INDIANAPOLIS (CBS Cleveland/AP) — A 1-year-old boy is dead after he drowned in an Indianapolis church’s baptismal pool Wednesday.

Indianapolis police said the boy — identified as Juan Cardenas in several reports — went missing for a short period, presumably having wandered off from the supervision of childcare staff members at the Praise Fellowship Assembly of God. There, eight employees monitor between 30 and 45 children.

The child wasn’t discovered missing until his therapist arrived for a session and couldn’t find him. The daycare employees then found him floating in two-feet of water in the pool. He was transported in critical condition to St. Vincent’s Hospital where he was later declared dead.

Police investigators from homicide and child abuse units are investigating the death. They don’t suspect foul play but say the investigation is ongoing.

The church’s voice mail message told callers the center will close for the remainder of the week.

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Comments (107)
  1. jon m says:

    why does a 1yr old need a therapist

    1. cal says:

      depends on what type of ailment he had. or could be for walking. therapists aren’t just for psychological issues.

      1. quasi-Christian says:

        The Protestants (quasi-Christians) fill their pool with vodka.

      2. p3orion says:

        Quasi, you are a sick sorry individual.

      3. WhatFreedomOfPress says:

        A better headline here would have been US drowning in a sea of lies after the coup and cover up that no one in the media can report on since unelected officials took over Washington and the media and are orchestrating the stories that get national attention to divert attention from the cover up. Yeah it’s a longer headline, but it’s more on point.

        We have no president, democracy, and freedom of press is only an illusion. Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        The biggest cover up in history starts here

      4. Harry Truman says:

        What a sad story. Hopefully the toothless cretin morons that were supposed to be watching this little boy go straight to jail and ultimately to hell.

        Oh wait, these are the kind of Christians that just have to reach out and touch their radio during a sermon to go to heaven…

        2012 here we come!

    2. camapa233 says:

      could have been for speech or hearing.. i know several people who work in that field with very young patients

    3. Homer says:

      Good question. Why is a one year old alone long enough to drown?

  2. DanCalgary says:

    Perhaps it was a physical therapist and the child’s disability contributed to the accident.

  3. Gerry says:

    I have a two year old boy. We pay extra to have a nanny take care of him, which sounds a lot safer than having him in daycare. They should drain the pool or cover it when not in use. I feel sorry for the daycare workers too, they will be depressed about this for a long time.

    1. Jo says:

      I agree. Daycares, even the best of them, still aren’t the best for our children. Being around sick kids all day, picking up bad behavior habits and the lack of one on one attention can’t be great. I did everything I could to ensure my kids would never go to one. I’ve never heard anyone say, “Oh my child thrives in daycare…” There is a reason the kids scream and cry all day. As expensive as it is these days it’s almost not worth both parents working to spend one of their paychecks on child care. Furthermore, if they are blessed enough that both parents make good money, then paying more for the nanny is the way to go! Kids are much better adjusted!

      1. Kelly says:

        I was prepared to put my baby into daycare until I checked out a well recommended, church run daycare. In the infant room the workers jumped up and pretended to be busy as soon as we walked in. Meanwhile, a little one year old boy was standing in front of me, reaching up to me, wanting to be picked-up. He didn’t know who I was, he just wanted attention. I left and decided to be a stay at home mom.

      2. Andrew P. says:

        additionally, up to $3000 per child (not to exceed $6000 per taxpayer) can be taken as a credit against AGI on the tax return.. Child and Dependent Care Credit.

        see link:

      3. Rob says:

        OK. My 11 month old child thrives in daycare. He gets stimulation and interaction with other kids that we can’t give him at home. The workers there are excellent and give him all the attention he needs; sometimes too much. It’s a church run daycare with a curriculum that requires a specific worker to child ratio and forbids leaving the kids in their crib unless they are asleep. We have seen his development progress by leaps and bounds due to his interaction and he is excited when he knows he is going to “school” everyday. Compare him to my niece and nephew who are 1 and 2 and are taken care of at home by their mothet, and you can clearly see he is more interactive, willing to share toys, more vocal, and less shy. Accidents will happen and they are tragic. Kids drown in pools at home all the time. Does that mean homes are too unsafe for kids?

