Transgender Student Files Complaint After Being Banned From All-Male Dorm

OXFORD, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) — A transgender student at Miami University has filed a complaint against the school after not being allowed to serve as a residential assistant in an all-male dorm.

Kaeden Kass, who was born a female but identifies himself as male, filed a complaint with the dean of students and the Miami University council over the incident, according to WLWT-TV. Kass was offered the same position for a female suite.

“The problem is, I’m a male-identified person,” Kass told WLWT-TV. “As soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased.”

University spokeswoman Claire Wagner told CBS Cleveland that the school “takes any complaints of discrimination seriously.”

“We offer on-campus housing specifically for transgender students,” she told CBS Cleveland. “We have been doing it on a case-by-case basis.”

Kass said he can’t fight how he feels.

“I identify as a male,” Kass told WLWT. “Although it doesn’t match with what I’ve been told based on my birth certificate … it’s my identity. It’s what I feel and I can’t fight it.”

The complaint has yet to be ruled on.

  • simon

    A little confused it seems as the brain can be brainwashed and the media pushes deviancy is normal
    Wasn’t Patty Hearst brainwashed into believing her actions were noble?

    • Lauren

      Simon, you are plain ignorant. Gender Identity Disorder is usually apparent (to the person it affects) by age 4-5. I was 4-5 between 1974-75, there was hardly anybody brainwashing me as to how I felt inside, or the terror and discomfort I suffered by having to pretend to be something I’m not so as to not be harassed by idiots. And yeah, due to the social stigma (including terror about how people might react), I kept it within until I moved into my own place in my late 20’s. Sorry that cis-gendered persons are not able to understand how terrible a thing it is to have to deal with (mostly the social repercussions of the ignorant). You don’t have the slightest clue about what is involved, glad you can take your gender identity for granted and without having to regard the consequence of the ignorant.

      And when people call this a “delusion”, I have to point out the real delusion exists in the minds of those who seem to make it their concern to label others or dictate to others what “they are” or what makes them happy in life. I am happy being MYSELF as I really am, and I don’t have to kowtow or apologize to pompous intellectual inferiors who have trouble reconciling the reality of our EXISTENCE and RIGHT to exist, with their “beliefs” about the way they think things “should” or claim to be. Nobody is telling you it’s wrong to be cis-gendered much less straight (and realize the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation, they are completely different things).

      This has nothing to do with liberal/conservative “values” or such divisive mass media political circus distraction.. it’s got nothing to do with a lifestyle “choice”. People have a RIGHT to be who they truly are, and not have to pretend otherwise to assuage the insecurities and ignorance of the general public, much less suffer violence at the hands of the insecure and stupid. Get a clue!

      • kentraco

        Very well said.

    • RoyBaty

      I’ve decided I want to be a female this summer so I can get dressed in the women’s locker rooms, ha ha.

    • Herman Balck

      Profound observation!

      • captain pickles


        Stop posting this crap on all these sites. you’re a fool and a loser.

      • MadeUpStory

        Almost nothing more than government posted lies here at our expense. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever much like me.

      • Guy

        Trolling is the new national pastime

  • JohnF

    According to her DNA, she is a woman. I’ll support her right to wear traditional male clothing and act like a man and look like a guy. I’ll support her right to date either men or women, whatever suits her desires.

    But she is and always will be a woman. At least until science comes up with a way to alter her very DNA. That is the only true test society has of deciding whether or not someone is a man or woman, and the associated rules that come with it.

    Now, if she wants to work for a world with gender-neutral bathrooms and such, I’ll support her 100%. Until then, deal with it and stop asking everyone else to change because she wants to.

    • jewamongyou

      Don’t you know that gender is a “social construct”?

    • STEF





      • GMAN22

        Easy Stef. Retard?? How about People who ride the ‘Special Bus or Short Bus! Even better ‘Challenged People’. Like the American voters are Challenged for their selection of President in ’08!!

    • Ben

      @Kentraco Why would anyone choose Red hair? Few would. Nor do those with Red hair expect special accommodation.

      • kentraco

        Ben: The difference is that no one is saying people choose to have red hair. But many people firmly believe that a person chooses to be transgender or gay and are willfully ignorant of the facts that show them to be wrong.

    • goofy

      well said..

      • kiddopup

        bull if you will pay for it you can do it remember Octomom

      • Ben Jeffson

        Jess D – really? you put too much faith in “therapy”… it only helps some and only somewhat when a person is mixed up or confused or hurting and broken… “Therapy” is not the big, be all/ end all solution…


    • david d

      John as the loving brother of a transgender sister now brother I your post is very well thought out and written. My brother wants to be who he is and he has never required anyone to change who they are. Well done.

