Cincinnati High School Paying Students To Come To School

CINCINNATI, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) — A Cincinnati high school is paying its students to come to school.

The Dohn Community High School has launched a $40,000 incentive program to get students to come to class.

The school’s CEO Ken Furrier told CBS Cleveland that students will get Visa gift cards for showing up everyday for school, being on time for class and not getting into trouble. Seniors would get $25 while underclassmen would get $10.

The school would also put $5 into a savings account for the student that earns a gift card.

“Our student population is 90 percent poverty,” Furrier told CBS Cleveland. “Money is important to them. We can’t teach them if they’re not here.”

Despite taking criticism for the program, Furrier brushes it aside.

“I think the thing that many parents have to realize is that these kids are very poor,” Furrier said. “They don’t have all the benefits suburban kids have.”

Dohn students have come around to the idea, excited about being rewarded for coming to school.

“I’m very excited to get the money,” 16-year-old student Arneqka Lester told the paper. “It makes me want to come to school on time, not that I don’t. But some students don’t have the money and this will help them. It’s a good idea.”

The school is trying out this new idea after the Ohio Department of Education designated the school an “academic emergency” on its report card. About 14 percent of students graduated from Dohn during the 2010-2011 school year.

Furrier said the program — which began Monday — has already seen benefits. Class attendance yesterday was up by 15 percent compared to Friday.

  • Pat Kelly

    Real smart, rewarding bad behavior.

    • Wheaton

      The students should be allowed to pick their own grades too.

      • SirGareth

        Why not, the value of a government union supplied education, if not zero, is quickly approaching it.

      • Kenyan Muslim Pres

        Lucky for these kids there is an unlevel playing field – aka – Affirmative Action…

      • pitter43

        Well, that’s the typical liberal solution to bad behavior. Reward bad behavior. Letting criminals out before their time is served. Welcome illegal aliens and terrorists. Same solution. They have to protect their base, after all.

    • B Woody

      Aren’t they rewarding good behavior?

      • JByrd42

        No, they do not. They only reward those who do poorly. The view success as evil.

      • Boomer

        The point is that the school shouldn’t be rewarding students for “good” behavior; the reward is an education. If they don’t take advantage of it, let them rot in their stinking ghetto!!

    • nicademus

      Upon Graduating…they’ll probably get a EBT card. Thi is all BS!!

    • wohdin

      Can you even read?

    • Dave

      Wait, did you even read the article? They’re being rewarded for going to school on time and not getting into trouble. How is that rewarding bad behavior?

  • Kathy

    Between the high school and the parents, our future generation will be lazy and stupid!

    • laffin'atcha

      our “future” generation? How about the current time out chair generation that doesn’t feel the need to work for it, but rather expects it to be handed to them…

    • Christina

      News flash.. they already are!

    • Frederick

      I agree !!!

  • Don L.

    Simply ridiculous – really – this is just another example of why Teachers and Administrators are overpaid and not performing. Get real will you.

    Check out this example which is probably the tip of the ice berg:

    • Scott

      Don, I am pretty sure you have not been in a public school for long time…number of years.

      You have no idea in what you are speaking of…..
      If it is an easy job, go get a degree and start teaching. I have yet to know someone that comes into teaching from their other profession and say teaching is easier.

    • tenngoat

      Get serious. You can’t lay this ALL at the feet of the teachers. As a 24-year History educator (and 4th generation teacher) I can tell you what is wrong with education these days, and it ISN’T the teachers. It is the POLITICIANS who have screwed up the system and instituted “social engineering” to make every attempt to rewrite our history, push political correctness and advance “white guilt”. Trust me, Kids are not stupid. But they have been DENIED the opportunity to learn how to THINK. How much effort does it take to complete a multiple choice test? How much “thought” is needed to remember “just the facts”. That is what all this No Child Left Behind and Race To The Top have dealt the teaching profession. I challenge ANY ONE of you to do my job for 5 days. My money says you FAIL miserably. Hell, you might not make it through ONE DAY!!

      • Indy Anna

        Why not turn to your f##king union for help. Hell, they have more money that God. They have been very responsible for getting us to this point. After 10 years you get tenure??? I worked 42 years and never got tenure. In the real world there is no tenure. Do I feel sorry for you? NO SUCK IT UP!