      4. Mark says:

        This is why I am thankful that my wifes mother lives in our area. We both work and she is more than willing to watch over our daughter during the day. It may be an extra 50 miles to drop her off and pick her every day, but the peace of mind of not having her in daycare and not having to pay all that money for possible poor care, is well worth it.

    2. crypticguise says:

      The daycare workers responsible for watching this little boy should go to jail where they can be treated for their depression for a long time. How does a 1 year old boy who needs a “therapist” wander to an area where there is a pool of open water? These people are idiots.

    3. frgough says:

      Or you could just quit your job and take care of him yourself, which is an even better solution.

    4. Susan says:

      Why don’t you just look after him and raise him yourself–radical idea, huh?

    5. Jeff says:

      yeah, no child has ever died in the hands of a nanny – MORON.

    6. Homer says:

      Depressed Day Care Workers! Should they get Social Security for it?

      1. Candela says:

        Thanks! For these easy steps. I did it and I see the reply buttons under each necmomt. I have one problem and don’t know if there is a solution. When I reply to a necmomt it takes me to another screen with all the necmomts on it. And if I want to continue replying i have to go back to original screen and so on. Is there any way to reply underneath each necmomt in one page like in disqus. Like if you are chatting???Thanks

  4. joanne white says:

    This is so tragic and I don’t understand why it happened except for neglect on the part of care givers. Yes, I know accidents happen and that children are quick and that people make errors and are only human. But who forgets about a one year old ? No matter what the therapist was there for, why didn’t those employed by this church notice a missing one year old before the therapist who was there for that particular boy?

    1. Tina R. says:

      No. I have worked in day care, and trust me, it is way easy to miss a child. I do not say that I did, but I have witnessed plenty of things that would cause your hair to turn gray if you knew what went on at day cares.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    They don’t suspect foul play? Seriously? I’m sorry, but when you are responsible for the care of a one year old, you don’t “discover him missing”. You know where he is. Period.

    This is manslaughter at the very least. Shame on those workers. And shame on this church for having this baptismal accessible and filled with water.


    1. McCarthyism says:

      Manslaughter? Are you serious? You had me going there for a minute — I thought you were serious with the “Manslaughter” stuff. By the off chance that you are serious, please do yourself a favor and google the legal definition of “Manslaughter”, and then read some of the case laws that have been applied to the statute on a Federal level. Remember: It’s better to remain silent and let everyone think that you are an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove ALL doubt.

      1. Elizabeth says:

        It fits the legal definition.

        Sorry if your reading comprehension or knowledge of case law was suffering so that you missed that.

        Maybe you could brush up on your education in this area.

      2. JR_Esq says:

        You don’t think fleet of daycare workers should be considered criminally negligent when a 1-year old child can access a large pool of water?

  6. mystic says:

    Elizabeth I agree–This is manslaughter at the very least, maybe second degree manslaughter, but still manslaughter. It would have been the same if the one year old infant had fallen through a window to his death. There’s no excuse not to have window guards or just not opened the window.

    1. McCarthyism says:

      Hey Mystic, read the above comment please. You too have proven yourself to be part of the gene pool of idiots who think that this horrible accident should be classified as “Manslaughter”.

      1. Elizabeth says:

        What you call a horrible accident, others know as gross negligence.

      2. Andrew P. says:

        Involuntary manslaughter is the unlawful killing of another human being without intent. The absence of the intent element is the essential difference between voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. Also in most states, involuntary manslaughter does not result from a heat of passion but from an IMPROPER USE OF REASONABLE CARE OR SKILL while in the commission of a lawful act or while in the commission of an unlawful act not amounting to a felony.

