CINCINNATI, Ohio (CBS Cleveland/AP) — Authorities in southwest Ohio have charged a 13-year-old boy with raping a 5-year-old girl at a McDonald’s play area.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said Monday that the alleged assault occurred Oct. 29 at a McDonald’s in the Cincinnati suburb of Anderson Township. Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Barnett says the girl’s grandmother was nearby in the restaurant at the time.

Judson Pickard, the owner of the McDonald’s location, said in a statement that he will cooperate fully with the investigation.

“The safety and well-being of my customers, especially children, is extremely important,” he said. “As a parent myself, I was very upset to learn about this situation.”

Barnett says the boy’s parents brought him to the sheriff’s office last week after authorities released a security camera photo of the suspect. Barnett says the boy was taken to the juvenile detention center.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office declined further comment to CBS Cleveland, as it is a pending case in juvenile court.

CBS Cleveland also reached out to the Anderson Township Police Department for comment.

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  1. fisherKing says:

    13 years old is hardly a boy. He should face adult charges. Don’t fall into the Edmund Kemper trap.

    1. TheAcaciaStrain says:

      Adult charges at 13?!!?! are you out of your mind. Do you ultra liberals have no shame? My God…

      1. Jayne says:

        What if it was YOUR five year old he raped? Wonder how you would feel then about adult charges. We aren’t talking shop lifting here. Why would you even defend something like that?

      2. NEVADABOB says:

        Ultra liberal? Really? Sounds more like an ultra-conservative to me. You know, law and order and all that.

      3. Emma K. says:

        Idiots! @ 13 y/o you’re old enough to now what’s right n wrong! This has nothing to do w/ being lib or conservative..Unless the 13 y/o kid is mentally handicap he may get lesser sentence. If he has no excuse, he should be tried as an adult. In California, even if a child has down syndrome or any mental handicap, if he or she has done anything of sexual nature to any students, it is an automatic expulsion w/ criminal consequences like sexual harassment or worse!

      4. Elias says:

        Liberals??? Hell, I am a rabid libertarian. Swing him. Best to kill a virus before it causes more damage…

      5. RoBoTech says:

        navadabob, you just made my point about ultraliberals (Socialists) like you.
        Hate America, Hate the Constitution, and Hate the Rule of Law.
        Thank you for showing, once again, how INSANE you Socialists are.

      6. billy zeus says:

        lets see if.acaciastain supports nambla.
        what mystery religion are you a menber of?
        maby you should “pass through the fire”…

      7. jimspriggs says:

        Let shope something like that affects your family . Then we will see a change of attitude

    2. mrslssfan says:

      13 is not an Adult. He should be tried as a child and sentenced as such. If that means increasing the penalty on child laws then we should do that. But by definition he is not an adult. If he doesn’t have the rights of an adult (vote, drink and/or drive) then he shouldn’t be punished with those penalties of an adult. If he knew that rape was wrong (which he probably did) then he should be able to understand the voting process. No, I am not heartless. What he did was wrong and horrible. His parents failed him.

      1. No Spam says:

        yes.. you are right about that. The parents definitely failed him and society for that matter.

      2. Donna says:

        I agree, a 13 year old should not for any reason be tried as an adult. That is a child who made a terrible mistake. The authorities should be investigating what has occurred in this child’s life that would cause him to even consider raping a 5 year old and then charge the adults responsible for THAT as well as with this crime. I wouldn’t be opposed to charging his parents either because, in my opinion, if your 13 year old child is the type of kid who would rape a 5 year old then there is a problem with your parenting methods deserving of criminal consequences. Period. Because either you have caused this child to be like this by abuse or neglect that allowed them to be abused by someone else.

      3. Gemma says:

        This kid RAPED a 5-year-old. HELL NO. He should be tried as an adult. He is a teenager, he is old enough to know what is innappropriate touching, and by the way, this isn’t some 12-year-old girl he raped—it’s a FIVE year old, practically still a baby. That is sick and disgusting and this kid has obvious psychological problems.

    3. Anna says:

      I wholeheartedly agree! I’ve never understand why corrective measures are based on age and not commensurate with the act itself. It is tremendously irresponsible and harmful to the safety and well-being of a society for governing authorities to resist exacting punishment on minors because of things like “emotional immaturity” or an insisted inability to comprehend their behavior. There are 45-year-olds with the emotional intelligence of 12-year-olds who face adult charges for their actions. Why not mitigate their penalties? Why bother to discipline dangerously rogue members of a society at all? The United States is going to fall to pieces with nothing left but a cloud of a once-great empire if some things don’t change for the better. This breaks my heart.

    4. Commie says:

      If he is to be treated as an adult, he should have the right to vote as well.

      Keep a balance between rights and responsibilities.

      If you say he knows what is right and wrong in sexual cases, then he should be legally allowed to have sex, right?

  2. TheRealKingMax says:

    Get the facts first, THEN lynch him.

    1. Daniel says:

      As long as you end his life now. A rapist at 13? He will be a blight on society his entire life – just end his life now and spare the future victims of this animal.

