OXFORD, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) — A transgender student at Miami University has filed a complaint against the school after not being allowed to serve as a residential assistant in an all-male dorm.

Kaeden Kass, who was born a female but identifies himself as male, filed a complaint with the dean of students and the Miami University council over the incident, according to WLWT-TV. Kass was offered the same position for a female suite.

“The problem is, I’m a male-identified person,” Kass told WLWT-TV. “As soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased.”

University spokeswoman Claire Wagner told CBS Cleveland that the school “takes any complaints of discrimination seriously.”

“We offer on-campus housing specifically for transgender students,” she told CBS Cleveland. “We have been doing it on a case-by-case basis.”

Kass said he can’t fight how he feels.

“I identify as a male,” Kass told WLWT. “Although it doesn’t match with what I’ve been told based on my birth certificate … it’s my identity. It’s what I feel and I can’t fight it.”

The complaint has yet to be ruled on.

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  1. simon says:

    A little confused it seems as the brain can be brainwashed and the media pushes deviancy is normal
    Wasn’t Patty Hearst brainwashed into believing her actions were noble?

    1. Herman Balck says:

      Profound observation!

      1. Guy says:

        Trolling is the new national pastime

      2. MadeUpStory says:

        Almost nothing more than government posted lies here at our expense. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever much like me.

      3. captain pickles says:


        Stop posting this crap on all these sites. you’re a fool and a loser.

    2. RoyBaty says:

      I’ve decided I want to be a female this summer so I can get dressed in the women’s locker rooms, ha ha.

    3. Lauren says:

      Simon, you are plain ignorant. Gender Identity Disorder is usually apparent (to the person it affects) by age 4-5. I was 4-5 between 1974-75, there was hardly anybody brainwashing me as to how I felt inside, or the terror and discomfort I suffered by having to pretend to be something I’m not so as to not be harassed by idiots. And yeah, due to the social stigma (including terror about how people might react), I kept it within until I moved into my own place in my late 20’s. Sorry that cis-gendered persons are not able to understand how terrible a thing it is to have to deal with (mostly the social repercussions of the ignorant). You don’t have the slightest clue about what is involved, glad you can take your gender identity for granted and without having to regard the consequence of the ignorant.

      And when people call this a “delusion”, I have to point out the real delusion exists in the minds of those who seem to make it their concern to label others or dictate to others what “they are” or what makes them happy in life. I am happy being MYSELF as I really am, and I don’t have to kowtow or apologize to pompous intellectual inferiors who have trouble reconciling the reality of our EXISTENCE and RIGHT to exist, with their “beliefs” about the way they think things “should” or claim to be. Nobody is telling you it’s wrong to be cis-gendered much less straight (and realize the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation, they are completely different things).

      This has nothing to do with liberal/conservative “values” or such divisive mass media political circus distraction.. it’s got nothing to do with a lifestyle “choice”. People have a RIGHT to be who they truly are, and not have to pretend otherwise to assuage the insecurities and ignorance of the general public, much less suffer violence at the hands of the insecure and stupid. Get a clue!

      1. kentraco says:

        Very well said.

  2. JohnF says:

    According to her DNA, she is a woman. I’ll support her right to wear traditional male clothing and act like a man and look like a guy. I’ll support her right to date either men or women, whatever suits her desires.

    But she is and always will be a woman. At least until science comes up with a way to alter her very DNA. That is the only true test society has of deciding whether or not someone is a man or woman, and the associated rules that come with it.

    Now, if she wants to work for a world with gender-neutral bathrooms and such, I’ll support her 100%. Until then, deal with it and stop asking everyone else to change because she wants to.

    1. david d says:

      John as the loving brother of a transgender sister now brother I your post is very well thought out and written. My brother wants to be who he is and he has never required anyone to change who they are. Well done.

      1. Darwinian Dead Ends Are For Losers says:

        David with all due respect for your situation, your sister remains your sister. DO NOT CONFUSE FANTASY WITH REALITY, no matter how much whining and complaining, temper tantrums and threats are hurled at you by those that cannot deal with reality.

        So many fellow Americans have already made this mistake that we are on the verge of society’s collapse.

      2. searreigh says:

        I’m tellin yunz that there is some d@mm funny s4it

      3. Shepherd says:

        David D, you’re only hurting your sister by playing along with her denial of reality. When an individual cuts something off or has something added on – it doesn’t change who they are. What you end up with is a mutilated human being living a sad life.

      4. Real Loving Brother says:

        A real loving brother would’ve helped raise money for therapy.

      5. kentraco says:

        And to those who deny the reality of the transgender condition and ridicule those of us who have to live with it, I say this: Think of just one reason anyone would choose this for himself or herself. Would you?

        By the way… At age 70, with over six decades of awareness that I am a transgender person and having researched the subject for twenty years, I submit that I may be somewhat more qualified to comment than those of you who are willfully ignorant of the subject and choose to display your lack of knowledge in public.

      6. Jeff says:

        ‘Loving brother’ , did it ever occur to you that psychological counselling would have been a more reasonable approach, not to mention cheaper, than dismembering and affixing body parts?

      7. Norman56 says:

        kentraco : Your question as to who would “choose” to be transgender assumes a rational choice, but it is not. Mental illness is not a choice, as who would choose such a life? Same with homosexuality. Is it a choice? There are those who say no, but then if there is a gay gene, and the possibility of gene therapy to stop it and make them follow the other 99.4% of society, they say it isn’t. Is that rational? The entire topic is about irrational behaviors, and your question is outside that.

      8. JessD says:


        You realize that anyone that goes the transgender route HAS to go through extensive therapy and counseling right? No doctor will go about making changes like that to another person until they are cleared by psychologists. They have people that are a hell of a lot smarter than you that make sure these people know and understand what will happen to them and make certain that this is how their brains are set up.

      9. Therese says:

        Johns Hopkins, world-renowned hospital and research center, will no longer do sex-reassignment surgeries because they scientifically and objectively observed that the outcomes were not satisfactory to the sufferee. their “dysmorphia” did not change, they did not achieve successful relationships with the new opposite sex, etc.

        Biology is reality. If someone wants to cross-dress and live opposite, fine, as someone said above. Just don’t ask anybody to accommodate their unusual choice and pretend it’s the same as being born that way.

      10. kentraco says:

        Your question as to who would “choose” to be transgender assumes a rational choice, but it is not

        My point exactly.

      1. Ben Jeffson says:

        Jess D – really? you put too much faith in “therapy”… it only helps some and only somewhat when a person is mixed up or confused or hurting and broken… “Therapy” is not the big, be all/ end all solution…


      2. kiddopup says:

        bull if you will pay for it you can do it remember Octomom

    2. Ben says:

      @Kentraco Why would anyone choose Red hair? Few would. Nor do those with Red hair expect special accommodation.

      1. kentraco says:

        Ben: The difference is that no one is saying people choose to have red hair. But many people firmly believe that a person chooses to be transgender or gay and are willfully ignorant of the facts that show them to be wrong.

    3. STEF says:





      1. GMAN22 says:

        Easy Stef. Retard?? How about People who ride the ‘Special Bus or Short Bus! Even better ‘Challenged People’. Like the American voters are Challenged for their selection of President in ’08!!

    4. jewamongyou says:

      Don’t you know that gender is a “social construct”?

  3. RC says:

    Hey now… I kinda feel female, do you think they will let me in the all-female dorm?
    Cause I think I’m a girl y’know >:)

    1. dmo says:

      and once you get there, all you need to do is decide that you are not only a “female-identified person”, but also a lesbian.

    2. Bootneck says:

      Hee, hee! You sly devil, I know what you’re up to!!

    3. A Son of Liberty says:

      I am a husband traped in the body of a singla guy???????????

      1. Daniel Bryant says:

        Yea, I feel like a billionaire, but trapped in the body of working class guy. I feel I should have a G-6, a house in the Hamptons, Palm Beach and Vail. I feel like I should vacation like an Obama…I feeeellll

      2. JesusFish says:

        Yeah no kidding you are. I can’t imagine any woman not able to do better than whatever you are.

  4. AK says:

    I identify as a giraffe. It doesn’t matter that I am a human… It’s who I am.

    1. Daisy says:

      Hahahaha! Sometimes when we argue, my husband and I act like 2 year olds. I demand someone pick us up and carry us about, feed us and start a college fund for us.

      1. Paul says:

        You’re a bigot and a hater!!!! How DARE you make fun of the perfectly natural condition of adults acting as babies, being fed bottles, and wearing dirty diapers!!!


        You should google “Adult Baby World” so you can find a professional resource so you can get counseling for your hatred!!!

        Then, once you’re cured of your irrational hatred, you should go to PetitionHosting.com so you can sign the Adult Baby Rights Petition so laws can be changed to give adult baby’s the special rights they so richly deserve. It is the first step in joining the liberation movement! It says:

        People Should have the right to dress up as babies and wear diapers whenever they want and not have people saying it is wrong. If a person wants to wear a diaper let it be, If a person wants to drink from a baby bottle let it be, If a person wants to suck on a pacifier let it be.

        Freedom!!!! When haters like you recognize that you have a problem, its the first step in getting help so you can overcome your (most likely religion-based) hatred.

    2. Herman Balck says:

      You’ve perfectly demonstrated the absurd logical conclusion to the entire argument. Yet when one points out the madness this will lead to we are called hate-filled prejudicial monsters.

      Logic and reason have fled from our schools. God help our nation.

