Ohio Teen Arrested After Posing With Gun, Posting Threats On Facebook Following School Shooting

MANTUA, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – Just one day after a school shooting devastated Chardon High School in Ohio, a local teen was arrested after posting a new Facebook profile picture that showed him posing with an assault rifle.

The Portage County Sheriff’s Office apprehended the 17-year-old Crestwood High School student on Tuesday morning, after several concerned citizens called in about the image.

Some of his posts also reportedly raised concerns.

Lt. Gregory A. Johnson of the Portage County Sheriff’s Office told CBS Cleveland that the student had, on multiple occasions, posted status updates that celebrated school violence.

“I’m close to going on a stabbing spree,” one post, written on Feb. 22, said. “I can’t take some of these people anymore.”

“Who agrees with their friend that it’s a good idea to shoot up a school?” the teen wrote just hours after the school shooting that has claimed three lives so far.

Students reportedly expressed concern to school officials, who alerted the local authorities. He was arrested as soon as he arrived on campus.

The student’s social networking page has allegedly since been shut down.

He will now face two counts of inducing panic, one count each of aggravated menacing and telecommunications harassment. All of the charges are first-degree misdemeanors.

At present, he is being held at the Portage/Geauga County Juvenile Detention Facility, and appeared in court on Feb. 29.

  • Charlton Heston

    If he had brought that gun to school the day before, perhaps a few lives would have been saved.

    • The NRA

      You can’t take my gun because someone else snapped and shot someone. Well, you can try…

      • Slippy

        He was auditioning for a T S A job to be an Officer with a Badge, and once they realized that, they let him go. In order to be hired, a person must show some act of complete stupidity, or they are rejected.

    • fred

      was the school shooter on anything, like prozac, ridalin, etc.? in almost all of these cases the kid is whacked out of his mind on doctor prescribed drugs.

      • Rotisserie

        If he’s white. If he’s black, then he’s a bad kid. Isn’t that the way it goes?!

      • Kaitara

        WTH did you reply to the wrong post. No where did Fred say or even infer anything about race. Just sitting there waiting to pounce on someone with that tired out, worn out race card eh? The way it goes, irregardless of race, is that some kids are bullied, some are on drugs by choice, some are out of control, some are ion gangs, some are on prescribed drugs… go take your race baiting butt to another post.

    • Mike Mazzla

      Dude a comment like that is so ridiculous its sad. So you think now having school kids carry guns to school would be a good idea. Please you are making yourself look like an idiot.

      • Dog

        School shooters on college campuses have been killed by well armed students.

        My cousins school has a rifle range in the basement, but that is in the country where kids have responsibilities unlike city kids.

      • SpinSpinSpinSpin

        So much of the news is completely made up after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media for domestic spying.

        This next “election” is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        The cover up is exposed here

      • asdfasd

        You’re an imbecile, mikey

    • Steve the CGIS 1811

      He should have been interviewed with his parents present and if after that he still presented a imminent danger then locked up in a psych ward for a complete evaluation. The USSS has an internet threat desk that operates 24/7 and send agents from regional field offices to do just these assessments. Be careful what you say about POTUS or (PID) USSS will come a knocking. Right Forest?

      • FriendOfSpin

        Interesting government agent. They should slam into him with cars, pick him up by his neck, kidnap him, treat him like a terrorist, tell him he has no rights, and then end by threatening to kill his entire family. What do you think about that big brother? This is just another made up story like most of your propaganda posted here for domestic spying. Be careful what you say too, clown.

      • truther

        oh you mean like our govt does to anyone who opposes them. thats why we need to rise up and kill the oppressors revolutionary war style. they are enemy combatants lets torture each and every one of the while raping and killing their family’s in front o them see how many deaths it takes to make the reconsider… i was ready last year when our govt almost fell apart, was in touch with a few thousand military people in my area, its funny because THEY ALL AGREED TO MY PLAN. :-) our time will come. i had corporals and sergeants all in line with me and it took less that a day to org. ;-) they are going to fall really soon.

      • Steve the CGIS 1811

        “Be careful what you say too, clown” LTFOL

    • moreco2

      Would somebody please tell CBS (fake but accurate) that it wasn’t an “assault rifle”. CBS has no clue what an assault rifle is. CBS uses the term all the time and gets away with it because Americans are really really dumb. CBS is in the tank for the Demoncrats. Why does CBS still exist?