      • kentraco

        Your question as to who would “choose” to be transgender assumes a rational choice, but it is not

        My point exactly.

      • Therese

        Johns Hopkins, world-renowned hospital and research center, will no longer do sex-reassignment surgeries because they scientifically and objectively observed that the outcomes were not satisfactory to the sufferee. their “dysmorphia” did not change, they did not achieve successful relationships with the new opposite sex, etc.

        Biology is reality. If someone wants to cross-dress and live opposite, fine, as someone said above. Just don’t ask anybody to accommodate their unusual choice and pretend it’s the same as being born that way.

      • JessD


        You realize that anyone that goes the transgender route HAS to go through extensive therapy and counseling right? No doctor will go about making changes like that to another person until they are cleared by psychologists. They have people that are a hell of a lot smarter than you that make sure these people know and understand what will happen to them and make certain that this is how their brains are set up.

      • Norman56

        kentraco : Your question as to who would “choose” to be transgender assumes a rational choice, but it is not. Mental illness is not a choice, as who would choose such a life? Same with homosexuality. Is it a choice? There are those who say no, but then if there is a gay gene, and the possibility of gene therapy to stop it and make them follow the other 99.4% of society, they say it isn’t. Is that rational? The entire topic is about irrational behaviors, and your question is outside that.

      • Jeff

        ‘Loving brother’ , did it ever occur to you that psychological counselling would have been a more reasonable approach, not to mention cheaper, than dismembering and affixing body parts?

      • kentraco

        And to those who deny the reality of the transgender condition and ridicule those of us who have to live with it, I say this: Think of just one reason anyone would choose this for himself or herself. Would you?

        By the way… At age 70, with over six decades of awareness that I am a transgender person and having researched the subject for twenty years, I submit that I may be somewhat more qualified to comment than those of you who are willfully ignorant of the subject and choose to display your lack of knowledge in public.

      • Real Loving Brother

        A real loving brother would’ve helped raise money for therapy.

      • Shepherd

        David D, you’re only hurting your sister by playing along with her denial of reality. When an individual cuts something off or has something added on – it doesn’t change who they are. What you end up with is a mutilated human being living a sad life.

      • searreigh

        I’m tellin yunz that there is some d@mm funny s4it

      • Darwinian Dead Ends Are For Losers

        David with all due respect for your situation, your sister remains your sister. DO NOT CONFUSE FANTASY WITH REALITY, no matter how much whining and complaining, temper tantrums and threats are hurled at you by those that cannot deal with reality.

        So many fellow Americans have already made this mistake that we are on the verge of society’s collapse.

  • RC

    Hey now… I kinda feel female, do you think they will let me in the all-female dorm?
    Cause I think I’m a girl y’know >:)

    • A Son of Liberty

      I am a husband traped in the body of a singla guy???????????

      • JesusFish

        Yeah no kidding you are. I can’t imagine any woman not able to do better than whatever you are.

      • Daniel Bryant

        Yea, I feel like a billionaire, but trapped in the body of working class guy. I feel I should have a G-6, a house in the Hamptons, Palm Beach and Vail. I feel like I should vacation like an Obama…I feeeellll

    • Bootneck

      Hee, hee! You sly devil, I know what you’re up to!!

    • dmo

      and once you get there, all you need to do is decide that you are not only a “female-identified person”, but also a lesbian.

  • AK

    I identify as a giraffe. It doesn’t matter that I am a human… It’s who I am.

    • Daisy

      Hahahaha! Sometimes when we argue, my husband and I act like 2 year olds. I demand someone pick us up and carry us about, feed us and start a college fund for us.

      • Paul

        You’re a bigot and a hater!!!! How DARE you make fun of the perfectly natural condition of adults acting as babies, being fed bottles, and wearing dirty diapers!!!


        You should google “Adult Baby World” so you can find a professional resource so you can get counseling for your hatred!!!

        Then, once you’re cured of your irrational hatred, you should go to so you can sign the Adult Baby Rights Petition so laws can be changed to give adult baby’s the special rights they so richly deserve. It is the first step in joining the liberation movement! It says:

        People Should have the right to dress up as babies and wear diapers whenever they want and not have people saying it is wrong. If a person wants to wear a diaper let it be, If a person wants to drink from a baby bottle let it be, If a person wants to suck on a pacifier let it be.

        Freedom!!!! When haters like you recognize that you have a problem, its the first step in getting help so you can overcome your (most likely religion-based) hatred.