      1. LOL says:

        You raciest, sexist monster! Your first name contains the word man, why? Woman aren’t good enough? Your last name is the word black misspelled, nice subtle racism.

        Like that? lol.

        I’m just kiddin’ herman, I love ya.

      2. Ben Jeffson says:

        Thank you Paul!!!

        I feel so much better that you said all that… wow…

        Now – what do Oprah or Barbara Streisand or Anderson Cooper say our opinions should be today… (because they are always changing – depending on Hollywood’s fad du jour…) What will we censor next? I think I saw a cartoon that was homophobic or cat a phobic or something the other day! call out the police and charge a hate crime!!!

    3. The Bruce says:

      And I identify as the Pope. I demand unfettered access to the Vatican immediately.

      1. B.Katt says:

        I support you in your fantasy based demand!

    4. LOL says:

      You nailed it and I love you.

  5. Frank says:

    The courts have ruled that your sex is what your DNA says it is. Not how you feel! And now what some surgeon does to you. Get over it.

    1. Christine says:

      Actually Frank, you’re wrong. If you were correct, a person could not legally change the gender on their birth certificate or other ID after having gender reassignment surgery.

      1. Alaine says:

        Actually, Christine, you are wrong. “….Change the gender on his/her birth certificate,” not “their birth certificate.” “Their” is a plural pronoun, it requires a plural subject and a plural object. Remember that mini-lesson in English Grammar.

      2. PeterR says:

        Uh oh, the grammar Nazis are out! Watch out for ad hominem attacks…

      3. PeterR says:

        Stephen Fry on Grammar Nazis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7E-aoXLZGY

        Easy to laugh them off 🙂

      4. Tandra Evans says:

        Enough with this CRAP. We are a two-gender society here in America. If you are having trouble figuring out which one you are, you either need to go to a Psychiatrist or your Primary Care Physician. The former can tell you if you have a mental disorder, which is what “transgenderism” is – at least until the very unscientific and PC American Psychological Association bends to liberal pressure. The latter can determine if you have physical presentation that deviates from normal physiology and probably give you advice on how best to assimilate into society. But know this: You can’t just wake up one day and say you want to “present” as a girl and then go shower with them in the locker room. This is yet another example of radical individualism and activist politics seeking to sew chaos in our culture.

      5. Me says:

        Alaine: Here is your lesson in English. It is from Merriam Webster under the word “their”:

        2 : his or her : HIS, HER, ITS — used with an indefinite third person singular antecedent *anyone in their senses.

      6. Darwinian Dead Ends Are For Losers says:

        Words have genders, people have sex.

        Masculine and feminine are genders.

        Male and female are sexes.

        “Gender” was introduced in place of “sex” especially to prepare our minds for this very incident. Recall: there may be as many “genders” as you like, a la Latin and Lithuanian for two examples.

      7. asdfasd says:

        umm you are an idiot – you don’t change a birth certificate because 20 years later you have your wankler hammered flat and sewn up. It’s a record not an ID you twit.

      8. Joey says:


        Disciple of a pretentious twit!

    2. Alex says:

      A totally false statement!

    3. Bootneck says:

      Don’t try to cloud the issue withfacts!

    4. KY says:

      I think the real issue is that she wants to be an RA, in a position of authority over some of the men in the dorm. I wonder how they feel about that, awkward? Does anyone care to ask them? Let the minority rule the majority.

      1. JenB says:

        Exactly. But it doesn’t matter how all the males in the dorm feel, it matters what SHE feels. She is selfish frankly.

        This is exactly why people get bent out of shape. The minority is DEMANDING that the rest of us accept it and make special accommodations. I say demanding because when those don’t get their special accommodations, they cry fowl and sue.

        Good grief. Blind people can’t be race car drivers. Should they sue NASCAR because they cannot participate due to their disability? No, because it affects others. If the blind want to go on some deserted track where no one is and attempt it…go for it. But when your accommodation affects others and you still demand it, you are just selfish.

  6. tired of it all says:

    Is this just another activist “plant” trying to stir the pot?
    If one is so confused, perhaps one should not be in a position to counsel and advise others.

    1. Xavier Frost says:

      You know, that’s a good point. Hadn’t even thought of that. If someone isn’t in control of their own mind, maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to be in control of anyone else’s.

  7. JustAGuy says:

    I wonder if I decided that I have a split personality, one male and one female, will they let me go into the women’s shower room when I’m having a female episode?

    1. N.B. says:

      Obviously that’s a touchy subject. The point is that this person sees no variation in their gender identity, and now they’re dealing with it by presenting as and going through treatments to become PHYSICALLY male. Obviously their chromosomes will always be that of a female but you can’t exactly tell someone they’re wrong for feeling a certain way.

  8. Mark says:

    I would love to act as a female identy person so I can shower in their dorm

  9. The Phantom says:

    I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body… can I please go into the womens shower?

    1. Al Fresco says:

      Yes, if you are a liberal lesbian.

  10. Lars Johnson says:

    Maybe we can get a group of men who “identify themselves as women” to stage an “identification-in” in a woman’s locker room.

    How long do you think it would be before the cops showed up????

  11. Donk says:

    I was born a man, but I identify as a lesbian. Let me in those female dorms and showers!u

    1. Carl says:

      ^This guy gets it

  12. Osamas Pajamas says:

    There’s a berth at the Cleveland Zoo for you, Brother Sister!

  13. Richard M. says:

    You’ve got female DNA. Therefore you are a female and that’s it. You can feel whatever you want, dress however you want and call yourself whatever you want. But you are what you are. A female or a mutilated female. If your DNA was analyzed at a crime scene they would be looking for a female.

    1. Christine says:

      Ever hear of intersexed persons? There are men who have XXY chromosomes instead of XX or XY. There are also XXYY, XO, etc. DNA is not a 100% indicator.

      1. hebramleigh says:

        Those people are VERY rare. Most people who call themselves transgendered do not fall into that category. Regardless of recent social fads, a person’s sex is determined by their biology despite how loudly they want to howl into the storm in protest. This is PC run amok.

      2. Alex says:

        Great comment! I’m an intersexed woman and I’ve lived in a living hell for decades. I am part one, part of the other. It’s not easy for people like me or the transgendered, especially in a country like this where people demand black and white answers to everything. Face it, the world is gray!

      3. GT says:

        Except in this case, the article is about a person who “feels” like a man and therefore wants to be treated as such.

        Therefore I’ve decided that on the days I feel like a god, I expect all of you to treat me as such.

      4. Noktirnal says:

        DNA is NOT a 100% Indicator, yet you spout off about X and Y chromosomes. Do you even know where and what chromosomes are? They are specific areas of DNA. a DNA analysis would show 100% if this person were XX, XY or any other combination. As others have stated, gender is biological. If not, I’m in favor of men everywhere identifying as female lesbians and moving into all female dorms, joining all female gyms, all female clubs, female sororities, etc. I’m not even going to dress like a woman, because I’m a butch lesbian. Gender=Biology and DNA will prove gender, no matter what gender it is. It’s in the genes.

      5. elbon55 says:

        Alex, there is nothing like you in nature. I suggest you get to counseling immediately.

      6. asdfasd says:

        correction Alex – the world IS black and white – you are gray – whihc is what frustrates you and makes you and others seek to convince all the blacks and whites that they too are gray so you can feel normal.

      7. asdfasd says:

        Alex – being abnormal doesn;t make you evil – but not wanting to be abnormal does not make you normal

      8. Darwinian Dead Ends Are For Losers says:

        Yes… we call them “freaks of Nature” and do what we can to ameliorate their suffering, if necessary and possible.

        But idiots like you would make the insanely irrelevant, statistical outlier the rule, as though it’s an everyday occurrence that somehow, we never noticed over 5,000 years of recorded history until the freaks of the 1960s nature imposed it on us, probably just to see how many suckers would go along with it.

      9. Damon F. says:

        asdfasd – I am not ordinarily one to leave these types of comments, but in this case after having read a number of your comments I feel some one has to do it.

        You are so incredibly ignorant, misguided, and moronic, let me be blunt – you are awash in stupidity. I must ask you to please do much, much, MUCH more reading, studying, self-reflection, and other educational activities before inflicting the world with any more of your thoughts.

    2. elbon55 says:

      Richard M. Thanks for your sane comment.

  14. ck says:

    Biology doesn’t care about what you “feel.”

    Born a female, always a female.

    1. JustAGuy says:

      Tell that to the liberal elites in government, media and academia!

      They’ll use their best arrogant face and scoff at you!

    2. A Son of Liberty says:

      Chez Bono, will always be a female. One can have all the body parts chaged but the DNA never changes. Born a female you were, a female you WILL ALWAYS BE!

    3. N.B. says:

      Although you’re right, it’s society that makes it a problem. Biology can be cruel like that, but the last thing we as fellow human beings need to do is make it harder for them.

  15. Jill Reilly says:

    Can you imagine being pulled over by a transgender cop? At some point we have to admit that these are mentally ill people and stop accommodating this.

    1. Bootneck says:

      Brings to mind the old saw about,the inmates taking over the asylum. All of this B.S. aside, I’ll be a bit crude and suggestt that one can easily determine his/her sex by dropping their drawers and taking a look.

      If you “feel” yourself to be a choclate cake, a locomotive,or one of the “opposite sex,” that feeling doesn’t make you a chocolate cake, a locomotive, or one of the “opposite.”

    2. Nathan Jongewaard says:

      What would it look like if we “stopped accommodating” transgendered people? Should they be arrested? Should they be denied jobs? Perhaps they should be institutionalized?

