COLUMBUS, Ohio (CBS Cleveland/AP) — Officials say graffiti spray painted on the wall of a black cultural center at Ohio State University likely stems from the nationwide unrest over the fatal shooting of a black Florida teenager.

The graffiti painted early Thursday said “Long Live Zimmerman.” Columbus media outlets report that officials believe it’s a reference to George Zimmerman, the neighborhood-watch captain accused of killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., in February.

Larry Williamson, executive director of The Frank W. Hale Black Cultural Center, wants the person that did this brought to justice.

“We want the person brought to trial, caught,” Williamson told WBNS-TV. “We want to make sure these kinds of things don’t happen.”

Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee says university police are “vigorously investigating.”

“I was really outraged by this on a university that takes great pride in civility and respect,” Gee told WBNS. The graffiti has been removed.

It was discovered the same day a campus rally was held for Martin and Shaima Alawadi, an Iraqi woman who was fatally beaten last month in her El Cajon, Calif., home

Zimmerman is white and Hispanic. His family insists he’s not racist.

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  1. Eric says:

    So, a white kid spray paints a wall, while we get report after report of black teens attacking and beating up old people and other innocents. I guess this shows the differences between the races.

    1. George W. Axl Rosebush says:

      Considering the affinity certain minorities have for graffiti, blaming a white kid might not be reasonable…

      1. asdf says:


        Actually it is. Just like the Trayvon case, things need to be PROVEN before anyone is presumed guilty – what is happening in this country? This is a dangerous trend. Blame whoever is responsible, white, black, or other.

        George W. Axl Rosebush – your name already suggests some issues, so please refrain from causing another and go somewhere else – you’re not welcome with your unhelpful rhetoric. We’re all humans, with the ability to wield spray cans and create graffiti, regardless of whether you think blacks are more likely to do it or not – that is the issue, not what you THINK, but what you can PROVE.

        If you want the same treatment, I suggest you allow the same for everyone, even those who do not match your color, or your idea of one that does not commit crimes.

      2. bill says:

        “certain minorities”? You mean beaners, of course. Filthy, stupid Mexicans.

      3. Jobobo says:

        Sounds like another lame hoax to gain sympathy for ‘poor little minorities’ so they can get more handouts and special privileges

      4. jethro1 says:

        Comparing racist chicken scratch to the graffiti normally indulged in by “certain minorities” is like comparing stick drawings to a Rembrandt. I don’t remember seeing, “Long live OJ”, sprayed on the walls of a trailer park.

      5. Jack Johnson says:

        We can’t stand Zimmerman, so it is doubtful that certain minorities did this. Maybe it was U rosebush?

      6. HomeyDClown says:

        why does it have to be called a “black cultural center”? What would happen if the city put up a “white cultural center”? Polit. correctness is the cause of modern racism and retarded leftists.

    2. Mel says:

      I didn’t know Al Sharpton was in town! He has been a busy boy!

      1. NewcastleWill says:

        it couldn’t have been sharpton for two reasons: 1) there was no poetic rhyme to it, and 2) the words were spelled correctly.

    3. Brian says:

      What makes you think the perpetrator was white, or a kid?

      1. melissatx says:

        Yeah?! I was probably the spawn of a Democractic politician. Color does not patter, it’s their politics!!

    4. lev says:

      If the perpetrator is found he should be charged for damage to property, that’s it. This shouldnt even be a story; zimmerman is not yet a criminal because he has not been convicted, we should not forget that.
      Long live Zimmerman!

    5. shakedown crews says:

      how do you know it was a white kid? it could have been asian or latino. Or a black person trying to gin up race issues again.
      without evidence, how can you conclude anything at all?

    6. Joe the dog says:

      I believe they were Black Girs beating up White men.

      1. Joe the dog says:

        I think that’s legal in certain Black Cities

      2. Bigg Smoke says:

        Joe the dog, U are so full of $hit, that your blue eyes are turning brown.

    7. Atlantic1 says:

      How do you know a “white kid” did it? Often it’s the blacks who do things like this to try and demonize Whites.