      1. Yuda says:

        All anleiapcps, and All anleiapcps, and air purifiers with Motors or electronics, produce some minute ozone (TV’s, computers, refrigerators included). So the answer is next to zero, and completely safe. Some air purifiers hoever do use Ozone to clean, and produce a lot more ozone. This one doesn’t (sorry if I overexplained )

    2. Chriss P. says:

      very well put. he should pay for what he did to the full extent of what he did. that little girl is the one hurt. but we don’t have any idea what could cause a 13 year old to do something as horrendous as rape a baby. if he was an adult i would most likely say lynch him now but hes not hes a kid and he still has a chance to be a better person. AFTER he pays the price and it does need to be a huge price. someone really should look at his parents because i feel for a kid to do something so violent and especially sexually based would most likely involve some sort of actions or ignorance on the parents parts.

  3. Christine says:

    This is not about race people. This is about a 13 year old who did something so dispicable and disgraceful that once again shows that America is failing. We are failing because parents aren’t parents anymore and let their kids watch innapropriate things and see actions from their surroundings that sends a message that its ok to harm another human life. This country should be ashamed to what its future will be. Kids with cell phones, youtube, and watching reality tv of violence. I’m ashamed to say I;m American anymore and fearful for how we will be treated by our future.

    1. SH says:

      Get the unions out of our classrooms and the government out of our living rooms and parents can be parents. The problem is so many people are afraid to discipline their kids because of fear they will be taken away.

    2. Edgar Friendly says:

      well said Christine.

    3. chris says:

      I agree, parents are not rising to the occasion. There is a sense of entitlement and general lowered expectations of parents to be guides in a ever increasingly complex world. There’s always been ‘bad seeds’ as it were but there is a definite increase of lack of empathy and control as we strive to find a medical reason for everything and throwing parents accountability out of the window. When a kid breaks something maliciously, kills a small animal (and dont gasp, this is more commonplace than you think) or hurts someone, there are less and less parents willing to punish children before they grow into teen or adult monsters. And that is what the world will end up being populated with unless we do something drastic like holding parents accountable and co-trying them in court (since they are the legal guardians) along with children, or allowing some people to be parents, or worse. Unless there is a social awakening that yes, that child that you are the protector and guide of, you occasionally have to be very strict with or sit on top of their head sometimes until they understand something, it may well come to that. This kid was just let go too far and he’s done something terrible, and now 2 kids are going to pay for parent’s negligence, and society is worse for it.

      1. Chriss P. says:

        thank you don’t lessen what the boy did but consider what couldve been if his parents they should have been. could have saved two children from this

      2. Donna says:

        Exactly. Well said!

    4. Elias says:

      This particular demographic of our society is notorious for rape. In fact, the music they listen to glorifies rape and murecder and mayhem. in 2007, the latest available DOJ results, it showed that black males raped 37,460 caucasian[Anglo, Asian and Latino] women. During that same period, ZERO black women were raped by Caucasians… Yep, 0…

      Stop the political correct crap. I do not even need to see the pics anymore to determine what demographic did the crime. As a whole, they celebrate this and there is no place on earth, where this problem does not plague them, and everyone around them…

      1. Saul Goode says:

        I read the same statistics. Same for years ’06. To say this isn’t about race is idealist and academic. The practical argument tells a different story. People can take account of all the little variables and guess that if this were different or that were different then blacks could live in peace with Caucasians and Asians, and try to fold reality into a world view that says all people are equal. Yet, the bitter fact remains: there is no country on Earth where the influence of Blacks is a net positive on civilized society. Not one. Start with Liberia if you want to take a legitimate look. Then ask, who is the Shakespeare of Uganda? The Galileo of Ghana? Where is the African flying buttress? The great African sailing ships? Even the earliest indisputable use of the control of fire isn’t to be found in Africa but Europe, specifically France. Bottom line, all citizens of a civilized society should be civilized or not given the full rights of citizenship.

      2. Stephanie says:

        You pack of racist jackals! I just read headlines yesterday that boy scout leader who molested boys had images on child porn on his hard drive. HE WAS CAUCASIAN! As a matter of fact, of the pedophiles who are charged in this area, most of them are white. Now, am I to assume that white males not only rape the earth by draining it completely of its natural resources, but they also feast on little boys for sport? ABSOLUTELY NOT! There is no place on earth, where people are not plagued with problems.

        By the way, of that percentage in 2007, how many white women were raped by white men? Does race really matter in cases of rape? Really, people like you should crawl off and die!

      3. Ron says:

        @Stephanie – Ha! Nice attempt at steering attention away from facts. White men “rape” the earth? Tell that to the Brazillians and the Chinese – they love liberal whiner revisionists such as yourself.

  4. Indy Anna says:

    My heart goes out the the little girl and her family. The boys parents turned him in. This is a heartbreak for them as well. Their child is sick. None of us expect our children to act out so violently. All concerned need our prayers.