      For the small number of people who want to live as a gender other than their sex, what’s the harm?

      1. asdfasd says:

        It would look like what America is supposed to look like – everyone is treated equally under the law but aside from that everyone is different. No special allowances, no afirmative action, no lowerign test scores or free rides or quotas or “hate” crimes or any of that malarky. Perhaps they should be treated just like anyone else – you don’t fit in the round hole you don’t get to go in the round hole.

      2. Darwinian Dead Ends Are For Losers says:

        Not so long ago, we sterilized imbeciles.

        Maybe it’s time again.

  16. Linster says:

    “As soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased”

    How does putting her in a female dorm “erase” her identity? Only someone who is obsessed to the point of psychosis with sex–not gender–sex, would make such a ridiculous statement.
    How can anyone doubt that this is form of paraphilia,? Her “identity” consists of a sexual fetish, one that society has–to its great detriment–chosen to legitimize and facilitate.

    1. asdfasd says:

      indeed – that’s what stood out to me as well – this is not about being different this is about being recognized as different and using that to bludgeon someone else into not just acknowledging that but supposedly accepting it. IS it not some sort of distrubing sickness for someone to base their identity on the peopel around them or someone elses perception?

  17. steelyal says:

    This is disgusting. All male means all male.

  18. Confused says:

    Is there a brain transplant that can be done. If they only knew how ugly they looked when they try to be something they were not born to be. I’m confused, if it was born a female but identifies itself as a male, wouldn’t it want to be in the female dorm. Me being a female I wouldn’t want it in my dorm. Maybe I have to read the story a few more times. LOL!!!!

  19. steelyal says:

    This person should have to post a $100,000 bond because it is frivolous.

  20. jeff says:

    I can guarantee that if this person were to be missing and all that was found latere was skeletal remains, the coroner would identify the body as a female.

  21. jason says:

    i could think and feel like i am a fish but it doesnt make me a fish; this person is female; if the transgender dorm isnt acceptable too bad. What about the rights and feelings of the male students in the dorm? the university will likely cave – pathetic on many counts…..

  22. no special interest says:

    make it a policy that positions based on gender need to be gender tested,,,,i.e correct chromosomes

    1. PeterR says:

      What about NR3C4 (androgen receptor) abnormalities? How about loss of the CYP17 T-34C allele distribution pattern that causes this?

      It’s not about XX and XY. Get educated.

      1. asdfasd says:

        says the mentally screwed up gender identity flailing he/she. So by the presence of some abnormality you feel that invalidates what? Perhaps you shoudl get your nose out of the book and learn something from reality.

      2. Darwinian Dead Ends Are For Losers says:

        “Get educated”.

        Do you have any concept how utterly illiterate that statement is? It reflects your complete ignorance of English grammar, careless thought, and flagrant disregard for the expectations of those around you in civil society.

        In other words, you are the perfect dufus and still can’t see the wood for the trees.

      3. Damon F. says:

        asdfasd – Admit it, you don’t even know what Peter R. just said. I suggest you put your nose in a book for a change.

      4. asdfasd says:

        Damon – face it you nothing about me or what I know, but you have established that you are stupid enough to comment on it. I’m reading a book as I peruse this thread while you read the back of the Cap’n Crunch box you take the entirety of your life’s meaning from. Please feel free to pontificate how either of those cited occurences invalidate the working definition of gender – or maybe you are just a loud mouthed twit (that gets my vote)

  23. Macfad says:

    I identify myself as a 36-34-28 tall, Swedish, blonde Victoria Secrets model with a Ph.d in Quantum Physics, a bank account to rival the Sultan Prince of Brunei and the next scheduled pilot at NASA for commanding the long-waited trip to Mars…. and forced to hide from Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Matthew McConoughey and Ciive Owen because they won’t stop pursuing me and begging my hand in marriage and are determined for me to give birth to their love child….BUT….


    1. Hal Jordan says:

      36-34-28? Those are ice cream cone measurements! Now cook me some meatballs!

  24. Interested says:

    This is alll talk…need pics for proof LOL

    1. f. mulder says:

      If Her birth cetificate says “Female” thats what she is–end of story—

  25. Hiernonymous says:

    I identify as rich. It’s not what my bank account says, but it’s how I feel. Against whom do I file suit for my mansion?

  26. Laura says:

    Don’t suppose Kass ever thought about the rest of the males in the dorm and whether or not they’d object to herm being a residential assistant in their all male dorm? No, probably not… ’cause that would make them all racist, homophobe bigots…. so they don’t matter. Whatever. “As soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased.” What? If you’re that confused about being male in a room full of women, then how can you be so sure about being male in a room full of men – when YOU are the only one in the room who has a frickin’ vagina?!?!

    1. PeterR says:

      Why would they necessarily even know? I mean, besides making the complaint of the student public.

      Why would they care? I mean, it’s not usually the guys who care if the dorm goes co-ed, it’s the gals. Or the parents.

      Oh, wait, you’re a gal. That’s why you care.

      1. asdfasd says:

        where’s all your stats and science facts to back that assumption that the guiys don’t normally care. I’m a straight guy and I’d ratehr they have their own dorm I can sneak into than have them in mine. But oh ya that’s right it’s all about your point of view – oh how ironic just what you are implying for Laura imagine that – a self righteous snotty hypcorite right here on the Internet

  27. Terence57 says:

    Just don’t put up with this. It’s all about power. Don’t waste your time either trying to convince or defend. Those days are long gone.

  28. Right says:

    LOL and the chances that this she-he does not have XX???

  29. Phil says:

    I self-identify as a millionaire. Recognize that!

  30. Chiguy says:

    Is it now CBS’ policy to use “he” and “she” according to whatever a person claims? What if a person “feels” sexless: does CBS refer to that person as “it”?

  31. Steve PA says:

    Policies, regulations and laws should always be guided by WHAT YOU WERE WHEN YOU WERE BORN, and never what you’ve later decided to be. I may want to be a horse but I am not. I can dress up like a horse, make noise like a horse and let people ride me. But that does not make me a horse. If people want to change gender for their own sake, fine. But if you were born a woman, use the women’s rest room and locker room. And if you were born a femaile, then you have no place in an alll-male dorm, for any reason. And that is not intolerant or bigoted. It’s just pure common sense.

    1. PeterR says:

      About 1% of live births exhibit some degree of sexual ambiguity. 1 – 2 live births out of 1000 are ambiguous enough to require a specialist to attend, including surgery to disguise the ambiguity. Most are “adjusted” towards female, regardless of their actual chromosonal pattern.

      Simply from the statistics, you know more than one person to whom this has happened.

      1. Maria says:

        PeterR… don’t you have something better to do…oh wait this probably is your job… defender of the gay mafia. Got your head screwed on backwards is what you really are.

      2. asdfasd says:

        other than you latest Mutant Monthly copy where did you get those stats and what was the sample comprised of MArdi Gras attendees?

  32. jon says:

    …and I want to be called Loretta.

  33. Hazel says:

    Sometimes you feel like a nut.

  34. Phil says:

    oooh – CBS doesn’t like it when you quote them…. “himself” give me a break

  35. Terr says:

    This person needs to think about the LIABILITY Miami Univ faces if they put this girl-who-wishes-she-was-a-boy into a male dorm….If the male students were to RAPE her, what would happen to Miami Univ’s RESPONSIBILITY in that scenario??

    NOT saying the male students would do this, but WHAT IF?….

    Moving to this school for Fall–PLENTY of cheap places to live. MOVE if the dorm life upsets you.

    1. george says:

      No fame, no controversy, no lawsuits if this individual lives off-campus. Trust me — that’s the point of it all.

    2. Nathan Jongewaard says:

      Of course, Miami University has an anti-discrimination policy that includes gender identity as a protected class – see


      So if they are discriminating in this instance they are violating their OWN policy. Isn’t that a bit suspect?

      If the student in question were black and felt discriminated against in a similar manner, would you tell that person to move off-campus if dorm life “upsets” him?

      1. asdfasd says:

        well I sure as hell wouldn;t tell the University to ship in a bunch more blacks so he can feel comfortable – that’s a false equivalency

  36. Phil says:

    “Kaeden Kass, who was born a female but identifies himself as male”

    CBS – powned by the LGBT “community”.

    I asked google to find this place. SIRI doesn’t know either.

  37. Phil says:

    hilarious – now we know why al-Qaeda hate us.

    maybe they have a point

  38. Phil says:

    hilarious – now we know why al-Qaeda hate us.

    maybe they have a point!

  39. Confused says:

    Maybe they should now make a dorm for all cross genders, etc and we can all live happily ever after.

    1. Holmgren says:

      They note in the article ““We offer on-campus housing specifically for transgender students,” Who knew?

      1. Confused says:

        Thanks for the clarification, but I’m still confused. LOL!!!

      2. george says:

        I’ll bet THAT’S an interesting bunch.

      3. N.B. says:

        Hey, whatever floats their boat. Not a problem for us if they don’t make it a problem for us.

    2. asdfasd says:

      then they would force straight people to move in because otherwise there is a stigma – you honestly think it ends with “equal treatment” bwahahaha

  40. Redskin Man says:

    Does it not seem strange that over the past 3-4 years that the standards of decency and common sense has been tested? Every minority has to be heard, has to catered to, has to be protected and has to be pandered to.
    Should we treat these folks bad? No we should not but please keep your screwed up choices to yourself.
    Why must a dorm full of young men have to be forced to live with an obvious mental case?
    I’m a Miami Graduate and proud to be a Redskin.
    However, stories like this make me wonder how far will my Alma Mater sink to satisfy one disturbed person?