      1. SmarterThanYou says:

        Yes because all of the Black people are out to get you ! The racist scourge of the earth is clearly your average black person who race baits on weekends and performs cross burning’s during family cook outs. That was sarcasm in case the pseudo intellects with their statistics and bigotry couldn’t detect it. I genuinely think you do not think before typing, much like others on this page.

    8. Brassia11 says:

      Thank you, Mr.President.
      Guess your race baiting exeeded even your expectations!
      Job well done., Mr.Obama
      Bet it is much easier than acting presidential and be involved in serious mattersa of economy, jobs, unemployment, escalating deficit under your watch.
      What better way to diver the attention and seed the hate all over the country by your racial remarks. Now we know what you meant by CHANGE!
      What a disgrace we have in the WH!

      1. Rhea says:

        …You think Obama put graffiti on the Ohio State Black Culture Center? FAIL.

      2. Bigg Smoke says:

        You are quite welcome Brassia 11. You’re just mad a Black man is in the White House and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it. You people blame everything on the president. Where was your wining ass at when Bush almost bankrupted the country, by starting 2 unnecessary wars and sending thousands of Americans into harms way. Why weren’t you crying when Bush bailed out the banks? The only racist/racial remarks are coming from conservatives. Santorum slipped and called the president a n!@@er, but he caught himself before it came out. You republicans/conservative aren’t fooling anyone but yourselves.

      3. spinner033 says:

        He is better than the last one we had. Remember he came in office with these problems he did not create them. We were in a better state when Clinton was in office who was a Dem. Rep likes to live a mess for Dem to clean up. Enough said thank you.

    9. LouiseJP says:

      in the first place , why is there a “Black Culture Center” in the US…would they like to see posted a :”White Culture”? and 2nd how do they know it was a “white person” who did this? you know the US needs to think this over.. get over the race industry. and just have “Americans”..

      1. Rhea says:

        There is a black culture center because everything else that we see is white culture. Black people need to learn about their culture and they need to know that they have done something. What’s more, White people need to know that they did not create black culture, that black culture exists with or without them. I, for one, would LOVE to have American history, but too often American history IS white history. You get a few throwaway paragraphs about slavery and the Civil Rights Movement, as if that’s the only thing blacks have done, but other than that, it’s all white history.

      2. EGant says:

        Actually as a black male I would like to see a museum that puts actual “European” cultures on display. What would be wrong with that?

      3. paula says:

        In reply to Rhea- It’s not White History-it’s American History and America consists of many races other that White and Black who don’t demand their own “History” center. They are happy to be Americans and grateful to be here.

      4. Bigg Smoke says:

        Paula maybe you live in a bubble or in the woods somewhere, but there are cultural centers for all people, especially the Jewish ones. Just because you don’t know they exist, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. People need to know that we were more than just slaves.

      5. Tami says:

        Actually I think she does know they exist but its just more “offensive” when its black! verses Jew, Hispanic, Asian etc…ummmm wonder why?

    10. jmassery says:

      And don’t forget, CBS has come up with a new why of describing bi-racial people…”Zimmerman is white and hispanic,” I wonder if CBS will now describe Obama as white and African American?

    11. Amvet says:

      A white kid did it? Ther you go, profiling again.

  2. elizabethrc says:

    This was wrong, but no more wrong than the violent rhetoric put out there by the black panters, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, innumerable black congresspeople, and the main stream media.
    They have all already tried and convicted Zimmerman without a trial. They have threatened riots and violence if he is not jailed. They give only lip service to the judicial processes being allowed to take place. They have set the tone here and now they have to live with it.
    Who’s the extremist here?
    How about a little honest perspective?

    1. P. Amboy says:

      The key is “arrest”. Conviction is not important. Without an arrest, the parents cannot sue for wrongful death in Florida courts. Once Zimmerman is arrested, they can sue Zimmerman, the city, housing covenant, police, … Its all about the Benjamins.

