COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A couple raising a 14-year-old developmentally disabled student say they hid a recording device on the girl to prove a teacher and school aide were bullying her, and the audio and subsequent investigations have led to a lawsuit, the aide’s resignation and disciplinary action for the teacher.

The girl’s mother and the woman’s longtime boyfriend said in court documents that they complained about the mental and emotional abuse to school officials in the Miami Trace district, about 30 miles southwest of Columbus, and then secretly recorded instructors’ comments for four days last spring after their claims were rebuffed.

In the recording, voices identified as aideKelly Chaffins and teacher Christie Wilt are heard questioning the girl’s weight and how active she is and making derogatory comments about her character and the character of her mother and the boyfriend.

“Are you that damn dumb? Are you that dumb?” Chaffins said. “Oh, my God. You are such a liar. … You told me you don’t know. It’s no wonder you don’t have friends. No wonder nobody likes you. Because you lie, cheat … steal.”

In another instance, Wilt apparently talks to the girl about the results of a test before evaluating it. “You know what, just keep it,” she said. “You failed it. I know it. I don’t need your test to grade. You failed it.”

In another recording, Chaffins asks the girl if she does chores. When the girl says no, Chaffins responds “Don’t you find that a little ridiculous? … How you gonna do a job? …

“You should be embarrassed. I just am in awe. Makes you worthless.”

The girl’s mother, Kourtney Barcus, and her boyfriend, who helps raise the girl, said in the lawsuit that their concerns about the aide spanned several years before they recorded the audio and that school officials initially rejected their claims. But they were shocked by what they heard on the hours of tape.

“We couldn’t know. We didn’t know,” the boyfriend, Brion Longberry, said Tuesday on NBC’s “Today” show.

In comments to the local newspaper, district superintendent Dan Roberts acknowledged this week that there was a problem.

“The persons involved fell short of our mission,” Roberts told the Washington Court House Record Herald, which first reported the story. “We’re sincerely sorry for that and we will work very hard to never let that happen again. We need to provide proper training and restate our expectations of how we treat children so that this never happens again.”

In an email to a social worker in April, Roberts said he had looked into similar complaints from the boyfriend earlier in the year and found that the girl was lying. “It came to a point where I had to remind the man that his continued false accusations were bordering on harassment and slander,” the email says.

The girl, now a freshman, was moved from the middle school to the high school ahead of schedule this spring as a result of the situation and is enjoying her new teacher and new environment, but the family remains upset with her previous instructors and how the district handled the situation, said the family’s attorneys, Brian Garvine and Daniel Mordarski.

“To say this stuff to any 14-year-old girl would be just awful,” Mordarski said. “To say it to a girl that really doesn’t have the capacity to fend for herself or to speak up or to really fight back is — it’s just heartbreaking.”

A $300,000 settlement was reached in a lawsuit filed this year by the girl’s family against the school district, Wilt and Chaffins, the attorneys said.

The lawsuit alleged verbal and emotional abuse and inappropriate comments by the aide and the teacher, as well as failure by school officials to report suspected child abuse. It also said the instructors put the girl on a treadmill if they were not satisfied with her work.

The school has said the treadmill is used strategically to help students focus.

Chaffins resigned, and the State Board of Education on Tuesday accepted her decision to give up her educational aide permit “based upon her inappropriate comments to students,” according to documents from the board. That prohibits Chaffins from getting another job as an Ohio teacher’s aide.

After a confidential investigation, the board decided to suspend Wilt’s license as an intervention specialist for one year because of “conduct unbecoming to the teaching profession.” Under an agreement with the board, Wilt can avoid that suspension if she remains in good standing with the district and completes eight hours of training focused on bullying awareness and reporting child abuse.

Roberts, the superintendent, told the Record Herald that Wilt has not taught this school year because she’s on family medical leave.

Messages left Tuesday for Roberts, Chaffins, Wilt and their attorneys weren’t returned.

The Fayette County prosecutor’s office reviewed the case but didn’t pursue criminal charges.

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Comments (134)
  1. Jonathan Smith says:

    This is disgusting.

    1. LEM says:

      This is heartbreaking, absolutely disgusting.

      Apparently these individuals are an example of the old adage “those who can’t do, teach”.

      1. MEL says:

        You are a complete fool LEM. I guess you would like to be judged by the bad apples that are sure to exist in your field of work too. That is if you even do work….

      2. LEM says:

        MEL – Maybe you have difficulty with reading comprehension. I said that “these individuals are an example of the adage . . . ” – I didn’t paint the entire teaching profession with a brush of incompetence. And by the way – yes, I DO work. Thanks for the ad hominem attack – the last refuge of those without an argument. Eye roll.

      3. Mellem says:

        You two are made for each other.

      4. Japes Macfarland says:

        ‘those who can’t do, teach.’ Perhaps why there are so many leftists, living like children in academia their whole lives. Pathetic.

      5. Rich says:

        Yes, and the old addage is consistant with the national SAT scores and global standing.

