thing is that they need a few 2nd Amendment “wackos” to protect the “weakest and most vunerable” against the “predatory practices” of idiots like this guy, the one that crapped on the police car, and the other mindless children that think shouting and getting arrested for public trespass is democracy, democracy is far more boring and time consuming, it takes work … and I question openly the work ethic of anyone demanding someone elses money.

      • It Really Isn't Like the Tea Party

        I don’t think that Massimo stated that the rapist isn’t accountable for his actions. The idiot Occupy Cleveland organizers (who asked a 19-year old girl to share a tent with a man) are directly responsible.

      • Wilhelm The Sad

        There are significant reasons to doubt this woman’s story, just because a woman says she was raped does not prove that she was. The fact that she waited to report the socalled rape and no other evidence, etc is offered just her word…rings alarm bells…women lie all the time.

      • YERMOM

        ummmmm… since when has a liberal believed in being accountable for their actions?

      • johnmwilliams

        Liberals are all about accountability–as long as it’s a white male heterosexual having to do the accounting…

      • Karl "Groucho" Marx

        Her virtue was redistributed to another more deserving person. So share the wealth, man. What’s the problem here?

      • howley1

        Of course he is responsible for his actions but so is she. I mean on what planet is it considered smart to share a tent with a complete stranger? She didn’t deserve it, but the exercise of a little bit of critical thinking might have saved her from getting raped. It’s a tough world.

      • steve

        yes and also I wish youre mother had aborted you.. because you believe in abortion right? so it should be just fine to wish your mother had aborted you.

        but seriously … democrats who rape fill the nations prison.. maybe she should pick her friends more cautiously

      • steve

        anyone who hangs out with democrat SCUM and human FILTH…ALMOST.. ALMOST deserves what they get.

      • Bilford Rielly

        Hey this rape is in PErFECT Dem/Commie/Lib standing, style, ethics and morality – take by force those things that ARE NOT YOURS!

        BO ‘ The Muslim Turd’ and the WH Adin have backed and supported the ‘Occupy’ movement -this “occupy was just somes elses hole.
        I see a problem here with the spliting of hairs.

      • Lea

        I just want to know one thing… Did she scream?

      • nlg

        Here’s another example of the leftist zombies totally drinking the kool aid. “Sure little girl, here’s a nice sleeping bag and you can sleep right in this tent with this nice man…no worries, he’s one of us. We are all here to take care of you”. They are al living in a deep in a purple haze.

      • MorganGray

        No, you witless snake. Rape is *NEVER* deserved. What is predictable is that this sort of thing happens at a left-leaning event.
        The left has always been soft on crime, and tough on crime-fighters. So, to where else would you expect an opportunistic predator like a rapist to gravitate, except to a large crowd of left-leaning nitwits. He knows no one there will have a gun with which to defend themselves or each other. He knows he can con his way into this young woman’s tent. He knows no one will intervene, because “he is doing what he feels is right for him at the time (situational ethics)”.
        Deserve? No.
        Should expect? Yes. When you summon together the lowest common denominator of society, i.e. the lazy, the takers, the I’m-better-than-you crowd, the there-is-no-right-or-wrong bunch, the you-owe-me-everything gang; you have to figure that you are going to get the lowest common denominator, including criminals like this piece of human debris.
        Yes,the rapist should be held accountable for his actions. Personally, I believe the penalty for a first (and only) offense for rape should be death. This is an intensely personal crime against the victim, the rapist is essentially stealing the victim’s person-hood (if there is such a word), it should be treated as though it were a murder.
        No appeal, no parole, just a .44 magnum slug to the back of the head.

      • Caretaker

        Obviously you’re a libtard



      • Doug in Jax

        Useful idiots are still idiots. Idiot girl put herself at danger and was assaulted by another Democrat. Yes, he is a rapist, but she is still stupid.

        I hope that here street smarts and political smarts both improve. I hope he collects his dole from the other side of the bars.

      • Skep41

        “Raping this woman was wrong but why was she wallowing in this crowd of people who act so badly and are so obviously lawless?” I said in my post.