        Generally there are two types of involuntary manslaughter: (1) criminal-negligence manslaughter; and (2) unlawful-act manslaughter. The first occurs when DEATH RESULTS FROM A HIGH DEGREE OF NEGLIGENCE OR RECKLESSNESS, and the second occurs when death is caused by one who commits or attempts to commit an unlawful act, usually a misdemeanor.

        Jurisdictions are divided on the question of whether the defendant must be aware of the risk. There are numerous cases in which an omission to act or a failure to perform a duty constitutes criminally negligent manslaughter. The existence of a duty is essential. Since the law does not recognize that an ordinary person has a duty to aid or rescue another in distress, an ensuing death from failure to act would not be manslaughter. On the other hand, an omission in which one has a duty, such as the failure of a lifeguard to attempt to save a drowning person, might constitute the offense.


        Now, I’ll be honest and say that I’m an accountant, not an attorney, and therefore not well-versed in the area of jurisprudence. However, I find it annoying when people in forums refer to something as law and then tell others to google it themselves, instead of just pasting what it was they were referring to. In addition, while I’m no lawyer, it would seem as if the daycare acted with negligence. However, I cannot attest to the particular laws of their jurisdiction.

        Oh, and “McCarthyism”, I look forward to your cynical and sarcastic, while ill-advised, comments accusing me of being idiotic.

  7. Kai says:

    How could this happen? Easy. If God is omnipotent and omniscient, then this of course is all part of his plan. Had the child been rescued in the nick of time or clung to the edge, they’d be calling it a miracle, right?

    It’s sad the little tyke drowned but don’t blame the messenger. Or the care givers.

  8. kenb says:

    Why didn’t Jesus protect this kid? What is he good for anyway? Something tangible he can’t do but the invisible unverifiable things he does do?

    1. MNBobster says:

      Seriously, you are pretty ignorant. Corporeal life is finite. Spiritual life is everlasting. You live for a while in this world and then your physical body dies. Some people live only seconds, some over a 100 years, but everyone dies. If no one died, you would not be here and there would bee no need to procreate. God even loves you, although I am sure he is disappointed that you do not use the brain he gave you.

      1. Talitha says:

        God does not love absolutely everyone. If He did, then what’s the point of believing in Him, or even of doing good things? You could utter hatred for him with every breath – and He would still love you? Is Hitler in heaven now because God loved even him? God loves those He chose from the beginning (Ephesians 1), from before the foundation of the world. He is sovereign, even over these types of tragedies.

      2. JamesD says:

        Talitha, don’t forget about Leviticus 25:44-46 – As for the male and female slaves whom you may have, it is from the nations around you that you may acquire male and female slaves.

        My friend in Canada has some very athletic daughters, the bible says it’s okay to take them and keep them as slaves. Do you know where I can get a cheap flight?

      3. George Bush says:

        hey. lets not be sad. this was part of God’s plan! God obviously wanted this. lets have a party and celebrate God’s will! thank you god for taking this liltte 1 year old to everlasting life.

      4. Andrew P. says:

        @JamesD: That would be the Old Testament, so your qualms on the matter should be with Jews, not Christians.

        @Talitha: According to (most) Christian belief, God does love all of His creations. Every human, animal, tree, rock..everything. But while He loves us all, He made it clear that the only path to Heaven was through belief in His son. That said, according to (most) Christian belief, Hitler would be in Heaven now only if he repented and accepted Christ on his deathbed. More than likely, he’s rotting in the pits of Hell.

        @”George Bush”: Hate all you want my friend, but you are still using the death of a child to endorse your belief (or lack thereof). So in this case, who is Right? Those who mourn the death of a little girl, yet praise God for the (albeit short) life she had, or those who use the tragic death of a little girl to further their beliefs that there is no god? I won’t attempt to answer that for you; personal decisions are just that-personal.