      1. Super16 says:

        Never let a crisis go tow waste. The life of a child is a small price to pay for a payday.

      2. Whitey505 says:

        They can’t sue Zimmerman cause he didn’t do anything wrong Trayvon was killed because he was a thug and a man was defending his life

      3. Bigg Smoke says:

        Whitey505. If Zimmerman didn’t chase that boy down and question him, he would not have to had defended himself. The kid was defending himself from Zimmerman. So, its the kids fault Zimmerman was a lil bitch and bit off more than he could chew. Old saying “Don’t let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash.

      4. Den says:

        And yet you`re sorry ass does it anyway

      5. Bigg Smoke says:

        Den’s a wining bitch. Don’t go away mad Den. Just go away……

    2. Longsleeves says:

      The reson why so many of us are up set with is story is because the racebaiter have now become mainstream. We accept there have always been racebaiter but they have always been viewed as a small fringe group.
      By placating these toxic views they finely got one in the White house.
      I have choose to send money to the Republican party I hope you will too.
      Its the only thing I can do to extract them from the seat of power.

      1. Cindy says:

        Sell your house, max out your bank accounts. I’m sure Mitt will appreciate it while he’s sitting in his beach house in SanDiego.

      2. Mr. T says:

        Pity the fools. Yes Obama is panicking cause he knows he may not be able to complete destroying our sovereign nation in just one term. So, ya burn down the house. But to think that voting Republican is going to change anything, well…. We are all being played. They are all bought and sold and dont give a f@*k about you or me. They are only concerned about moving the new world orders agenda one step closer to fruition. Watch your backside and dont get fooled again and again and again.

      3. OBAMA 2012 says:

        Who the hell is THEM? It’s to late u wasted your money the REPUBLICAN PARTY is a JOKE and so is your comment! TEAM OBAMA

    3. Joe the dog says:

      You must live in Japan

    4. Joe the dog says:

      I like what you wrote

    5. SmarterThanYou says:

      Really ? What Violent Rhetoric ? Outside of the black panthers I don’t recall any of them calling for violence against Zimmerman OR whites. This is ignorant unfounded racist paranoia fueled by boogie men no one but yourself can see.

  3. Ben says:

    What’s to bring to “trial”? At most some kind of vandalism charge, nothing more.

    1. bt says:

      You just aren’t being “progressive” enough.

      – hate speech
      – hate vandalism
      – hate trespassing
      – hate thought crimes

      1. Greg in dallas says:

        “Hate art”

  4. darryl says:


  5. Magneto says:

    No such thing as white and Hispanic CBS. Mexicans are not a race. Do you call Obama black and white? I think not. And look it up no one goes to jail for spray painting graffiti. Do you do anything but make up the news.

    1. SmarterThanYou says:

      “Mexicans” aren’t the only Hispanics. You can be WHITE and HISPANIC. Spain is in Europe and has a largely WHITE population. “Hispanic” people are people connected to Spain. There are also BLACK hispanics. Learn to think for yourself instead of swallowing whole racist propaganda.

  6. DaddyB says:

    Hate crime! Hate crime!

    1. eddyjames1952 says:

      Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton were seen running from scene talking on the cell phone,Rummer has it they were overheard saying “Yeah Barry we got er done” also they were carrying what appeared to be Pork Rinds, MD-20/20 and a can of spray paint.” rummer has it!

      1. Joe the dog says:

        I ment to say your a BLACK RETARD

      2. asdf says:

        Eddyjames1952 were seen leaving from page after posting comments, RUMMER has it he were overheard saying “yeah people’ll think this is real funny, hur hur” also he was carrying what appeared to be Mental Retardation, a can of paint to huff, and allegedly, a female family member while she sat on his shoulders A La’ “Grandma’s Boy”. RUMMER HAS IT!

        What a rummer, alright – more like a rum. Jeez, people, what happened to spell check – or better yet, the intelligence required to self-check before you post something? I swear, ever since Eternal September…the quality of information transmitted over our digital communications mediums is decreasing at an alarming rate.