      6. Vicky Bevis says:

        The saying, as I heard it WAY back in 1965, at OHIOi Uni. was:

        “Those who can, DO”.

        “Those who can’t, TEACH!”

        “And those who can’t TEACH, TEACH COLLEGE!”

        (Retired nurse who DID!)

    2. ernie says:

      Yeah it is. So the girl gets destroyed, the district is light $300k, and the teacher gets an 8 hour bullying class, with pay I am sure. That’s teachers unions for you. We need to bust the unions.

      1. Japes Macfarland says:

        Absolutely! Unions generally make for more selfish people, or else do nothing at all for a person’s character.

      2. Regulas says:

        Agree, disband all public sector unions. If your paycheck comes from taxes, no union.

    3. MarkS1 says:

      “To say it to a girl that really doesn’t have the capacity to fend for herself or to speak up or to really fight back is — it’s just heartbreaking.”

      Well, that’s the point isn’t it? That’s what bullies always do, pick on the weaker and defenseless.

      BTW, isn’t Ohio the place that just rejected public union reforms, including for teachers, one the Holy Trinity of public “employees”? No doubt, the public fell for their crocodile tears about how they’re so “caring” and “compassionate” and are on a holy mission for “the children”, yes?

      1. Vicky Bevis says:

        Yes, Prop.#2 WAS shot down.

    4. KEW says:

      Why does this teacher still have a job? The school probably has a zero tolerance policy on bullying — unless the bullying is done by a union teacher.

    5. barbara says:

      It is totally disgusting how the Board denied wrong doing for years! who supervises these teachers? where is the accountability? I work in a school and tell you many teachers are bullies!! they may not be at this extreme, but definitely cross the is sickening..don’t be quick to dismiss your child’s reports of “mean teachers”

  2. tell it like it is says:

    This is so tragic . but I am so glad the care givers taped and exposed these cruel people. We live in a n evil world and these sort of things make me sick to the stomach

  3. hillbuzz says:

    The most important part of this article is where it says the school officials denied anything was happening for years. That’s what these public school officials seem to always do: turn a blind eye and just deny things are happening.

    Here in Illinois, Marxism is being promoted in public schools near Chicago…and the school officials won’t comment on it. Deny, deny, deny.

    1. Oob R. Daemon says:

      Thankfully the State of Illinois considers it a felony to tape someone without their explicit consent, so they won’t have to worry about any pesky news stories about their abusive teachers making the national headlines.

      Illinois is also one of the few states where it is illegal to videotape police/public officials in public. How progressive and transparent of them!

      Illinois: 2
      Liberty: 0

  4. Mac says:

    Use the $300K to pay for a private school.

  5. J.V. says:

    Chaffins & Wilt are perfect examples of government union thugs acting as educators. They should practice their trade – thuggery – where it belongs – behind bars in a state prison with the other thugs in our society.

  6. Aqualung says:

    Figures the damn looser teacher keeps her job, personally they should hang her miserable ass!

  7. Speakenglish says:

    These people should NEVER be allowed to work with children again. How despicable – they are lower than a snake’s belly. The parents should have gotten a lot more than $300,000 for this abuse by the school and its teachers. Just when you think you’ve heard it all . . .

    1. Tea Party Patriot says:

      She would be much better off in a private Catholic school. They know how to treat children properly.

      1. Anon says:

        I bet a scholarship to Penn state is coming up.

      2. LAB says:

        Catholic school is NOT the place for a child with any disability whatsoever. Compassionate toward children? OMG. Where did you go to school? My catholic school experience was illustrative of anything but compassion torward those who were challenged in any way.

  8. wmdavis says:

    This is not only outrageous, it shows the lengths to which the teacher’s unions will got to protect their own! Why is Christie Wilt not fired and stripped of her teaching credentials and teacher pension??? She is off on probation??? C’mon. Give me a break! She has proven that she is dangerous to, if not just down right evil towards, children! She should be put in jail like the government does to parent who abuse their own kids! This was child abuse and yet, the TEACHER’S UNIONS let her get away with it!

  9. lwlfnm says:

    government can do something good by an accident only

  10. Rob says:

    Why on earth would Wilt be allowed to come back after a year,, and be on medical leave to boot,, so Basically Wilt got a years paid suspension, thats what we get when we let government employees unionize,,,

    1. Tea Party Patriot says:

      I say bust all the unions, eliminate child labor laws, overtime, and vacations.
      Bring back the sixteen hour work day and make America great again!

      1. yo thug says:

        First off dimwit in a solid economy no one gets away with abusing workers because workers have choices. No one wants workers to suffer. Unions don’t protect anything but their own ability to peddle influence. Osha and a strong economy will take care of American workers. Unions only take care of dues paying lazy dimwits that aren’t fit to clean toilets.