        Now folks, I’m not judging you for your belief or lack of belief (although technically you believe in “something”, even if that “something” is “nothing”). I truly don’t care what you believe, as it doesn’t affect what I believe. But why must you hate on others? Doesn’t it offend you when religious folks impose their beliefs on you? And yet you do the same?

        Why, in 2012, can’t we as a people live and let live?

      5. RP says:

        The Bible is my favorite work of fiction. Seriously, you can find more truth in a Spiderman comic book. There is absolutely zero evidence for the existence of “god” or Jesus.

      6. Tina R. says:

        RP, there is no proof of a lot of things. Until a new species is discovered, we have no “proof” that it does. Until atoms were discovered, there was no “proof”. Until a baby has implanted in the womb, there is no “proof” that it exists, and yet it does.

        Doubting Thomas, do you demand “proof” of everything in your life before you accept it as real? Quite egocentric of you…that all things present themselves to you before they are allowed to be real. Perhaps YOU are the God we seek, since you are the one to whom proof must be displayed.

      7. JamesD says:


        So Christians don’t have to follow any part of the Old Testament? I guess then they don’t have to worry about the Ten Commandments since they are ONLY in the Old Testament and not the New Testament.

        So according to your theory it’s okay for Christians to murder, rape, steal, covet, well you get it.

        Furthermore, you have NO IDEA if Hitler repented on his deathbed, he may have and now he is in heaven. But ALL of the innocent children he killed are in hell because they don’t believe what you believe. How do you sleep at night?

    2. Jesus says:

      Ken, you are so dumb.

      1. James D says:

        I think you two are missing the point Ken was trying to make. You shouldn’t resort to name calling simply because someone has a different viewpoint. That would be…oh let’s say “un-Christ-like”.

      2. Andrew P. says:

        Profound comment. Thanks for posting.

      3. RP says:

        Jesus, you are a fictional character.

    3. Kingfish says:

      God did, he needed him more than this world did, now he will have everlasting life, instead of a screwed up, degenerate world, filled with crime, crooked politicians, and having to endure a life of pain, and low life’s ready to lead him astray by atheists, liberal hate mongers.

    4. frgough says:

      You remind me of the art critic who squinted at the Mona Lisa through a keyhole and pronounced it utter garbage.

    5. kmandew says:

      You nailed it. pun?

  9. MOM_GRANDMOM says:

    #1 This Day Care is at a Church – it may not have the same laws and regulations that apply to Regular Day Care Centers.
    #2. Accidents Happen, should they be held responsbile Yes, should they go to Jail – no – don’t think so.
    #3. My Children and Grandchildren have both went to Day Care, and they thrive, the day care my Grandchildren went to taught Spainish, English and Sign Language. When my granddaughter went to Kindergarden she was more advance and socialable then those who were home raised. – – – which is better – no one knows.
    #4. When I was younger a neighbor said her children were better behaved than mine because she stayed home with them. On one of my days off I saw her, watching Soaps, reading books, while her children were outside roaming – Quantity vs Quality – is anyones guess. When I was home with my kids, they were my center of attention.

    1. RP says:

      If you let a church take care of your children you shouldn’t be allowed to have kids.

      1. Kingfish says:

        Right let the Government do it.

  10. waldo says:

    Anyone who’s had a child knows that it is the responsibility of the adults in charge to keep a safe enviorment . That pool should have been noticed as a danger. Too bad for the child and the parents who trusted the church.

  11. Aranhas says:

    These comments are ridiculous. There are 315 million people in this country. At any moment in time, something bad is going to happen to someone. I’d be more surprised if 100 kids drowned in the pool, or any pool, or any body of water at one time than just one kid in one pool. Start counting to 315 million, by the time you get to the end, thousands of kids will have died from all sorts of causes and no one will be at fault. Life is tough.

    1. JR_Esq says:

      What is your point? Are you saying that because lots of people die without anyone being at fault we should conclude that in this instance no one was at fault? These daycare workers were charged with being responsible for those children, and their abysmal failure is strongly suggestive of negligence. Google “res ipsa loquitor”.