    1. Alberson says:

      This crime is a product of our Hollyweird culture the over-sexualizes everything and which promotes uninhibited sexual conduct by children. This boy was probably in eighth grade – I know in my rural country school system eighth graders have been busted for ‘sexting’. The sexualizing of our children started long ago, and like a rampant disease, it has swept our nation. We will not see a stop to this sort of thing until we do something about the amoral entertainment media that saturates this country.

      1. Bob Bobby says:

        Very well stated and unfortunately too many people are led to believe that it’s not true and whatever crap is put on tv is fine, it can’t do harm. They don’t realize it is conditioning and programming people without them even knowing it. It tells them what is acceptable and not acceptable. It’s nearly impossible to watch an hour of tv without the words murder, death, or sex showing up, even watching a “family” network because though the show you are watching may be fine, surely the commercials will spout this in front of your children. & who runs Hollywood (hollywood is a type of wood used to make magic wands btw) are those try to lead this nation to ruin & tied in w/ the bankers of course.

      2. Frankie D says:

        So true.

      3. OnlyTheTruth says:

        True and agree with everything except the use of amoral. I will go so far as to say IMMORAL

      4. slimpicnic says:

        Advertisers pay millions to get their product in front of you for a minute or less because they know the visual power of TV. To think that the primary content in a show is not absorbed and affecting behavior is beyond ignorant. We are reaping what was sown in the sexual revolution. The “freedom” is now making a generations of slaves to sexual desire.

    2. lukuj says:

      Id o think we need to give the family credit for turning in the boy. As for trying him as an adult, if he is old enough to rape, he is old enough to take full punishment for the crime. The child will feel the full effects of the rape even though her rapist was 15. I don;’t care what race or creed the boy is, the society we live in along with the disregard for morals and over- sexualization of society helps makes horrific things like this become more frequent.

      1. Areed says:

        Here is my only problem with trying him as an adult, if he is tried as an adult, he must serve as an adult in adult prison. What do you think will happen to him there? and he WILL be released again into society after that. I think there is a possibility the boy may have been raped himself and in trying to cope with and understand why a rapist might do such a thing, he repeated the process, in turn of course harming someone else…Not that it is an excuse but it is an argument for psychiatric treatment rather than throwing him away.

  5. Bucksaw says:

    Punishment for rapists and child molesters; sexual reassignment surgery. Then they can be on the receiving end.

    1. sniper310 says:

      Best solution I’ve ever seen… sure to lower recivitism

  6. Gibbs Bentley says:

    Doesn’t matter the race of the kid just that he is kept away from others for a very very long time. Predation as that is something that is incurable. You can never trust him again. —–

  7. Ronaldo says:

    He has to be white. No other parent would have turned in their own kid.

  8. FreudianSlip says:

    You simply cannot let your children out of your sight if you want to make sure they are not harmed by others.

    1. never ending fight for freedom says:


  9. Sad story says:

    When my wife was 8, a 12 year old neighbor boy raped her/without coercion. She told me 25 years later, and I almost called the police in that town, alerting them there was a possible “now” adult pervert to watch for. I decided not to as this was along time ago and they were kids. I hope I was right.

    1. CashRules says:


      1. Lindsey says:

        Cashrules: What the hell is wrong with you? I’ll tell you what… you’re a classless lowlife.

      2. CashRules says:

        i’m just saying, its funny to report something like this 25 years after the fact.

        its not funny that it happened tho

      3. John_B says:

        Funny? I think not. With the support of her husband, maybe this guy can be found and any current events be uncovered. Besides that, I am not sure what the statute of limitations is and how it works in her former home town. Anyway, think before you speak next time.

    2. Truthe Detector says:

      I don’t believe you

      1. Truth Detector says:

        And I don’t believe anyone who can’t spell Truth…

  10. archer says:

    I dare say his parents belong to a union in ohio……………………….

  11. conservitivemom says:

    Stop for a moment Adults. Have you thought that maybe this boy has been raped/molested himself? Children are rarely born Monsters. It’s more likely that monsterous things were done to him and he is reinacting them out. 13 is hardly an adult. He should be punished for his actions and that poor little girl will never be the same. But someone also needs to look into his life to see why he did this. He was probably once a 5 year old victim too. Most children who commit sexual acts on other children were molested by other people. As a mom, I do feel compasion for both children.

    1. Don says:

      Research doesn’t bear out your claim that a child that abuses was abused.

      1. m says:

        Yes research does support the fact that abused child will also abuse! I am a mother of a 5 year old girl and 13 year old boy, so I can relate!! I must say that a 13 year old boy thinking of sex is totally different than a 13 year old raping a young girl. I feel sorry for both! I do believe this young boy (and yes he is still a baby himself) has been a victim once his self. Yes maybe video games, and TV, and sex ed, movies and all the smut out their would get our young society thinking about sex but I believe it took a little more than that to put the seed of violence in this young boy!. Now we have 2 CHILDREN that will need a lot of help to get threw this. Don’t get me wrong this boy needs to be punished for his actions but he also needs help!! Somewhere at some point some one where it was his parents or society has let this young man fall threw the cracks 😦

    2. John in Tulsa says:

      Well, if he was raped or molested, I guess his violent rape of a 5 year old is excusable, or at least we should have compassion and mitigate any punishment. After all, people are just animals – no better, no worse – and we run on instinct, and the belief that we somehow are able to control our actions and make independent decisions are as mythical as that crazy idea that we were created by God (and given free-will).

