Toddler Found Alone In Field 10 Miles From Home After Violent Storms Dies

INDIANAPOLIS (CBS/AP)—The 15-month-old girl who was found alive in an Indiana field 10 miles from her home after violent storms ripped through the Midwest has died from traumatic brain injuries.

Angel Babcock of New Pekin, Ind., was found after her family’s mobile home was destroyed in the storms that ravaged the Midwest and South.

She had been in critical condition at Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville, Ky. Chief nursing officer Cis Gruebbel made the announcement about her death.

Her grandfather, Jack Brough, had told the Courier-Journal of Louisville earlier that she had suffered head injuries and that the weekend was a critical time for her.

The girl’s death brings the overall toll from the storms to 39 across five states.

She had been in critical condition at Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville, Ky. Chief nursing officer Cis Gruebbel made the announcement about her death.

Her grandfather, Jack Brough, had told the Courier-Journal of Louisville earlier that she had suffered head injuries and that the weekend was a critical time for her.

The girl’s death brings the overall toll from the storms to 39 across five states.

Massive thunderstorms, predicted by forecasters for days, threw off dozens of tornadoes as they raced Friday from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes. Twisters crushed blocks of homes, knocked out cellphones and landlines, ripped power lines from broken poles and tossed cars, school buses and tractor-trailers onto roads made impassable by debris.

In Kentucky, at least 21 people were killed from the devastating tornadoes. In Indiana, authorities searched dark county roads connecting rural communities that officials said “are completely gone.”

In Henryville, the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Harland Sanders, volunteers pushed shopping carts full of water and food down littered streets, handing supplies to anyone in need. Hundreds of firefighters and police zipped around town, where few recognizable structures remained; all of Henryville’s schools were destroyed. Wind had blown out the windows of the Henryville Community Presbyterian Church and gutted the building.

“It’s all gone,” said Andy Bell, who was guarding a friend’s demolished service garage, not far from where a school bus stuck out from the side of a restaurant and a parking lot where a small classroom chair jutted from a car window.

“It was beautiful,” he said, looking around at the town of about 2,000 north of Louisville, Ky. “And now it’s just gone. I mean, gone.”

Susie Renner, 54, said she saw two tornadoes barreling down on Henryville within minutes of each other. The first was brown from being filled with debris; the second was black.

“I’m a storm chaser,” Renner said, “and I have never been this frightened before.”

Friday’s tornado outbreak came two days after an earlier round of storms killed 13 people in the Midwest and South, and forecasters at the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center had said the day would be one of a handful this year that warranted its highest risk level. By 10 p.m., the weather service had issued 269 tornado warnings. Only 189 warnings were issued in all of February.

“We knew this was coming. We were watching the weather like everyone else,” said Clark County, Ind., Sheriff Danny Rodden. “This was the worst case scenario. There’s no way you can prepare for something like this.”

Thirteen people were reported killed in Indiana, including four in Chelsea, where a man, woman and their 4-year-old great-grandchild died in one house. Tony Williams, owner of the Chelsea General Store, said the child and mother were huddled in a basement when the storm hit and sucked the 4-year-old out her hands. The mother survived, but her 70-year-old grandparents were upstairs; both died.

“They found them in the field, back behind the house,” Williams said.

Two people died further north in Holton, where it appeared a tornado cut a diagonal swath down the town’s tiny main drag, demolishing a cinderblock gas station but leaving a tiny white church intact down the road.

“We are going to continue to hit every county road that we know of that there are homes on and search those homes,” said Indiana State Police Sgt. Jerry Goodin. “We have whole communities and whole neighborhoods that are completely gone. We’ve had a terrible, terrible tragedy here.”

The death toll rose to at least 14 in Kentucky, where National Guard troops and Kentucky State Police troopers were dispatched along with a rescue team to counties east and south of Lexington.

In West Liberty, Ky., Stephen Burton heard the twister coming and pulled his 23-year-old daughter to safety, just before the tornado destroyed the second story of the family’s home.

“I held onto her and made it to the center of the house, next to a closet,” Burton said. “I just held onto her, and I felt like I was getting sand-blasted on my back.”

Endre Samu, public affairs officer for the Kentucky State Police in Morehead, said three people died in West Liberty and at least 75 were injured. With the hospital damaged in the storm, some patients were being transferred to area hospitals, he said.

“All of the downtown area was just devastated,” Samu said.

Tornadoes were reported in at least six Ohio cities and towns, including the village of Moscow, where a council member found dead in her home was one of at least three people killed in the state. Several dozen homes were damaged, some stripped down to their foundations, and the Clermont County commissioners called a state of emergency for the first time in 15 years.

One person was reported dead Saturday in Alabama. Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Yasamie August said an apparent tornado that hit Jackson Gap injured two others as well. She didn’t have more details.

Emergency officials in Lee County, Va., said damage from a possible tornado left a two- to three-mile path of destruction that may reach far into Tennessee, and damage reports were expected to increase with daylight.

“We don’t know. We can’t get down there,” Emergency Management Director Jason Crabtree said of areas stretching south of the Virginia line. “This thing may be eight to 10 miles long.”