      1. Perry says:

        Spoken like a true lawyer. “Res ipsa liquitor” has grown over the years. Whereas it was carefully used in the past, it applies to just about anything and everything now. It may be good for the bottom line of you and your ilk, but it’s h*ll for those who made a tragic mistake (i.e. accident).

        But they will get sued, and will probably have to close down. Justice is served, and lawyers get more money.

  12. Mencken Baken says:

    “For centuries, theologians have been explaining the unknowable in terms of the-not-worth-knowing.” ~ H. L. Mencken


    1. BS Detector says:

      Cloud of Unknowing. – people in the 14th century were a lot smarter and far deeper than the ones in the 21st century

  13. unbelieveable says:

    Does anyone think this entire concept may have logical problems?

  14. Reverend Justito says:

    All part of God’s glorious plan for his life. Praise the Lord!

  15. jbspry says:

    It was a MIRACLE!

    1. Pari says:

      krystlerox1 on October 24, 2011 This llarey does work.. It’s called freebie trading.. I’m a freebie trainer.. Send me a message if you have any questions about it

  16. p3orion says:

    I have to say, I’m surprised at how many atheist d—che-bags (Ken, Kai, George, Justito, etc.) seem to think it’s funny that a toddler is dead, simply because it gives them a chance to make a snarky comment about God.

    You don’t have to be religious to be moral and decent (and it’s no guarantee that you will be) but you people aren’t even trying to be moral and decent human beings. I pity you.

    1. Kai says:

      Have someone re-read my post for you, you illiterate twad. And I will bet it is easier to find a hundred moral-living atheists than a dozen moral-living-Sunday-go-to-meetin’ Christian hypocrites.

  17. BS Detector says:

    Authorities are looking for a long hairded man with a beard in a white robe stained with blood. It was reported that the man appeared to have wounds on his palms or wrists, depending on the denomination of the witnesses.

    The man is considered unarmed and highly dangerous. Do not approach, or attempt to apprehend. Call the local Centurions at IX I I .

  18. SturJen says:

    See now, if they just had a baptismal font, this would not have happened…..

  19. RP says:

    All religions are fairytales

    1. BRBSanDiego says:

      Not even as good as fairytales. At least the tales have a meaning or moral lesson about real life on earth. Religion is mostly about removing money from your pockets.

  20. ADM says:

    Uhh…..When you’re paid to watch the kids…..YOU WATCH THE KIDS!!!…..ESPECIALLY if there’s a pool nearby!

  21. Kevin Stowell says:

    Something’s not right with this story. If he got across the Rio Grande, why couldn’t he handle a baptismal basin?

    1. David Diaz says:

      ……….Yeah that wasnt very funny but nice try you racist moron

      1. Kevin Stowell says:

        Why did you mention race, Racista? I didn’t.

  22. GWS says:

    See I told you religon was bad!! No Wait, Water is bad!!
    Seriously my heart goes out for the poor parents. May your little ones soul rest in peace.

  23. David Diaz says:

    He was my step cousin no joke i live near the church all i have to say is that i ask you guys, ignoring religion, to pray for my step cousin Juan Cardenas. His family is going through tough times and a prayer would be helpful from all of you readers.

  24. BobDobbs says:

    It was God’s will. These people should be happy for the boy. He is now in paradise!

  25. Edward von Richthoven says:

    What kind of fool uses a full body submersion baptismal font??? It’s ridiculous. Do as the Catholics do….pour a little water over the forehead….waterboarding never killed anyone.

  26. Harpist says:

    A 1 yr old is a BABY for crying out loud. You don’t let a baby out of your sight for one second. They put stuff in their mouths. Yet this baby wasn’t even known to be missing! Breaks my heart.

  27. Happydots says:

    I grew up in a Baptist setting. I was baptized but the tub was always empty…. it was only filled the night of baptisms… why the FLIP was this thing filled to begin with? Sounds TOTALLY FISHY to me.