      1. Brent says:

        Ever heard of a pre-frontal cortex?
        Google it before you pretend to know what you’re talking about

      2. Tickle says:

        Brent, I think John’s sarcasm may have been lost on you.

  12. Heather says:

    I am a black conservative but maybe liberals are right. You people are racists. I know some blacks commit crime, maybe even disproportionately. However, there are many other no goods in all races. I want to but have a hard time believing that I am being judged by my character with when it comes to white people. Reading conservative comments on Druge linked web pages has confirmed that I can’t trust you wonderful people, anymore than I can the black thug walking down the street at night. I have never committed a crime in my life (above a speeding ticket) yet I am a “filthy degenrate beast(s) with hands”. Nice.

    1. destructure says:


      Who do you think you’re fooling? You’re not a “black conservative”. You’re a white liberal posing as a black conservative.

    2. Duke says:

      Sir, being a white conservative, I agree with your statements and apologize for those of my race with their narrow little minds. Grant you, we have extreme racism in both our races and I doubt if either of them will ever compromise. But if you are a man of faith, we know how it will be one glorious day! As for these children, instead of many of these posters arguing racists idiocy, they should be praying for the children’s recovery, both spiritual and mental. Shame on the adults and their self serving actions!

      1. Truthe Detector says:

        Apology accepted, moron

      2. Truth Detector says:

        If I couldn’t spell such a simple word as “Truth” I definitely wouldn’t refer to another as a moron…

    3. Alberson says:

      Heather, I dare say that there are many more conservatives who read these articles without bias than do. Remember, racism is not confined to any one race, religion (or none), or political preference. Let the bigots of all stripes wallow in their misery, and walk tall, secure in the knowledge that you are an independent thinker who will make her own way through life regardless of what others think.

    4. Octavius Jeters says:

      Haethar- you go girl-tell whitey what it is going on UP IN HERE, and what not.
      Like you, i need to be afraid of white folks at night when walking about in their finest neighborhoods. Whites be crazy.

      1. John_B says:

        You are joking right? Heather makes a good point, almost a plea for tolerance from both sides and you just spout off like a bigot. You are either a plant from some hate group (KKK), or from some hate group on the other side of the spectrum We need to come up with a term that encompasses both the KKK and the New Black Panther Party (are they extremists?) and start lumping them together like two alley cats tied at the tail. Let them take each other down and leave us alone.

    5. John_B says:

      Heather, I am sorry for all of the fools that post as if they know someone based on something as trivial as the color of their skin. The superiority complex that has infected our culture is a curse. It may not have started with reality T.V., but it certainly went viral with its help. Just know that the vast majority of people (black yellow red, white) that use Drudge to find articles worth reading would come to your aid no matter the situation. I may be dreaming, but I believe this to be true.

      1. Heather says:

        John B., i know you are a sissy, but a beautiful sissy. A knight in shining armor sissy.

      2. John_B says:

        believe what you want Heather, but it isn’t an offer, it is instinct.

  13. jtripodous says:

    This kid is sick and I can only guess that this kid was abused himself of exposed to some kind of porn – how else could he have known what he was doing.

    Penn State could use a kid like him.

    1. Coach says:

      Thanks jTrip, we are looking into this particular athlete. What is his 40 time?

  14. alllen says:

    Hey does Jerry Sandusky of Penn State have any nephews that are teenagers? Living in Ohio? Just curious…

  15. chris says:

    EXACTLY why ALL porn should be banned from the internet.

    1. the gaslamp post says:

      Porn is not to blame here, any more than automobiles are responsible for drunk driving deaths. If this kid had such access to it via the internet, then would that not be the fault of his parents?

      Blaming inatimate objects for our own behavior is irresponsible.

    2. Ralph Malph says:

      Comments like this are exactly why all idiots should be banned from the internet. See how that works?

      1. Tarsk says:

        Yeah. If you were banned from the internet, Ralph, it would be a better place.

    3. Lost innocence says:

      To tell you the truth, you are right. No one is bettered as a human being by having seen any porn. America will never have God’s blessing as long as it is so easily accessible. If it exists in the future it needs to be at the top of the tallest mountain with surveillance cameras that broadcast it’s customers paying $200 per magazine or DVD. Speaking of which welfare needs to be just as difficult to obtain.

      1. chris says:

        So it’s porn’s fault? People were being animals long before the internet and porn was invented.

    4. castrate all rapists says:

      Actually, porn helps prevent rapes if anything. A guy gets off by himself doesn’t feel the need to go get forceful with someone.