      2. NoBS says:

        @ Tea Party Patriot, if I hated the right wingers I could never be a poser and post with a deceptive user name, my choice of course. You are most likely a Union member who’s DEMANDS are not coming to fruition due to a conflict with reality. Your smear campaign is revealing and shows the true face of the self absorbed mind-set of our present higher education system and their contempt for truth.
        Deception and fear mongering is a powerful weapon used against the most vulnerable of our society, the youth of our nation. Brainwashing the future generation into self pity with an indoctrination of entitlement mentality.
        If this happened (and yes it does!) in a private sector, the individual is fired 1st, then criminal charges are then are taken. Well, in a non Union environment we call reality.

    2. BCee says:

      Perhaps someone will eventually find a way to convict these undeniably criminal unions under RICO statutes. Probably prove numerous school districts with aiding and abetting.

  11. chris says:

    you know…… i dont agree w the relationship the mom has w the “long time boyfriend”yet on the other hand they were very courageous to stand up for the child .”boyfriend”you are a very honrable man to do this for a child thats not even yours…mom….good job!!!

    1. Mike says:

      Hey Chris how goes it?….since the child is developmentally disabled, as much as we would like to think the “boyfriend” should marry the mother, financially she would probably stand to lose a lot of aid she may be recieving…Getting married may jeopardize that and put the “family” in financial straits…We just don’t know their situation. Give them the benefit of the doubt. He did far more than many married dads do.

      1. Anon says:


        You know how mad this comment makes me.

        Awhile ago we were having all kinds of $$ problems. Very few debt issues, no drug problems just incoming money problems.

        We swallowed our pride and went to social services. Almost nothing could be done to help. Why? Because we were married. If we were divorced no problems. Lots of help. We could even live in the same house just put an qpt number on the house.

        So it could be 123 Widget St. #1 and 123 Widget St #2.

        Or better yet, say I was homeless. Go live by the interstate one night and be there when social services came around, they went there on Thursday morning to offer help. Even more money.

        All we had to do was get legally divorced. Would not be a problem. Sign a few papers and pay a small few and we are divorced. Not like we had property to split. Do that and money would be there, and for us at the time, a lot of money. Now I make that in about a week.

        I was so mad. I went home and showered.

        I took a third job as she had stay home with two handicapped kids (she could not make enough money to pay for child care). Taking care of handicapped is a little more in $$.

        SO yes the government encourages divorce and single momminess.

      2. Nunya says:

        Anon is correct Mike. You didnt even bat an eye at the prospect of people robbing us with that type of fraud. Its people like you, with your truly ignorant and ingrained entitlement ideology that are the problem.

    2. Lora says:

      I thought I would suggest that maybe the reason he is her long time boyfriend and not her husband is because any help she tries to get for her child is based on her income. If she were to exceed a certain amount she wouldn’t get any help. When I say help I am not referring to food stamps. The cost of services and insurance for kids with disabilities are astronomical. The system is structured in a way that doesn’t promote trying to do as much as you can with some assistance but do as little as possible so as not to lose services. Until her daughter turns 18 and her income doesn’t effect the services her daughter receives she will be forced to live at a very low monthly income. Getting married and living as husband and wife would probably cause her to lose the services her daughter needs.

  12. Rob says:

    Don’t you love those $100,000 per year Union School Teachers giving the best they have to the children. These are the same Teachers who benefited from the vote giving them collective barganing so they can rip off the taxpayers for even more. Buckeye’s are not as smart as I believed, why would a $12 per hour shoe salesman vote for Collective Bargaining for Government employees who are ripping you off and will continue up to bankruptcy. You should listen to your Governor, he’s very smart.

    1. Tea Party Patriot says:

      Amen! Teacher’s pay should be capped at minimum wage. If the kids don’t learn to read in school, they can learn in prison where they belong. God bless America!

      1. MEL says:

        You ought to try it before you are so quick to pass your judgement. Not condoning this teacher’s behavior, there are many in the field for the wrong purpose, but there are some there for the right reasons.

      2. Anon says:

        You do get what you pay for (most of the time).

        Get rid of only having to work hard for three years then job for life.
        Give bonuses to teachers for good work. There needs to be an objective method ofdoing this. And teaching to the test is wrong.

        I am a teacher, who refuses the union racket. Thank the gods I live in a right to work state. I made the agreement to work on a yearly contract. I don’t get Teacher Of The Year program awards. I am regularly the students choice teacher of the year. And kids love or hate me, I make them learn.

    2. Rico says:

      Nice school system you Buckeye staters have going. That giant sucking sound you hear is the sound of your wallets being drained by the racketeering union thieves you have put in charge of browbeating your children while you thought they were being educated. Respectable citizens would not put up with it, but I suppose that’s the way you people want it. Not living in Ohio, I shouldn’t have to concern myself with it, but I have to deal with the jackasses you send to Washington to inflict their mayhem to the rest of us.

      1. Rowwdy says:

        It isn’t just in the midwest states Rico. This is happening all over America.