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  • andrew

    when a large f4 rolled through my neighborhood in 09′ it was really interesting to see how it didn’t necessarily spread debris out in a wide range. for example 4 broken ceiling fan blades all landed within a few inches of each other, there were about 10 rolls of toilet paper pretty much in a pile. these things don’t just pick you up and drop you, you are truly at the mercy of the wind. hope this kid makes it through.

    • COG

      I really don’t understand why everyone bashes God for the tornado,its weather people.And lets say God points his finger and that’s how this person dies or that’s how i die or whatever, can you imagine a world of no pain no suffering everyone lived forever,oh yes that’s haven. if nobody died since the beaging of time don’t you think that this place would be over crowded?we all have too die of something,but don’t blame God,that’s just how things are.

      • kinetik138

        Blame the weather people. I know you meant it in a slightly different way but it sure made me chuckle for a bit.

      • don strader

        God exists.
        God is omnipotent, omniscient, and perfectly good.
        A perfectly good being would want to prevent all evils.
        An omniscient being knows every way in which evils can come into existence.
        An omnipotent being, who knows every way in which an evil can come into existence, has the power to prevent that evil from coming into existence.
        A being who knows every way in which an evil can come into existence, who is able to prevent that evil from coming into existence, and who wants to do so, would prevent the existence of that evil.
        If there exists an omnipotent, omniscient, and perfectly good being, then no evil exists.
        Evil exists (logical contradiction).

      • TC

        God is not Man. “Good Dog” and “Good Person” have very different definitions. “Good God” even more so.

        Besides the folly of applying logic to faith, (faith is not predicated on logic); your premises is wrong. The God of Abraham (Christian, Jewish, and Islam) told Abraham him to kill is own son. The same God flooded the earth killing more than just Man for the sins of Man. Evil and God are both defined by the same text. So evil, by it’s very definition, has to allow of this, (and more). You bring your own egocentric and modern cultural definitions of evil of man and apply them to God in a manner that was never stipulated.

        What I believe isn’t relevant any more than what you believe. What I’m trying to point out is that it’s all belief. There is a temptation to sidestep that with faulty logic, but it’s not that easy.

        Maybe chaos and such events are a necessary part of a Universe that provides us free will. If all our Universe, all our thoughts, were perfect – how could be we individuals, (differently perfect). Denying us free will would be a terrible evil.

      • Drew


        Tornadoes are not evil, but people do evil things. God does not control people. We have our own souls and free will. We make our own decisions, like the decision to build a tornado shelter and when to hustle our family into it.

      • Tom

        This life is temporary, but there is a life that is eternal. We die because we (as humans) are sinners, we violated Gods Holiness. We are redeemed ONLY because God provided Away for us to enter HIS eternal life. You are FREE to reject it, many do…so dont complain about God, this is HIS creation not YOURS. If you want in HEAR and OBEY, Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH , and The LIFE. PERIOD.

      • Linda Palermo

        Just another made up story after the coup and cover up.

        Some things the media cannot report on, like the truth. Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

      • Hammer

        This is such a sad story. Hopefully she is at peace with her relatives now. Makes you wonder what is gonna happen on December 21st 2012. I am prepared for anything are you?

      • Pyschotic Palin Hater

        Another made up story to take attention away from the coup and cover up.

        The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running?

        Because my mother is a crack ho, and she stole the tires off thebus to buy crack.

        Know what leaked out? My mother has a leaky bladder, and our whole house smells like a urinal.

        Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. They both have leaky bladders.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history….

        That I commit homosexual and unnatural acts on small animals and goats.

        Remember me each time I post my idiotic babble on each blog I can find on the ‘net.

        Because I think that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, actually gives a damn about my retarded SPAM, and read it.

        I’m a little tea pot,

        Short and stout,

        If I can’t go down on you,

        I’ll throw a little pout…

      • Troy

        @Don, that really old argument from a very old, if somewhat forgotten philosopher doesn’t take into account that God allows choice in order to let people (created with free will apart from God’s perfection) choose whether to worship or not.

        A person whom God doesn’t allow choice, e.g., good or evil, is a tool, not a free willed being capable of worship. Thus God, who desires love and free willed worship, allows choice to allow free willed creations the decision to love God or not love God.

        Descartes created the original straw man argument by only pointing out that perfection in itself wouldn’t allow evil. This is a distraction from the reason why God created us, e.g., to worship. As smart as Descartes was, he either chose to ignore the obvious or he deliberately misled in his one sided logic argument concerning a perfect God.

        But either way, he was wrong.

      • TT Eres

        God might exists. But he is not the God of the Bible. The Bible is false.

        Study the Bible. Study all 3 Abrahamic religions. You’ll see. It’s false.

        I’m sad.

      • Doug Biddle

        May just God Bless the little girl who lost her life. The politics and “others” just go to hell!

      • The Sage Waitress

        Is it too late to be Bush’s fault. I see the Palin Troll has posted again…yawwwn,

      • ric

        What about “He/she’s in a better place [where virtually nobody wants to go} as solace to the bereaved?

      • CR

        @Don Strader Your logic breaks down in just the third line. That is an assumption on your part. How about this: “A perfectly good being would want more than perfectly programmed robot toys with which to amuse itself. And to the extent that its created beings chose correctly on their own, they reflect well on their creator, thereby increasing his glory. But to the extent that some of its created beings made self-destructive choices, that perfectly good being would weep at their loss.”