      1. Susan says:

        Yeah, sorry. Every law enforcement profiler in the world would disagree with you on this. The FBI and The Center for Missing & Exploited Children put out a report that very directly contradicts this assertion.

    5. Smuggler says:

      It will still exist in some way on the internet. Just as child porn is banned on the internet, one way or another, pedophiles can and will find it.

  16. CashRules says:


    how do you jusitfy treating 13 year old as an adult when he commits the crime, but treat a 13 year old as a child when they are a victim to a crime.

    you can’t have it both ways

    1. John in Tulsa says:

      Okay; I take it back, CashRules. THIS is the most stupid post I’ve seen (now, in addition to you occupying Wall Street and a park bench, you now occupy #1 & #2 positions in the Idiotic Postings category… congratulations). I’m an attorney, and I can tell you for a FACT that the law doesn’t give a damn about the victim’s age. If you murdered w/ pre-meditation a 99 year old who would’ve died tomorrow, you would get the exact same penalty (in your respective state) as if you murdered a 32 year old or a 3 year old. Wanting people who commit adult crimes to be tried as an adult is not “hav[ing] it both ways,” as you so eloquently put it.

      1. CashRules says:

        the law does care about ages. If you were actually a lawyer, you’d know that

      2. John in Tulsa says:

        I am a lawyer, and I just gave you an prime example as to why you are wrong. So instead of saying, “No, you’re wrong” and acting your mental age (I’m guessing 2), why don’t you EXPLAIN why what I have said is not the case.

      3. CashRules says:

        you’re wrong because you said the law isn’t concerned with age. there is no reason for further explanation or examples. deal with it.

      4. Atom&Yves says:

        HA! Cash got no game, John.

      5. txcyclone says:

        The law is only concerned with age when there is a $ amount involved… and those are civil suits…. not prosecutions!

      6. Domino Effect says:

        I think CashRules needs to learn how to read…

        He said the law isn’t concerned with the VICTIM’S AGE, meaning the victim is not the one on trial here (supposing the case does go to trial) and it therefore does not matter whether the rape victim is 5 or 50..the law, however could be concerned with the defendant’s age – i.e. whether or not they are above or below the age of understanding the difference between right and wrong. A 13 year old could be tried for rape with this reasoning

      7. Bezalel says:

        “Connecticut law subjects certain people who assault a person who is under 10 years old, age 60 or older, blind, disabled, mentally retarded, or pregnant to an enhanced penalty.”

      8. Meatwad says:

        John, with “attorneys” like you it is no wonder we are in the situation we are in. The law does ‘care’ about the victims age in a RAPE case. Has John done pro-bono work for Boys Town or any friends of Larry King?

    2. Truth Detector says:

      The most stupid comment in the history of the universe.

      That’s like saying that because 13 year-olds can’t drive, they can’t ride in cars.

      CashRules = Jose Baez Wannabe

  17. Earl P. Holt III says:

    I’ll stick my neck out: The perp was a member of the species “Africanus Criminalis” and the girl was white…

    1. Ralph Malph says:

      Actually, the perp was white. Just like esteemed community leader, football coach, and serial child rapist Jerry Sandusky. How can you Drudgetards possibly be so ignorant and smallminded?

      1. Don says:

        I give up, how?

      2. Truthe Detector says:

        Don’t bring my Uncle Jerry into this! His cutoff point is 10 you pervert!

      3. Truth Detector says:

        Sandusky is a homosexual sodomite.

        Everyone… discuss…

      4. castrate all rapists says:

        Drudge just links the news, imbecile. He doesn’t write it or create it.

        Check out which is higher in number – white rape or black rape. Come back when you learn.

    2. John in Tulsa says:

      Okay, I’ll stick my neck out here: Earl P. Holt is what is known as a “racist”, has a deep affection for the late Sen/ Robert Byrd (Democrat and KKK Grand Kleagle), and is also a neanderthal.

    3. Drudget says:

      Seriously… You think his parents would have turned him in if that were e case?

  18. deport johnson III says:

    the cities have become african in all the worst ways.

  19. Duke says:

    What is wrong with all you people jumping to conclusions without having all the facts?? Why aren’t you showing more concern for the victim and wondering what drove the offender to his actions? I’m sure you would be either not posting or posting different comments if either of them were one of your children.

  20. slappy says:

    Stupid parents. You don’t see any other race EVER doing that. Even Sandusky and the coach, who are all joo-ish never ratted out each other. Had to be a white kid.

  21. Pete Rosinski says:

    What did the 5 year old do to entice this behavior?

    1. CashRules says:

      her milkshake brought the boys to the yard

      1. NinaLeRoux says:

        Not the time or place…..but OMG, that is funny!!!

  22. Mallen says:

    And a liberal judge will just assign him to juvenile detention. Thanks, Democraps.

  23. slappy says:

    We are so used to the blcks murdering raping and robbing, it’s always big news when a white does something, I’m sure if we dug through the area blotter for that day we would find the rest of the rapes were the eek eek’s.

