Professional Wrestler Sues Opponent After Losing Testicle From Match

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (CBS Cleveland/AP) — A former professional wrestler is suing his opponent and the Indiana-based promoter who arranged their bout last year, claiming his foe was supposed to lose their match but had other ideas and kicked him so hard in the crotch that one of his testicles ruptured and had to be removed.

John Levi Miller, 23, contends in his lawsuit filed Monday that Clinton Woosley was the “heel,” a term used to describe the designated villain or loser, of their match last June, The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Ky., reported. He says Woosley, who wrestles under the name Guido Andretti, declined his invitation to map out the fight, as is customary, and instead said he understood the plan and that “it would be OK.” However, Miller says Woosley tried to win and kicked him hard in the crotch.

Miller, who was a contestant on season two of “Love Games,” an Oxygen Channel reality show, could not immediately be reached for comment. Neither he nor Woosley had listed phone numbers. In his bio on the show’s website, Miller is described as an aspiring WWE wrestler who has made a few appearances on the WWE circuit as a villain named “The Playboy J-Millz.”

Miller’s lawyer, Larry Wilder of Jeffersonville, told the paper that Miller applied ice to the swelling after returning home from his match with Woosley, but went to a hospital the next day, where doctors ended up removing his ruptured right testicle.

“Kicking someone between the legs is not a normal dance move in professional wrestling,” Wilder told the paper.

Sam Cosby, who owns Coliseum Championship Wrestling, which promoted the event, told the newspaper that Miller got his facts wrong. He said Miller finished the match and actually won it, as scripted, and he said Miller gave no indication afterward that he had been injured.

“The kid never complained about nothing,” Cosby said.

Miller’s lawsuit, which was filed in Clark Circuit Court in Jeffersonville, accuses Coliseum and Cosby of negligence and breaching their duty to ensure that Woosley was adequately trained and understood the “moves” intended to entertain the crowd and still deliver the match’s predetermined outcome. It seeks a jury trial, legal fees and unspecified compensation for medical expenses related to the surgery and other complications.

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  • Alex

    Well, if he never complained about nothing, I file in favor of the plaintiff. Learn your double negatives, sonny.

    • Shepherd

      I can almost not stop laughing about that one, almost. :-)

      • Dan

        i can’t almost not stop not laughing about that one

      • Sandra Shelton

        Careful you might just lose one too.

      • GFM2012

        Yes, it is a real laugh riot. If you are mentally retarded.

    • oldgeez

      Actually he never complained because he couldn’t speak!! I would have thought the bulging eyes would have told someone something was wrong.

    • David Kramer

      I am going to sue because I thought it was real, are you telling me professional wrestling is fake? That is false advertising!

    • Carl


  • Jay

    Well isn’t that just a kick in the nuts!

    • GFM2012

      Ha ha ha

  • Dave Jones

    An eye for an eye,
    A testicle for a testicle.

    • UB Drinker

      thought you were dead.

    • Ralphs malph

      Famous last quote?

  • Bill

    What!!! Do you means it’s fake?

    • Sandy

      I, for one, am shocked!

      • Mac-101

        Just like politics. Both sides are just puppets and dance to the same puppetmasters. LOL!

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  • Tom

    Way to break the tough stories CBS Cleveland!

    • tom

      Its cleveland, what do you want?

      • tom

        …and yes, I meant to put a little ‘c’, because that’s about all it is worth.

  • Emery

    Who in America today is so stupid that they will pay good money to go watch a wrestling event with a predetermined outcome? Apparently a lot of folks enjoy being entertained. Sounds like politics today – they have a predetermined outcome and they are not suppose to kick each other in the nuts.

    • rorschach77

      So emery does this mean you dont go to the movies or watch TV at home? that stuff is pre determined or did you think those people were really LOST on that magical Island? People go to watch wrestling because they are interested in the story. Kind of like when John mcclain stormed that building on christmas eve in 1988…that was a storyline…do you see the similarity therer? mongoloid

      • lee

        Rorsschach, why are you letting the facts get in the way of Emery’s ‘fantasy’
        you should know better. you know they are a mongoloid yet you used 5+ letter
        words and expected him to understand.
        try using blocks and marbles next time to demonstrate your point.

    • fred

      There’s just nothing like two professional wrestling fans calling others dumb. LOL!

      PS: Hope the guy gets better.

    • anonymous_coward

      Same people who pay for cable even tho it’s a brain drain – it’s all entertainment.

    • Fred Buse

      Same people who watch the Bachelor,, and Snookie

    • jerome

      hey, that’s the mentality of this country now. All fake!!

  • Dan L

    Pay the man.

  • Eunich

    He will never be kicked in the nuts again. Nut maybe, but never nuts.

  • Jack

    @Emery “Apparently a lot of folks enjoy being entertained.”

    Horrors! Folks actually ENJOY entertainment?!? This needs to be stopped immediately!

    • GonzeauxGator

      This just in…..Obama wants to begin a new “entertainment tax” so those being entertained can pay their “fair share”.

  • norman west

    the defendant should get 10 kicks to the nuts in 10 seconds as punishment…..

  • Skippy

    “Listen Baby, I don’t care if he is a Fat B@stard, you don’t give a man a shot in the pills… it’s just not cricket”-Austin Powers.

    • Markus Aurelius

      Well said, skippy!!

  • JR

    Play stupid games…win stupid prizes.

  • PapaUmMaoMao


  • Aaron

    He’s got a lot of balls asking for that much money. All those who watch this steroid ballet of lesser IQ people must be “nuts”.

    • Shepherd

      Don’t you mean, “He’s got a lot of Ball”?

  • moondoggy1

    HAH-HAH-HAH!!! Gee, it’s not real?!!!

  • Gary

    Rasslin’s fake?! Tell me ia ain’t so!!

  • bobc74

    Bravo! To the wrestler who had enough of the theaterical drama and actually tried to put the SPORT back into wrestling.

  • zeeble keeple

    Gee. The whole story seem so… fake. NAH!

  • Magoo

    Right in the cricket set.

  • piza

    Lost one to an injury years ago.
    Got the doc to put one in that plays the star-spangled banner every time I raise the flag.

    • Joe

      Now thats American

  • observational

    Love Games? Once super sexy but now half the man he used to be.

  • Jake

    Wear a cup stupid.

  • no

    Professional wrestling is for retards.

  • dirtydog1776

    God gave you two of them, so stop your bellyaching.

    • Obama goin' DOWN

      I don’t think his belly was what was aching….

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