        As a parent, do you force your children to always do the right thing until they leave home, thereby preventing them from developing the ability to think for themselves and thereby succeed in the world? Or do you gradually allow them to make more and more substantial choices until they are mature enough to be safely out on their own? If they fail, it does not necessarily reflect poorly on your parenting, but if they succeed, that generally reflects well on both the children as well as the parents.

        Why should a God want to sit in solitude playing with perfectly predictable toys with an already known perfectly good outcome? It’s a lot like government control vs. personal liberty. Government control becomes a police state with subjects more and more likely to rebel, since they at least can think for themselves. Personal liberty, despite its likelihood that some would take advantage of it, produces the most potential for motivated success, as opposed to the disgruntled mediocrity of government controlled existence.

        A wise man once said, “Teach them correct principles and they govern themselves.”

      • Donnie

        Hey Don, I hate to break it you but if God doesn’t exist then there is no such thing as real objective moral evil. All you can say is that I PERSONALLY THINK that some act is evil which boils it down to personal likes and dislikes. And since, according to you, God doesn’t exist, then neither can objective absolute moral law. And since there is no absolute moral law, there really is no such thing as real evil. Hence your entire argument against the existence of God is predicated on the belief that God must exist to account for evil. And that argument also fails in that it assumes that there is no free will in the world and that we are controlled like automatons, which we are not.

    • naomi

      She died. :(

      • lisette

        how old was she what was her name ….. i what give my heart out to the family that lost there child

    • gholton

      It is unusual for a body that heavy to travel such a long distance. I believe it would be a record- most likely a body would only travel 1/4mi, and then be directly along the tornado’s path.

  • Just Me

    Incredible…Keep her in your prayers!

    • Greg

      Reguarding not releasing her name. How might they even know it? From her drivers liscence?

    • jesse marcel

      I was in more than one situation in Iraq that if things had gone a trace differently I would not be here to write this note. I find it very easy to believe in God who felt that this was not the time to take me. OIF vet

      • Donatello

        Thanks for defending my my freedom Jesse Marcel! GOD BLESS YOU, and prayers to the familys affected by these storms… Give what you can to the Red cross. I’m sure thier boots are already on the ground.

      • Timbo

        Thank you for your service. You are America’s finest.

        God bless this child.

      • Julie

        Jesse Marcel, thank you for your service to our country! Thank you for helping to keep our country safe, and for making it a place where my husband and I have been able to successfully raise two Christian young adults who have their eyes WIDE OPEN about what is happening in our country today (and who will both be voting in their first presidential election in November). I pray that God continues to work in your life to bring others to Him.

      • Jean

        Wonderful that you did survive it all and were able to return home Jesse. Thank you for defending our country; and a most sincere thank you for your service..

      • StopMakingUpStories

        Unelected officials have taken over Washington and are orchestrating the daily news. Most of the comments and replies you’re reading online are government created too. With many stories the COMMENTS ARE CREATED BEFORE THE STORY IS REPORTED. They are designed to generate a response to engage “dangerous people” in real time.

        The oldest, first, highest, best, and most popular rated comments are almost all government propaganda. They are conducting Psy-ops (psychological operations) for domestic spying. They have 1000s of user names and are determined to bury the truth or ATTACK anyone leaking it.

        With the media in on the last election, it’s why Sarah Palin was added to the McCain ticket. They had no intention of winning. Why do you think Republicans gained so many seats in the last midterm? Sarah and McCain were part of a coup. Obama was turned after he won the election to take down those who make up the “organized community” that he spoke about.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret and learn what no one in the media can cover, only cover up.

    • Sneakers

      Atheists are 100000 times worse than the most persistent jehovahs witness or morman. They shove their weird belief system down everyones throat constantly.

      Typically they are ugly looking, overweight, lower middle class goons who have nothing really going on in their lives. Their college degree was non science and pays less than 80k a yr. They are basically nobodies looking for attention.

      It is all about getting some kind of attention because most people overlook them due to their plain jane looks and limited science knowledge. It’s funny.

      • Obama goin' DOWN

        Sneakers, you’re absolutely right.

        Do you remember the greasebag in California (where else?) that filed suit to remove the word “God” from the Pledge of Allegiance? He didn’t want his daughter have to say it because he was a worthless loser.

        What was even more ridiculous was that she didn’t MIND saying the Pledge with the word “God” because SHE BELIEVES in God.

        Bottom line: this slimey, worthless greasy dork was using his daughter as an excuse to jam his atheism down the country’s throat.

        A baseball bat across his face would be sooooo much easier than this legal travesty….

      • John

        Wait… Atheists took the NON-science classes?

        Are you sure that’s what you meant to write?

      • Boomer

        I’m guessing you flunked your Dale Carnegie course on How To Win Friends and Influence People?

      • Nick

        At least I bet they can spell Mormon. Let me see: Here’s just a few ugly, lower middle class goons with non-science college:

        Albert Einstein
        Francis Krik & James D. Watson (co-discoverers of the DNA molecule)
        Thomas Edison
        Sigmund Freud
        Steven Hawking (probably the brainiest person alive)
        Peter Higgs (discoverer of the boson particle)
        Sir Julian Huxley
        Richard Leakey (paleontologist)
        Frederick Joliot-Curie (radium, X-rays)
        Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize)
        Ivan Pavlov
        Carl Sagan
        Alan Turing (father of modern computer science)

        On the contrary, where ignorance is predominant (as in 3rd-world countries) religious faith is also universal.

