Baskin & Phelps chat with former Browns center Steve Everitt, who moved with the team to Baltimore and frequently spoke out against the Modell’s decision to move the team. Everitt gives his thoughts on the Modell family, their decision to move, and the love for Cleveland fans.

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  1. WebDawg says:

    You’re the man Steve. Had a blast in 2002 in New Orleans.

  2. Bigcsq says:

    Can’t get you in Stark County very well at all. Tell your management raise the transmitter antenna or pump up the output. 92.3 is a crowded frequency.

  3. Bigcsq says:

    I think the browns need some stability on the team more then a new coach or quarterback. Colt can do the job if he has a line and some weapons. Even Wallace had to run for his life. Is this team the graveyard of coaches? Let’s build some stability and draft what we really need.

  4. Rocky says:

    Do u think that the browns will trade down their draft choice . If so do u think this would be a smart move to get more draft picks since the team needs so much help . If they get some extra choices tey can build up the offensive line.a

    1. Carl says:

      We need weapons on the field. Not one player on this team causes the other teams defense to lose sleep at night. If Justin Blackmon is the real deal he is our number 4. After all Cincinnati and AJ Green will be torching us for along time, and could it be if we turn our back on JB will Cincy then make a trade to acquire him? Can you imagine AJ on one side JB on the other side. Ouch!
      Thank God RG3 is gone I was afraid we would mortgage our future for a player who maybe a great guy but who has never played a sown in the NFL. Remember Mike Phipps? He was supposedly a guy who can’t miss.

  5. Carl says:

    Sports is an outlet for people to escape the problems of the real world and a few hours of enjoyment, so why is what the President is doing any different then us.
    Besides what is politics doing on a sports talk show? We already have one Trevissanno on the air we do not need another one. If you want a boring show just hire Triv.

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