        You know, the kind of people who are angry and deranged and feel the need to curse anonymously on the internet. She went to a demonstration of people who were loudly denying any responsibility for their own lives and was composed of angry self-centered losers. I’ll bet her rapist, if caught, will bring up the troubled circumstances that led to his terrible mistake and will blame Citigroup for making him lose control. Again, rape is wrong but dont stand in a crowd of angry amoral people who are yelling for a violent revolution and expect your rights to be respected.

      • Doug in Jax

        I think the Leftists would call him “An undocumented husband”.

      • glenp


      • Joe M

        Nothing like this happens at a TP rally. Why?

      • KruelHunter

        Have y’all noticed that the most pompoust and judgemental posters are so often the ones who refulse replies to their comments?

      • Get A Job Hippie

        The FLEA Party … contemporary version of deadbeat drug addicted hippies from the 60’s with no agenda or direction in life what so ever. What’s the matter … pissed off that people who actually work their whole lives have more than you? Get a job and start where you qualify to start and accept your place in society you bums!

      • Kathleen G. Armand

        ummm, I think you are jumping to a conclusion all by yourself….why don’t you calm down….that’s right clam down. WOW, are you prone to these types of out breaks when you get off your med’s……ummmm….now calm down sweetie you will be fine…..just come over here and get in this sleeping back Leland is a great guy…..

      • bang00mo

        Maybe she missed the point. All the communist and anarchists want everybody to spread the wealth around.
        What’s yours is mine, blah, blah blah.
        When you’re living in the sewer, you might get a little on you.
        She probably learned a valuable life lesson – don’t hang around with scum.

      • T

        He was one of the 99% that wasn’t getting laid enough, and she was one of the 1% that control all the cooch. Isn’t it the whole point of their protests to take from the “haves” and give it to the “have-nots”?

      • Whitey

        Actually, hippie, this is an anarchist getting her just reward for her actions. Wonder if she’s still an anarchist hippie today? Ah ha.

      • KansasGirl

        Ah, but Wilhelm have you not learned it is the “seriousness” of the accusation that makes it so. Welcome to liberalism.

      • will

        I heard it was an evil pro-corporate conservative rapist

      • steve

        Those tents dont look to be homemade could they have been made by an evil corporation:?

    • Tomas

      Oh how the MSM wished this was a Tea Party protester, racist, bigot, astro turfer, Nazi, Clan member, tea bagger and now rapist,. Oh well, it’s one of yours, I’m sure this will be reported on every network news broadcast………is that crickets I’m hearing?

      • Calvin

        I guess you missed the news, the American Nazi party came out in favor of the “Occupy crowd”. Something they didn’t do with the Tea Party if they would have had them. The Occupy crowd has not responded. I guess they need the food.

      • phil

        It’s amazing how naive some of these protesters are. So many are sincerely looking for something to believe in. They seek something bigger than themselves. They seek a group experience and to be part of changing history. Unfortunately…they are the most vulnerable. It will take some age and life experience to realize that many of their fellow protesters are predators, communists, social deviants, and criminals.

      • Ted

        That may be the most rational comment I’ve read here… which begs the question: is that what this thread really needs? ;)

      • Michael

        We’ve all been misled into automatically assumings nazis like anything that is right wing. The true tragedy of our tax-funded education system is they do not educate us, they indoctrine us with deliberate lies and misinformation. They as well as the mass media have defined fascism as right wing when anyone with an understanding of the political spectrum and economics knows that fascism, nazism, isn’t even close to right wing. Fascism is a form of socialism, and especially statism and pro-government. Nowadays we have so many poor neurotic brainwashed fools who don’t even know what facism, or even what socialism means, that they will call the wrong people fascists and nazis. Lefties possibly already know, but the brainwashed robots need to understand that nazis hate capitalism, zionism, Israel, the free market, etc. They may hate the current government and even think “the jews were reponsible for 9/11, but they very much believe in socialism; they just want it for whites only. For those that are just now realizing this, you can start your rude awakening process by watching The Soviet Story.

      • Rusty D

        It was asshole, it was a filthy teabagging, Rethuglican voting, smarmy turdbucket.

    • Blahdedah Blahdodee

      anal for one hour and they were pissed they missed the free food!! Then a republican gave her $10,000……

      • Khloe K. (the fat, ugly transvestite)

        Anal for an hour!! I’m in!!!

    • floyddabarber



      • She's A Dyke

        Only way Maddow will report it is if they have hot pics of the victim.