  41. gene says:

    There is no photograph of her/him……. him

    There are probably a lot of guys who would want to be bunk buddies.
    Plenty of volunteers.
    There is no problem here.

    1. NotY says:

      Liberals women are usually ugly women that are jealous of their beautiful counterparts.

      Bunk buddies? Only if you could blindfold me and duct tape her mouth shut.

  42. theJackal says:

    These people are mentaly unstable and should NEVER be given a job or position of any aonsequence. It dosen’t matter what you “think” what matters is reality. These “people” have no idea what’s in store for them. They just cause hate and discontent, nobody really cares about their ridiculous fake plight. Pull down your pants lady you are what is down there, that’s it.

    1. Nathan Jongewaard says:

      “They just cause hate and discontent.”

      Wow, talk about blame-the-victim. Who else “causes” hate and discontent? Blacks? Jews? Gays? Women?

      1. asdfasd says:

        how intellectually dishonest of you and typically liberal, not to mention the false equivalency of someone pretending to be what they are not and upsetting everyone elses status quo vs. people who are what nature physically made them. You should be ashamed for that. What ‘victim’ you shythead – she is a victim how? of what? Are you a victim because I think you are mentally decprepit and morally bankrupt? Who is going out of their way to cause issues? People of weak mind such as yourself are the ones that cause the issues. people like you cqause hate and discontent for starters

  43. JPrimus says:

    Don’t these people have any other hobbies other than being gay, trans-gender, questioning, or whatever?

    They don’t seek equality, they seek controversy and victimhood. Pathetic.

    1. N.B. says:

      They do, since they’re just as human as anyone else, but they aren’t going to shut up about needing equal rights and respect until they get it.

  44. NotY says:

    Just because you dress like a man does not mean you are a man.

    The girls dorm is open to girls, if she doesn’t like it, she can live off campus.

  45. mapache15 says:

    I am a female trapped in a man’s body….please make me the counselor at the all female dorm…..pleeeeeeease!!! I can imagine the pajama parties already!

  46. Mark says:

    Here is an Idea make a Transgender dorm for all of them

    1. N.B. says:

      “We offer on-campus housing specifically for transgender students,” she told CBS Cleveland. “We have been doing it on a case-by-case basis.”

  47. Duude says:

    Need a third option. Put a ? on the door

  48. mapache15 says:

    Did it ever occur to her/him that the young men in the all male dorm would not want a transgender counselor. Exactly how transgender is this person, is there sex identity just a feeling or have they gone the whole route of surgery, hormone treatment etc. Article doesn’t really say.

    1. davenport32 says:

      This confused woman is the definition of a wack-job. You’re not what you want to be, you’re who you are. Her parents really messed up with this one.

    2. N.B. says:

      “How transgender”? Does it really matter how much they’ve done to prove their point?

  49. Michael says:

    You can mutilate your body and say you are this or that…. but until you can change your chromosomes….your are SOL.

  50. DougBuck says:

    “The problem is . . . ” that every cell in her body has two X chromosomes. I don’t want to hurt this person in any way, but why is this someone else’s problem?

  51. george says:

    I pity the person who had to come up with a sentence like, “Kaeden Kass, who was born a female but identifies himself as male . . .” The English language really does not fit today’s complex requirements for expressing things. Maybe we SHOULD all speak Spanish.

  52. BarniesFrank says:

    Barney Fwank identifies with males

    1. TMA1 says:

      There is a new hot dog out called the Barney Frank. If you don’t like the taste you can stick it up your a**.

  53. Nirwen says:

    There are genetic abnormalities that are well known and identifiehttp://cleveland.cbslocal.com/2012/03/21/transgender-student-files-complaint-after-being-banned-from-all-male-dorm/d that can cause people to have gender identification issues. XX and XY is not as simple as it seams. There are people out there that have XXX, XXY, and XYY karyotypes. XXX (ie Triple X syndrome) which is very rarely diagnosed, but occurs in 1 out of every 1000 female births (there are no real symptoms). XXY, (ie Klinefelter Syndrome) are identified as male. XYY causes males to, basically, be REALLY male, but causes no other issues. There are also hermaphrodites, which have the sexual organs of both males and females.

    I’m not saying that this person fits into any of these designators, but, genetically, there are more than the simple XX and XY.

    1. N.B. says:

      Truth. Also, transgender people are identified primarily by their differences in brain matter (different connections and concentrations of white matter specifically), which makes chromosomal makeup a moot point.

      Here’s the article where I found this:


  54. Miguel says:

    If I am a male and say I identify myself as a female can I live in the women’s dorm and shower with them? Very cool!

  55. Barak Obama says:

    I blame George Bush!!!!!

  56. Sir Ronald says:

    This is what happens when the sane tried to reason with troubled people..

    Insanity begets more insanity.

    Anybody with common sense simply says “if I were you, I look for another

    school.” But today we have too many lawyers at the lowest rung of any

    sense of morality, commons sense, and decency ready to jump in

    in such matters for money.
    see this bizarre stuff as a way to make a good living.

  57. LizardLips says:

    I’m white but I was born a poor black child and I want affirmative action and my Obama dollars and reparations and….and….and….

  58. sailordude says:

    It’s Miami, whats the big deal. That town is a freak show!

    1. Confused says:

      Miami, Ohio. I hope you are not confusing it with Miami, Fl.

      1. asdfasd says:

        you think Ohio is any less freaky than Fla?

  59. obama lied says:

    when im feeling horny, i identify as a female. will that get me into the female dorms?

  60. WCM says:

    From now on, I will identify as a female while at the gym, so I can enter the ladies locker room whenever I want.

  61. ertdfg says:

    I identify as dragon, if you refuse to treat me as a dragon you’re SEXIST… no wait, dragon isn’t really a sex.

    YOU’RE RACIST… no dragon isn’t a race either… hmm.
    YOU’RE SPECIESIST… except dragons are fictional… oh wait, that’s it.

    YOU’RE A REALIST! That’s what you are for not referring to me as a dragon, a low down dirty REALIST!

    How do you like that?

    1. asdfasd says:

      I love it!!!!!

  62. Duneman says:

    How about we set a legal standard of what defines gender based on the presence, or absence of a a Y chromosome. If you have one you are legally defined as male, if you don’t, you are legally defined as female.

    Oh wait, that would deny trial lawyers the chance to make money of the arguments. Never mind….

    1. Nathan Jongewaard says:

      You’re describing SEX, not gender. They’re actually not quite the same thing.

      1. asdfasd says:

        according to people who want to be able to split them. Funny thing is the freaks are constantly trying to redefine words – tell me when you read a goivernemtn form and it says gender does it list Male and Female and when someone says what sex are you do you say Male or Female or do you say “I have boy parts”? grow up and learealize that justifying it to yourself does not justify it to the world.

      2. phillysmart says:

        Nathan you are one of those people that try to BS their way to support their own perverted view of the world …your born a male or a female….how you feel or identify has nothing to do with it …it exist only in the minds of the freaks to justify unatural feelings…they try to legitimize it….most normal people know its a bunch of crap

  63. WCM says:

    It’s really a shame that people actually indulge the insanity of others to protect their feelings. I’m sorry, she is a female, regardless of whether she chooses to mutilate her genitalia. She has two X chromosomes, she is female. Period, end of discussion.

    1. N.B. says:

      Oh how one sided that discussion was.

  64. Rick says:


  65. Sharon says:

    I think in a situation like this, you have to go by what body parts this person has. If male? Male dorm. If no male body parts, then a female dorm. Easy as pie!

  66. bob says:

    I believe I’m an antique rocking chair and want to be prominently be displayed in a furniture store. If not, you’re a “chairophobe”.

  67. Mary says:

    So I am a little confused. Is this like Chas Bono? Born a girl but considers herself a guy? and acts and dresses like a guy, and then had the operation to physically become a guy, and wants to date girls?

    and if that is so, why in the world would they offer him/her a position in the girls dorm?

    and this makes no sense at all. ““As soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased.”

    How does someones identity get erased by being around girls? or guys? this kid more issues then being transgendered.

    1. N.B. says:

      Yes, this is the same situation Chaz Bono is in. The individual in the article is (mentally) male, in the form of a female. The problem with being put into an all female dorm is that they expect him to assimilate into a social space that is not coherent with how he thinks. Think about how you would feel if you were put into the opposite gender’s dorm room- it’s the same feeling.

  68. far far left lib nut jog says:

    tell them to join a “transgender” club…..or freak of day club……i know
    call obama w/o birtch certificate club.


  69. OUT OF TOUCH says:


    1. N.B. says:

      Universities are just more accepting of differences. They’re the places where social boundaries change from generation to generation, and this is just another change in the making. It’s just the world going about its business.

  70. So liberal everything is my business says:

    So if this person ends up having sex with one of the male students does that make it gay sex?

    1. N.B. says:

      The article didn’t mention the person’s sexual orientation, so we can’t know for sure, but I guess you could assume that.

  71. gofer says:

    The old steretype of people who think they are “Napoleon” used to be termed insanity. What qualifies for insanity anymore? Shrinks termed this behavior as a mental disorder until they were bullied into changing their terminology. It still doesn’t change the fact that something is wrong if your are a “female” and “think” you are a man. I suspect it all could be solved by delving into the background of the person.