  24. CharlesAFerg says:

    Isn’t the 13 year old a little bit old to be playing in the play structure…?

  25. Rick O'Shea says:

    Human garbage. Try as an adult and put him in genpop to get passed around.

    1. CashRules says:

      yeah, thats the proper solution.

      1. John in Tulsa says:

        Beats your solution: flippant remarks and making jokes about the 5 year old (which btw, only shows that you have the typical liberal heart that is ice-cold).

  26. CashRules says:

    the state of Ohio rarely has any good news to report.

  27. BarbT says:

    I believe the original comment about race was more of an indictment on the media than the perpetrator.

    Political correctness has run amok in our culture. If a criminal isn’t Caucasian or Christian the liberal establishment will do its best to downplay his/her race. It’s a fact. A good example is how it took several hours for the media to identify the Fort Hood shooter as a Muslim.

  28. drakedestruction says:

    Where is the ACLU? Isn’t the 13yr old just exploring his sexuality?

  29. Diane says:

    In today’s world a five year old cannot be left alone in public places. Where was the mother while the rape was happening? Everyone in America needs to be armed so that cretins like this 13 year old can be shot and killed on site. Just imagine the costs involved here instead of ending the problem swiftly.

    1. John_B says:

      Not sure if the kid could have been shot and killed legally if he didn’t have a weapon, considering this was a public place and all. Now that Ohio is a conceal carry state this may be a good training scenario though. Try to not react emotionally to that scenario.

  30. True Conservative says:

    Considering that blacks are far more likely to commit crimes than whites, it is not “racist” for the mind to jump to this conclusion. It takes far more mental contortions to think that a perpetrator of this bizarre crime was white, though in this case he was.

    This kind of crime happens every week among blacks.

  31. Curmudgeon10 says:

    My guess is the grandmother is 29 years old.

  32. Jewess says:

    OMG, I knew this would be coming soon. No values, no G-d, you create lawless predators.

  33. jeeze says:

    So, am I missing something? All we have is an accusation with no evidence or facts. Yet this kid is already on the level of Jerry Sandusky? If he did indeed rape the girl, then yes, he needs to be tried to the full extent of the law. But please people, get the facts before passing your ignorant judgements.

  34. MsMary says:

    WOW! Seriously? We could be commenting on the state of the mental health care system in America or appluading the parents for turning their child in to answer for his crimes, perhaps even wishing for the long term recovery of both children, but NOOOOO – it all turns into a racial debate, in the lowest possible terms and language. This turns my stomach and I refuse to participate beyond this point. Comment all you want on this post, take a wild guess at my race, age, political leanings, and income level, I don’t care. You are wrong, whatever you say.

  35. Alex says:

    Anyone stop and consider that this has nothing to do with race, or culture, or Hollywood. Maybe the kid is just sick and evil. Some people are just born bad.

  36. StopWhiningAlready says:

    This was NOT a happy meal for anyone

  37. thug says:

    No reason for this 13 year old to remain alive, he should not be able to perpetrate more crimes on humanity

  38. Anon says:

    I sadly don’t see much in the way of questions regarding why he would do such a thing. Considering his age and that of the victim it certainly stands to reason the boy was abused himself at a young age. Much more investigation into this matter is needed before jumping to such brash conclusions as locking him up or that it is racially motivated.

  39. Always Happy says:

    This is both sad and sick! What has our society come to? I would punish the kid and his parents! What kind of bringing up has he received?

  40. Icarus Barnabus says:

    This kid is a product of porn on the internet. It’s how kids form relationships now. They see it. They do it. No teaching. It’s cool. It’s accessible. The stuff they see we never saw. We had relationships. Good luck youngsters of America.

  41. LLeone says:

    Sounds like one of those lowlife Occupiers, again……Officers, do your duty.

  42. reg dwight says:

    Maybe he’ll grow up to coach at penn state.
    no, wait, he attacked a girl, sorry.

    1. Aziz says:

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  43. I Shrug says:

    I swear, even if the news was about Mars, the comments would STILL end up being about race. Sheesh!

  44. ChtuluForPresident says:

    But seriously, those people in the article pic look sad don’t they.

  45. CB says:

    that little B@$TARD needs to be put in jail till he is 18 then put in prison for life….and so do his parents for not knowing how to raise him, if they had raised himi right then he wouldn’t have done this… prayers go out the the little girl and her family because of this punk

    1. John_B says:

      I’ll pray for you too CB because your judgement seems to be coming from someplace not so holy.

  46. Chris says:

    To say that our society is in decline because of unions, the government, right-wing this, and pinko-lib that is short sighted and rediculous. I am sure there are a number of reasons that are all working in concert to degenerate our culture. Some have mentioned lack of parental involvement or discipline. We certainly don’t (in general) disiciple our children like we used to. I am not sure that is a good thing. Also we have distracted and unconcerned parents and as some posters have mentioned an over-sexualized and violent media only clicks away from any TV, computer, or cell phone.