      • Nick

        Some famous atheists:

        Bela Bartok
        Hector Berlioz
        Sergei Prokofiev
        Maurice Ravel
        Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov
        Richard Rogers
        Ralph Vaughan-Williams

        Kingsley Amis
        Isaac Asimov
        Sir Arthur C. Clarke
        George Eliot
        John Forsythe
        E.M. Forster
        Graham Greene
        A.E. Houseman
        W. Somerset Maugham
        Arthur Miller
        George Orwell
        Ayn Rand
        Percy Bisshe Shelly
        Robert Louis Stevenson
        Kurt Vonnegut
        H.G. Wells
        Tom Wolf
        Ernest Hemingway
        Salman Rushdie
        Gore Vidal

        Actors/Directors/TV Personalities:
        Woody Allen
        Kevin Bacon
        Charlie Chaplin
        Jeremy Clarkson
        George Clooney
        Sir Noel Coward
        Rodney Dangerfield
        Jodie Foster
        Katharine Hepburn
        John Houston
        Gene Kelly
        Larry King
        Stanley Kubrick
        Burt Lancaster
        Diane Keaton
        Hugh Laurie (“House”)
        Elsa Lanchester
        Charles Laughton
        Bruce Lee
        Ingmar Bergman
        John Malkovitch
        Sir Ian McKellen
        Butterfly McQueen (Gone With the Wind)
        Dame Helen Mirren
        Jack Nicholson
        Keanu Reeves
        Andy Rooney
        Adam Savage (co-host of Mythbusters)
        Gene Wilder
        Robin Williams

        John Stuart Mill
        Friedrich Nietzsche
        Sir Bertrand Russell
        George Santayana
        Jean-Paul Sartre

        Look for my next post with famous atheist scientists

      • RT

        Sneakers, you genuinely need to get a life.

    • Tim

      God has dominion over all that exists. He is not to be blamed for the sin on this earth. I do pray for this child and everyone that went through this.

    • packleaderofpittbulls

      If anyone has any information on where Angel is at ie: what hospital and the address, could you please kindly post it for me. I am in SC and am disabled, I was hit by a truck six years ago and heard about this little girl this morning getting ready for church and I have one son who is adopted and for some reason I just felt like I needed to do something for this girl. PLEASE if anyone has any information please post so I may contact this family and help if I can. Thank you so much.

      • RT

        The name of the hospital has been in the news now for several days. If you had any initiative, you could have discovered it for yourself. Anyway, the horse has left the barn. This hunt is over. Call off the dogs. Time to go home. BTW, I don’t believe your story. Not sure what your game is, but suspect it would not stand a bright light.

    • Nick

      Gee, looks like the prayers didn’t work! Either God ignores prayers, or he doesn’t exist.

      Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
      Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
      Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
      Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?
      — Epicurus, philosopher (c. 341-270 BCE)

      • RT

        Thanks. That is an argument I came to myself many years ago without knowing about Epicurus. I appreciate knowing the source. Perhaps god does exist, but if so, it, he, she, whatever, is something far different from what we were taught as children.

      • Lisa

        I grew up thinking of God as a parent. Parents do not rush out and make bad things happen (usually). A parent does not always stop from bad things happening. Sometimes the experience holds a lesson that must be learned. I don’t know what the lesson is in a tornado, I am not an expert.
        This child who has been taken from this earth. In many ways has been blessed. With all the struggles they would have had to endure in this life, They are better off in another place (Heaven, I call it.)
        So I do not blame God. Trials come about to make us stronger. Tornadoes do not make sense to me, but maybe there is a lesson learned. Instead of arguing the point, those who can help, please do so. Those who cannot, either post supportive comments or plug yourselves backing into whatever TV program you are addicted to and let these people get on with their lives without your garbage talk.

    • Eric

      Did you read the article? She died.

      • Johnny Boy

        Maybe she wants to reach her beyond the grave. Perhaps she communes with the dead.

  • Repent Amarillo

    Will be praying for this child and her family.

    • RT

      What would be the point of that now?

  • Rick O'Shea

    If she survives she is blessed.

    • Daisy

      All due respect, Rick,I hope she lives and thrives in this life on earth – and- she will be blessed either way – living or dying. This part of life we are living here on earth is not the be all and end all. And God does not remove his blessings from those who die. This is something true that all bereaved parents of faith know and that I share w/you for your kind consideration.

    • Psycho Nurse

      And if not is she cursed

      • Daisy

        Are you terribly proud to be such a hard-hearted ignoramus?

    • RT

      Did you read the story? She did not survive. Does that then mean she is cursed?

      • John

        The story is edited. The original article everyone was posting about a few days ago was written when the little girl was still alive. Instead of writing a new story, they simply rewrote the one here on this page.

  • JimboNC

    Don’t blame God, things happen. He created the world and what goes with it, not to be mean, it’s the way it is.