  13. wmdavis says:

    @Rob — I don’t mean to add a lot of comments up here but I saw yours and I just wanted to say I agree with you 100% — I was going to add the recent (and completely asinine) vote to my comment but I was so angry that I totally forgot. Thanks! – Wm

  14. JEB (parent of three) says:

    The aide resigns and the licensed teacher only has 8 hours of sensitivity training…and now she is sponging off the system on Family Leave. She should be fired…oh yeah, she is a public official and covered by a Union…my bad…let her come back to work and bully more disabled children…it’s ok…she has Union “rights”. What a crock!

    1. Rowwdy says:

      You pretty much covered my sentiments JEB. I can’t believe the punishment is so light.

  15. Emil says:

    I am soooooo very glad I made the decision to move out of Cleveland when I had my child .The very thoughts of him going to a Cleveland school sent shudders down my spine. And this was 25 years ago. Not only is the teachers union corrupt, but it sounds like the whole administration is complicit in the denial and coverup. I would be afraid to raise a child in this day and age.

  16. NormB says:

    Careful. The teachers and teacher’s union lackeys (democrat politicos) will pass laws making it illegal to make recordings of teachers without their consent so they can continue to abuse our children with gay (and/or hetero) abandon.

    1. NY9Solyndra says:

      Here’ in Illinois it is illegal to record someone without his consent.

      Corrupt politicians pushed that through because they were being recorded soliciting bribes and peddling influence.

      1. NormB says:

        “Corrupt politicians ” redundancy forgiven.

  17. NY9Solyndra says:

    I’m sure the staff were protected by their union.

  18. Paul says:


    Everybody that reads this article needs to e-mail the Superintendent of the school imploring them to fire that teacher. I’m doing it now.

    1. NY9Solyndra says:

      For every bad teacher who gets fired there are probably another 100 who should be (but aren’t, thanks to unions).

      1. Anon says:

        So true. See it every day.

  19. never ending fight for freedom says:

    It would be a shame if something “happened” to the teacher(my ass) while on “family leave”…

  20. Cp America says:

    Paul the problem is that the school cannot fire the teacher because the union thugs have a stranglehold on education and in Ohio we have a hapless governor who is to weak to stand up.

    1. Anon says:

      You had a good and strong gov till a week or so ago

  21. Rico says:

    “We need to provide proper training and restate our expectations of how we treat children…” I see. The reason these sub-human monsters abused this girl for years is because no one ever told them it was wrong to do so? I am not sure which is worse, the cretins who abused the girl or the witless people in charge who actually want people to believe that 8 hrs of bullying awareness training will correct the malignant chracter flaws in people like this.

  22. Shane says:

    What was she “lying ” about in the coversations? “Lie, steal, cheat”, what was the WHOLE conversation about? I dont encourage berating for beratings sake, but it sounds …fishy. It looks like, to me, that this family got an easy payday for a “hotheaded” scolding. A “14year old developmentally disabled” sounds like a PC term for an undisciplined child. HUH?! Live in boyfriend, doesnt sound like a disciplined environment. Acts out in school, did something wrong-AGAIN, teachers lose patience, child gets scolded, little over the top, but family seeks some cash for teacher daring to scold an undisciplined child.

    I agree all about the g’ment/teachers unions/etc., but this wasnt a story I was lead to believe it was, teachers harassing a downs syndrome type of child. This is a problem kid in which the teachers are virtual “babysitters” for kids who need a trip to the woodshed and are instead labeled as something short of retarded, WHICH is more harassing and crippling than anything these teachers said.

    When the child gets out of line at school, the parents dont insist their precious little poopsy straighten up and fly right, NO, they wire the child for some more”abuse” to get ammo in their lawsuit.

    Keep working that system, keep working that system. “Emails to the social workers”, lying, and they get your pity by calling her “developmentally disabled”.

    1. Nancy says:

      Why don’t you actually get your facts straight before you make accusations like this. Watch the actual video of this story:

      1. Shane says:

        Nancy, I just watched the video link. Let me enlighten you on some things. I used to work as a maintenance man at an apartment complex that catered exclusively for people like this. When these girls get around their parents, they clam up. The parents speak for them and speak ABOUT them as though they are disabling retarded in front of them. When the parents leave, They open up to be COMPLETELY different individuals. IN FACT very normal, socially.

        There were specifically 3 girls, I call them girls but they were between 18-22yrs old. When the parents were around-introverts, almost catatonic. When the parents left, GIRLS GONE WILD! They had more boyfriends, partys, DRAMA than any other their age. Police were called to shut things down more than once. And everytime the parents would bring their precious little “dupes” to the office demanding me and the manager keep these “user friends” of theirs from entering the property and cohersing their little “developmentally diabled” children into having parties.

        We would tell the paraents that if the girls iinvited them we cant very well uninvite them. The parents INSISTED their little ones werent inviting these users over, “aint that right?”… and in their monotone-catatonic voice,”yeah”, “no”. and off the parents would go and immediately the girls would laugh and say “Party on Saturday”.

        They were perpetually stuck, mentally, at 15-16-17yrs old. And they would need the life counselors and money counselors that were assigned to them for the rest of their lives but they werent strangers to be regular ordinary people otherwise.