  28. NewAgeMuse says:

    Don’t blame the Christians, atheists have got swimming pools too. I’ve even seen a few Jews with them. Muslims can’t swim, or at least that’s what everyone says. We’ll see in London this summer at the Olympics.
    In Canada it is illegal to leave the gate open for your pool, even at a private residence, because small children can wander into the pool area which is dangerous for small children.

  29. Real Rick says:

    Good grief people! Somebody’s baby died. Prayers to the family and church. The good news is, Juan is in the arms of Jesus now.

    1. Mohamed says:

      cmc033098 on September 19, 2011 Giving away this laptop asubcee i just got a macbook pro so theres no need for me to have it all you have to do is comment saying GATEWAY FAVORITE LIKE SUBSCRIBE THANKS FOR WATCHING! Category Film Animation

  30. tricia says:

    I find it troublesome that so many comment boards are filled with insults and trash talking by people who are attempting to sound smart while posting their viewpoints.
    What in the world kind of people are you that you react with hostilities toward total strangers after reading a tragic story about a child’s death?
    Come on now, folks. Dignify yourselves.

  31. Custer says:

    Right on frgough, the catholic church is a belief system which you simply accept by free will. The universal acceptance of it’s precepts moved the heathen away from diluting intercourse until it is as meaningless as a handshake.

    The msm have an agenda, too. They promote abnormal sexual behavior by portraying anyone who has this tendancy as a victim. Hence we know the name Matthew Shepherd but not Mary Stackowitz (the Catholic woman murdered by a very savage homosexual).

    The msm’s template goes further. They will not denounce the behavior of these preists but instead use them to gin up hatred for the very institution whose doctrine is antithesis of this behavior.

    The statistics on the correlation between homosexuality and other deviant behavior is alarming. Jeffrey Dahmer ( and many other serial killers) are classic examples. Jefferey’s murders were intimately connected to his sexual depravity.

    The church has been infiltrated by perverts and the the doctrine gets attacked. If homosexuality starts at birth as liberals say, how does celibacy cause it?

    With the legislature in NY forcing the majority to acknowledge gay marriage as normal, and the NY regents adding a gay curriculum to the elementary education it is obvious, these sodomites don’t want equal rights, they want domination.

  32. jen says:

    Childcare has its pros and cons. If your child is not ready to be away from his parent, uually the mother, then it’s probably better if the child stays at home until he/she is pre-school or kindergarten age. There’s no reason to go through the trauma of separation anxiety if you can afford to stay home with your child. But, if you cannot afford to stay at home and must work, then some of the better child-care centers are ones where the ratio of students to teachers is good, where the teachers are female, where the teachers are joyful and not mean, where the center has an open-door policy where the parent can drop by any time, and where the children have lots of “learn by doing” play time so they discover the joy of learning. Preschool should be a fun and special time of growth!!!! You should be able to look up your teacher’s name on the internet to see exactly what their credentials are. They should be fingerprinted by the state. Avoid male teachers for your child. 97% of molesters are male, and a high percentage of those are actually family members or neighvor or family friends. And a high percentage of them call themselves “religious”, even though obviously they don’t kive God or they wouldn’t be hurting children. Be extra careful of anyone who volunteers to babysit your child for free, especially if it’s a male neighbor. Just some tips onhow to keep your child safe. 🙂

  33. gutsygirl says:

    A beautiful little soul has left this earth and all many on here can do is God-bash.
    Do let us know from the life beyond how that worked out for you.

  34. Rex Dart Eskimo Spy says:

    Maybe it was a sex therapist? I hope it wasn’t a swimming therapist.

  35. Homer says:

    Send a law to the president to ban baptismal pools.

  36. bob says:

    Wow what with all the crazies spoutign religious bs? Do you think its just mildly possible that they lost track of one of the kids they were watching? Its pretty easy to do yall. T&P for the family

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