    2. Joe the dog says:

      Your blach r retarded

      1. Bigg Smoke says:

        Joe the dog was seen taking it up the rear from Newt Gingrich yelling get er done. Soweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Jim says:

    He’s White and Hispanic?! I bet that’s one thing you’d never hear if he won a Nobel Prize. Funny how those that say Obama is half white are considered racists though.

    1. blahblah says:

      I heard a pretty good response to anyone who gives you a dirty look for pointing out Obama has a white side. Just call them sexist because they apparently don’t consider his mother’s contribution to his genetic makeup to be as significant.

      1. Rhea says:

        I have a pretty good response to that. If Obama was not the President, and he was seen driving through a white neighborhood and was stopped by a white officer simply because he looked black (AND THAT DOES HAPPEN MORE THAN YOU’D LIKE TO THINK), do you think the officer is going to ask about his parentage? And even if he did, do you THINK the fact that his black-male daddy had sex with his white-female mother will alleviate any fines, searches, etc. that he would get for a BS stop?

        Because if you think either of those things, I have a bridge in Alaska I’d like to sell you.

    2. Pat says:

      Yeah, that crossed my mind too. This White Privelidge concept needs a rethink. Skin color is only valuable if your black or brown.

  8. John says:

    If I was a betting man, I would imagine this is a racial plant by someone from the left to further inflame the situation. Just a guess!

    1. Brian says:

      No guarantees, obviously, but I’d bet $10 on it.

  9. says:

    “Long Live Zimmerman” is actually a SUPPORT statement if u know the derivation of the phrasing. It means death 2 Zimmeraman. #zzzzz

    1. jdog777 says:

      I think the writer meant a LONG LIFE in prison. This is more of a condemnation of Zimmerman. I say leave the black painter alone… anything done would be racist for sure.

      1. Bigg Smoke says:

        Sorry J dog, but “rummer” has it rush bitchbaugh was seen leaving the seen with spray paint and sean handjob was driving the get away car.

      2. says:

        either way – once again its an American language vulgarity. U can’t morph a ‘catch phrase’ – cos then its out of context and colludes ur message (to an educated reader, at least)

  10. Rory says:

    Oh he is white and hispanic? Please refer to the president as white and black from now on in all of your articles that are about him.

  11. George says:

    “Zimmerman is white and Hispanic”…interesting…so why then is the president black instead of white and African American?

    1. guest says:

      …..because his African side is not American

    2. Yaking says:

      The community organizer is a born of a white mother and a black father which make him a Mulatto. Mulatto:a person of mixed white and black ancestry

      1. Ron Langevin says:

        also very low I.Q. and trying his best to swpeak well!

      2. HaHaHaHa says:

        I think he’s an octoroon or a quadroon,or perhaps a high yellow…….lolololololol

      3. Bigg Smoke says:

        President Obama is a strong Black man and has more intelligence than any of you communist, racist on this site. You keep saying Obama is a race baiter, but the only race baiting is coming from republicans/conservatives on blog sites and Hush Limbitch and Sean Handjob.

    3. SmarterThanYou says:

      Because this is the same country where if you had ANY black in you, you were referred to as black. Don’t tell me you want to change that now do you ? Or do you guys conveniently forget history when thinking of inane points to argue ?

  12. Chris D says:

    If we describe Zimmerman as White and Hispanic, then why don’t we describe Martin as White and Black. I’m sure somewhere in his family tree there was a white man or women mixed in. Of course if we did that it wouldn’t fit into the politically correct scheme.

    1. RaaniJ says:

      I’m sorry but you sound like a COMPLETE idiot. Why would they call Martin White and Black when BOTH of his parents are Black??? I do not argue with them calling Zimmerman White AND Hispanic but erm…he is both why? BECAUSE His father is WHITE and his mother is HISPANIC! This isn’t the guessing game. Think before you type please or else you would only continue to make a fool out of yourself.

  13. Miguel says:

    Do not assume the graffiti was done by a white or Hispanic. I would first check to see if Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton were in town. This reeks of race baiting by the pro’s.