  • blas

    still a violation of his right to free speech – no one had to read his crap – much like Obama.

    • Melissa

      You must have lost your mind and you mut not have children in schools or have any compassion for children. He has a right to free speach and he has a right to be arrested for being an idiot and alarming people due to the recent shooting and comments he has made.

    • A Masters In Poli-Sci

      His comments and posts present a ‘clear and present danger’ to his peers and the public and is NOT a violation. This was established by Schenk v. The United States in the Supreme Court. Open a history book before you want to make comments like this.

      • David Kramer

        So tell me, if I create a movie about assassinating Obama, would that be a threat?

      • John Tokalenko

        More like a Masters in BS.

        Brandenburg v. Ohio says this is protected speech.

      • Bill

        It’s a real stretch to take those comments and call them a clear and present danger, and that’s even taking them out of whatever context they were in. To rhetorically ask “who agrees… its okay to shoot up a school?” is not the same as saying, tomorrow I’m going to go to my school and shoot people. The schoool can ban him from coming back until an assessment is made. The school can alert his parents. But there’s no cause for arrest and charging him with a crime. The only crime here was committed by the police.

      • Sara Cofresi

        I don’t have “A Masters in Poli-Sci” but I agree with him! I think “blas” is rather blase about “clear and present danger…and thinking in too narrow a scope!

      • DLS77

        Why don’t YOU read a book … Schenck v. United States was overturned in 1969 by Brandenburg v. Ohio

      • james g

        Are you out of your mind? Suggesting that a WW1 case has some relationship to this?

        Open a law book before you comment.

        A masters in poli-sci? I doubt it. You might have a doctorate in BS, though.

      • The Methius

        Hey Masters,

        Check your grammar and your law!

      • Mitch Ruth

        I think definitely some closer scrutiny by school officials and teachers is justified…charging the young man with a crime may not be and will probably be counterproductive. Of course we don’t know all the details…

      • Jeremy

        Just because the Supreme Court passes a decision does not mean it is right. Clear and present would suggest intent. In the posts listed from his page, there is nothing showing clear intent to commit a crime. Clearly he has the means, but that does not automatically infer that he will utilize those means. Your reflection on this issue is plain opinion. The fact remains that his rights were violated pre-emptively without cause minus fear from individuals. There is a reason why mob-rule is illegal and is frowned upon in this country. Salem witch trials, all of the pre-Civil Rights era, list goes on.

      • Akcita

        His comments do not represent a “Clear and Present Danger”.

        The problem with text communication, it lacks context that is usually conveyed through tone, facial expression, volume, and gestures.

        Is it possible that any of these comments were sarcasm? Hell yes, and last I heard that was indeed protected by the first Amendment.

        If the police actually books this guy and they try to prosecute, they will lose their hat and asses in court, and then lose in a wrongful prosecution case.

        This technology has been around for a long enough time that they understand the nuances of the law, and can act appropriately.

      • vb

        Schenk v The US was upheld because of the espionage act? try again.

      • Shannon

        Where is the ACLU on this one? Comments cannot be a danger to anyone. Words cannot hurt someone. There was cause for concern but rather than an arrest for using his first and second ammendment rights, he should have been questioned by his parents and school counselors. Maybe even have the police put the fear of God into him. If there was some concern about his mental stability then he could have been referred for help. It seems to me that this was more of a cry for attention.

      • Pockets64

        Funny how the guy who lectured blas to “open an history book before [making] comments” should screw up the precedent, the grounds, and the case so severely. Citing an overturned case that refers to wartime anti-government propaganda with regards to a civil case such as this does not speak well for your masters nor the institution that granted it to you.

      • RealistMe

        Define “clear and present danger”, is there any chance that this could be interpreted to persecute those a politician disagrees with? Just because it’s written in a history book or there was a court case that decided one way or another does not make it legit. Any close observer of the recent bills making their way through congress will recognize that they are indeed writing them in vague, non-threatening language that could and probably will be used for political purposes later.

      • Masters in Poli-Sci

        I apologize for my comment, I had a bit too much to drink last night and decided to read the news (never a good idea)…Brandburg did overturn Schenk. So I am 110% in the wrong (never thought you’d see a news commenter say that, did ya?)