        I say this specific story because that girl in the video looked just like one of the girls I am speaking of. I promise you she is very capable of being a problem kid, at least undisciplined, and would have the where-with-all and knowhow to start trouble and play her parents at the same time.

        As others have said, no other kids have been harrassed, and when she got more negative attention than she expected she decided she didnt want to go to school anymore, probably because she didnt have the social skills to correct what she had started. And her gullible parents say to it she got paid.

    2. Rowwdy says:

      Did you read the WHOLE article Shane? If you were “lead to believe” anything, it is because that is the way your mind interpreted the header. The rest of your post is full of cr*p.

    3. Jack says:

      You make sense. I have a roommate whom his sister once called Developmentally Delayed a few years ago when he disappeared for a year after pawning all of his Dad’s stuff to pay off gambling debts. This guy can take no responsibility. I can see a problem coming, warn him and he does it anyway. Ask him about it- deny and lie. I did not believe his sister before but she was right. I do try to be nice about it and avoid indirectly predictable disasters. Dealing with this is frustrating and the little dear is not an angel. Tell the truth and man up. We are just trying to help.

    4. Anon says:

      developmentally disabled is a nice way of saying retard.
      developmentally disabled is a clinical word. I do not expect you, being an uneducated moron to know that.

      ADD or ADHD is the 90% of the time for an undisciplined child.

      I teach and I hate unions. Unions have destroyed education.

    5. mike says:

      Shane. I’ve seen the video, the reports & I definitely see where your coming from. While you are seeing teachers being unconcerned, even cruel in the tapes (saying she lies & cheats & cannot pass a test without even looking at it) though I fail to see what’s terrible about teachers telling an obviously overweight child she needs to exercise, it seems to me you are getting a completely one sided point of view. In the video, the parents & child have their lawyers sitting right beside them.

      What’s being missed, is what actions or events led to this kind of attitude by the teachers to this child in the first place?? The actions or events that have not been recorded. If the child is being extremely difficult; making the teachers unable to teach, it seems logical the teachers can be frustrated. Not all children are innocent & blameless.Maybe I’m missing something but just where did this attitude by the teachers towards this child come from? How come no other children complained about these teachers????

      1. K. Reuxa says:

        The truth is many parents don’t pay attention or tend to give teachers the benefit of the doubt. I have worked with teenagers for 20 years. I’ve been frustrated before–but I have never insulted or berated children in this way. I know many teachers who can freeze you with a look or be very direct and strong. My wife as a case manager has worked with incredibly difficult children who are badly behaved (and not classified as developmentally challenged). She may take a stern tone, but she never insults, belittles, or demeans children. There is no excuse.

      2. Nocommonsense says:

        Mike, clearly you are a teacher, union member, or just plain stupid. You’re comments are all looking for an excuse for the teachers. You mention the lawyers, what difference does that make….because an attorney is present, that means the teachers didn’t do it??? Did you listen to the interview….It’s no wonder our country is in the crapper with apologists like you. And oh BTW, the child’s weight is no f’n business of the teachers….have you been to a school lately, most of the teachers are overweight and this particular teacher has more chins than a Chinese phone book….It used to amaze me how people can not see the trees through the forest….you’re ignorant comments just prove how common sense and any sense of right and wrong have done an Elvis….and left the building.

      3. Shane says:

        A couple of days later FOXNEWS shows another incedent with another teacher and student at another school. That situation, too, lines up with what i am speaking of.
        Just by labeling problem children with a term that LEADS one to believe that child “cant help” who they are is what is dangerous. I am not by anymeans JUSTIFYING what was said in either case. When you allow problem kids to behave without a proper protocol for strict discipline, these outbursts are to be expected.
        I called in to a local talkshow which was berading the teacher in the other incedent. I presented my view with less than favorable results. Yet after stating my position, several teachers called in and followed up with that their hands are tied. Once these kids are labeled as such, developmentally disabled, they have to deal with them. One teacher stated at the school she worked in Missouri, did not have “developmentally disabled kids”, because they still spank/corporal punishment.

    6. K. Reuxa says:

      Let me see, putting the child on a TREADMILL as treatment? Where is that in the social work manual or teacher’s manual? And just because you don’t care for the term “developmentally disabled” does not mean that it is merely a euphemism for an undisciplined child! Don’t forget there were hours of recordings and these are just a few of the comments reported. I dare say it was embarrassing enough the school system didn’t want the rest to be aired!. You seem to be prejudiced because of the live in boyfriend.

      1. mike says:

        Normally there are two sides to every story. From reading about this story, It’s my understanding no other children have come forward with tales of how they were mistreated by these same teachers despite the large sums of money at stake. While hours of tapes were recorded, who was it that decided which tapes needed to be presented (the parent with the lawyers beside them) & which didn’t need to be presented??