    • tray

      Why are you assuming another protester is the one who raped this woman? Couldn’t someone totally unrelated just have wandered in and done it? Why assume the actions of one person exemplifies the action of the whole? You can use that same logic to condemn all of humanity for this one rape. How about some compassion? You know, kinda like Jesus told us all about.

      • richard40

        Tray, your objection looks pretty stupid to me. The account says she was raped by the man she shared the tent with doesn’t it? Why would he have been given a tent by the protest organizers, and she told to go in there with him, if he, the accused rapist, was not a fellow protestor. So it is pretty clear the accused rapist is indeed a protestor. The only possibled area of doubt is whether her accusations are false, but dont you leftists always say that a womans accusation of rape is almost always true. It is us evil conservatrives who constantly caution that false rape accusations are far more common than assumed.

        As for your one bad action does not condemn the whole argument, it would be reasonable if this was the only lawless or bad protestor action. But how about the antisemitism, blocking streets, arrests, defecating on police cars, and the incredible stench. One action might be an exception, but numerous lawless and irresponsible actions form a pattern of lawlessness and irresponsible protestor culture.

        Contrast the lawless behavior of the OWS with the tea partiers, who never broke the law, never harmed anybody with violence (although they were often physically attacked by leftists), always left on time, and always left the area cleaner than they found it. Yet they are portrayed by the MSM as a great threat, because they had some anti Obama signs that might have been considered in bad taste. While the lawless, violent anarchists of OWS are portrayed as the voice of 99% of the nation.

      • Shaquila

        You are so right. This woman is not emblematic of an entire movement. She has the right to change her mind if she wishes. Immediate reporting is not necessary. But don’t pillory an entire movement just because of the claims of one ambivalent woman. Who would believe that participants in this movement are capable of rape or lying for that matter. No way!

      • Ted

        Yes, why pillory an entire movement for this when there are a million real good reasons to pillory it and THEM?!?

      • Ted

        If this kind or reasoning is what religion does to people, I’d like one Christ -on-a-Stick, please.

      • Aggie95

        George Bush did it

      • Armed Texan

        Uh, I know he was a protestrer because she was sharing a friggin’ tent with him! Read the story, idiot!

      • Tim Martin

        The ‘girl’ told the police it was the man who she was asked to share the tent with, not someone who just wandered in.I don’t think anyone is assuming anything. These are the kind of people who are involved in this movement. No rapes at the tea party events. I think she was too naive and trusting. A tough lesson to learn. She wasn’t raped by an “evil banker” . . . just one of her own. Sad.

      • Captain Insane-O

        People are assuming because that is what the article says…..the people in charge of Occupy Cleveland told her she had to share the tent, due to lack of tents. Sooo….Its pretty much safe to say a fellow protester did in fact rape her. (if the rape actually happened) I mean, its her choice and such, I personally would have just said “What are you retarded? No, Im not letting a strange man I don’t know sleep in my tent with me”

      • Drdarby

        Idiot tray the raist was assigned to be in the tent by the prtest leaders. Read the story or are you just stupid. You must be a protester

      • Heckerp

        Sounds like bs to me. All she had to do was scream if she was really being raped. Tents were everywhere so someone would have heard her.

    • Mark

      I don’t believe that this woman deserved what happened, and I hope they catch this creatin and put him in jail for the rest of his life! That being said, I didn’t hear of any of this happening at any of the T.E.A.Party ralies. So tell me again, who has the moral high ground?

      • Rose

        Thank you Mark, for being a real man and not blaming the victim. I don’t support this ridiculous Occupy “movement”, or as I see it, squatting, but NO woman deserves to be raped. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are because ultimately it was up to the man who raped her. She may be naive, but that is not a crime, forcing unwanted sex on a woman is however.

    • Lease

      1st. She didn’t deserve to be attacked – its a shame that she was, and it’s a shame that she didn’t have enough common sense to avoid a dangerous situation like bunking with a complete stranger. However – I am curious to know how a passionate and informed protester found herself at a “sleepover” protest without so much as a tent or a sleeping bag. How much was she being paid to be there? And if she doesn’t have enough common sense not to put herself at risk, how can we take her paid opinions on the ecomomy seriously.