      • Paul Battis

        So IndiAnna takes the bait. The divide and conquer Psy-ops, the easiest one to run on the dumb. 16 trillion dollar deficit, illegal wars not declared by congress. TSA violating the 4th amendment everytime they touch someone and IndiAnna wants to go after the teachers union. That is what this article is about. They play you like a harp. While you get upset about this none program, the powers that be are configuring their next occupation using the Arab Brotherhood AKA Aqueada to kill some folks in Saria so that the Allies can bomb the hell out of them and save the day. And take their natural resources while thier at it. Oh its the blacks its the blacks. Blah blah de fing blah.

      • kellyturff

        tenngoat is right. It is a handcuffed system and working in it is a very challenging job. I too was there, and quit because of the frustration of dealing with the bureaucracy. I think its a decent idea at $40,000, chump change. Better than hiring all the subject coaches (thats where they take the most qualified teachers out of the classroom and make them cirriculum and staff developers who work downtown. Every once and a while they come and watch you teach and then give you stupid or no suggestions) They probably cost about $100,000 grand a year if you factor in all the benefits and retirement. Anyway, glad to see this school got a whopping 15% increase in attendance. THey graduated 14% last year so 15% of 14% is 2.1%. With this increase, they might graduate 16% of students this year……

  • Jeff R.

    “We’ve tried everything else” Yeah, I bet they really tried hard. The liberals fix for everything: Spend More Money.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    The idiots in this school district will find that even the students who are chronically late — or NEVER show — will be genuinely incensed if they don’t receive their “fair” share of anticipated payments.

    Just like their parents, they think a “job” is a situation in which you sign your name, and then you get a stream of payments for doing so…

  • george

    Not a bad idea. Do I get a cash payment for abstaining from murder or bank robbery?

  • thussaiththewalrus

    Welcome to the new Amerika! Where nothing matters and no one matters and students are finally FREE to do whatever they darn well fell like.

    I can’t wait for these lazy, spoiled, students to join the real world; they will be shocked when those who “do the right thing” are promoted, promoted, and promoted again!

    These lazy louts will be left far behind!

    • george

      In many cases, the bosses doing the promoting will be just as lazy and spoiled as the underlings. Guess with which underlings these bosses will most closely identify?

  • thussaiththewalrus

    Clearly, I meant “feel” like, not “fell” like; I’m so angry I can’t even proof read!

  • John In Alabama

    This is absloute stupidity. Pay them to take advantage of a privilige? Sounds like something Al Sharpton came up with.

  • Stuart

    Do they get a bonus for opening a book, assuming they can read it?

    • Paul

      Pat,How fantastic that you are oibgglng your journey as an educational leader. What resonated most with me in your post was the idea that schools, students and staff need to take risks to be creative with their students and the importance that they can identify with the value of their school. For me, that sense of belonging and identification with the beliefs and visions of my organization gives me the confidence and the drive to be safe to take those risk. Being creative means being different, trying new things, thinking more divergent and ultimately, giving more choices to our students. You talk about the value of teacher excitement and enthusiasm toward student learning. I wonder if the same holds true for leader excitement an enthusiasm toward staff engagement too. What do you think?

  • Kyle

    I have an idea, let them fail. Don’t reward them for something that they should be doing. If they decide to not got to class, fine, it is their loss and F grade.

  • Jimmy

    This gets the students used to and ready to accept welfare.

  • Bobtuvick

    What a sick society we live in. America is going to hell in a hand basket.

  • ariel

    How about fining the parents instead?

    • Andrew P.

      I agree, I don’t care if the fine comes directly from the parents’ welfare checks. If they have a job, they can pay for their child’s failures. If they don’t have a job, then their only job is to get their children to school!

  • sue gonzalez

    Don L. PLEASE STOP blaming teachers and administrators. They are not at home with the kids, they are not the ones who are sleeping past the alarm clocks, (Or not setting them at all)They are not the ones who should be making sure the kids get to school on time. What’s next? Will the Dr.’s have to pay patients to come in to their offices? Will dentists? How about lawyers? Will employers have to pay extra just to get people to their jobs on time? Does all that have to rest on teacher’s shoulders as well? Don L. if you are not a teacher, then you need to go spend a week in a typical classroom before you start criticizing and heaping blame on teachers.

    • SoCo Gal

      Teachers are not at fault for the community poverty. It is not their JOB to RAISE OTHER PEOPLE’S KIDS.