    1. muhammad X. Cheeks says:

      there is a long history of blacks perpetrating race hoaxes, even going so far as to burn down black churches and blame whites

      1. jdog777 says:

        they blame black on black murder/rape on whites. Why would this be any different.

      2. Brian says:

        Well, we did invent matches

  14. The Sage Waitress says:

    This is only going to escalate. I would expect OSU’s White Cultural Center to be defaced with Trayvon graffiti.

    1. jdog777 says:

      White Cultural center??? LOL. Is there such a thing

      1. Joe the dog says:

        I believe White Cultural centers are illegal in Ameraca

      2. The Sage Waitress says:

        The sarcasm is dripping so heavy off that comment that I need a new keyboard!

    2. nowswimback says:

      Didn’t you hear? Whites don’t have a culture. Computers, automobiles, airplanes, light bulbs, roads….none of those things really exist.

      1. Mummy Face Pelosi says:

        Jdog’s sarcasm is because there is no white miss america, or white congressional caucus, or national society for the advancement of Caucasian people… And if there were we would all be in trouble.

      2. Rhea says:

        Light bulbs wouldn’t work without the filament. Go ahead, try it. You couldn’t drive your automobiles safely on roads (the roads, by the way, that you built over Native American land) without traffic lights.


      3. Nicolasraage says:

        Rhea, Electric traffic lights had patents and were in use 12 years before Garrett morgans 1923 patent. (non electric in 1800s) New York and Detroit had 3 light traffic lights in 1920.
        The two patents by Lewis Latimers 1881 patent came after Edisons 50+ filament patents, and had no improvements over his Edisons . Also, Joseph Swan was experimenting with filaments in the 1860’s. Latimer was later hired by Edison in 1884 to be a draftsman.

        So, how is that Black History class working out for you? Have you learned anything but racism in it?

      4. SmarterThanYou says:

        “White Culture” is largely defined as American Culture. We don’t need a “White Culture” center when all you learn in school, see on TV and can read in books is largely founded in WHITE culture. “Black” culture in a majority white country, shouldn’t be an issue, well unless of course you’re a racist. Then obviously you’d have a problem with it.

    3. Dace says:

      They’re called museums…

      1. Nicolasraage says:

        Have you ever been in a museum? Everyone I’ve been in has culture from around the world.

    4. Tami says:

      No I believe everywhere you look in America there are “white cultural centers” lets start with the history books!!!

  15. FedUp Florida says:

    But it’s okay for the ni6s to wear ‘pu$$y a$$ cracker’ t-shirts? Such a double standard. Someone take out sharpton or jackson and let us all off the hook already!

    1. Ron Langevin says:


      1. asdf says:



    2. Bigg Smoke says:

      If I remember correctly the KKK were the original boys in the hoods. Where was your political correctness back then. Maybe if we take out Zimmerman and his dumb daddy and pu$$y a$$ brother then you would be off the hook.

  16. Roy Baty says:

    I can’t even read the black graffiti around here. Probably says long live cop killer Mumia.

    1. Bigg Smoke says:

      Hey Roy, it probably does.

  17. JeffT says:

    Predictable, you’ve been paying attention. You go to the head of the class, with a gold star!

  18. mikeinsa says:

    How many more Trayvons does there have to be?

    As many as it takes.

  19. Beachguy53 says:

    The Ohio State Blackeyes?

  20. Steve Redder says:

    The obama media and the black community are a disgrace. This is yet one more example of their get whitey agenda.

    1. DonarOak505 says:

      That is true, its screwed up, hypocrytical and completley backwards how its okay for people to be racist against those of us who are of European descent, but if we say anything to defend ourselves were the racist ones, Al Sharpton can incite a race war when he wants, Kanye West can jump on stage and rip a mic out of a white girl’s hand who just won a reward, if it was the other way around and Beyonce won an award and John Mayer jumped on stage and ripped the mic out of beyonce’s hand he would be considered a racist but not Kanye its okay for black people to be racist because of something my great, great, great grandfather may or may not have done, I’m not my father I did not enslave or opress anyone and black people living in this country today are not opressed don’t act like the struggles of your ancestors are your struggles, if a black man is struggling today in America its the same reason a white man would be struggling today its his own fault and he didn’t stay in school.