      • Marty Kay Zee

        Try this one: Go to any random graduation ceremony, rush the stage and grab a microphone, point to the back of the audience and yell “LOOK OUT – HE’S GOT A GUN.”

        I this protected speech?

      • Marty Kay Zee

        Try this one: Go to any random graduation ceremony, rush the stage and grab a microphone, point to the back of the audience and yell “LOOK OUT – HE’S GOT A GUN.”

        Is this protected speech?

      • Joe

        What about Brandenburg v. Ohio?

    • Anonymouse

      Ideations to inflict harm on yourself or others is grounds for being placed into custody. Nobody has a right to make violent threats because it’s impossible to know whether or not they actually intend to act on those threats. Look at Columbine. Those boys dropped numerous hints that were shrugged off by teachers, parents, and classmates. Had somebody stepped in and pulled either of them aside for a serious evaluation it’s possible that the Columbine tragedy could have been avoided entirely, and it wouldn’t have required the asinine move of allowing students and teachers to carry firearms onto campus, either.

      • Melissa

        I completely agree!

  • The Fish

    Any good attorney will have these charges dropped immediately.

    What the hell is “inducing panic” and “aggravated menacing”?? And who exactly did he harass over telecommunications?

    • Brian

      If you do not know what they are then how are you so sure a “good attorney” wold or could get the charges dropped immediately….


    • dbeall

      I was thinking the same thing. No way these charges stick.

    • Melissa

      If you dont know what aggravated menacing is…look it up before you start running your mouth

    • TEWS Pilot

      It falls into the same category as “aggravated loitering with intent to commit mopery”.

      • http://penguinramp.wordpress.com penguinramp

        LOL! Exactly

    • laffin'atcha

      This weekend walk into a crowded theater and start screaming fire. You’ll learn real quick what inducing panic is AND that the first amendment doesn’t allow anyone to say anything whenever they want…

      • james g

        That;s stupid. This has nothing to do with walking in anywhere and screaming anything. Nobody is required to read the kid’s facebook comments.

        If you go to his facebook page to read his dopey comments, and then you go into a panic, that is your fault.

        If you don’t go to his facebook page, maybe you can stay calm. Maybe.

      • Arch

        If you have the permission of the theater owner, you may scream anything you want.

    • Bill

      Except, he didn’t yell fire in a crowded theater. He didn’t yell anything, anywhere. In fact, he made no overt or specific threats at all.

    • james g

      Yes, but the problem is that he needs to get a lawyer for this nonsense. And he has been deprived of his liberty.

      Now, we are seeing exactly how government uses an event like 9-11 to steal our freedoms, little by little.

      It just keeps getting worse, doesn’t it?

    • William Preston

      The Fish Posted

      Any good attorney will have these charges dropped immediately.

      What the hell is “inducing panic” and “aggravated menacing”?? And who exactly did he harass over telecommunications?

      Then it’s his RIGHT to go out an shoot up the school after being released!
      Thank god for good lawyers!! NOT!

      • bh

        No one is saying he has a right to shoot people. All they are saying is that he has the right to be incredibly stupid.

    • truther

      yup hes out today. with a lawsuit to make him rich in hand LOL stupid pigs.

  • Bob

    Facebook is for LOSERS…….

    • Larry Young

      That is an understatement!

    • SomeDude68

      And sheeple.

  • StanM

    If “inducing panic, one count each of aggravated menacing and telecommunications harassment” are chargeable crimes, then the President and every last one of the GOP hopefuls ought to be arrested.

    • russ in nc

      No one induces panic more than Obama.

  • Oregon

    This is a clear violation of this minor’s civil rights — free speech.

    He didn’t indicate he was going to do something, he asked questions. Even more, there’s nothing wrong with him having a photo posted showing him holding a weapon.

    • Cavalier

      “I’m close to going on a stabbing spree,” one post, written on Feb. 22, said. “I can’t take some of these people anymore.”

      Where is the question mark there?

      They have enough to arrest him and attempt to take him to court. They might not have enough to convict him, but you are being melodramatic saying it is a violation of his civil rights. Even if the charges are dropped I am glad this obviously disturbed student is getting the psych attention and treatment he needs.

      As a teacher, if I taught at this school, I would feel much safer going to work tomorrow with this child behind bars; rather than planning a follow up to his “friend’s” first act.