    I am not advocating banning sex and violence, I just believe that we (parents) need to take a closer look at ourselves before blaming neo-cons, occupiers, Obama or any other group de jur.

  47. Simul8or says:

    Anyone else wonder if his/his friends’ parents let him play ‘Grand Theft Auto’ on his XBox? Video games today seem to be simulators for violent crime. Lets all practice anti-social behavior without context or consequence!

  48. Sean Patriot says:


    1. John_B says:

      Your wrong so start thinking before posting.

  49. JDKBama says:

    Oh look, it’s Occupy McDonalds. All of you Occupy folks are sick… this is probably your son.

  50. Robert says:

    Was this da black or da white?

    1. Chomixa says:

      Super su mi nove opcije za blog, ali što god da spbroiam ništa mi ne uspije, uvijek mi izbaci ovu poruku “Predložak nije moguće analizirati jer nije dobro oblikovan. Provjerite jesu li svi XML elementi dobro zatvoreni. Poruka o pogrešci s XML-om: The value of attribute “alt” associated with an element type “null” must not contain the ‘<' character.Error 500"Molim savjet i pomoć!

  51. Charlie J says:

    500.00 says he is black…..

  52. sooyeah says:

    If someone held my daughter down and got pleasure from her pain there would be no punishment bad enough to give him that would make me happy. The innocent little girl she was has died. she will be in a prison in her mind for the rest of her life when she did nothing wrong. why should he ever be free?

    1. John_B says:

      I am no expert but I think the fact that she was able to tell her grandmother what happened immediately is a good sign that she will live to overcome her abuse, particularly since it wasn’t a family member who abused her.

  53. Fred says:

    Is anyone shocked by this in the liberal culture that’s been imposed on us? Lines are blurred, even erased, for adults and what is normal. Today’s pedophile is yesterday’s homosexual. Give it a few years and there will be liberals fighting for this boys right to have sex with toddlers.

    How can you argue this when liberals are teaching single digit age group children all elements of sexuality? Do you really expect a confused/depraved 13 year old to have a chance in this culture? No way. If he did this, he’s damaged goods. But can we at least quit having depraved liberals jamming perverse sex acts down our children’s throats? (No pun intended).

  54. jerry says:

    Anyone who would let their child play in one of those McDonalds play areas is crazy. They’re nothing but huge Petri dishes…teeming with all manner of germs including puke, pizz, human crap, & saliva. It’s bad enough to ingest the “food” at McDs…but to send your kids into that mess…well, you folks are INSANE !

  55. Tom says:

    White or Black doesn’t matter. The kid is seriously screwed up and probably has mental problems. If he doesn’t then someone needs to beat the crap out of him AND his parents. There’s no way this kid could have made it to 13 without someone missing some really big red flags. Now this little girls life may never be the same. Sadly there is another side to the coin. Not to be a jerk but who lets a 5 year old out of their sight? Unless you know EVERYONE in the room/area you don’t let a 5 year old run out of your view. I have 2 kids and I would stand and move to a position where I could see them even in “play areas” like McDonald’s.

  56. Frank says:

    Obviously black. If the guy was white they’d show his picture.

    1. John_B says:

      Your wrong. It’s time to stop assuming.

  57. Ellen says:

    Where would a 13 yr old boy learn this kind of behavior – possibly at home? Call child protective services.

  58. faberm says:

    Something is very strange about this story. Where were the parents? Where could this have possibly have happened? Those playgrounds are pretty much out in the open. There’s just something this story isn’t telling us.

  59. jason says:

    MAN! Those 2 guys in that pic are the oldest looking teens I’ve EVER seen! ;-O

    Wich one dunit???

  60. Nam Marine says:

    Hopefully this 13 year old animal will get the same treatment in jail!

  61. Voice of Reason says:

    Probably just trying out what he had learned in sex education class…

  62. foundersrock says:

    Most of the above comments make me sick, as does the story. BUT… I applaud the decision these parents made to turn their son in because it was the right and moral thing to do. Sometimes children take the wrong fork in the road in spite of a parent’s best efforts. This boy needs some serious help/juvie, and if the parents are to blame, they should be. This poor 5 year old needs all our prayers and blessings for a healthy life in the future. Let’s ramp down the blame game and up the moral game.