      1. Mr. T says:

        No John Mayer would be pummled

      2. SmarterThanYou says:

        What kanye did was dumb but it wasn’t racist.
        Are you dense ?

    2. Bigg Smoke says:

      Steve Redder, If it is, it’s working. Get em and get em good…………..

    3. SmarterThanYou says:

      You’re a nonsensical conspiracy theorist spouting unfounded B.S. to be co-signed by several other “Good Ole Boys” on a news site. You’re a classifiable nutcase. There is no “Get Whitey” agenda, your paranoia is destroying your sense of reality.

  21. WBC says:

    I will give anyone 20-1 odds that the “perpetrator” was either a black student or a black faculty member.

  22. VulpesRex says:

    Kudos to whoever did this. Hopefully the first act of many acts of rebellion against the black race-baiting machine.

    @Sage Waitress – Hopefully sarcasm was implicit in your post, as I’m sure you know that there is not a single White Cultural Center on any college campus anywhere in the USA.

      1. Joe the dog says:


    1. Bigg Smoke says:

      VulpesRex if there is not a single White Cultural Center on any college campus anywhere in the USA, then that’s good. Excellent. It should stay that way.

  23. X says:

    How can this even be believed without asking questions? NBC lied about their tape edit which made Zimmerman look racist. All of the media have lied about the facts of this case. Al Sharpton is still race baiting inspite of facts proving Zimmerman was attacked. Starting to smell a lot like the boy who cried wolf. An Obama supporter is the most likely suspect in this battleground state.

    1. BC says:

      Careful about using the term “boy,” X – someone will call you “racist.”

  24. Roy Baty says:

    Before his death, when Leonides said to Ephialtes, Live Long, he was cursing the miserable traitor.

  25. amplitude jones says:

    Mr Z is hispanic/semitic. But hey- that is far more American than african is, the way the barbarians have been acting since MLK2.
    Why all these Black sections on every campus? They cannot feel OK without the tribal romba thing?
    White Cultural centers need to be established. You know- WHERE MODERN CIVILIZATION COMES FROM

    1. S in FL says:

      Better wish for gum drop rain and candy cane lanes…….THOSE institutions would be called “racist” maybe White Entertainment Television (WET)?

      1. SmarterThanYou says:

        There is a “White Entertainment Television” it’s every channel that isn’t B.E.T. or TV One.

    2. DonarOak505 says:

      Kudos amplitude

    3. Bigg Smoke says:

      amplitude jones is a redneck having sex with his sister. Just like Santorum had sex with his mother. Now they have a bunch of retarded kids. The little one with the disease kind of looks like Zimmerman’s love child. While Santorum was away, the redneck was at play. Why is the entire campus white with only a Black section. But hey- that is more American than the CaucASIAN is, the way the cavemen have been acting since that backwood bitch George Wallace. More Black cultural centers need to be established. You know Where MODERN CIVILIZATION WAS STOLEN FROM………………..

      1. RaaniJ says:

        I LOVE THIS!! lol

  26. S in FL says:

    When are the “new” Black Panthers, gonna set a “bounty” for this tagger’s head? Still waiting for the DOJ to address this concern….ha ha ha ha I know NOT while Erik Holder is in POWER!

  27. ts says:

    I love the last line, “His family insists he is not a racist”. Now that the reported audio and video evidence has fallen apart, there is absolutely no indication he was a racist. So this last line is unnecessary and implies ongoing media bias and race baiting.

    1. Mr. T says:

      Boycott Rev. Al. Boycott Lawrence O’Donell. Boycott that hardball dude. Boycott Glenn Beck. Boycott all the media puppets that are bought and paid for by the New World Order. They just want to incite confusion, fear and hatred among we the people. F@*k the new world order and F@*k their puppet playaz.

