Cops: Ohio Man Breaks Into Home, Sets Up Christmas Decorations

VANDALIA, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – A Vandalia man is suspected of breaking into a family’s home while high on bath salts and setting up Christmas decorations.

Terry Trent, 44, was arrested and charged with burglary last week around the Dayton area when an 11-year-old boy found the man sitting on the couch after he had done some Christmas decorating around the house. It is likely that Trent was high on bath salts, according to police reports.

Vandalia police said that Trent entered through one of the home’s back doors and made himself comfortable, lighting candles on the coffee and kitchen tables as well as having the television’s volume on very loudly. Trent had also hung a Christmas wreath on the back garage door.

When discovering that Trent was watching television and playing with the boy’s things, the 11-year-old boy called his mother, who was next door at their neighbor’s house.

The mother told police that Trent attempted to be polite to the boy. He was arrested without incident, but police did find that he was carrying a pocket knife.

“He had said to him, ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’ll get my things and go,'” the boy’s mother told WHIO.

One man who was working with Trent last week described him as a very caring person involved with the Boy Scouts and a local church program to help convicted felons currently in prison. But he wasn’t acting well that day, the man said, describing Trent as “mentally unstable.”

Police indicated that Trent, who is now being held in Montgomery County Jail, has a history of drug charges.

“He wasn’t acting like his normal self,” the man said in the report. “I [asked] him what was going on [and] he got mad and left the job. He is paranoid and thinks people are out to get him.”

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  • Mike M

    He’s mentally unstable, does drugs and is … “involved with the Boy Scouts?” WHAT!?! Maybe someone should tell the scouts’ parents about this?

    I guess now he can work more directly with those prisoners he wants to help….

    • gr8dismal

      Penn State is looking for a defense coach, I hear.

    • ClearyJ

      He’d fit in really nicely in one of Obama’s Occupy squattervilles.

      • Renee

        You’re ignorant.

  • Joe

    Bath salts ?! And just think I was wasting all my money on Crack for all these years….

  • jasperddbgghost

    Ron Paul voters need to get in on those bath salts. Mary Jane is so yesterday.

  • John Moser

    I think “high on bath salts” requires further explanation.

    • Lazybum

      Google it- They are some whacked out legal drug making the rounds of trailer parks everywhere.

      It is sold in head shoppes, etc. and are not REALLY bath salts. They cause delusions and paranoia. Big issue in Portland ME., as well as apparently Cleavland. Kid is lucky he did not get roasted and eaten!

  • Aaron
  • Michael

    If I found him relaxing inside my house it would be his last Christmas…

  • Michelle

    I was unaware that one could get high on bath salts. That certainly puts a different spin on the homemade Christmas presents I was planning on making this year.

  • Dirty Turtlehead

    This guy is a rare commodity, simply feed him bath salts to snort and he’ll put up Christmas light and decorate around the house, heck give him a doobie and maybe he’ll cook the X Mas day dinner as well. :P SOMEBODY gimme his number.

    • Frankie D

      What the hell, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! What the hell was he thinking?!

      • macksfield


    • bob

      Montgomery County Jail
      Prisoner Work Program….937)496-6921

      hope this helps Dirty Turtlehead

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  • Joe

    has anyone asked the mother what she was doing leaving an 11 year old home alone?

    • Jason

      I was left alone at 10+ all the time. I was raised well enough to know my limitations and what the consequences would be if I did something STUPID. This nation is becoming nothing but a bunch of bed wetting pantywastes. What’s next, not letting your kid go on a date until 21? Keeping your kid on your health insurance plan until age 25? Oh WAIT…………

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  • Jason

    Well the South Park boys got high on cat pee, so anything is possible.

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  • Renee

    I believe this guy was on a court show, I think it was Judge Ross. He’s weird and needs to be locked up for life. He broke into some woman’s home and took a shower, then had the nerves to call the police and on her. He tried to sue her in court for some stupid damages. This guy is really sick and is a menace to society.

  • SoSadDad

    Funny story, I guess. His father didn’t think so. He shot and killed himself after this news made headlines.

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