    1. N.B. says:

      You are correct on your last point. Although, surprisingly, even the people most adamant to get sex-changing treatments have had good childhoods, with medical research leaning more towards the possibility that it’s a difference in brain matter that causes this than anything else. (Here’s an article for reference:)


  72. Rad says:

    Perhaps the dorm criteria should be revised to, “All-male. Born male, male-identified (or not male-identified due to never encountering the need to answer this question) and never had a sex change.”

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  73. warzone says:

    Who do you think you are, Obama’s nanny?
    Boys have outdoor plumbing, girls have indoor plumbing. Easy call.

  74. Zebra says:

    Oh yeah, same thing happened to me. I painted myself up with stripes but they wouldn’t let me hang out with the zebras at the zoo.

    It’s unfair dang nabbit! I feel like a zebra so everyone should be forced to accept and call me a zebra

    1. N.B. says:

      Only thing is, animals don’t exactly think like humans. So, even if you disagree with it, you should give anyone who tells you something like they’re transgender the benefit of the doubt and that they just might not be crazy. You’d be surprised.

  75. dd says:

    I think that is why therapists exist, to help these obviously confused folks.

    1. N.B. says:

      I would agree, although confusion isn’t necessarily about how things are in the world, but how or where they would fit in socially.

  76. jim bob says:

    How far into the future will be demands that we open our homes to people we don’t know…
    Diversity in the modern context means accepting anyone who does almost anything as normal. Looks like the normal benchmark is changing rapidly to absolutely anything goes….I call it life with no consequences…no children, no disease, no house payments, no car payments, nothing absolutely no responsibilty except to demand that everyone kowtow to the demands.
    Have we become a population equivalent to a group of five year olds?

    1. asdfasd says:

      rememebr way back when – the theory was diversity of experience would strengthen teams in the workplace – then it became diversity of culture, then diversity of race, then just diversity for diversity sake – now your governemnt is actually sponsoring PSAs telling people that diversity strengthens neighborhoods and prepares kids for the global world of tomorro – red flags people .

  77. BEAR says:

    Her identity “gets erased”? Wasn’t that an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?

  78. Colt Commander says:

    SHE needs to see a psychologist to fix her problem. Good job parent(s)…

    1. Michael says:

      The University needs to set aside a special dorm for: pervs, lady-boys, cross dressers, registered sex offenders, and genereally confused.

  79. DeusVult says:

    IF you are BORN as a male or female…THAT is what you are NOT what you happen to identify with!?! What if this FREAK had stated to identify as a cow, would that mean that SHE was now a cow??? or SHE identified as a dog and is now a canine (with NO pix…that is YET to be determined!)LOL!!!
    NO MORE “resident”(thats NOT a typo!) obama, her worshipFULLness mooochelle “antionette” AND the cabal of socialist/marxist czars!!!

  80. sheep says:

    ““The problem is, I’m a male-identified person,” Kass told WLWT-TV. “As soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased.””

    I am male, and I can tell you that when you are actually male, your identity does not get erased by being among females. In fact, it gets the male juices flowing right nicely.

    1. N.B. says:

      Well, it’s being forced to assimilate into a situation she can’t properly function in that causes that problem I would guess. Since you obviously wouldn’t be forced to live like a girl in the girl’s dorm anyway, since you identify as and express yourself as a male. Your body just happens to match, and unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t for a lot of people, and they need to learn how to cope with it.

  81. Megamimi says:

    Biology will out until changed otherwise. This person is a female. She/he has female s ex organs, retains female characteristics, I am sure, and would make the males in the dormitory uncomfortable to be around. He/she might see him/herself as male, but she/he is not. The males who choose to live in a males only dormitory should not be penalized by his/her desire to be what he/she is not.

  82. Claude Slagenhop says:

    I think we can require a genetic test to see if she is male.. Call it a Y chromosome only dorm.

  83. Mark Thielke says:

    A few months of phychatric confinement may help this disturbed woman.

    1. N.B. says:

      Might help you deal with the fact that the person is different, you mean? I see nothing disturbed about this individual.

  84. Melvin says:

    This female calls herself a male, well people call themselves allot of things, Sometimes I call myself King Richard, but that doesn’t mean I’m king Richard. This is simple.. If the Transgender in question isn’t packing 12 inches, and 4 pounds of testicles, it ain’t a male. No matter what this woman calls herself.

    1. asdfasd says:

      I’m Henry the Eighth I am

      This person above anythign else obviously has unhealthy identity and self worth issues – to me it just goes to show what kind of poepel “higher education” is packign in these days. I see it all of the time at school (returned after 20+ years) – the kids I interact with shoduln’t hav ebeen let out of high school forget encouraged to attend college – yet they will all get degrees because just liek you and compete with you for the jobs you are oevr qualified to do on merit because they borrowed money and were allowed to squeak past to keep the dough flowing at Dollar U. And then you’ll get to pay for their loans when the idiot in charge and his minions vote themselves school loan forgiveness forall of the mental midgets they graduated. The Asians are ahead becasue they are smarter not becasue they pushed mroe skateboarders and backwards hat wearing social misifts through the college plumbing.

  85. Tina R. says:

    I identify as a Springer Spaniel! And they won’t let me compete in the Eukanuba Dog Show!!! Waaahhhh!!!

    I identify as a black man, but they won’t let me get the scholarships!!! SUE!!!!!

    I identify as a British person, but they won’t give me citizenship!!! WAR!!!

  86. bbbvv says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong here

    I believe the first requirement of being accepted into a male dorm is to be male ?

    1. N.B. says:

      Yep. No mention of transgender people, which is exactly the problem this article is calling attention to. But what should be done about it is the question.

  87. bbbvv says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong here
    transsexual or not
    she is still a chick

    1. N.B. says:

      I’d say you’re wrong. “Chick” is more of a social term for how someone expresses themselves than how their bodies are.

  88. MDWhite says:

    This individual is as much a man as Chaz Bono. Being “male” doesn’t make you a man anymore than living in your parents garage makes you a Cadillac. Just as being “female” doesn’t make a person a woman. It’s about a lot more than what’s in your shorts.

    In any event, I don’t know of a genuine man anywhere that wouldn’t jump at the chance to be an assistant in an all-female dorm.

    1. N.B. says:

      Thank you, doctor. I’d like to second the notion that being a man is more of a social construct than anything, as well as being a woman. The only thing is, a genuine man would most likely not be forced to assimilate into a female dorm, which is where the problem lies.

  89. Reesee says:

    I need a picture then i’ll decide

  90. KenG says:

    I am a Klingon-identified person, and I insist on being housed on a Klingon battle cruiser.`

  91. What The. says:

    People have always criticized and said hateful things about stuff that they don’t understand. Lets grow up a little bit people. Lets try and be a little more understanding. We’ve never solved anything by pointing a finger, all the while we do things every day that are miserably wretched.

    1. N.B. says:

      THANK YOU. My god, its refreshing to see an unconditionally accepting comment here.

  92. Burke says:

    This sounds a bit like Ursula Le Guin’s book “The Left Hand of Darkness”.

  93. Laurie says:

    As one coach wrote, “after the court ruled, I had no choice”.(except to let “him/her” on the team”. If judges say that a male transgender identifies as a woman, and he/she wants to join the women’s basketball team, then if I were the coach, I would recruit AN ENTIRE team of transgendered men who identify with women because that is how the court rules. With a team full of 6 foot “women”, the team is bound to win the championship forever!!!! Let the town then pick up their pitchforks and resolve this issue once and for all and expose the ABSURDITY!

  94. bob says:

    I am made that i have to choose between a men’s room and women’s room i demand that all bathooms be unisex!!!!!!!!! i guarantee you that is the next lawsuit.

  95. bagocheese says:

    I long for the old days…wen life was simpler…and we could just call these people crazy.

    1. N.B. says:

      I long for the old days when I could just be myself, and not have to worry about being properly male or female. I don’t blame you for your sentiment though, I have no reason to. It’s always shocking when something goes against something so crucial to the life you’ve been living.

  96. jncarlos007 says:

    If a person is born one sex and their brain tells them they are the other then one of the two has to be wrong.
    Cry and whine all you want, but I’m pretty sure it will be the brain.
    Doesn’t mean we have to all be A-holes about it, but I can see a mental condition leading to this situation far more easily than the wrong DNA.

    After all, if a person is born a human but goes through life insisting they are a bird it isn’t going to end well.
    And I doubt they would get the same misguided support given out now…

  97. The Dave says:

    It sure would be nice if real life was the black and white fantasy that people like to think it is… Instead, we have to deal with the fact that people are sometimes born with more than one kind of genitalia, that our biological makeup isn’t perfect and can get screwed up, and that someone who is really one gender can be wrongly perceived to be another. I hope the University and its student body is professional and mature enough to be able to work with Kass in love and acceptance.

    1. ando says:

      Bull!!! This is a freak show plain and simple. I’ve had enough of this sort of homo weirdo non sense

      1. Gabrielle says:

        being a homosexual and being transgender are two very different things…you would know this if you did any research. I’m a lesbian, but I identify as a female. I have never had a single desire to be viewed or treated as a man. Know what you’re talking about before you embarrass yourself any further.

      2. N.B. says:

        Then go to where it isn’t a problem, since it’s not going to go away.

    2. Gabrielle says:

      this is the first comment i’ve seen that doesn’t make me cringe. good job on being a decent human being, the dave.

      1. asdfasd says:

        well isn;t that th emeasure of all good comments – they agree with your self centered point of view? Ever wodner how many peopel cringed at your Lesbian but identify as a female post? Or are they not allowed to dringe?