    • Daisy


      • Johnny Boy

        A couple points worth mentioning. I’ve never met anyone named Daisy who was intelligent. That name is reserved for morons who have only a nodding acquaintance with logic and reason.

        The other point is that if God is everywhere, that means he’s even in my poop. I could never believe in a God who inhabits my doody.

    • kmandew

      Yeah leave the all mighty alone. Like he leaves us alone. Like he’s not even there.

    • kmandew

      I don’t blame something that’s not real. I don’t blame zeus either. I do blame the follower’s of this tripe for causing me emotional and physical problems. I was fine until you assholes came into my life.

      • Common sense

        To make a remark like that in a story about a little girl that has now passed is just beyond me. How the hell could you even come up with the gall to make this about you? Better yet…WHY would you try to make this about you? I see plenty of folks here trying to do good things for all the folks affected and then…you. I pity you and the shame you must feel every day. A man is judged by his actions, not his words they say…but your choice to make this story about you and your contradicting beliefs is beyond disgusting. All things even out friend. Let your bitterness go. You aren’t going to MAKE anyone an atheist just as Christian can’t MAKE anyone a Christian…its a choice. Regardless of belief…you are WAY out of bounds here. Shame on you.

    • Johnny Boy

      God is a fictional creation like the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy. Grow up and learn to stand on your own two, you fool.

      • Lisa

        How sad to have no real hope. I do hope that you have some kind of belief that allows you to check in with your morals and such. I hope that you believe in something enough that you do not feel that after this, this is just it.

        I wish you well in all you do for the good in this world.

  • L A Lynch

    GOD does not WILL bad things; He allows things to happen, but sometimes for other than obviated reassons. In terrible weather, sometimes it brings people closer together, we do not know the interior workings of the human condition. If these people have insurance, they can rebuild. More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of. WAR is also terrible and so are hurricanes and grasas fires on the plains. GOD does not just say:”I want people to die” but in the wake of Chrit;s love and wonders, the Evil one also lurks to undo what was previously done. Rejoice in the good, and praise not the bad. This little girl was spared and hopefully she will be ok, after tteatment. I hope all are going to be better physically and emotionally and spiriually after this is over.

    • Marikya

      Could it be that after we as a nation have wandered from the moorings that made us great (God centered living to self centered living and allowing shameful things in our national life that defy and rebel against all that is truly good and upright) that the One who has blessed us beyond our deserving, is lifting His hand of protection from us to let us experience what we have asked for????? And have we opened the door to the devastation the evil one has designed and then listen to words that further malign our eternal Benefactor? Think deeply about these things without feeling you must sweep it under the rug.

      • John

        Please explain the Civil War, World War I, World War II The Great Depression, the small pox epidemic and everything that took place before we as a nation wandered from the moorings that made us great.

        Or do you think bad things only happened after you were born?

      • Eric

        That’s true, Marikya: There were no tornadoes in the first century U.S. history.


        People get killed in tornadoes because they live in places that are prone to tornadoes. Nature doesn’t care about people at all.

      • JINTEXAS

        Here’s the problem with that logic, Marikya…this “Once again God devastates many through violent weather to teach the subordinates a lesson” story is literally as old as the bible. Many of us are just not accepting that your God has this power to punish via weather today, yet saves a pocket full of heathens tomorrow. What lesson is supposed to be learned? Why do so many devout believers die in these horrific events when “sinners” survive? I’ve heard it all – for example, the sinners are spared so they will learn of God’s love. BUT – that is hard to accept since sometimes the sinners are destroyed too, or little children are sucked out of their GOD LOVING parent’s arms and drowned or crushed. What lesson is God teaching in that case? The answer is generally “God does not control everything” . So God controls SOME – MOST – NONE? Look, if this religious belief gives you comfort – so be it, but don’t place the blame for these things on those of us who don’t share your beliefs.

      • RT

        Marikya, you sound like a nice person, but I do think your head is lost somewhere in the nether realms. Please, get real, Our nation has been blessed, but not due to any supernatural force. We have been fortunate to have had abundant naural resources and easily defensible borders with no truly malign or aggressive proximate enemies. No need to think deeply, the answers are right in front of you.

    • Jim Ratliff

      What a stretch… who willed Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed? Who created Noah’s flood? Who killed many unbelievers in the Old Testament? Who parted the Red Sea and then killed the Egyptians? Not to mention all the people God has promised to kill in the future. He allows bad things to happen because He causes them to happen… if you believe the bible. Thank God people are getting past that. (Pun intended)

    • kmandew

      Your logic sucks. God does not do bad things? Really? We arrest people that sit back and watch others get robbed, so god is complicit because he does nothing. If he can stop it and doesn’t, then it’s as if he did it.

      I would love to see all these religious nut jobs experience God’s do nothingness. Maybe one of their kids can die a slow painful death from cancer, and they can say it was a blessing and god’s will. Assholes.

      • John

        I know a born again Christian who blew his brains out back in December. His other born again friends actually said, “But the devil didn’t win because he was saved.”

        Really if you believe in god an the devil how did the devil not win? God didn’t do a thing to help the poor guy out. He died next to his bible and his gun.

  • Carol

    Not one word from the current POTUS. Guess they’re all Republicans.

