From The Mind Of Adam The Bull – “The Jinx”

Adam the Bull

OK… so it is snowing today because of me (I just said yesterday on the show that I am shocked about how little snow there has been in January). Wow, who knew I had so much power? If only I could use it here in Cleveland for good instead of evil (not sure if snow qualifies as evil, but go with me). If only the things I said on the radio could make the opposite come true here in Cleveland!

  • “The Indians would be crazy to sign Prince Fielder!”
  • “You know Dustin, Pat Shurmur will NEVER be a good head coach!”
  • “LeBron James is definitely going to leave Cleveland for Miami!”
  • “It’s hard to believe the Browns have never won a Super Bowl!”
  • “It’s hard to believe the Cavs have never won an NBA title!”
  • “This has to be the record for the most midges I have ever seen in September!”
  • “Sabathia for LaPorta, no brainer, DO IT NOW!”
  • “What is Dan Gilbert talking about? LeBron (aka LeChoke, aka Mr. 3-quarters…sorry I couldn’t resist) will definitely win a title before the Cavs do!”
  • (If I were alive in October of 1948) “I have a feeling the Indians will never win another World Series!”
  • “Selling your uniform to a tattoo artist, GREAT idea guys!”
  • (1 month from today) “This has got to be a record for the most snow ever in February!”

On the food front I made a return trip to B Spot at Crocker Park last weekend, fantastic as always!

I really appreciate all the great support from the listeners, callers and tweeters. I’ll talk to you all again… weekdays at 2… RIGHT HERE… on the FAN!

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