Ohio Cops Arrest Topless Woman After 128 MPH Police Chase

BAINBRIDGE, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) — Ohio authorities arrested a topless woman after she allegedly led them on a high-speed police chase that saw speeds of more than 120 mph.

Authorities aren’t sure where – or how – Erin Holdsworth, 28, of Hiram, started her night on Oct. 11. All they know is that it ended with a car chase down Route 422 that, at its fastest, reached 128 mph.

Officers also know that, when they found her, she was wearing nothing but fishnet stockings, g-string panties and a pair of high heels.

Police say Holdsworth was seen speeding, but refused to pull over. She instead led cops on the harrowing high-speed chase.

Geauga County sheriff’s deputies worked alongside Bainbridge police officers to lay down stop sticks — a tire deflation device meant to put an end to such pursuits for the safety of all involved.

Holdsworth pulled over not long after running over the device, with both of her left tires blowing out after the impact.

It wasn’t until officers approached the stopped car that they noted her revealing outfit.

“She was compliant at that point. However, when we had her in custody, she began to get agitated,” police chief Jon Bokovitz told CBS Cleveland. “She began hitting her head against the wall.”

Bokovitz added that her insubordination continued when she refused to submit to a blood alcohol test.

WJW-TV reports that a docket filed at Chardon Municipal court lists Holdsworth as being charged with one count each of “OVI, refusing a blood alcohol content test, fleeing and eluding, criminal damaging, driving under a suspended license, speeding and reckless operation.”

According to Bokovitz, Holdsworth was then transported and arraigned at the Geauga County Safety Center. Though he was unsure, he believes she was released pending charges.

The station reports that Holdsworth will next appear in Charldon Municipal Court on Nov. 2.

  • eRtwngr (@eRtwngr)

    “OK, Phil. Are you gonna search her or am I.”

    • FBO

      It was Anthony Weiner…………….

  • Loyd

    Tjis article is worthless without pictures

    • Merv

      Pics or it didn’t happen.

    • bob


  • Dana

    This article is useless without pictures.

    • dennis

      what did she look like. someone who does this type of things is not Playboy fold out material

      • jasperddbgghost

        Exactly. When you say fold-out, I’m also thinking of fold out woman parts.

  • Ian

    released pending charges? corrupt system….

  • Dirty Ol Sam

    I hear she tripped on the tire deflation device, which punctured her breasts and immediately made her go from a double D to a B cup. Sorry, that’s all I got.

  • Brett

    Fleeing and ALLUDING????? Really? No proof readers were available??? ALLUDE: To allude to something is to refer to something without actually naming it
    ELUDE: avoid or escape by stratagem or deceit, evade

    (Webster’s Handy College Dictionary)

    And some wonder why America has fallen into the crapper?

    • dennis

      it happended in 2008

      • SA


      • Pat Robertson

        HERP DERP

    • Bill_B

      oh come on now, what else should one expect from an educational system that only demands more money, no matter the continual dismal results, no matter how much it ever gets yer afer yr afta yr !

    • Joe

      you may need your eyes checked, it clearly says eluding not alluding

      • Mike V

        Brett is confusing alluding with alluring. Was she?

      • Joe's stupid

        Do you not know that the author has the ability to EDIT the article?!?!??

    • Smerkbich

      It says, “eluding” (?)

  • Truth

    Pics or it didn’t happen

  • dennis

    This never happens in Atlanta. It is always a 300 transvestite that des this kind of thing in Atlanta

  • ed357

    By the time she got to the jail…………

    She had blown twenty (20) cops……err breathalyzers.

    ; – >

  • Bluebasset

    “Bokovitz added that her insubordination continued when she refused to submit to a blood alcohol test.” I don’t know the laws in this state, but in mine (OR) A blood alchol test is given voluntarily. Nothing “insubordinate” about it.

    • Ziegler

      in some states, like TN, if you refuse to blow ….it’s considered an autmatic admission of guilt, and you are arrested on the spot.
      Of course, any lawyer in Tn will tell you, refuse anyways.

  • drjohn

    What? No pictures?


    As the famous Internet saying goes “pics or it didn’t happen”

  • the big ?

    Pictures, attention news people, we need pictures.

  • ertdfg
    • webo

      Not a 10 for sure, but I’d tap it.

      • Matt

        It sounds like you would “TAP” a tree if it looked interested in you. What are you 18?

  • Peeping Thomas

    She is not bad. How do we get more pics?

  • jakartaman

    This girl has been ridden hard and put away wet

  • erin hadacouple
    • Jack

      Somebody has to tell Drudge to link the better articles with pics!

    • Smerkbich

      The article says she was “wearing high heels”, and the dashcam video clearly shows her wearing tennis shoes. MUCH less sexy!!

  • Cooter

    hmm . . . after looking at the pic I’m thinking she could’ve earned a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

    Need pics from the incident though.

  • We, The People

    “Bokovitz added that her insubordination”

    I’ troubled by this part of the Police Chief’s statement. Hey dickhead, we the people, are NOT subordinate to you, and you are NOT superior to us. You are a public SERVANT.

    • Bawanna

      You are right on the money.

    • Matt

      Boom, you couldn’t be more right brother

  • Randy

    Are they bringing back “Cannonball Run?”

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  • Randall

    Nice tramp-stamps.

  • ginger

    Clearly coked up

  • Bawanna

    Crack Witch :)

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