      • David V

        This is exactly why teachers teach and don’t “do”. Sorry, but the law doesn’t exist just so that you can “feel safer”. It exists to protect the rights of everyone. And I’m saying that as a former police officer myself. We don’t put people “behind bars” to make you feel better.

      • Dave

        Ah yes! Thought crime. It’s double plus ungood.

      • james g

        It’s not about you feeling safer, calmer, happier, or anything else. It is not about your emotions.

        It is about freedom. You are more of a threat than this goofy kid is. You would deprive someone of their liberty for a post on a facebook page. You think that “someone” from the government should step in and save everybody from some kid’s rant on facebook. Sure, put him in jail. Lock him up. So that you will “feel” better.

        You are the threat– not the kid.

      • Missouri_Mule

        If I was a teacher (oh, wait I am!) I would feel better if I could carry my lawfully owned concealed firearm to school!

      • chris in nc

        Tell ya what Cavalier, when Eric Holder arrests the Black Panthers for standing in front of a Philadelphia voting location with billy clubs and military clothing clearly intimidating voters, then we can begin to have a discussion about whether this boy’s actions are even remotely close to a crime.

        When Eric Holder opens his records about gun running into Mexico that resulted in the death of one of our Border Agents, then we can have a discussion about this child.

        As a teacher, if you taught at this school, you would feel much safer going to work if you were allowed to concealed carry for your own and your students’ protection. Removing one student does not remove the next threat.

        Behind bars? For what? Saying things of the same flavor you probably say to drivers who cut you off in the morning?

        Should the child be questioned? Yes.

        His parents questioned? Definitely – they are responsible for both his upbringing, his current behavior and his access to social media.

        Arrested? No. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen, and I hope he slams down hard on the thought police.

      • LiveFree

        Knowing that you are in the classroom makes me feel very uneasy. The damage that you are doing to the young people’s minds is astounding.

      • Delynnyia

        So when do they arrest Samir Shabazz of the NBPP for openly saying he wants to kill white babies?

      • Locke

        The real danger is the psychotic liberals who has tunred this country into a prison camp.

      • Slippotey

        We should lock up all public school teachers for a week. That would protect millions of kids from liberal groupthink for one week, which would be far more productive to our society, than what the kids would learn from leftists like this teacher.

    • Bill

      Exactly. I’m surprised there’s no story on what his parents intend to do, a quote from his lawyer. Does he even have one? Or, is there a city ordinance repealing the Sixth Amendement as well?

      • PrivacyInA9M80

        They didn’t need a city ordinance. They already had the NDAA.

  • The Fish

    Ok, the kid should probably have been talked to by school officials. Calling the cops was way overboard. Does everyone think that government is always the answer to every little tiny small problem? I hope the cops get sued for violating his rights and I hope the school officials get fired for incompetence. And yea, maybe get the kid to talk to a therapist. Or better yet, let him grow up a little bit.

    • woodNfish

      This is how public schools work now. They are no longer allowed to discipline the kids so now they just get the police involved and the kids get arrested and they get criminal records.

      This is why public schools should be done away with and we all go to tuition vouchers to send your kids to the school of your choice.

  • Kolgoroth

    What did this dumb-ass think was going to happen. Addition to the prison sentence he needs to be slapped for stupidity.

    • The Fish

      I was waiting for an idiot with no understanding of the constitution to come around. Maybe he thought the First Amendment wasn’t a lie.

      • The Fish

        By the way, this ‘news’ article made no mention of a prison sentence, and there will not be a prison sentence.

      • james g

        He probably found some history book that mentioned a “Bill of Rights” or something like that. Must have let his imagination run wild, thinking he actually had any freedom to say, write or think what he wants.

        He won’t get convicted, but he is in jail right now. His liberty has been taken from him over this. He will not be the last.

    • truther

      i know for a fact i can take as may pictures of me with guns as i want cry me a rive and go bitch to the feds my FB pic is one of me holding an m82 sniper rifle. you know the type of gun that can kill a man from Well over a mile away.

  • The Fish

    Ohio’s Motto: “With God All Things Are Possible.”

    Amendment: “With God All Things Are Possible, Except Rational Thought and Civil Liberties.”