        Now if the child is mentally retarded & the teachers are aware of this and the child is acting like any other mentally retarded child, the teachers deserve the outrage. However, from looking at the video & the parent with the lawyers sitting by them collecting a big payday, my guess is there’s more to this story. The news media, due to lack of resources, no longer dig deep into these stories.

  23. Some Guy says:


  24. jeff6times7 says:

    Wow. She can stay active her job if she completes 8 hours of training?

    There’s no way this woman learned how to be mean in 8 hours. It had to take a lot of practice to learn how to be that mean. In a fictitious universe where unions did not exist, then 8 hours would be an insult. But we live in a universe with unions and so 8 hours seems, well, just about right.

    This is a sick, sick world.

    1. Rico says:

      Exactly. In the fantasy world that teachers unions get to base their rules on, there are no bad teachersl – only the trained and untrained. There is no assumed moral code in place – until or unless a teacher has been specifically instructed not to do something, they are not at fault for having done it. In short, occupationally speaking, they are exempt from the normal rules of moral adult society the rest of the world is expected to live by.

  25. Hiheels says:

    this happened a year ago in Ocala FL. The government requires these kids go to public school and public school has no means of caring for them. Medicaid funds for the special programs are necessary for humane treatment because the department of education only knows how to indoctrinate little socialists to sing the obama song and take them to seiu protests in the Wisconsin Capital Building

  26. dennis says:

    When educators hide behind the clout of their union they do things that non-union workers would never do! The union kept these people from getting fired years ago.

  27. Johnson says:

    The sad part is that more than likely the teachers won’t get fired….they’ll just get transferred to another school district.

  28. NoUnion says:

    And yet, she still has a job as a teacher. Her next victim thanks you, union!

  29. Rowwdy says:

    I feel so fortunate that our children will never have to put up with a public school environment. We will NEVER subject our kids to these types of teachers or the Marxist/socialist/Communist b_s being taught in public schools today.

    Had those 2 witches been doing their ugly deeds to MY kids…..I would have demanded the teacher’s resignation and loss of teaching credentials in a lawsuit. God only knows what they teach their own kids if they have any. Sick, disgusting, amoral pieces of cr*p.

    I am beginning to think, the ONLY way to educate children is through home schooling. Keep kids away from these public (and many private) thugs.

  30. Lynyrd the Skynyrd says:

    Just one more good example to hate public education and teacher’s unions !!! Bring
    ’em to me and I’ll skin ’em with an apple peeler then pour salt on them like the slugs they are !!! I wish them worthless leeches were here right now !!!!

  31. peter says:

    People should call the Ohio education board, school and teacher union and demand more action against these teachers and make sure that they never teach again.

  32. Anon says:

    I hope y’all read the whole article.

    The teacher gets a slap on the wrist of an 8 hour training. She will be paid to go.

    And we wonder why there are problems with schools, teachers, and unions.

    Worst part is I am a teacher. I hate unions and refuse to belong or pay money to them. I refused to walk out and protest the state earlier this year. I would gladly get fired from my job to bitch slap this teacher.

  33. Sense and Sensibility says:

    In today’s world, I’m surprised the parents weren’t arrested for illegaly taping a conversation without the knowledge of all parties.

  34. bald_bruce says:

    THIS is EXACTLY why we needed SB5!! This woman is STILL A TEACHER!! Because of the Union the school board can’t fire her. Congratulations, Ohio, you are going to see a lot more of this type of stuff go on.

  35. K. Reuxa says:

    My wife is a case manager for orphans. I worked with teenagers for 20 years. This is outrageous behavior, not only on the part of the teacher and aid but on part of the school system. Eight hours of training will not rehabilitate someone who is as mean-spirited and hate-filled as this! This person has absolutely no business working with any children! Fire the teacher and bring her up on child abuse charges. Normally I dislike litigation and large payouts, but in this case $300K wasn’t nearly painful enough to this school district!

  36. Mike says:

    So do they have any more information about this teacher? Like, you know, age, years of experience, race, that sort of thing?

  37. justive4all says:

    The DS Roberts sounds like Paterno. “Very sorry I didn’t really catch what was happening. I will try to do better now.” How about proper training on how to investigate and reprimand child abusers. Take responsibility and stop protecting child abusers..

  38. Bill Henschel says:

    Some teachers think their union will protect them from almost anything they do. We had a teacher here in SC forcing students to massage her feet. Just find a graduating senior and ask a few simple general common sense questions and you will see the result of our declining school systems.

  39. S P Dudley says:

    “The persons involved fell short of our mission”

    Well, that’s the understatement of the decade!

  40. DavosSherman says:

    Epic failure.

  41. Stan says:

    I think back to when me and my sisters were about this girls age…my dad would have gone to the shool and mopped the floor with these two. My grandfather actually did it in the early 1930s to a pricnciple who slapped my dad and his brother..he actually threw him through his own office window…got arrested but was set free after judge heard what happened.

  42. Anti-Entanglement Constitutionalist says:

    “How you gonna do a job? ”

    Sounds like that abuser was an African American. Anyone know?