      • richard40

        She didn’t deserve to be attacked, but she did act stupidly and put herself at risk. If I decided to walk though the most crime ridden part of my city, unarmed, at night, alone, in an expensive suit, with diamonds openly displayed, and currency hanging out of my pockets, and got mugged and robbed, I might not have deserved the mugging, but I still would have acted stupidly, and put myself at risk.

      • Ted

        “without so much as a tent or a sleeping bag…”

        Or a friend

      • http://ashtonpub.wordpress.com Darcy

        “Or a friend” — EXACTLY
        Put yourself in her shoes. Would you show up at one of these things planning to spend the night without a buddy? Without a sleeping bag?

      • larry

        Funny, you say she didn’t deserve it. But you support the group that thinks the “rich” (code for ‘Jew’) should be beheaded and EATEN. Sorry, yes she did deserve it, along with you and the rest of this scum.

    • VEG522

      Blame Bush..

    • Kampfhund

      Your parents are entirely to blame for being a jackass.

    • Frank Truth



      CHARTS: Here’s What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About…
      The full story, in charts.

      1) This guy could have gone to the protest, not to protest, but to have sex with a young girl. Not every person who shows up to these things has a political reason for doing so.

      2) Why didn’t the girl scream. This could be a case of buyer’s remorse. Many females claim rape after a sexual encounter they never objected to. We don’t know that she ever asked the guy to stop. I have heard of a lot of cases where females don’t protest during the sexual act, then call it rape afterward because they claim they really never wanted to have sex. Many females are conflicted about sex. Their reptillian brain desires it, but their emotional brain, and intellect inwardly say no. Many guys put the move on females who do nothing to convey the fact they don’t want sex. They may “playfully” resist, then submit. I have had many females tell me they get very angry when guys get off without getting them off, leaving them horny, and unsatisfied. Thay take that as a personal affront.. Then all of a sudden the act retroactively becomes rape because the guy didn’t do the job right.

    • Barry

      Where is ths article did any description of a rape occur?

      The suspect identified himself as “Leland” to the woman. The woman told police that after she had thought the suspect went to sleep in his own bed, she slept in a sleeping bag provided to her by the rally.

      That is it???

    • Don

      Docter docter i broke my arm in five places.Reply stay out of those places

      • Abner Hale

        DoctOr, nucklehead.

      • Al Coholic

        “_K_nucklehead”, maroon.

    • Cal Wildman

      An alleged rape in an encampment that is so crowded there are more OccuPosers than tents… and no one heard a struggle, a cry or anything. Not impossible, but suspicious on the face of it. She waits 2 days (this is actually common in rape cases, though) and tells a teacher. This is a hard one to be sure about. Was there a rape, or was this a new twist on “the dog ate my homework” excuse?

    • Clark

      I thought you were anarchists. What are you doing calling the police?

    • Whitey

      Exactly. Hey what can I tell you darlin, you camp out with a bunch of angry America hating scum, then don’t come crying to civilization when you wind up raped.

    • larry

      She had more than her share of nookie. Just spreading it (and her legs) around to the masses. Isn’t that what all this is all about?

    • Big D

      Apparently no one bothered to tell poor ‘Leland’ that this was NOT the “Occupy your tent-mate’s vagina” rally.

    • cosette

      A more extensive account of this story on another site stated that this female is autistic and has a variety of developmental issues. She should not have been there amidst the dregs of humanity to begin with. If the people at these events are as “educated” as they profess to be somebody in authority(?) should have accompanied her directly home. But, you see, these morons are all about the “numbers”. The larger the crowd the louder the voices. They talk about compassion and concern for the downtrodden. What a load of crap! They are nothing more than a parasitic collection of malcontents possessed by the deadly sins of covetousness and sloth. Quite pathetic actually.

    • dodger

      I’m a conservative former cop and I know the kind of things that can cause a woman to be raped and nobody nearby know it was happening. How about one of these: 1. He held a weapon on her and threatened to kill her if she screamed, 2. He held a hand over her mouth, preventing a scream, then knocked her unconscious, 3. He knocked her unconscious to begin with, 4. He threatened her or her loved ones (this really should be two possibilities) if she screamed or told anyone later.
      Rape can happen even among those of you who are so deluded that you think we should all get together, sing Kumbaya, and solve all the world’s problems with a “sit-in”, “be-in” or “occupation”. It doesn’t matter what you call it, it is idealism personified.