    • fish

      We used to go to Cedar Point in Ohio for summer fun. Ever since some court allowed Ohio cops to give speeding tickets to drivers “they think are speeding” without a radar detector turned on, we’re not coming back. Also the tolls on the Ohio turnpike are very high (already paid for by taxpayers) and cops are everywhere. Why go? Civil liberties are gone. Governments will continue to deteriorate and those smart enough to have guns will be able to protect themselves. he countries where this have taken place have many civil wars and government troops raping women, children, even men of the villages they invade by the thousands. Never on CNN.

      • fldammy

        Initial assessment of speed is done by MkI eyeballs, RADAR is only the backup device to confirm what the MkI eyeballs perceive the speed to be. A part of RADAR certification class is assessment within 3 MPH (might vary from state to state) of actual speed over x number of cars. If the judge is convinced that the backup device reading was not needed to confirm the LEO’s speed judgement, it’s not needed.

  • TangledThorns

    I agree this is a violation of free speech however if he did shoot up a school people would ask why nothing was done to prevent it.

    At least contact the parents about it first.

    • The Fish

      Exactly, talk to the kid, don’t get the Police State involved. But of course we are now taught from a young age that government is the solution to all of our problems.

      • Brian

        Public schools are the government. They indoctrinate your kids into blindly accepting the Police State.

    • Brian

      So the options are to do nothing or go to extremes?

    • Marty Kay Zee

      Parents: “Well, we talked to him but he doesn’t listen. We took away his computer games and he ran away last month. We found him in San Francisco turning gay tricks. He’s only eleven years old but he knows how to fire an Uzi and says he has one hidden in the woods. We brought him to the Pastor and he kicked him in the shins and said God told him to kill his school mates. We both work all day and we’re at our wit’s end. Can’t the government do something to help us…?

      • John McBride

        Marty – I have read two of your comments on here. Neither makes one bit of sense.

      • The Fish

        First of all, please use an ending quotation mark.

        Second of all, what?? Was this supposed to be funny or enlightening?

      • Steve H

        Yes, I get it. This is a scenario that MIGHT play out, as we’ve seen in the media a number of times in the past. EXCEPT the media doesn’t report the countless times where intervention (at one or more of the levels you describe) DOES ACTUALLY WORK, long before gov’t is called upon to help (assuming it ever is, in this case – most people don’t trust gov’t to fix anything rightly).

        Not every rebellious kid is a hopeless loser. They all try to look tough and hardened, and indeed a few actually are sociopaths. We can’t let those odds (which are not 100% but are likely greater that 50/50) needlessly turn to despair.

        If the scenario you describe ever plays out to the last sentence, and gov’t is called upon to help, they only need to provide a high-security low-privileges High School for James Dean Jr. to attend – single gender, no cable, no phones, no internet, no ipods, no al-la-carte cafeterias, etc. It might be enough to change him, and word will get out that Being a Threat To Society sucks.

        And at the very lease the rest of us may feel safer (which IS partially the job of the gov’t), even if homeboy doesn’t have all his Freedom.

  • John McBride

    I just read Ohio code. “Inducing panic” requires an active action that directly results in serious pblic panic AND would resonably be expected to cause such panic. I.e.: “saying fire in a crowded theater.” His actions AND results do not come close to meeting these standards.

    Aggravated menacing involved making a direct threat of physical violance against somebody. His actions do not come close to meting these standards.

    Telecommunications harrasment requires that a threat be made to somebody over a telecommunications device. I personnally fail to find a direct threat to anybody.

    • Ablubud

      The government does not need ANY reason to imprison you permanently. Please get up to speed on our new laws.

    • yankeestan

      Inducing panic as in all the History Channel shows about the Mayan and Hopis and Nostradamus predicting the world will end on 12/21/2012? Or maybe the shows about comets hitting earth or yellowstone exploding or some island off Spain sinking a an casuing a tsunanmi that drowns us from Cleveland to New Orleans.

      Inducing panic like Lebron did when he bugged out?

      • james g

        Exactly. Why isn’t LeBron in jail for that?

    • Bill

      And, bear in mind that the facts in the story came from the authorities, so there told to us in the light most favorable to the state. We have no context, but even out of context there’s no crime.

    • truther

      nope he will be let off scott free and have a nice multi-million dollar lawsuit for his troubles. i know im already searching for who to donate money to for the defense fund.