  28. Really says:

    Investigation turns out NBC was behing spray paint in order to have something to report. A real investigation would probably that this was don tby a Democrat or a black person!

  29. mikeinsa says:

    White cultural centers? You mean, the work place, right.

    1. DonarOak505 says:

      To mikeinsa:Ha that good because we have jobs and don’t collect unemployment.

    2. Desmond says:

      Is your lack of familiarity with the modern-day workforce the result of your inherent disinterest in work, or because of the employment conditions caused by the policies of the guy you awarded your guilt-vote to?

  30. muhammad X. Cheeks says:

    “Larry Williamson, executive director of The Frank W. Hale Black Cultural Center, wants the person that did this brought to justice. “We want the person brought to trial, caught,” Williamson told WBNS-TV. “We want to make sure these kinds of things don’t happen.””

    this is just a guess, but knowing what hypocrites blacks are, but i’ll bet this guy has never said a word about all the graffiti done by blacks on a daily basis, and if asked about it he would claim “it be art”

  31. Dave says:

    Shouldn’t the be a lot more graffiti on a black cultural center building?

    1. Jones says:

      True, it doesn’t seem all that Black. It should capture the spirit of Detroit.

  32. Shepherd says:

    You realize this was done by a race baiter in an attempt to keep the misinformation flowing. You need to ask “Where was Sharpton” when this happened.

  33. Shawn says:

    When I was a student at Columbia University (the most virulently anti-west, anti-white, anti-Semitic university in the USA), a black faculty member accused white students of hanging a noose on her door and leveling anti-black threats. It turned out it was all orchestrated by that same black faculty member because she was too busy stealing the work of her white students and peers and was about to get busted!

    Hell, even the liberal NY Times has an article on it (but they only infer she was linked to the noose incident)…

    It’s probably the same thing here. Another black that thinks the entire world owes him something because his ancient relatives were slaves.

    Zimmerman hasn’t been tried and hasn’t been convicted of a single thing. Stop trying to equate the guy to a KKK slavemaster or the sole source of all black discontent, which appears to exist in an immeasurable quantity.

    1. Bigg Smoke says:

      Shawn, Zimmerman has not been tried and convicted because they let him go without booking him or conducting an investigation. They just took his word for it. Zimmerman is a fat bald headed liar. All you people supporting him are the real race baiters. No one ever blamed Zimmerman for “being the sole source of all black discontent”. You are making things up. All the closed minded people on this site patting you on the back are just as backwards as you are. If Columbia was (the most virulently anti-west, anti-white, anti-Semitic university in the USA) then why didn’t you go to a university that shared your ideology? Hello pot, its kettle again……..

  34. thetrueanalyst says:

    I like how it was done in white paint too, nice touch!

  35. Big Man on Campus says:

    ” “I was really outraged by this on a university that takes great pride in civility and respect,” ” Gee told WBNS.

    I wonder how many other ethnic cultural centers are on this campus.

  36. edeveryday says:

    Instead of sending me a message telling me “I already said that” why don’t you just print my comments instead of censoring them?

  37. Teddy says:

    And, the Iraqi woman was killed by her husband as an honor killing because he found out she was leaving him and moving to Texas.

  38. steve says:

    It’s a typical liberal ploy. The libs do it and they blame it on the other side in order to keep the story alive which it isn’t.

  39. G says:

    How is anyone confident that this “story” is even true? How do we know that it’s not a set-up by the race baiters? Every single act of violence/crime in relation to the Trayvon/Zimmerman story is a direct result of those who have made this into a national story. This whole story is intended to be a distraction from the DISASTER that is the Obama Administration. Shame on all who have turned the death of a teenager in Florida into this national distraction. I don’t know what happened with Trayvon and Zimmerman (and neither do the self-serving race baiters like A Sharpton and J Jackson) but let’s allow our justice system to do its job.