      • Dances With Fascists

        Thank you for your civilized comment you are the only conservative posting here with any decency at all. Wherever such rightwing haters and sick minds come from they sure don’t speak well of our country except the fact that they represent the worst among us says that those they hate the most — in this case the Occupiers — are their polar opposites, and that makes me proud of at least 99% of my countrymen.

    • steve

      OK I have a great idea Im going to sleep in a tent with someone of the opposite sex whom Ive never met and wonder hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Are you that stupid Yes her parents are to blame. As far as the sleep creep is concerned. I just dont know what to say Its a natural thing as far as democrats are concerned

    • TheTruePooka

      Pretty much everyone in this comments section is a fallacious idiot. The rapist is to blame for the rape. Cased closed.

      If you want to start arguing about alternate blame and accusing political parties or protest groups, you may as well include the Republican party for their policy that put us in this situation.

      Anyone who doesn’t like what I’m saying?

      Bring it.

      I’m a proud, patriotic American who has no problem with taking a bunch of whining, strawmaning illogical, freedom hating big government loving Republicans on.

      You don’t like it come try me on my YouTube channel.

      I eat your type as an appetizer.

      • Cromulent

        Well its the Left that pines for collective rights over individual rights. Then why not be consistent and apply collective responsibility?

        And besides, no one on the other side of the aisle from you really would propose that other Occupiers be hauled into court. But isn’t it worth examining why one side’s populist movement (Tea Party) behaved like angels during their protests and the other side’s populist movement (Occupy) racked up such an impressive list of debris and debauchery?

      • dodger

        As a conservative, I agree with many (but by no means all) of the recent “Declaration” put out by OWS. I would, however, be much more likely to consider their points of view if they would take a page from the Tea Party by cleaning up their act, as well as the stage upon which they are performing, and respecting the rights of others in the areas where they are attempting to make those points.

      • Armedice

        You are so stupid. Pay attention. BOTH parties put us in this mess idiot. And Republican big government? YOU are truly dumb…..

  • LibertarianFront

    So much for peace and love.

    • Tom Menino

      Fleabaggers: George Soros had lobster and champagne last night. Michael Moore is staying at the Rennaissance in Times Square while in town to “protest”. Nancy Pelosi’s personal investment holdings grew by 61% last year during a recession of historic proportions. The domain “OccupyWallStreet.org” was registered in June by Estonian Socilaists (and then transferred in August to Adbusters, which is a prank “culture jamming” magazine known for creating mock boycotts and demonstrations, simply for sport).

      You are what Lenin referred to as the “Useful Idiots” who the oligarchy can count on to take to the streets when commanded by their masters. Obama = Bush = Wall Street = Romney = Pelosi = Halliburton = Solyndra = Barney Frank = Fannie Mae = Cheney.

      You are being used.

      You have become the sheeple you dread.

      • Jerry Rose

        Dead right on. Amen.

      • Occupy 2012

        This post was awesome!

      • LukeJohn

        Great post.

        An additional irony is that the Wall St bankers, financiers and dealers together are Obama’s biggest cash donors.

        It’s going to be funny to see him going back to them with his begging bowl next year.

      • Anti-Occupation

        Best. Post. Ever.

      • RussRamey6

        Excellent post, these people are being used, but other than use as OWS cannon fodder, I would classify them as useless idiots…

      • Kampfhund

        Yeah Tom, right on, thanks for trivializing one of the most traumatic things that will happen to that girl for your stupid political statement. What a wad.

      • me

        lukejohn wrote:

        “An additional irony is that the Wall St bankers, financiers and dealers together are Obama’s biggest cash donors.
        It’s going to be funny to see him going back to them with his begging bowl next year.”

        fool me once… shame on you. fool me twice… nope.

        “Wall Street tells Dems not to expect any love this cycle”


      • Dances With Fascists

        @Tom the hater and namecaller: the Occupiers are rubber, and you’re glue. Everything you say bounces off them and sticks to you.

        BTW to put forth the suggestion that Obama/Bush/Pelosi/etc. have any control or command over the Occupiers merely exposes your delusional state and invalidates any real point you might make. If you every make one besides juvenile ad hominems that is. Do you think it might ever be possible for you to defend and promote what you actually believe in, in any kind of mentally healthy way, without having to stoop so low as character attacks?