    • Bogus1

      Not sure if the news media has been selective, or whether it’s even relevant to the underwhelming response of the White House, but it certainly did seem that the majority of those I saw on the news appeared to be lower to middle-class Americans of European descent. Just sayin….

      • RT

        So, how exactly does your comment relate to the story?

  • doc

    Who are ANY of YOU to QUESTION God’s will?

    Are you people for real. You’re going to question GOD’S will?

    You can’t even BEGIN to comprehend the HOLY SPIRIT yet you have the gall to question it?

    Do you realize how ignorant you all look when you mock things like this?

    • John

      And you dare say you know God’s will? Do you realize how ignorant you look when you defend your imaginary friend?

      • Smashicus

        God needs no defense against fools.

      • Bombtech

        John…I have to ask. Are you attempting to sway peoples opinion of religion? I suspect you realize that you are not going to change anyone’s mind with your posts. If that is true, then you are only posting to be argumentative with a group of people you don’t even know. Surely an intellect like you has something better to do.

      • John

        Bombtech It’s a slow day.Besides, there’s nothing wrong with me pointing out a lack of logic or a plethora of ignorance.

        And who’s to say no one will come away with questions about their own belief system?

        “Hmm… God loves us, and bad things come from Satan, but God not only created Satan, but can see into the future so he knew what Satan was going to do if he created him and then God created him anyway… God loves us? I believe this?”

      • Daisy

        John, are you so filled w/false pride that you simply refuse to recognize what doc wrote?

        Not for a moment did doc claim to know God’s will. What doc said – and said quite clearly – was that it’s not for any one of us to question God’s will.

        Nevertheless, dreadfully confused you likes to pretend that you are God, and in doing so, defy reality. Best of luck with that ill begotten plan of yours. When it gets too miserable for you, you will find God. It’s worked that way for many of us.

      • Chimom

        Wow, I never thought of that! I wonder how there could be a God who lets bad things happen! Thankfully we have you to point out our ignorance because people have not struggled with this question since THE DAWN OF HUMAN LIFE on Eatrh. Thanks for opening our eyes to this very new concept because we were just swimming in ignorance before then. News flash: hope is biologically necessary for success and survival. You lose hope you lose everything. There may be a “god gene” that protects us from the psychological damage that comes from traumatic experiences but all philosophers since the beginning of time have agreed that you cannot disprove God’s existence. You are neither unique or particularily informed. You could be having the same conversation with believers about 2000 years ago- there is literally nothing new you can add on the subject. You really think people who believe in God do so because they don’t know that it could all be a fairy tale designed to keep us going in tough times ? How on Earth did we get here? Are you really that ignorant? You truly believe that nobody could’ve struggled with these questions? The future does not bode well for you my friend, if you misjudge people you disagree with like that- to assume that the reason they think differently than you is because they just don’t have the intelligence to think about these questiod more critically. My God.

      • John

        Daisy I think I am god because I don’t believe in your imaginary friend? How many hoops did you have to jump through to get to that one.

        Now, onto your other point… If someone is surprised that I question God’s will then they must think they know what it is otherwise they would question it themselves.

        “Hey, why are you doing that?”
        “Wait you killed a bunch of people, but you didn’t because Satan is the god of this world, but you created satan, so you made somethign to kill us, but you’re love, and you saved that baby, but you,.. I mean, Satan who you created knowing he would do this killed a bunch of people.”

        Honestly, for people not to question this is insane. Maybe there is a God and that book called the bible isn’t actually his word since it was the Catholic church a few centuries ago who decided what should and should not be in it based on what made them comfortable. And what is the Catholic church? The remains of the Pagan Roman Empire.

        People really should step back and question what they believe, especially when it’s something they can’t see, taste, smell feel, or hear or even detect with scientific equipment. Do you know what a legally recognized religion is? It’s a cult that was once looked at as having crazy ideas that now has a LOT of people.

      • kmandew

        You can’t reason with God’s brain washed nuts and assholes.

    • Eric

      From my point of view, doc, you are ignorant for believing in invisible spacemen who sit on clouds and watch everything you do.

      I’m an honest person who devotes his life to the service of others because I want to be, not because I think I’ll get to strum a harp on a cloud forever,or because I think I’ll be stuck in an oven with pitchforks being stuck in me if I fail to do so. I don’t require coercion to make the right choices, or promises of reward.

      • Geezzz

        Eric you are so right…..

      • Truth Hurts

        Where did you get the idea that devoting your life to others was something you should do with your life?

      • Sneakers

        BUt do you oogle your noodle nutting nooting?

      • Obama goin' DOWN

        Eric drooled “I don’t require coercion to make the right choices, or promises of reward”.


        When are you going to start?

    • Psycho Nurse

      If god didn’t intend us to question, SHE would not have given US a will. It is YOU who appear ignorant.

    • RT

      Mock what? A little girl and her entire family who died? And this was God’s will? Who is this god that you worship?

    • Johnny Boy

      Yes, and how dare they question the method or madness of The Tooth Fairy! I’m as outraged as you are, Doc, you idiotic moron, but for entirely different reasons. In fact, you have no reason at all to your outrage; you’re just an insane man who believes in boogeymen.

      BOOOO!!!!! Does that frighten you, Doc, you pathetic wretch?