  98. Jim from Boston says:

    So, a WOMAN files a lawsuit against a college because she is not allowed to participate in an all-male dormitory? And said college already has all-female dormitories AND a “transgender” dormitory?

    And this makes sense……..to WHO?

  99. ando says:

    What a trouble maker. It should be kicked out of the school.

    1. Gabrielle says:

      it? this is a human being you’re speaking about…whether you have been exposed to a transgender individual or not, you have a duty to treat every PERSON with respect.

      1. ando says:

        OK, fine, then what should I call shim?

      2. asdfasd says:

        duty? really? says who? where’s the respect for letting others not feel uncomfortable? IS this person in physcial hrams way being in the girls dorm? No just uncomfortable. Well by all means let’s respect her and screw everyone else.

      3. Reagan says:

        It’s useless trying to explain this to narrow minded uneducated morons.

  100. Gabrielle says:

    Clearly most of you have never met (to your knowledge at least) a transgender individual. Your blatant ignorance is disgusting. It is NOT a whimsical decision to identify with a gender other than the one you were assigned at birth. Maybe you all were fortunate enough to be happy with your sex, but some people really feel as if they were born in the wrong body. At the end of the day were all human beings. If someone was born with a vagina, but identifies as a male, and wants to be viewed and treated as such, who are you to tell them otherwise? Exercise a little empathy. What if it was your kid?

    1. ando says:

      Transgender is the new PC word for Drag Queen or Cross Dresser, and yes, I have met a few of these strange people.

      1. N.B. says:

        No. Transgender is a term that also includes transsexual people, such as the individual in this article. Transgender means your identity differs from the normal gender assignment society would normally give you. So, you WOULD classify cross dressers and drag queens as transgender, but they are not transsexual people like Kaeden. Don’t get the wrong idea.

    2. asdfasd says:

      What an ignorant statement – clearly you assume everyone that met one has to want to take one home as a pet. Your ignorance of any view but your own is disgusting. Your lifestyle is disgusting – live wiht it. Who are you to tell me I can’t think so? You don’t speak for everyone walking around claiming to be transgendered – in fact fromw aht you posted about you are a female lesbian so how exactly are you an expert on transgendered people? I know some docotrs – want me to perform surgery on you? get off your own self entitled high horse. No one is tellign them otherwise – they ar esaying they don;t agree with it – you can “feel” all you want but see you aren;t askign to be allowed ot ‘feel’ you are demaning everyone else “embrace” it an dmake special accomodations and be made uncomfrotable themselves so that you dont; have ot be. An you are “ignorant” enough to be hypicortical in your demands of others what you dont; practice yourself.

  101. Jude234 says:

    I hereby identify as a wealthy member of Congress. I want my congressional seat NOW, and I want the perks that go with it! I’m sorry, I just can no longer accept the identity of a poor working class person that has been thrust upon my by the idiots who surround me. Give me my seat in Congress, or else you are Pooraphobics.

  102. hening says:

    If you don’t have the junk, you don’t get a bunk.

  103. John says:

    It appears another cleansing is near.

  104. Wishmycollegedayscouldstartover says:

    You mean to tell me that all I have to do is get a judge’s order & say that I ‘identify with females’ and I can get in the girl’s dorm?! I’m going back for another degree!!

  105. Handel says:

    Me, me, me! I am a male but feel like a female. My I sleep at the female dorm please? Please?
    Oh, and will not require free condoms for $3000.

  106. Fisherman says:

    If I identify myself an eagle, even though I don’t physically resemble an eagle, can I avoid paying income tax?

  107. no says:

    You are not male, you are a lesbian who cannot accept herself. Did you mutilate your genitalia? (The headline calls you transgender, but the story says you merely “identify as male”.) If so, you are now a lesbian with mutilated genitalia. You are not male and the rest of us should not be forced to pretend that you are. We have rights, too and your delusions are not our problem and should not be our problem. If you want to cut up your crotch and play dress up, that’s fine, but keep it to yourself.

  108. Sybil says:

    “As soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased.”
    Do all men feel that their identity has been erased when in space that is all female? I’m pretty sure that most college men would jump at the chance to have a private suite in the girls dorm. All I can say is… Dude, man up!

    1. N.B. says:

      See, the thing is, most college men wouldn’t be forced to ASSIMILATE into an all female space. This is where the problem is.

  109. The Bruce says:

    I”m a “Pope” identified individual. I demand access to the Vatican immediately.

  110. Wayne says:

    Wow, Obama Voters are SO confused about their “gender identity” these days!

    What a launghingstock today’s pathetic Democrat Party has become.

  111. Adrian says:

    What happens when people self-identify as physically handicapped even though they are fit? How would that be any different? Am I missing something here or are the lunatics running the asylum?

    1. JK says:

      Sadly, there are such people… Google “Body Identity Disorder” I hear that in parts of Europe you can find doctors who will actually remove limbs from a healthy person to “treat” this disorder.

  112. Mike G says:

    It is not a he. It is a she. Get it right stupid author of this article.

  113. JR says:

    If she’s around all females her “identity get erased”!!! Was she admitted to the university as a male or female student?

  114. Nicholas Armaro says:

    Sounds like they actually identify as a transgender identifying as a male….if you can follow that. Someone who actually identified themselves as a male would be jumping at the chance to room with all women.

  115. iambicpentamaster says:

    “Kaeden Kass, who was born a female but identifies himself [sic] as male”

    Should be herself, not himself…

  116. Carl99999 says:

    Oh puleeeeeeze….who really cares?????? These people just want their 15 minutes of air time. “I IDENTIFY as a male” – well, heck, I IDENTIFY as a tree – does that make me one? What about guys who IDENTIFY as pedophiles? Should we just accept their behavior too? This chick is totally whacked, and so is anyone else who accepts her “feelings” as reality

  117. Fiddlesticks says:

    DNA testing says she’s a woman. End of story. She needs help, not all this “transgender” cr@pola.

  118. Shepherd says:

    Wow. I suppose if some confused individual decided they were actually a ham sandwich we were supposed to treat them as being normal. Reality check please!

  119. stercuilus65 says:

    She can call herself a male but that freak show shouldn’t be forced on a dorm.

  120. Climp Jones says:

    what’s next pedophile’s identifying themselves as children?

  121. kcsparky says:

    Go ahead….dress, look and attempt to act like a man. If it floats your boat, have a happy cruise. But as for anything else, sorry….you’re still a woman. Don’t believe it, strip in front of a mirror and open your eyes. An “I think” or “I believe” doesn’t hold up in court either.

  122. Paige says:

    The ghey agenda literally destroys everthing in its path/

  123. Paige N says:

    Push back the ghey agenda……this is an example of its results!

  124. Guy says:

    Trolling, the new national pastime. *trollface*

  125. Russ says:

    I identify as Michelle Obama and I demand a pair of size 14 shoes.

  126. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    This reminds me of the movie Kindergarten Cop when one of the children tell Schwarzenegger that “boys have a pen is and girls have a vag ina”. I guess that no longer applies.

  127. Real Rick says:

    Let “it” be in the boy’s dorm, but give the guys the leeway to stomp “it’s” butt every day.

  128. Rob, NM says:

    Two points that I don’t think anyone has made.

    1) Why is this a problem now? This would be the middle of the second semester (or whatever quarter) at most schools. Most dorm assignments are given out in the first semester.

    2) Most universities have Co-Ed dorms. Why not get into one of these? Then no one would really have a problem whatever you call yourself.

  129. Break105 says:

    Seriously people making a mountain out of a mole hill, let this person live however they want, it’s such a small group of people the effect they have on your life is so insignificant I can’t believe people get so worked up over it.

    1. Tacitus Talks says:

      But she wants to live by infringing on the rights of others. She also wants to be an RA. She is demanding authority over males also. She is twisted and dangerous.

  130. Uncle Omar the Illegal Immigrant says:

    Hope & Change in King Hussein Obama’s USSA…

  131. BEM says:

    I think that there are a lot of good posts here, but not one has addressed the real issue. The person mentioned in the article had applied for a position as a Resident Advisor in the all male dorm.

    An RA position has specific requirements and duties, usually they are the person that anyone in the dorm can go to if they have any sort of a problem with housing, problems with others living in the dorm, personal problems of any kind, academic problems, if they need a referral for conseling needs, etc

    How many of the young men in that dorm do you think would feel comfortable go to this person for help with some sort of personal problem?

    This person wasn’t told that they couldn’t live in the men’s dorm, just that they weren’t qualified to serve in this position that reqires that the person holding it be a male. They offered an alternate position that would have been more appropriate, and it was turned down.

    And then a lawsuit was filed…

  132. Black Eagle says:

    Note this person not only wants access to the male dorms, but to be a “residential assistant” in the dorm, which means, to hold a position of authority. Not content to merely inhabit space dominated by males, she wants to push her way into the center spotlight. Another Marxist activist push, of the sick trying to destroy the healthy.

  133. Reagan says:

    Unbelievable! Most of the comments coming from the peanut gallery here have nothing more that an uneducated opinion. Bigots! Most of you can hide behind your religion and hurl insults and moronic commits to offend people that are transgender. I don’t believe that your god in your religion gives you the right to judge another person. That is for him to decide. There is scientific evidence that proves that being trans is real. That the brain has developed as the gender in witch they identify and not the genitalia. There is only one gene that gives a person the male sex organs or genitalia out of 24,000 plus. Please educate yourselves on the topic before commenting on it. It only makes you look like a fool.