    • Chase

      Did you mean “piece and love?”

  • Anti-Occupation

    “this is what democracy looks like.”

    • Kampfhund

      yes, the freedom to pervert a terrible crime into a stupid political statement.

      • me

        get off your high horse. they are not “trivializing” what happened to that girl – they are trivializing the movement by juxtaposing it’s vapid and cerebral posing against the vile thing that was done to her. if you can’t pick that up, you’re a lot less “nuanced” than al gore would like.

    • dodger

      We do not live in a democracy and it was never intended to be one. Look it up and educate yourself.

  • Mr. X

    What a teabagger.

    • sfcmac

      Spoken like a true douchebagger.

      • moreco2

        We call them fleabaggers. Also dirtbaggers.

      • TruthMonster

        Better than entitlement baggers

    • Lazybum

      I that why it took her so long to speak up, douchebagger??

      • moreco2

        So the statute of limitations is 24 hours in Obamaville?

  • sfcmac

    Another scumbag in the “occupy” rank and file.

  • Leonid

    It’s NOT “protesting corporate greed”! It’s an excuse to get out and seemignly do something important in their otherwise non-important, leeching existence.

    • Ted

      The bigger problem for me is CBS, a corporation, calling it “corporate greed” instead of ALLEGED corporate greed or “what they characterize as corporate greed.” Of course, CBS isn’t guilty of greed, they distribute all their profits to “the people.”

      • RussRamey6

        Does CBS even make a profit…the MSM is dead as far as economic viability. Who watches them? Look at the ratings!!!!! LOL

      • Lea

        In reply to your previous comment on “religion,” I want to warn you, “From your lips to God’s ear.”

      • Ted

        Say it soft and it’s almost like praying, Lea.

    • patrick

      Exactly- even the lazy, deep inside, want to be productive.

    • Lease

      My guess is that she was recruited at her college campus to hop on a bus – get paid – and be a part of the movement! — She was instructed by her recruiters to share a tent because they were underprepared and she was too altruistic in her beliefs to seriously consider her own safety. Fricken’ idiot….

  • Ed

    She should have had the sense to say “No” to sharing a tent with a stranger. Too bad for her. If she were home instead of hanging with the Occupy Riff Raff this wouldn’t have happened.

    • dave

      Exactly, and how about opening your mouth and screaming RAPE?!!!!

      • dam

        Her parents taught her not to talk with her mouth full.

    • oracle2world

      Probably smoking reefer and she changed her mind in the morning, when the guy split.

      • mannshands

        Exactly! A very common college girl episode of next day regret.

      • Kampfhund

        Do you even bothering reading what a slimeball idiot thing that sounds like before you post it? If not, just letting you know it is.

  • marke

    Ah, Democrat constitiuents – Rapists AND Victims…

    The good thing is if “Leland” is caught the Dems will do everything he can to be able to vote while he’s in prison, where there are currently millions of once and future Democrats.

    • Kampfhund

      I personally think you and all the cesspool spillover dotards who are turning a girl’s rape into a moronic cry for help should be rounded up and put in same prison to receive a lot of shower love. Would you care if everyone made light of that?

      • KansasGirl

        Sio you are the “judge and jury? What happened to “alleged”? Pffft.

      • me

        ah, your true colors.

        you’re all for free speech, as long as you agree with it.

        so lets get this straight, you find marke’s comments (words) on the same level of grievance and crime as the actual rapist (penetrating the victim) – no? you’re advocating the same sentence:

        (“I personally think you and all the cesspool spillover dotards who are turning a girl’s rape into a moronic cry for help should be rounded up and put in same prison”)

        then you actually go further – beyond just co-incarceration, you actually write that he and the other “cesspool spillover dotards” actually be raped themselves

        (” to receive a lot of shower love”)

        do you not see how galactically stupid you sound?

  • randfan

    If Occupy told her to share the tent She has grounds for a lawsuit. It furthwer illustrates the mindset of the Left: people should be forced to share.

    • Ted

      ROFL,,, a LAWSUIT??? Against whom, the Universe?