  63. tom says:

    There are so many really bad people out there doing really bad things to others. This 13-year old boy and many other younger people have been indoctrinated in school about sexual activities which they are not supposed to, Unfortunately, now and day school and teachers are the real roost that causing younger people do such things. Reality, there are a lot of teachers who are really evils and I urge all parents to stand up and condem it loudly with these evil activiities in school

    1. sandramac says:

      When I was this boy’s age, 48 years ago, we had a science teacher who was so obviously after the girls in my science class that we knew to avoid being alone with him. One day in class, as his hand caressed the back of her neck, and began to inch toward her underarm and the side of her breast, she turned and bit that hand, hard. He never tried anything overt again. When I was in first grade, we had a janitor who would catch girls going to the bathroom or coat room, and lift our dresses. There have always been teachers like that in schools, even in the small suburb in the Midwest where I was raised. I learned sex education in that same school, in Home Economics class, as well as from friends.
      When my own daughter was in 6th grade, the school invited parents to preview the film and read the text of the sex education class that was to be offered. I attended the film, read the curriculum, and approved that my daughter attend. She was ill the day the film was to be shown, but having read the nature of the discussion her classmates would have participated in, and having seen the film, I had the discussion and proposed the questions with her myself. It was a bonding experience for us both, and she has grown into a fine, university-educated woman I am very proud to have had a part in raising.
      Sex education is not the problem. Rape is a crime of violence. Frustration and violence is the increasing problem in our society. Sex has been misused in all cultures, since the dawn of civilization. Our society must come to terms with this and learn to identify and minimize the opportunity and silence that to often accompanies rape.
      I applaud the parents who brought their son to the police, and while there may be nothing they did to cause his behavior, I hope they will get him the help he so desperately needs. And I pray that the little girl who is his victim can be helped and healed through the wisdom and guidance of her own parents to the proper therapists to assist her through this awful time in her life.

  64. Emma K. says:

    how the heck did this become about race? and since it’s brought up, from what the media shows, it seems well-known pedophiles out there are WHITE..Sandusky anyone?

  65. Shane says:

    Hey Susan, What is a vulva?

    I was in a debate about Penn State. I was arguing how homosexuality was the “pink elephant”, as to how the abuses were allowed to carry on for so long. Without actual proof, videotape/victims coming forward, there would have been no way for Penn State or anyone to put a stop to Sandusky without presenting themselves as a “homophobe” or the like. And thus put the university or themselves in serious libel and civil litigation.

    I prooved my beliefs in the protection of the homosexual movement due to 2 points/facts. First being that most pedophiles tend to be homosexual-men raping boys. Second being that when the victims are mentioned, they are referred to as children and not boys. I said that it is immediately understood that when victims are mentioned as children, the children are boys and therefore puts the homosexual movement in a bad light, deservingly. I said if victims are girls, they are mentioned as girls even going as far as to mention their ages to inflame the disgust. My point is validated with this headline.

  66. Margo Renney says:

    What color was he?

  67. judester says:

    According to our all knowing government you are a child until the age of 26. Sounds crazy but it’s a fact.

  68. Crosscut says:

    Just a culture thang.

  69. That Guy Bob says:

    13 year old pedophile. Hmmm, can he be rehabilitated or just a quick bullet in the head. I’ll put the proverbual 50 on the line for anyone who thinks this young fellow will turn around from this life-event and stay out of trouble for the rest of his life…

  70. That Guy Bob says:

    Yeah, and I spelled proverbial wrong in my post, cause I am that kid of guy…

  71. nanack says:

    Adult men putting a ball in a hop for millions of dollars that can not write, read or talk for the most part become idols for our childre. Miss them HELL NO. Number 1 case in point L. James dumb as donkey.

    1. Margaret says:

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    2. Bruna says:

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  72. billy bob says:

    rapist, murderers, robbers and child molesters should be hung first offense any age

  73. Tim Buck says:

    Where the heck was her parent or guardian? Grandma shouldn’t have been inside stuffing her fat face with “food” from McDonald’s & she should’ve been keeping an eye on her kin!

  74. Kristazzz says:

    I really hate to say this but we really don’t know much about the 5 year old girl…my 7 year old little neighbor girl says horrible sexual things…acts very inappropriate…knows stuff about sex that a 7 year should have no idea exists. Sad to say I bet she has been abused. I also have a 13 year old, 9 year old, and 2 year son…they do not hang out with her or her 10 year old brother…period. Regardless, what happened (if it happened) to that little 5 year old girl is horrible…it’s also horrible that the 13 year old boys life is probably ruined too.
    I don’t agree with cracking down on the age/size limits at McDonalds and other play areas…my 13 year old and 9 year old play very well with and keep my 2 year old safe in those places. Yes, i’m very close by but not up in the tunneled slides. Parental supervision is a must.

  75. elpres says:

    i just got off the phone to the Illuminati at the travistock institute

    their opinion is…

    All is going according to plan… the people think this is a left right liberal debate and they require MORE social engineering laws. They are presently figuring out how to link this to greater gun confiscation laws and more surveillance cameras. They are holding back the color card as the detention centers and gas chambers aren’t ready yet.

    the director of homeland security was seen salivating at the prospect of more funding and crowd control (killing) toys after his debriefing on the security issues of child terrorists killing and raping US citizens, being released into the general public from their underground satanic classrooms…

  76. hey hey says:

    everyone commenting on Race —-ummm—to set the record straight—-it was a white boy…

  77. russia tours says:

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  78. Rhett Meeler says:

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  79. hang him says:

    they need to bring back the Gallows Pole and Publicly hang violent criminals such as rapists. End of story

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