  • tom

    You need to remember that adam and even gave up this world. They said, by what that they did, that they did not want their dominion over the world, give it to someone else. God did just that.

    • Susan

      Right, because it made perfect sense for God to punish Adam and Eve for doing the wrong thing before they had the understanding of right and wrong (which they could only get by eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil). As far as I’m concerned Eve was a hero for taking humankind towards wisdom and knowledge. That snake was right, God lied when he said she’d die if she ate the fruit. And she advanced us forward by testing it out for herself and learning. I don’t believe it literally happened (it’s not a literal history, it’s a metaphorical story, duh) but I do believe humans gaining consciousness was necessary for us to be able to even have these conversations, and if you think it’s sinful we rose above the animals by learning, you’re just setting us back. Keep learning. Learning is not a sin. It’s necessary for us to grow and survive. Go Eves of the world!

      • George taylor

        Adam and Eve were told not to eat the fruit from this tree, They knew what was expected from them and they chose to go another route. God did give us “Free Will”. Unlike muhamed who said it’s my way or you die..

      • Nick

        There were only Adam, Eve, and their kids, right. Cain slew his brother Abel, then went and married a girl in the next valley. Uh, wait a minute. Do you mean there was another Eden just over the hill? If not, whom did Cain marry?

        And why do paintings and statues of Adam and Eve show them with navels?

        And why do millions of apparently rational people believe these bronze-age fairy tales, and what Founding Father Thomas Paine called “These wretched tales” (the bible)?

  • Baby Found in Field 10 Miles from Home… | Freedom Report

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  • Bob

    Imagine the story she will have. I got thrown 10 miles from a Tornado when I was a baby!

    • RT

      Read the article. She died. She has no story/.

      • name

        read more than local news… it wasn’t 10 miles; that has been discredited by the hospital.

  • taskeinc

    Natural disasters are not a product of God nor are they from God .. but simply a by-product of this Earthly terrain that we inhabit, and are part of the spiritual terrain of our existence on earth, and part of the bigger picture. The bigger picture has to do with learning, growing, and Karmic issues …. Earthly disasters have nothing to do with punishment, or God’s wrath, or any of the other man-made mumbo-jumbo, because God does not punish .. Our responsibility is to pray for those who were affected, thus sending strong/positive energy their way, allowing them to learn from the experience.. Everything that occurs in this life, good or bad, is all about learning, spiritual growth, and the earthly experience that ultimate adds to the overall maturation of the Soul.

    • Eric

      So…they were killed because of bad Karma?


    • Decimal

      God does not punish? So what is hell? A reward?

      • Eric

        Hell is an invention of human imagination.

    • RT

      After all the religious nonsense I have so far been reading this is starting to at least make a little sense.

  • Pete

    Any left wingers out there who want to try to m ake a case for “there is no God???”

    • Eric

      There is. He’s just a very insecure God who needs to wipe out communities and kill people so that he can set up one “baby in a cornfield” to make Himself look good.

      I suspect He got picked on a lot in school.

      The child is very light. That’s why she could be carried so far, and set down gently enough that she’s still alive.

      Tell me, Pete: What if it turns out she’s permanently paralyzed and brain-damaged, and doomed to spend the next 80 years drooling on herself and making “goo goo” sounds? THAT happens, too, you know.

      There is nothing miraculous here. Just luck. I suppose she deserved a little good luck after she, out of 5 BILLION humans, got sucked up into a tornado.

      • Rob

        How sad that you see God in such a horrible light. Those that have died are free from this life. Those that have survived will need compassion and understanding. They don’t need a debate on the existence of God, they need people, people that can respond to their needs and help provide those needs. These angles will bring food, tools and most of all, hope. Hope that things will get better, that, over time, things will return to a sense of normalcy.
        Life for those affected by this tragic event is in total chaos right now. They are dazed by this and the loss of life. God has no hand to help these people but he has angels here on earth that will see this suffering and will answer His call to go and help them. So don’t sit there and debate what God has or hasn’t done, you need to do something to help them! Too far away to be part of the “feet on the ground” crew? Contact the Red Cross or other relief agencies to see what you can do to help them.
        In the past we have been a nation of compassionate and caring people. Has the gone away now and replace with “What is the Government going to do?” attitude? Well, the government lacks heart and soul to offer what these people need.
        Now, do what you can to help. That is what you have to do.

      • Obama goin' DOWN

        I agree. Just luck.

        Just like when your mother decided at the very last second NOT to have an abortion.

        Oh, well. Can’t be right all the time….

  • George taylor

    It’s obamas fault, he said he would wave his arms and stop global warming and that would stop the tornados…he didn’t keep that promise either…….Satan/obama/Satan……makes since to me…hows that hopy/changy working out for yall….

    • Dan

      Maybe he could use the $750K for the soocer field at Gitmo to help these people instead. Or is that too logical?

      • Dan

        OOPS, soccer field

  • Susan

    Massive storms therefore God? What about massive storms therefore climate change wrought by us ourselves? As the climate changes rapidly we’re possibly going to experience more extreme weather events like this. Yet we refuse to change our ways. How many more deaths will have to result , both of humans and animals, before we do?