      • ctina

        I think randfan was being sardonic….grounds for lawsuit, because it was ‘somebody elses fault’ she shacked up w a dude she didn’t know…..then the being ‘forced to share’ the tent….brilliant randfan :)….Shame it was lost on Ted

      • Ted

        Yes it was lost on me because it was moronic – which explains why it wasn’t lost on you. Now I can’t explain why you’re a moron, but I can explain a few things that morons can’t see by themselves. First, She wasn’t being “sardonic,” she meant exactly what she said , as do most people who advocate nebulous lawsuits. Second, even if there were someone or something to sue, she, the “attackee,” has no grounds. She was neither ordered nor compelled. She voluntarily went along with the request.. So what part of “NO” don’t YOU understand?

  • Mike ward

    Has anything remotely horrific EVER happened at a Tea Party rally? Be honest.

    • richard40

      The tea partiers displayed anti Obama signs that some people thought were in bad taste, carry banners from the american revolution, and like to own guns. They are obviously racist, redneck, extremists, and a grave threat to this nation. Their racism was considered proven when most of them said they opposed affirmative action and diversity standards. They are terrible, potentially violent, extremists and must be stopped.

      On the other hand, the OWS crowd speaks the grievances of 99% of the nation. So what if there are rapes, the streets are blocked, arrests, anti semitism, defecate on police cars, do drugs, have public sex, disrupt the city for weeks, and their camp emits a disgusting stench. So what if a large portion of them say they think the US is worse than El Quaida, our free market economic system must be destroyed, and they are justified in resorting to violence. They are the true voice of the people and we must listen to them and respond to their just grievances.

    • Lazybum

      Yes, we get screwed by the media after every event when they lie and twist and insult us.

      • mak

        lol … great response!

    • http://southernconservativemusician.wordpress.com SouthernConservativeMusician

      Yup, we were accused of being racists, astroturf, and accused of spitting on congressmen. And the horror of leaving a park cleaner than it was when we got there !

      • krp

        Exactly. The next thing you know they will be calling you Boy Scouts. Those homophobes!

    • dodger

      My 24 y.o. son & I were discussing OWS & I remarked on all the arrests of the demonstrators. He replied that he thought there must have been many arrests at the big Tea Party demonstrations, so I challenged him to find ONE. Several months later, he’s still searching.
      P.S. Before you respond with your alleged instance of a Tea Partier being arrested, I will expect a link to the story.

  • rebar

    And who exactly is providing the tents and sleeping bags? I thought all of this was an unorganized collaboration of people. Apparently not.

    • moreco2

      The Obama regime of course! Duh.

    • olderwiser

      Talk about a true ASTROTURF movement.

      • that guy

        That would actually be AFROTURF.

      • moreco2

        Afroturf? Get a grip, not funny. Watch out for the lice though.

    • Aggie 95

      There is only 1 group who could pull of world wide protests …unions

  • Kevin

    sounds like the kind of propaganda I was expecting to start popping up around these protests — though I suppose it could be true. The fact that it paints a picture of these “occupy whatevers” as some sort of formal structure making sleeping arrangements for its members, checking out tents, sleeping bags, or whatever, and with formal contact information from a single voice agreed upon by everyone to speak for the movement, just seems intentionally misleading.

  • http://teresainfortworth.wordpress.com Teresa in Fort Worth, TX

    Welcome to “Collectivism” a.k.a. Communism/Socialism/Marxism/Progressivism/etc.

    • krp

      confiscating her privates for pubic use.

  • moreco2

    Gee, didn’t see this coming did they? I’m tired of hearing about this mob. Tweet me when the cholera outbreak starts.

    • Anti-Occupation

      Oh, they saw this ‘cumming’ all right…

      • Ted

        Auntie, when did you get the mistaken idea that you were funny? Take it from someone who know, you “aunt.”

    • dodger

      Tuberculosis outbreak in Atlanta OWS.

  • Tough lesson

    What do people expect from immoral socialist scum, unicorns and rainbows? Buy a gun and learn how to use it, don’t be a useful idiot.

  • IEFBR14

    So it’s OK for these filthy left-wing communists to screw the country, but not each other?

  • dave

    Hard to believe, with all those squaters surrounding her, with nothing but a tent between her and them, and no-one heard anything? AND, she waits until the next day at school to say something!?. Hard to believe. Maybe her professor does more than just teach.