    • LOL

      You nailed it and I love you.

    • The Bruce

      And I identify as the Pope. I demand unfettered access to the Vatican immediately.

      • B.Katt

        I support you in your fantasy based demand!

    • Herman Balck

      You’ve perfectly demonstrated the absurd logical conclusion to the entire argument. Yet when one points out the madness this will lead to we are called hate-filled prejudicial monsters.

      Logic and reason have fled from our schools. God help our nation.

      • Ben Jeffson

        Thank you Paul!!!

        I feel so much better that you said all that… wow…

        Now – what do Oprah or Barbara Streisand or Anderson Cooper say our opinions should be today… (because they are always changing – depending on Hollywood’s fad du jour…) What will we censor next? I think I saw a cartoon that was homophobic or cat a phobic or something the other day! call out the police and charge a hate crime!!!

      • LOL

        You raciest, sexist monster! Your first name contains the word man, why? Woman aren’t good enough? Your last name is the word black misspelled, nice subtle racism.

        Like that? lol.

        I’m just kiddin’ herman, I love ya.

  • Frank

    The courts have ruled that your sex is what your DNA says it is. Not how you feel! And now what some surgeon does to you. Get over it.

    • Christine

      Actually Frank, you’re wrong. If you were correct, a person could not legally change the gender on their birth certificate or other ID after having gender reassignment surgery.

      • Alaine

        Actually, Christine, you are wrong. “….Change the gender on his/her birth certificate,” not “their birth certificate.” “Their” is a plural pronoun, it requires a plural subject and a plural object. Remember that mini-lesson in English Grammar.

      • Joey


        Disciple of a pretentious twit!

      • asdfasd

        umm you are an idiot – you don’t change a birth certificate because 20 years later you have your wankler hammered flat and sewn up. It’s a record not an ID you twit.

      • Darwinian Dead Ends Are For Losers

        Words have genders, people have sex.

        Masculine and feminine are genders.

        Male and female are sexes.

        “Gender” was introduced in place of “sex” especially to prepare our minds for this very incident. Recall: there may be as many “genders” as you like, a la Latin and Lithuanian for two examples.

      • Me

        Alaine: Here is your lesson in English. It is from Merriam Webster under the word “their”:

        2 : his or her : HIS, HER, ITS — used with an indefinite third person singular antecedent *anyone in their senses.

      • Tandra Evans

        Enough with this CRAP. We are a two-gender society here in America. If you are having trouble figuring out which one you are, you either need to go to a Psychiatrist or your Primary Care Physician. The former can tell you if you have a mental disorder, which is what “transgenderism” is – at least until the very unscientific and PC American Psychological Association bends to liberal pressure. The latter can determine if you have physical presentation that deviates from normal physiology and probably give you advice on how best to assimilate into society. But know this: You can’t just wake up one day and say you want to “present” as a girl and then go shower with them in the locker room. This is yet another example of radical individualism and activist politics seeking to sew chaos in our culture.

      • PeterR

        Stephen Fry on Grammar Nazis:

        Easy to laugh them off :)

      • PeterR

        Uh oh, the grammar Nazis are out! Watch out for ad hominem attacks…

    • KY

      I think the real issue is that she wants to be an RA, in a position of authority over some of the men in the dorm. I wonder how they feel about that, awkward? Does anyone care to ask them? Let the minority rule the majority.

      • JenB

        Exactly. But it doesn’t matter how all the males in the dorm feel, it matters what SHE feels. She is selfish frankly.

        This is exactly why people get bent out of shape. The minority is DEMANDING that the rest of us accept it and make special accommodations. I say demanding because when those don’t get their special accommodations, they cry fowl and sue.

        Good grief. Blind people can’t be race car drivers. Should they sue NASCAR because they cannot participate due to their disability? No, because it affects others. If the blind want to go on some deserted track where no one is and attempt it…go for it. But when your accommodation affects others and you still demand it, you are just selfish.

    • Bootneck

      Don’t try to cloud the issue withfacts!

    • Alex

      A totally false statement!

  • tired of it all

    Is this just another activist “plant” trying to stir the pot?
    If one is so confused, perhaps one should not be in a position to counsel and advise others.

    • Xavier Frost

      You know, that’s a good point. Hadn’t even thought of that. If someone isn’t in control of their own mind, maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to be in control of anyone else’s.

  • JustAGuy

    I wonder if I decided that I have a split personality, one male and one female, will they let me go into the women’s shower room when I’m having a female episode?

    • N.B.