  134. Carney Assada says:

    You need to decide if you are going to be a boy or a girl. If are uncertain, take a look down at your body. Then shut the hell up.

  135. nop says:

    I can’t believe how ignorant and stupid so many of you are.

    +I am a male. I was born as a male. I feel like a male.

    +Some people are born male and attracted to other males.

    +Some people are born with both sets of genitals (hermaphrodites).

    Is it really unreasonable to think that with all the strange things that happen, someone could not be born the physical gender that matches their brain? That it’s not that they’re just “sick deviants” or “freaks”, but that just as nature creates other oddities, they are literally on sex internally and one sex biologically? Imagine how incredibly difficult it would be if you woke up tomorrow in the body of the opposite sex when you KNEW that you were NOT that sex.

    But nah. let’s continue to be the ignorant, judgemental “SOMETHING IS DIFFERENT FROM ME KILL IT!” jackholes that you all are.

    1. Tacitus Talks says:

      I don’t care if you think you are a rabbit and as a rabbit, you live in a hole and eat carrots. But when your delusion interferes with my “space” that is tyranny of the minority and is just as wrong. It is just the progressives in the country have perverted the bill of rights. When it is all said and done, the majority have no rights. What is wrong with this picture.

  136. Daniel Bryant says:

    You’re a what?

    You’re a who?

    You’re a confused “it” of your own creation. Don’t hate what God gave you and dump on the rest of us because you don’t fit in.

    You are confused. The rest of us have clarity about Nature’s intentions, and you want to punish us??

    Get your own place off campus. Go to college to learn and STOP making a spectacle of yourself.

    OH and don’t off yourself and start the LGBT PC hater blame game against the sexually authentic.

    You’re a wet mess and need to get your self-esteme act together or NOT take it on the road.

  137. joe34543 says:

    This person was born a female, therefore she is a female.

    You cannot choose your gender. It does not work that way.

    There is no such thing as relative truth.

  138. J.D. says:

    “We offer on-campus housing specifically for transgender students”.

    Brave, new world.

    Is it just me or has reality taken a vacation for the last decade or two?

  139. Morris says:

    I’m having some serious difficulty in trying to comprehend a society anxious to cut Tri-Care benefits to our military….especially wounded warriors who’ve often sacrificed both physical and mental health serving their country…but seems most enthusiastic in spending tens of thousands of dollars (per individual) to improve the self-image of a protected minority and highly valued cornerstone of the so-called “progressive” constituancy. As a 65+ senior whose paid into the system for well over 40 years, my self-esteem would benefit greatly (and just think of the emotional scarring I could avoid) from a little plastic surgery and maybe a wee tummy-tuck….but I ain’t holding my breath!

  140. Bawlamer Merlin says:


  141. John Jansen says:

    How does the journalist decide which pronoun (masculine/feminine) to use?

  142. Kenny F. says:

    How arrogantly stupid, warped and wierd!!!
    This “person” needs professional help, not further enabling.
    Hold fast, Miami, and tell her, him or whatever to take a hike if the accommodations don’t meet her, his or whatever needs.
    We had better get back to some common sense soon or we will all drop off the edge!

  143. Dr. J. E. Steaderhoust says:

    Interesting how this “Transgender” phenomenon is rampant in western civilizations, but practically never seen or heard of in any other place around the world. And it’s only come about in the last 30-years!!! Clearly, this whole “identity crisis” is the result of a lack of nuturing in children who didn’t get enough loving attention by their parents and the fruit of that experience is now blooming as they seek to get attention of any kind. It’s really a sad sitiuation and points to a need for parents to spend quality time with their children if they wish for them to have a well adjusted and meaningful life.

    Dr. J.E. Steaderoust

    1. Christine says:

      Actually, it IS present in the rest of the world, it’s just that in many repressive countries like Iran, such people are usually murdered if they are discovered. (Kinda like you all seem to want to do!)

      In India, it is quite common, and is know as a “third sex” called Hidra.

  144. brain says:

    Let’s see your testicles and you can have a bed.

  145. RightStuff says:

    Perversion will soon be the norm. See Lyle Rossiter’s “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness”.

  146. Dolphin says:

    I identify myself as a dolphin! I want a seperate all dolphin dorm complete with a pool!

  147. ronb39339 says:

    To quote the girl, “As soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased.”…..Grow up & be who you were meant to be, or erase yourself

  148. Tranny says:

    Hey Tranny, just tell them your the Dean of the school and they’ll get you a nice office too. Or better yet, tell them your black and then you can get welfare plus a free education. Just make up stuff. You’re a male right? Oprah said you were.

  149. RoB_68 says:

    SHE has no d*ck, SHE is a chick.
    Simple as that.
    No need to argue except for the fact that SHE wants to draw more attention to HERself so SHE can rally support for HER inane complaint,

  150. bill.1942 says:

    This story, like the situation it describes, is crap.

  151. Dutra says:

    And I identify as an iguana. It’s who I am. I can’t help it. Whatcha gonna do now?

  152. Bubba Johnson says:

    So now it’s the birth certificate’s fault. I think I likes it better when it was Bush’s fault.

  153. ablecynic says:

    Welcome to the end of the USA. If someone can claim to be a ‘male’ because they ‘feel’ like one, and the school is forced to accommodate them, it is all over. Imagine if a guy said “I feel like a girl so I want to be the Resident Assistant at a Girls Dorm.” But that is next and it will happen. I went to Grad School at Miami Oxford 90s and it is hard to imagine this happening there.

  154. stechatte says:

    If prestigious “institutions of higher learning” cannot even figure out the sex of a human being, shouldn’t we ask ourselves why we bother paying all our hard-earned money to attend these institutions in the first place? Surely, there must be more competent, intelligent people than these fools from whom to learn a trade.

  155. Julie says:

    To those enamored with the genetic arguement, be aware that genetics direct only the gender of the body and the species of the whole. The gender of the brain is not directed by genetics, but rather by hormones which can be unstabe during fetal development. Transsexuality is real, whether you understand it, or weather or not you want to believe it.

  156. bengali says:

    I takes character to accept the situation and move on when things are not as you prefer them to be. It seems character is lacking in certain segments of our population.

  157. Me says:

    “As soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased.”

    This alone tells us this person has some severe mental and self-identity issues. I don’t know about any of you folks, but if I am put in a space that is all female, it does not erase my entire identity.

    If after long introspection I decided that I “identified” as a ballet dancer (something I am not, but which is in the actual realm of possibility for me to become) and that therefore that is what I was, any shrink would tell me I am suffering from a mental dysfunction known as delusion. But if I said I ‘identified’ as a female (something I am not, and never have any possibility of ever becoming) it’s completely normal and valid, not delusional? Guess what everyone, I identify as a dolphin. Now UM must provide dolphin-friendly living quarters and dining facilities or else they’re bigots.

  158. ted says:

    Just sick. These are all distractions from the fact that Obama and the Democrats are destroying this country.

  159. David says:

    Dont the other people have rights? Its an all male dorm just like there is a male and femal bathroom. Its for a reason.

  160. just says:

    All the non-sensical weirdness we are witnessing now is the kind of stuff that gave rise to the likes of Hitler. The people at some point just become fed up with the Bolshevik style leadership. Everyone can see right through it. I hate to say it, but this is what happens in a maternal society and this is being designed to happen. Matriarchal societies last for a while and then the “other guys (bad guys)” see what a pushover everyone is and they plot a take over. That’s how we got the Marxist in office. Notice how CBS carefully chose to run this story. You’re being conditioned to accept the most bizarre crud ever. They want to see how far they can take it. Doubt EVERYTHING you read from the current media. It’s all propaganda.

  161. Wild Bill says:

    Uterus’ in one dorm…testicles in the other. End of discussion.

  162. HMichaelH says:

    I think I’ll self identify as a female, and apply to live in the girls dorm. I’m going to really enjoy the communal showers! I suspect the boys at Miami University will be equally entertained if they get to shower with this woman, never mind what she calls herself. When she strips down, she’s going to exhibit all the body characteristics of a woman!

  163. Steve says:

    I got thrown out of a Ferrari dealership because the guy wouldn’t give me a 355 GTS. I told him I identify as a billionaire Ferrari owner and he was required to give me the car.

    Ignorance is evil

  164. Steve says:

    Funny that the science loving left refuses to accept the science of the X and Y chromosomes.

  165. Ball Beater says:

    I would beat the balls off this sick bitch, that is, if she had any

  166. GMAN22 says:

    The University officials should just say no and that is it. But in this PC world we live in, they will probably care about his/her feelings more than the males who live there. This wouldn’t be an issue if it were a male who feels female wanting to be a residentual assistant in a female dorm. It wouldn’t be allowed and that would be it.

  167. Tom Tucker says:

    “The problem is, I’m a male-identified person,” Kass told WLWT-TV. “As soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased.” This is the madness that gets pushed on us as normal. I truly feel sorry for this young woman and everyone like her. I have a deeper sadness for those who encourage and applaud this type of spiritual insanity.

  168. GMAN22 says:

    And who said,”God doesn’t have a sense of humor”.

  169. When does It end? says:

    How stupid does one have to be. “identifies himself as male”. Identifies? Identifies?, but in no way is he/she biologically a male. Jesus fricking Christ, how stupid are transgender people. If you don’t have the apparatus or the biological composition, you ain’t what you want to be. Plain and simple.
    I am so sick and tired of “wannabe” IDENTIFYING themselves as male or female and I am so sorry, but you WILL NEVER BE WHAT YOU SO DESPERATELY WANT TO BE! Get over it. You are female and genetics doesn’t lie. Sorry, no matter what surgeries, or hormones you take, you will ALWAYS be either male or female. Blind, deaf and dumb.