  • NohBdy

    What type of name is Leland? No, really. Someone tell me.

    • Ted

      Clearly it s some proud illiterate who wanted to name her kid “Cleveland” but didn’t quite know how to spell it!

  • Fleabagger

    Come on, he wasn’t raping her. He was redistributing her sex life…

    • stevo

      Or redistributing his semen

      • dam


    • steve

      No he was freely expressing himself Lets name him Art!!!!!

  • Jack

    I honestly don’t care. It is a small price to pay for justice.

    • Jason

      And there you have it, folks! Rape is a small price to pay for justice. Don’t forget, Obama supports this amoral brownshirt and his like.

    • Vicky

      Easy to say from one who was not raped, Jack. You sir are a hypocrite. For whom do you demand justice? Obviously not for the young lady. The injustice done to her means nothing? You are not a just man yet you demand justice: at least for yourself. If the “least” of these means nothing to you it is not justice you seek but revenge. Take stock of what is truly in your heart.

      • KansasGirl

        Vicky, has it been proven that she was “raped”. You sound like a “vigilante”.

        Not surprised though, libs pick and choose who they deem worthy of their movement. Pffft

      • Ted

        You noble defenders of the virginal young woman have no more knowledge of the facts that those who feel she deserved it, so you’re equal idiots. Was she raped? possibly, but it’s highly doubtful.Since she didn’t make a sound, either she was somehow subdued – either by the assailant or by possibly drugs and liquor.

        If the latter, was she unable to consent, or did she consent at the time, under the influence? You don’t know. But of course, no woman has ever claimed to be raped when she knew she wasn’t, so you have that going for you – which is nice as Bill Murray would say.

      • Jack

        I was making an, admittedly bad, joke. I support these people’s right to protest but I couldn’t care less what happens to them as they are probably not, for the most part, paying taxes like I do – and I am not even close to being rich, but lower middle class. If you camp out all night with strangers you are likely to get raped or worse at some point. I don’t feel bad for anyone to whom such happens in THOSE circumstances. Just simply too bad as I see it.

  • Chuckster

    Unless she’s alleging a one percenter snuck into her tent, what’s she complaining about? Surely she’s not upset that a member of the 99 shared her body with her? What’s her beef, that she has a right to what is hers? Nonsense. She should share with those less fortunate! I guess “From each according to their ability to each according to their need” doesn’t always play out like people expect. :P

    • flashman1854

      Maybe it was that French geezer(DSK?), we know he likes the ladies.

    • Anti-Occupation

      Yes, she is upset…and don’t call me ‘Shirley’…

      • Ted

        May I call you Auntie? See, those things only work verbally.

  • wwd

    Too each according to their needs, from each according to their means

  • Anti-Occupation

    At least the “occupiers” in Canada are asking occupants & donors for condoms: http://www.calgarysun.com/2011/10/17/occupy-calgary-protesters-post-plea-for-toiletries-and-condoms
    I guess those hippie rapists don’t want to catch an STD or pregnancy from their “redistribution of unwanted sex”.
    “Show me what democracy looks like. This is what democracy looks like.”

  • JohnRalph

    Only socialism can save America!

    National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party, referred to in English as the NAZI Party (socialism for the German ‘Teutonic’ Race), In reality though no different than the left’s socialism.

    Like Stalin, for the white Russians, or Pol Pot, for the Khmer Rouge, or Ho Chi Minh, for the Viet Minh, or Mao, for the Han Chinese.

    Socialist Gods that brought death and misery to tens if not hundreds of millions of humans.

    Let us not forget our SOCIALIST God, Mein Lord God High Führer Obama, for America’s liberal elite and welfare voters on the dole.

    • jgalt

      socialism is for the people, not the socialists

    • dam

      I think you meant Red Russians

  • allie

    Oh come on! This is getting ridiculous. Am I on camera? This has gotta be candid camera am I right? They steal from each other and then they rape each other? Nope I ‘m not buying it. The whole world is out to see if I believe this crap and I don’t , just to see my reaction . Nice try everybody, ya did a good job . Okay the jokes over everybody come on out now. I know none of this “protest” never really happened. Just a ruse to see me react. I see it now. Fun’s over.

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