  • http://homeroomteacher.wordpress.com E

    Awesome. I can’t wait to show this article to my students tomorrow in my government class. We’re talking about civil liberties (vs. public safety). I’m sure they’ll see this as a violation of his civil liberties just as I do. Oh, and they’re alternative school students to boot!

    • John Campbell

      When you do please take note that the protection of Rights are the very reason our Constitution exists. Note as well that the Constitution seeks to guarantee the protection of Rights, not the creation of them. Rights preexist the Constitution, which is easily noted in the sentence structure within the Bill of Rights. Finally, buyer beware anyone who terms our form of government as a “Democracy”. We are a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. Beware of any effort used to insert “Democracy” into the name. See Federalist Papers #10.

      • white collar crime kills

        DOA old teawives tale. The US Constitution describes representative democracy in detail. open.salon.com/blog/paul_j_orourke/2009/02/16/usa_republic_or_democracy_answer_yes wikipedia.org/wiki/Article_One_of_the_United_States_Constitution#Section_2:_House_of_Representatives
        Law has no need to study the “intent” of law’s writers, when the law is itself clear.
        Next you’ll be whooping that “ar-15 is nowhere in the constitution”.
        You’ll also get into battles with teas who persistently (or attempt to) democratically/electorally restrict rights of politically incorrect minorities.

      • E

        I am always sure that my students understand that the word “democracy” is NO WHERE in the Constitution or the Declaration for that matter. It is not located in ANY state constitution either. Indeed, the Constitution guarantees that it must provide for each state a republican form of government. We talk about why the Framers wanted a republic rather than a democracy (“mobocracy”). We also talk about equality of all individuals before the law – not groups having special rights. If one group is elevated above another than it’s NOT equal! So I guess you can say we discuss individual rights vs. group rights vs public safety (if an argument can be set up in such a way!). Thanks for your interest and input!

  • Wayners

    Odumbo threatens the lives of millions of people on a daily basis, such as Iranian civilians. Why isn’t he arrested?

  • Caper

    Some terrorist monster created a facebook page which called TJ Lane a hero, also stating, that he lacked the courage to do what TJ Lane, as if he might have newfound courage to do it. The page was reported to the police and taken down in less than a day. Perhaps this is the student that created that page. Who knows. But nowadays, threats like going on an assault spree of any form, ought to be taken seriously. Perhaps if people had taken TJ Lane’s threats of shooting up the school seriously, lives would not have been lost.

    • The Fish

      People shouldn’t be allowed to drive to eat solid foods either, unnecessary lives are lost daily!

      • The Fish

        *or eat solid foods

  • John Kelly

    So, we arrest students having guns in pictures. But we completely ignore bullying on school grounds,even that which continues for months and years.. My guess is that no one is gonna f^^i with this guy for a while.

    • Steve H

      Maybe if his lawyer should get the system to classify his actions as Bullying – then many will wag their pious fingers at him but he will go free.

  • Dave E. Dew

    Posting on Facebook is the equivalent of taking out a classified ad in a newspaper (in the “olden days” I guess); without a specific target or focus of one’s “menacing” or “harrassing” behavior, I doubt these charges would stick. Sadly, we’re now at a point in society where uncouth, insensitive and unseemly behavior has been criminalized, when all we need to do is have more social stigmas and disapproval from our family, friends, neighbors and community at large. Vices needn’t be crimes.


    The kid needs an old fashioned trip to the woodshed, but to charge him under the color of law with two phony charges? Who are the authorities trying to fool? He needs a very good lawyer, then he can sue for violation of his rights. I hope there are follow-up news stories on this police over reach.

  • Bryan

    The kid should sue the daylights out of the police. False arrest for starters, then sue for infringement of his 1st Amendment rights. No direct threat means these guys were way off base. Of course sheeple are all about infringing upon anything they don’t like!

  • http://midnightbluesays.com/2012/02/snark-factor-tonight-philly-edition.html Snark Factor Tonight – Philly Edition | Midnight Blue Says

    […] Moron Alert – Ohio teen arrested after posting threats and a photo of himself with a rifle on FaceBook. […]

  • joe schmoe

    I’m a lawyer and all for free speech and gun rights.