      Obviously that’s a touchy subject. The point is that this person sees no variation in their gender identity, and now they’re dealing with it by presenting as and going through treatments to become PHYSICALLY male. Obviously their chromosomes will always be that of a female but you can’t exactly tell someone they’re wrong for feeling a certain way.

  • Mark

    I would love to act as a female identy person so I can shower in their dorm

  • The Phantom

    I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body… can I please go into the womens shower?

    • Al Fresco

      Yes, if you are a liberal lesbian.

  • Lars Johnson

    Maybe we can get a group of men who “identify themselves as women” to stage an “identification-in” in a woman’s locker room.

    How long do you think it would be before the cops showed up????

  • Donk

    I was born a man, but I identify as a lesbian. Let me in those female dorms and showers!u

    • Carl

      ^This guy gets it

  • Osamas Pajamas

    There’s a berth at the Cleveland Zoo for you, Brother Sister!

  • Richard M.

    You’ve got female DNA. Therefore you are a female and that’s it. You can feel whatever you want, dress however you want and call yourself whatever you want. But you are what you are. A female or a mutilated female. If your DNA was analyzed at a crime scene they would be looking for a female.

    • Christine

      Ever hear of intersexed persons? There are men who have XXY chromosomes instead of XX or XY. There are also XXYY, XO, etc. DNA is not a 100% indicator.

      • hebramleigh

        Those people are VERY rare. Most people who call themselves transgendered do not fall into that category. Regardless of recent social fads, a person’s sex is determined by their biology despite how loudly they want to howl into the storm in protest. This is PC run amok.

      • Damon F.

        asdfasd – I am not ordinarily one to leave these types of comments, but in this case after having read a number of your comments I feel some one has to do it.

        You are so incredibly ignorant, misguided, and moronic, let me be blunt – you are awash in stupidity. I must ask you to please do much, much, MUCH more reading, studying, self-reflection, and other educational activities before inflicting the world with any more of your thoughts.

      • Darwinian Dead Ends Are For Losers

        Yes… we call them “freaks of Nature” and do what we can to ameliorate their suffering, if necessary and possible.

        But idiots like you would make the insanely irrelevant, statistical outlier the rule, as though it’s an everyday occurrence that somehow, we never noticed over 5,000 years of recorded history until the freaks of the 1960s nature imposed it on us, probably just to see how many suckers would go along with it.

      • asdfasd

        Alex – being abnormal doesn;t make you evil – but not wanting to be abnormal does not make you normal

      • asdfasd

        correction Alex – the world IS black and white – you are gray – whihc is what frustrates you and makes you and others seek to convince all the blacks and whites that they too are gray so you can feel normal.

      • elbon55

        Alex, there is nothing like you in nature. I suggest you get to counseling immediately.

      • Noktirnal

        DNA is NOT a 100% Indicator, yet you spout off about X and Y chromosomes. Do you even know where and what chromosomes are? They are specific areas of DNA. a DNA analysis would show 100% if this person were XX, XY or any other combination. As others have stated, gender is biological. If not, I’m in favor of men everywhere identifying as female lesbians and moving into all female dorms, joining all female gyms, all female clubs, female sororities, etc. I’m not even going to dress like a woman, because I’m a butch lesbian. Gender=Biology and DNA will prove gender, no matter what gender it is. It’s in the genes.

      • Alex

        Great comment! I’m an intersexed woman and I’ve lived in a living hell for decades. I am part one, part of the other. It’s not easy for people like me or the transgendered, especially in a country like this where people demand black and white answers to everything. Face it, the world is gray!

      • GT

        Except in this case, the article is about a person who “feels” like a man and therefore wants to be treated as such.

        Therefore I’ve decided that on the days I feel like a god, I expect all of you to treat me as such.

    • elbon55

      Richard M. Thanks for your sane comment.

  • ck

    Biology doesn’t care about what you “feel.”

    Born a female, always a female.

    • JustAGuy

      Tell that to the liberal elites in government, media and academia!

      They’ll use their best arrogant face and scoff at you!

    • N.B.

      Although you’re right, it’s society that makes it a problem. Biology can be cruel like that, but the last thing we as fellow human beings need to do is make it harder for them.

    • A Son of Liberty

      Chez Bono, will always be a female. One can have all the body parts chaged but the DNA never changes. Born a female you were, a female you WILL ALWAYS BE!

  • Jill Reilly

    Can you imagine being pulled over by a transgender cop? At some point we have to admit that these are mentally ill people and stop accommodating this.

    • Nathan Jongewaard

      What would it look like if we “stopped accommodating” transgendered people? Should they be arrested? Should they be denied jobs? Perhaps they should be institutionalized?