    • Decimal

      You climate changers are just as bad as the bible thumpers, how about it’s just nature, the end. For every climate model you can produce that says humans are trashing the planet, I can show you just as many that say our impact is negligible. Massive super earthquakes, volcano eruptions, hurricanes, meteor strikes, tornadoes ect. occured long before man, they will continue to occur during and after our exsistence. There is nothing to learn here hippie, it was just a terrible tragedy.

    • Eric

      Oh for crying out loud, Susan. There have always been tornadoes.

      Do you understand that the U.S. has been in an extremely LOW period for hurricanes since the late 1950s? It’s a periodic cycle. When things return to NORMAL (and they will, soon) it’s going to look like Armageddon every year because there are tens of millions more people living in vulnerable areas than there were a half century ago. But YOU will choose to blame it on Soccer Moms and SUVs and Republicans.

      Tornadoes have always happened. Always will. They are no more frequent or severe than usual. There are just more people in their way.

      Oh, by the way: The climate is ALWAYS changing. The Vikings had fishing villages and raised BARLEY in parts of coastal Greenland that, today, are covered by glaciers. North America became inhabited in part because the climate was so much colder that people WALKED here from Siberia. The Romans raised grapes and made wine in England where, for the past 1500 years, the climate has been FAR too cold. The Anasazi Indians in the Southwest saw their culture become extinct within a few short years because the climate suddenly warmed up. The climate changes all the time, it changes drastically, and it change suddenly. Just because it’s not convenient for humans doesn’t mean we have to blame ourselves.

      Carbon Dioxide levels are still a tiny fraction of 1% of the Earth’s atmosphere, About 3 1/00ths of 1% by volume, to be exact. Even combined with methane, “greenhouse gases” are a negligible factor. By contrast, the atmosphere of Venus is 99% Carbon Dioxide. Burning fossil fuels has had no measurable effect on the climate. It’s doing what it’s always done for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with humans.

    • SirGareth

      Ditto, you people are worse than the bible thumpers and you stole their entire catechism. Lets see, how does it go:

      1) Man lived in a state of grace and all was happy-clappy, no stress, no strife; just pick fruit off the trees and crap on the ground and it will be miraculously disappear.

      Are we talking about Adam and Eve here or pre-industrial stone-age Indians?

      2) Then man studied the ways of nature (ate of the tree of knowledge) and learned of the power of God (nature) The he made clothes built windmiills, steam engines, steam turbines, and nuclear plants in his fall from grace

      Is this the biblical fall from grace or the green weenie (really communist) fall from grace. Hard to tell the difference.

      3) We can seek redemption only by believing in the scriptures of the prophets or the prophets of the IPPC – just have faith and believe.

      Anyone see a pattern here?

      • Obama goin' DOWN


        You’ve DEFINITELY established yourself to be a four star assh*le.

    • RT

      I think you estimate humans too highly. Where in your playbook did they become so powerful? Have they somehow replaced your primitive, childhood conception of a malevolent, avenging god?

  • GozieBoy

    Obama is as much to blame for this as Bush was for Katrina…

    • George taylor

      Now we all know that Bush has a “weather machine” and sent Katrina to New Orleans because it was a “Black” city. I know because McKinney got on the congressional floor and said so.

      • Eric

        LOL! I remember that. And blacks continue to elect her.

        The Democrats would be sunk if they didn’t keep minorities poor and ignorant.

  • Babyshaker001

    I believe in joy and that that little kid is alive after an incredible ordeal gives me joy. You all were born with the ability to recieve and bestow joy. Luck,Fate, Destiny and Beliefs are all inventions of the human mind. Joy is existential.

    • Eric

      Now THAT I believe.

    • Truth Hurts

      Therefore hate and selfishness is an invention of the human mind as well and I can kill and rape at will since there is no reason not to obtain through force anything I want that gives me joy… now bow to your new master slaves

    • RT

      Get ‘effing real. The child died. Did you not read the article?

  • Michael

    As I approach my 60’s, having been a Marine that fought in two wars I have seen some harrowing stuff. Nothing like this. I hope she makes it bless her heart. As for those of you who see this thread as an opportunity to impress everyone with your existential wherewithal — just get bent! You people are just a bunch of a-holes. Seriously.

  • rjarango

    a terrible tragedy for many–very sad–thank whomever the little girl survived–my thoughts are with her.

  • stinky stew

    man- some of you posters are messed up. I say what ever flosts your boat. My self- I do my best to be a good person. It makes me sleep soundly. The baby is lucky indeed to be alive.

  • Ron

    It’s Bush’s fault

    Since it happened on Obama’s watch……

  • Stagione dei Tornado USA - Anno 2012 - Pagina 10

    […] […]

  • Seth Howard

    That’s 1 tough Baby!

    • Facecard

      Maybe she should run for President!

  • Rob

    It may be sad the people have died because of these storms but death is a part of life. What is the miracle of this whole event will be those that volunteer to come to the aid of those that have been so adversely affected by this event. Those that will look beyond their own pain and suffering to reach out to those that need comfort and compassion. That will be the true miracle of this tragedy.
    They will grieve with those that grieve, lift those that cannot lift themselves, and to give hope those that feel hopeless.
    Those that have died are free from the worries of this event. The survivors will be the ones that need these miracles and those that will reach out to them.

  • Facecard


    In all seriousness though I am glad she is OK!

    • Toto


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