    That being said, the combination of the statements he made and the picture of himself with an assault rifle, together with the recent shooting having occured, raise some serious cause for concern. It is a very close call whether this type of speech is constitutionally protected, and he may end up getting the charges dismissed (or ideally, he gets a psychiatric assessmet and goes to counselling) but the police did the right thing by taking action.

    The first comment “I’m close to going on a stabbing spree” is the one that probably crosses the line (along with the other context).

    • John McBride

      Can I assume that you were absent the day the taught constitutional law?

      • John McBride

        Tom, my reply was to “Joe Schmoe” who claoms to be a lawyer who is “all fo free speeach” – unless, of course, it makes somebody uncomfortable. Then he is all for ignoring the constitution and arresting people because the state doesn’t like what somebody has to say.

      • Tom

        no but clearly you were.

      • The Fish

        Tom- John was replying to Joe.

    • Tom

      your not a very good lawyer, as the constitution doesnt say free speech as long as you dont post pictures.

    • Bill

      I’m a lawyer, too. I think the combination of the statements he made and the picture of himself with an assault rifle raise serious cause for concern, indeed. That’s where parents come in. That’s where Facebook’s terms of use apply. That’s where schools can suspend him pending a psychological assessment. That’s not where the police come in and, with sangfroid, arrest someone without indictment or information, and without probable cause of a crime in progress or the imminent commission of a crime. Even in the light most favorable to the authorities, the above cited facts don’t constitute a crime under the letter of any of the statutes under which he was charged. Once he beats these charges, he needs to file a lawsuit. This needs to be made into a teaching moment about police overreach.

      • Cornelius

        Bill, thank God for people who think like you. Your logic is crisp. Please keep posting.

      • Steve H

        FINALLY – SANITY !!!

    • james g

      Clearly, you are not “all for free speech and gun rights.” I think it is also clear that you are not a lawyer.

      No action was needed by the police. He walked into school, as he normally does. He was not armed. He threatened no specific person, so who was the complainant? Is this how you think our justice system is supposed to work?

      A citizen has been deprived of his liberty, based on a vague statement written on a page in facebook that you have to make an effort to discover. It is not mailed to your home.

      We have to stop arresting citizens who say something that makes people “uncomfortable”

      This is how government steals liberty and freedom from all of us. When they come for you, will there be anyone left to help you?

      • Cornelius

        Right. We see it, The statist utopean libs see government (responsible for far more attrocities than all the criminally insane) as a benevolent father. They are dangerous, and they are making our country a scary politically correct minefield.

      • Steve H

        In the old days this creep (and his family) would’ve been afraid of what his neighbors thought and worried that the locals would be over to smack (or shoot) some sense into him.

        And no court would’ve said Boo.

        (Not always the best solution, but more often than not.)

  • deedee

    WOW, i was thinking they should be a Felony charge, especially after the High school incident. Maybe if we got tough, these incidents would stop.

    • let him be

      a felony for saying that? seriously? you got to be kidding…he didnt do a thing wrong stupid

      • Dave

        Yeah, but somebody got scared, and by God, that’s enough! Hang him!* Hang him high!

        * Note: Not an actual threat to form a lynch mob and kill this kid. I do not intend to induce panic, nor do I wish to aggravate anyone’s mayhem. :)

      • Steve H

        What, no rioting lynch mob? So I should put away my pitchforks and torches and tell the neighbors to go home? NUTS !!!

        Now I’ll have to go back to watching reality shows.

  • Tom

    Did you see all those unarmed victims in that school?
    Dont be dumb.
    Dont be a victim. Or a politicians tool for that matter.
    The cops couldnt help anyone, and thats not a negative against police…its a statement of fact. If you think police 1 to 5 miles away will save you, so you dont need to defend yourself..ask those dead kids how much the police saved them…DUH…Liberals are always idiots.

    • Cornelius

      How come when kids used to take guns to school once a week for gym and PE this never happened? I remember high school classes offered on target practice as late as the 1970s!

  • gunslinger

    This kid should be lauded for trying to discourage more bullies from carrying out their antics which provoke students to resort to violence for conflict resolution.

  • Joe

    This is what happens when Parent’s give up their responsibility to teach and raise their own children. The public school system is welfare! If you look down on a crackhead getting free government housing, foodstamps and a welfare check, why do you ignore the millions giving their children to the government to raise?!

  • 1ofthe1%

    LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!… Hope I don’t get charged.

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