      For the small number of people who want to live as a gender other than their sex, what’s the harm?

      • Darwinian Dead Ends Are For Losers

        Not so long ago, we sterilized imbeciles.

        Maybe it’s time again.

      • asdfasd

        It would look like what America is supposed to look like – everyone is treated equally under the law but aside from that everyone is different. No special allowances, no afirmative action, no lowerign test scores or free rides or quotas or “hate” crimes or any of that malarky. Perhaps they should be treated just like anyone else – you don’t fit in the round hole you don’t get to go in the round hole.

    • Bootneck

      Brings to mind the old saw about,the inmates taking over the asylum. All of this B.S. aside, I’ll be a bit crude and suggestt that one can easily determine his/her sex by dropping their drawers and taking a look.

      If you “feel” yourself to be a choclate cake, a locomotive,or one of the “opposite sex,” that feeling doesn’t make you a chocolate cake, a locomotive, or one of the “opposite.”

  • Linster

    “As soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased”

    How does putting her in a female dorm “erase” her identity? Only someone who is obsessed to the point of psychosis with sex–not gender–sex, would make such a ridiculous statement.
    How can anyone doubt that this is form of paraphilia,? Her “identity” consists of a sexual fetish, one that society has–to its great detriment–chosen to legitimize and facilitate.

    • asdfasd

      indeed – that’s what stood out to me as well – this is not about being different this is about being recognized as different and using that to bludgeon someone else into not just acknowledging that but supposedly accepting it. IS it not some sort of distrubing sickness for someone to base their identity on the peopel around them or someone elses perception?

  • steelyal

    This is disgusting. All male means all male.

  • Confused

    Is there a brain transplant that can be done. If they only knew how ugly they looked when they try to be something they were not born to be. I’m confused, if it was born a female but identifies itself as a male, wouldn’t it want to be in the female dorm. Me being a female I wouldn’t want it in my dorm. Maybe I have to read the story a few more times. LOL!!!!

  • steelyal

    This person should have to post a $100,000 bond because it is frivolous.

  • jeff

    I can guarantee that if this person were to be missing and all that was found latere was skeletal remains, the coroner would identify the body as a female.

  • jason

    i could think and feel like i am a fish but it doesnt make me a fish; this person is female; if the transgender dorm isnt acceptable too bad. What about the rights and feelings of the male students in the dorm? the university will likely cave – pathetic on many counts…..

  • no special interest

    make it a policy that positions based on gender need to be gender tested,,,,i.e correct chromosomes

    • PeterR

      What about NR3C4 (androgen receptor) abnormalities? How about loss of the CYP17 T-34C allele distribution pattern that causes this?

      It’s not about XX and XY. Get educated.

      • asdfasd

        Damon – face it you nothing about me or what I know, but you have established that you are stupid enough to comment on it. I’m reading a book as I peruse this thread while you read the back of the Cap’n Crunch box you take the entirety of your life’s meaning from. Please feel free to pontificate how either of those cited occurences invalidate the working definition of gender – or maybe you are just a loud mouthed twit (that gets my vote)

      • Damon F.

        asdfasd – Admit it, you don’t even know what Peter R. just said. I suggest you put your nose in a book for a change.

      • Darwinian Dead Ends Are For Losers

        “Get educated”.

        Do you have any concept how utterly illiterate that statement is? It reflects your complete ignorance of English grammar, careless thought, and flagrant disregard for the expectations of those around you in civil society.

        In other words, you are the perfect dufus and still can’t see the wood for the trees.

      • asdfasd

        says the mentally screwed up gender identity flailing he/she. So by the presence of some abnormality you feel that invalidates what? Perhaps you shoudl get your nose out of the book and learn something from reality.

  • Macfad

    I identify myself as a 36-34-28 tall, Swedish, blonde Victoria Secrets model with a Ph.d in Quantum Physics, a bank account to rival the Sultan Prince of Brunei and the next scheduled pilot at NASA for commanding the long-waited trip to Mars…. and forced to hide from Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Matthew McConoughey and Ciive Owen because they won’t stop pursuing me and begging my hand in marriage and are determined for me to give birth to their love child….BUT….


    • Hal Jordan

      36-34-28? Those are ice cream cone measurements! Now cook me some meatballs!

  • Interested

    This is alll talk…need pics for proof LOL

    • f. mulder

      If Her birth cetificate says “Female” thats what she is–end of story—

  • Hiernonymous

    I identify as rich. It’s not what my bank account says, but it’s how I feel. Against whom do I file suit for my mansion?

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