  170. Necro says:

    Let me get this straight..

    They offered up the same position in an ALL FEMALE dorm..?

    And the transgendered guy turned it down..?

    I think any red blooded male would have jumped on THAT position as being heaven sent..

  171. JW says:

    One doesn’t simply get to “identify” as a gender or I would identify myself as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and dress out in their locker room with my fellow hot blondes. Thats a ridiculous way to go.

    Many other groups of unsavory people use the “can’t help how I feel” argument so LGBT groups should be careful down this road. You can’t do any prison ministry without hearing child molesters, serial killers, substance abusers, and white/black/brown racists all say “I was born this way” “tried to change but can’t” and the like. Its a lifestyle CHOICE and that comes with consequences.

    The guy chose the complexities. Just as people choose complexities when they religiously afilliate with a group (JW dont do blood transfusions, Quakers are conscientious objectors, Christians dont get to go to strip bars or embezzle, Military dont have normal freedoms (UCMJ) and might get killed, Sandra Fluke attends an anti-abortion Catholic School) so young man/woman live with your decisions.

    Reminds me of the LIfe of Brian scene with “Loretta.” “Where is the fetus going to gestate, you don’t have a womb!” “Stop oppressing me.”

  172. charly says:

    FYI Princeton is a school that actually fully supports and seems to prefer LGBTI students. They have opened their arms to many students struggling with transgender issues. Dorms funding events etc! Find a home where you are appreciated and Princeton Univ. is a recommendation along with some schools on the west coast!

  173. charly says:

    Princeton Univ is a school whose admissions dept fully supports LGBTI. Consider this school for dorm living, many events and a positive experience. The president even hosts a drag ball!

  174. Steve says:

    These LGBT people seem to want to bring back the ol’ “Separate but Equal.”

  175. JesusFish says:

    It’s fascinating how people who are completely unaffected by this story are so angry about it! Equally fascinating is the level of ignorance about gender and sex among the people of Ohio and our new friends visiting from the Drudge Report.

    Nobody here has actually contributed a reason why it should be acceptable to discriminate against this young man, they’ve just decided it’s appropriate to pick on a kid in college by calling names. Part of me wonders if they’re jealous that they never got to go to college, struggle with gender and sexuality issues of their own, or just bad parenting.

    1. poetikus says:

      Nobody’s picking on HIM. HE’s picking a fight with the rest of the dorm over his “feelings’. Geeze how dumb can some people be?

  176. Bubba says:

    I can dye my hair black, get an eye operation and call myself Chinese but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

  177. slim whitman says:

    look down between your legs….you are not am man as you are missing a key part.

  178. Steve says:

    Sweet! So I can claim that I identify myself with females and get myself into an all-female dorm? It’s that easy? Oh man, I knew this was going to be a great year!!!!!

  179. Bill says:

    I have to fill out Affirmative Action forms for jobs. May I say that I “identify” as an inner city Latina in an effort to promote diversity at the workplace. And if they call me on it, may I file a complaint that I AM A LATINA and I demand to be treated as such for the purposes of your hiring quotas?

  180. williampenn says:

    Inside, I feel like a female. I’m gonna start using female bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers. Don’t try to stop me; I’ll name you in a complaint, I swear!

  181. poetikus says:

    Sorry to burst your politically correct bubble but the only thing you’re really identified with is being an idiot for expecting all of society to bow to you rather than just tolerating and accommodating.

  182. Ronny says:

    “As soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased.” What a tool!

  183. Nemoque says:

    People that are so-called transgendered are freaks of nature, and they should be treated as such. They have to accept the fact that they do not fit into soceity, and they must adjuct to that fact. It is they that have to change, not society.

  184. Rob B. says:

    I’ve been studying the issue of transgenderism for a number of years and have come to the conclusion that there are not absolutes when it comes to gender, unlike sexuality which does have absolutes (although not just XX and XY because there are variations, but those variations are finite and definable). There is, instead, a spectrum of gender identification and sexual orientation, so it’s more like a grid with an x and y axis. Most people will cluster at one corner of the grid, but there are infinite variations. That said, there is a whole separate issue of what society is comfortable with and while “transgender” people do have their rights, they should not trample on the rights of others, particularly if they are the rights of the majority. In other words, if this trans-man wishes to live in a men’s dorm, then he/she should be permitted to do so, UNLESS a segment of the residents (and it need not necessarily be a majority – because those who do not object are not particularly interested one way or the other) states that having that trans-man living there would make them uncomfortable. In that case, the rights of the residents already living there trump the rights of the individual coming in.

  185. retiredcoach says:


  186. C Bono says:

    “As soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased.”

    Serious psychological problems.

  187. kaymad says:

    Why do we have to feed into someone’s obvious mental illness?? These people do obviously have a problem, but quit making the rest of us go along with it.

  188. dooky says:

    Back in my day, this FREAK would be thrown off the roof and sent to the hospital everytime it opened its yapper!
    I miss the old days…..ugh.

  189. Scott says:

    beedogs – More logical fallacies. Do you have anything factual to contribute?

  190. Redpenmaster says:

    Until she’s had an addadichtomy operation, she’s a she. And after that she’s still not a he, just a mutilated she.

  191. phillysmart says:

    We need to start calling these people what they are and are recognized as by most civilizations in the world…..a freak

  192. phillysmart says:

    Its amazing how all the so called intellectuals take a simple thing and make it complicated….this is a femael that was born…this female unlike most females born wants to be a male…so society has to bend over backwards to accomodate her? there doesn’t seem to be any confusion here

  193. Chromesomal reality says:

    There’s no such thing as “transgender”. There are only mutilated transvestites and those willing to pretend with them.

  194. jimmy not THAT jimmy says:

    Sorry, It isn’t one’s brain that determines gender. And … why is a person with such a level of confusion about herself being considered as an RA.

  195. larryPTL says:

    The problem is not that this person ‘identifies’ as a male, but that this person is not a male. The brains of men and women are wired very, very differently. The interconnections between the left and right half are many times more numerous in a woman’s brain than a man’s. The part of the brain that handles the sense of taste and smell in a woman is 3x as large as that of a man (thus far fewer women will ever die of food poisoning, because they will reject something a man can’t smell), while the part of the brain that handles spatial imaging and 3 dimensional analysis is 3x as large in a man as it is in a woman (which is men can park a car where women dare not tread).

    I have seen the results first hand – I have four brothers but raised three daughters. All the social conditioning in the world will not let Kaeden identify with the men in an all-male dorm.

  196. Guest says:

    So, everyone else has to change to accommodate her/his “feelings”/whims?

    The rest of the students on the campus have no rights?

  197. Cardiac says:

    When a person believes something that is not true, even with all evidence to the contrary, that person can only be called insane.

  198. Rational Hypostasis says:

    As the great philospher said “gender is in the genes and the genes are absolute”

  199. BK Martin says:

    The truth lies between yer thighs girlfriend.

    Innie means soroity.
    Outie means fraternity.

    I am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body and I live with it, I suggest you do the same…

  200. Jimbo says:

    If someone wants to pretend to be the opposite of their sex I have no problem with that, it’s still a free county. But don’t ask rest of us to go along with their fantasy.

  201. garylee123 says:

    This is what diversity training gets you. No longer Americans, just sub groups that demand to be the same because they are different.

  202. john says:

    The school needs to setup a carnival and put these sickos on display. Let this female/male sickos sit in a cage wearing a tee-shirt that says “show me your tits”.
    The school can charge admission and make a bundle.
    Just saying.

  203. scott says:

    Yea…she’s a”transgender” ,not a man…so how is that she is being “discriminated”then?
    How about everyone else there why should they have to “tolerate” this person?
    What if there “offended” by having this person as “assistant”

  204. tubaman says:

    I just can’t believe what is happening in our country.Perversion is considered normal and normality is considered old fashioned,you’re “not with it” in our new “progressive age!!

  205. Worry says:

    I think things will get interesting if this person wins out. Imagine guys using the same ploy in order to get into an all female dorm? I can see all sorts of sexual harassment and claims of assault suits waiting to happen.

  206. Truth First says:

    Doesn’t matter what SHE “Thinks” SHE should be, SHE was born with irrefutable evidence in the form of FEMALE Genitalia which, the last time I checked, meant that SHE is a SHE…not a HE. This is yet another lie of the radical homosexual agenda and should be sent packing.

  207. Machismo says:

    What God made you is what you are. If you do not believe in God, then the way you came out of momma, is the way you are. Do not expect society to change for you. Do not expect normal young men to want to room with a female because the normal young man is going to want sex. Next she could yell RAPE! and that places any man at risk just being alone with her,him, it.

  208. GD says:

    I’m a male lesbian.

  209. Rocky Coved says:

    Clearly “s-he” can’t be allowed to live in a male dorm. Imagine trying to force 99% of the residents to put the seat down?

  210. Charly says:

    At Princeton university YES lgbti are celebrated and very enlightening courses and majors explore the dignity of LGBTI!!

  211. titainiumman says:

    If you can;t figure out what you are then you deserve anything that comes your way

    1. Lauren says:

      Because Your Life is Worth Defending from Ignorant Apes… http://www.pinkpistols.org/

  212. Mulch 47407 says:

    It’s the first time when i’ve seen your site. I can understand a lot of hard work has gone in to it. It’s actually good.

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