    1. Brother of a development disabled sister says:

      up above here in the comments is a link to the “Today Show” where they show the pictures of the teacher and aid. Both white women, not that that really matters.

      Treating any child this way is horrible, but with a special needs kid? Damned inexcusable. And yet they get away with it because they think no one will believe the child. Even when they do get caught, it’s a slap on the wrist. Like 8 hours of bullying training. Whoopdeedoo.

      My little sister is handicapped, cerebral palsy and some developmental disabilities. Which does not mean “undisciplined” like someone said above. It means she’s not mentally as developed as other people her age. For example, she’s now 24 and still unable to read. Not that we haven’t tried to teach her, she just can’t learn it.

  43. Jason says:

    This oes on daily across the nation, finally some one recorded it, most parents don’t believe their children.

  44. Northlander says:

    Why are taxpayers forced to pay the $300,000? Why aren’t these evil tormenters sued for everything they own?

  45. Dave says:

    Male, female, teacher, teacher’s aide, we wouldn’t be reading about a lawsuit if this was my kid. We’d be reading about a father in jail for major assault and battery. And proud of it.

  46. Richard says:

    This is what happens with “socialized” (government-monopoly) schools. Imagine what we can expect as socialized medicine becomes more entrenched.

  47. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    The so called teacher and school aide should never be allowed to work in a school system again they should be banned for life.

  48. Tharpie says:

    This is the end result of unions. Teachers who can’t get fired think they can run rough shod over these children with impunity. Unions have ceased having any positive impact on society and long ago became a vehicle of decay, hate, and aggression. The sooner we get rid of them, the better.

  49. perseus317 says:

    As a retired teacher, this story sickens me. It shows that, not only are teachers in today’s schools incompetent, but administrators as well. Despite REPEATED complaints by the mother and boyfriend, the administrators apparently made only a half-hearted attempt to uncover the truth in this case. In too many schools, these days, both teachers and administrators simply go through the motions of educating students. I know from experience how difficult the job is, and how there are sometimes uncooperative parents, or parents who complain about the school when it is the student that is the problem, but this case seems to be one where the administrators could have discovered the truth with only a little more diligence. The discipline for the teacher should be loss of her license, because the abuse clearly indicates that she doesn’t know how to teach developmentally disabled children.

  50. chuckles says:

    Another reason to home school. If you send your child where God isn’t welcome, what would you expect? Vouchers are the answer to fix the public schools. The ones that satisfied the customer would succeed and the ones that didn’t would fold up.

  51. kathleen keane says:

    I lived in Bourbonnais Illinois, land of the unionized teachers. My son was in a class where the teacher picked up a child by his neck until his eyes bulged out. The principal knew, but tried to tell me that my son was not in the class at the time. Nothing was done. I moved away to Arizona where there are charter schools on every corner and we can choose whatever school and teachers we like. No more unions. It is much better for the children and the parents. When I think of Illinois, I think of organized crime. That is what is there.

  52. Mike Green says:

    That couple was brilliant, and did a wonderful job protecting their child. Chaffens should be banished to a dark oblivion.

  53. Htos1 says:

    Mental rape,a la Sandusky.

  54. Bill smith says:

    Fire the teacher now! This needs to happen and the parents of Ohio need to make sure it does or she’ll just go down the road to a different district of unsuspecting parents. Fire the teacher!

  55. kyle says:

    Christie Wilt’s email address is
    Look it up in the school’s staff directory online to double check if you want.
    Feel free to drop her a line and give her a piece of your mind.

  56. J.D. says:

    “Kourtney”? The teacher and aide should have left the little girl alone and, instead, picked on the mother for having such a ridiculously spelled name!

  57. Nunya says:

    Remember, vote often, vote Dem.

    Go Unions!!!!

  58. Angry Parent says:

    The principal and superintendent must also be disciplined. The principal is Jeff Conroy and his contact number is 740 333 4900.

  59. Angry Parent says:

    Superintendent Dan Roberts contact number: 740 335 3010

  60. Bob says:

    Notice how the teacher didn’t get fired. Look for the union on that one.

  61. MarkS1 says:

    “To say it to a girl that really doesn’t have the capacity to fend for herself or to speak up or to really fight back is — it’s just heartbreaking.”

    Well, that’s the point isn’t it? That’s what bullies always do, pick on the weaker and defenseless.

    BTW, isn’t Ohio the place that just rejected public union reforms, including for teachers, one the Holy Trinity of public “employees”? No doubt, the public fell for their crocodile tears about how they’re so “caring” and “compassionate” and are on a holy mission for “the children”, yes?

  62. jim spicer says:

    I dont even understand how people could be in this profession and act like this. I mean come on get a different job if you have no patience with children. Look i have two and i know my patiences is limited, i have infinitely more patience with them ONLY because they are MY kids. People like this just baffle me to be honest because they can ruin children, i dont know if they are just that ignorant of what they are doing, or if they are just that evil that they do it on purpose. I cant even imagine the latter but i know there are evil people in the world i just think its rather a dumb way to BE evil.