      The very best a teacher can do is TEACH, but unfortunately they can’t even do that because they have to DUMB DOWN their classes in hopes that EVERYONE passes, whether they deserve to or not.

      CLEVELAND is just as bad ad DETROIT. About 65% of the population is ILLITERATELY FUNCTIONAL.

      And, honestly, as a 16 year old, in today’s world, WHY graduate? What’s to look forward to? Taco Bell will hire you without a GED. Sure, you’ll get to mop floors and make tacos, but only HS graduates get to work the register (gotta know basic math and what numbers not only look like, but what they mean).

      We have become a country of SERVICE WORKERS – mall rats, fast-food slingers and Customer Service Call centers.

      There is NO REASON to get a good education (sarcasm). The highest unemployment rate is for workers 16-28, college educated or not.

      If I lived in OHIO, I’d be LIVID about this. Course, you’d have to be smart enough to understand what the word means. . .

  • TeaRunner

    You’ve tried everything else and yet I have never heard of them sending the parents to jail.

  • notamused34555

    Excellent training for when they have their first baby and go on welfare!

  • freecheese

    who goez to dis town fo vacation, huh? dis beez mo of dat free obama money frum da hope ‘n change constitutional writes day gives us !

  • David


    ” Cincinnati High School Paying Students To Come To School ”

    corrected for accuracy:

    ” Tax payers are being forced to pay Students To Come To School ”

    Seriously, first the tax payers have to pay to provide kids with a free education and now they have to pay them to show up? Liberalism is indeed a form on insanity.

  • Melvin

    My parents had the perfect incentive for me to go to school. It didn’t cost anything, but it was very effective on my part. Dad and mom used what then was called a boot up your backside.
    Mom’s favorite was a electric coffee pot cord. She used it like a whip. It is absolutely disgusting in what the Liberals have turned the government run schools into. Progressive Republicans are equally as bad.



    One definition of the word permissiveness speaks of tolerance or approval of things disapproved by others, unnecessarily lenient. This type of behavior surrounds us in this nation. You encounter it first hand in American stores, schools, traffic, sports contests, anywhere people move in their course of daily life. The resulting behavior can be rude, despicable, predictable, unpredictable, yet it is ever with us in this free society where so many individual rights are expressed as the American way of life. Who hasn’t witnessed a mother’s plaintiff plea when her child safe in a cart picks a toy from the shelf to be refused by the adult. A plethora of screaming by the child results in a mother’s quick attitude change and an immediate granting of the request. A resulting negative reinforcement occurs guaranteeing a future confrontation with a true authority figure, perhaps a policeman.

    Tyranny results as the logical outgrowth of this approval of things normally disapproved by others. Our nation is presently witnessing tyrannical behavior and crime that can only be explained by permissiveness. A local MacDonald’s experiences violence and criminal behavior since a hamburger was not prepared on time. Black Friday shoppers are out of control trying to get the latest tennis shoes, wealthy that pay taxes below their level of earning power refuse to contribute their fair share during this time of economic stress, an American President is called a liar at a SOTU address. Permissiveness leads to tyrannical, irrational, undisciplined behavior on many levels.

    America can only provide world leadership if the nation is disciplined. Currently, it is not, lacking moral and ethical resolve that everyone can observe. The nations of the world have long looked to the country of Washington and Lincoln for leadership. Frankly, at this moment in time these qualities are simply not present. We cannot provide leadership until we relegate permissiveness and the tyranny it brings to the back seat. We as a nation need to recognize we are no longer fooling the world. We must get our act together very soon. Our Congress must finally make decisions in the nation’s interest. The time has come to represent the people and provide a role model for the world.

    Alan G Phillips, Sr
    Bloomington, IL

  • peter

    Well, Excoriated by the liberal education establishment, the white teachers and prinicpals who arent “graduating” the brown students have now resorted to paying them for what their absentee fathers should be teaching them to do out of basic responsibility and self-interest – while they dont know much about the former, they are experts in the latter

  • Lu

    Are they bribing children to be disciplined to learn?

  • Joseph Youngs

    how about reform school for those refusing to attend public schools.
    that was an option that worked in the past

  • Cori Smelker

    I think the author of this article needs to return to school for basic English grammar lessons. Perhaps he/she can go to this school and receive a gift card? Learn the difference between everyday and every day!

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