  63. Steve says:

    If I had made these remarks to ANYONE at my job, I would no longer have that job.
    How this “teacher” is not out of work, letting a better teacher waiting for work in the door, is baffling to me.
    They need to check this situation again, and give that teacher a pink slip PRONTO!!

  64. nuckollsr says:

    This is but the tip of an iceberg that was foretold by countless, competent observers for centuries. Bastiat and others warned that institutions and individuals who gain their sustenance with value plundered from productive citizens are not driven by free market principals; Principals that allow a consumer of a good or service to choose not to ‘take the offer’. Principals that encourage the honorable supplier to give a warranty . . . ‘satisfaction or your money back’.

    Such institutions are exemplified in part by the unions, and ‘suppliers’ they represent. They become self serving and have no honor. Their survival is not dependent upon customers returning to purchase more of what they perceive to be good value. They are true parasites living on the productivity of the host and poisoning the cultural environment.

    This is precisely why the Founding Father’s recipe for success spoke of an exceedingly limited role of government with a prime directive to protect liberty. Government is now the biggest threat to liberty.

    1. Roger says:

      Well, you nailed it baby! But you did your research, understood what happened to the concept of unions and why they are not needed in a properly constrained ‘free market’ society. Of course oversight is required but these super strong unions must go before America will be competitive again! The teacher’s Unions are remarkable in their isolation. Most of their members do not agree with the political and social stance regularly demonstrated by their (so called) leadership but MUST remain lead about by their fiscal noses under union rules. Until teachers themselves stand up for testing and productivity requirements (like graduation “and” math, English, Science skills) then thinkers in the general population will label them, rightfully, as parasitic! Come on teachers, overthrow your “rulers” and breath fresh air!

  65. mallard says:

    Teachers Unions pose more of a long term threat to the safety of this county than does Al-Qaeda

  66. tke ellis says:

    Ernie, you are exactly right. The teacher/aide should have been fired! A teacher has been trained(?) not to do this; what happened. In special ed unfortunately it goes on a lot and I am a special ed teacher. Memphis City Schools and Shelby County Schools in Tn. I had one parent who called me and told that her son was hit in the face in a normal classroom and the teacher did nothing. In another instance a downs syndrome student was lost on the playground not once but twice. You think there isn’t a problem.

  67. Illogicbuster says:

    Just a typical Union employee…

  68. tke ellis says:

    Illogicbuster; in Tn we have a choice to be in the union or not. I and several thousand teachers are not in the union.

  69. mbs says:

    “Under an agreement with the board, Wilt can avoid that suspension if she remains in good standing with the district and completes eight hours of training focused on bullying awareness and reporting child abuse.”

    WTH! How can this teacher be allowed to continue teaching? She should be fired! Would you want her teaching your children? Of course not! This is insane. Such a horrible person, preying on innocent, vulnerable children.

  70. Hawk says:

    No doubt, the Union will stick up for this ‘educator”.

  71. Obamaroid Ointment says:

    Teacher only “disciplined”, aide “resigns”? How do you like your unionized government school teachers now Ohio?

  72. paula says:

    i have a developementally disabled and autistic son. when he was in 5th grade, his teacher would walk into the class every morning and ask the students “so, who’s going to babysit ryan today?” when i found this out, i called for a meeting, and called him out on it. he admitted to saying it once, when he was having a bad morning. my reply, “i dont care what you do outside of here, but when it comes to my son, if you cant do your job and handle it yourself, then you shouldnt be teaching” he lasted 2 more years at that school.

  73. disgusted says:

    What is the matter teacher, your projecting your own disturbances onto a innocent pretty alert girl? Are you jealous? How did you get a job? What is wrong with that school for allowing you to work there.? Whose butt are they kissing for you to keep working there?

    You are so lucky that you didn’t do that to my child. Suppose she was black and from a tough neighborhood, would you try that with her? I don’t think so!
    You are probably so fat, so dumb, nd so mad that you are working a job that you hate and are burnt out from and you wish you were more successful at what you are doing and you have regrets and hate yourself for not doing other things.

    Your ugly and you probably can’t catch a man your so dumb, and if you have one he is so stupid to even bother with you. You are pathethic. Now i know why I never went through the school system like I did growing up. I was fortunate to go to private school. You ought to be ashamed fro yourself and god will punish you for doing what you did. I hope so much guilt sets in you can’t get any peace.

    You opened up a can of worms for others who are probably doing the same things. No wonder my friends all home school their kids.

  74. disgusted says:

    Not for nothing, I don’t like people from ohio. They can’t drive, talk, act and dress. Not that this has anything to do with this problem. But you have to be illiterate to do this to a defenseless shy girl. Fatso teacher is this how your mother treated you, so you can be a teacher and do this to others.

    Oh boy, I hope you do this to the right person in your area and mess with their child, See if anyone will come to your aide. I hope something big is made of this and this is taken to the extreme bigtime. So this never happens to another child again

  75. Poetry says:

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