  40. edeveryday says:

    “Black cultural center”? Aaaaaaaha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!! Oh man, my stomach hurts!

    1. Jones says:

      Don’t laugh, you’re paying for it.

    2. Bigg Smoke says:

      That’s because you are full of $hit. Try a laxative.

  41. usa says:

    cbs moderating, negative posts about FAIL BAMA again.

  42. Tash says:

    This may well have been done by some thug who is trying to stir up trouble.

  43. Big Bri says:

    This just shows the total absurdity of trying to identify people by made-up racial categories. The more we classify the more we segregate. As my Italian born mother always told me: “I’m not Italian American. I’m an American!” We need to get off this race categorization crap and all identify ourselves, above all, as Americans. Then we need to get the Government off our backs and work for our own successes.

  44. Rob says:

    “university police are “vigorously investigating.””

    If blacks spray painted something racist at a place where more whites tend to attend, would the university police be “vigorously investigating” ?

    1. Vince says:

      I think we know the answer to that would be a big NO.

    2. Bigg Smoke says:

      No, they would already be locked up and put under the jail, after they had the crap kicked out of them.

  45. Tom M. says:

    Does the university have a ‘white cultural center”.

    1. Vince says:

      Well, that would be racist because…because…because…well, just because.

      1. Joe the dog says:

        love iit. Think the NIC reads this?

  46. james214 says:

    Sieg Heil CBS!!!

  47. Joe E in the IE says:

    A Hispanic studies professor who gave a lecture on race relations and racism against Hispanics at Claremont College returned to her car and found it covered in spray-painted racist graffiti. The press, of course, jumped all over it, accusing whites and blacks of the atrocity . . . until . . .

    Security video of the parking lot identified the perpetrator: the professor herself.

    Jus’ sayin’.

  48. hotrod says:

    A Bob Dylan supporter no doubt

    1. Joe E in the IE says:

      Dude! 🙂

  49. Dave says:

    Gee, I wonder which leftwing MSM sprayed that? They’ve been behind this whole thing pushing the racism, faking recordings and videos to get the people all riled up, so I wouldnt put it past them to do something like this, too.

  50. me says:

    at least the rods are spelled correctly…

  51. Craig says:

    Actually Hispanic can really only apply to those who live or born on the island of Hispaniola, or those from the Dominican Republic or Haiti.

    1. SA says:

      Hispania was the name of the Roman territory making up Spain and other countries on the Iberian peninsula. Hispanic comes from the major role Spain played in South America (right down to the language excluding Brazil.)

      1. Zimriel says:

        Including Brazil. The Portuguese are Iberians and, therefore, Hispanics too. They’re just not Spaniards.

  52. Ned says:

    Where’s the White Cultural Center at Ohio State ?

    1. Vince says:

      Oh, that would be racist because…because…because…well, just because.

    2. Francisco says:

      That would be the main library, where students who earned their way into school study; not a “cultural center” in the true sense where students who are in school thanks to affirmative action quotas gather to plan the next Juneteenth ramage.

      1. Bigg Smoke says:

        Thanks for the tip Francisco, I’ll remember that on cinco de mayo.

  53. Really says:

    This was done by NBC!!!! CEO still has paint can in his hand!

  54. temple62 says:

    LMAO – I would think you must have a culture before you have a “cultural center”!

    1. Joe the dog says:

      I did your sister

      1. Mr. T says:

        I think someone needs a nap.

      2. Tray b0 0n deserved it says:

        You “did” yourself.

  55. jakartaman says:

    What a very Christian thing to do
    Wishing long life to a fellow man.
    Where is the problem with this???

  56. Mel says:

    More fallout from the divisive story stoked by Jackson , Sharpton, NBC
    and Obama. Racist idiots on both sides of this awful event are acting
    like fools and dividing the races. As with the Duke Lacrosse and
    the incident with the Black Professor outside Boston it would have been
    smarter for Obama and the media to find out what happened before

    1. Adam says:

      I must disagree with your statement that Jackson, Sharpton, NBC and Obama are dividing the races. The races have been divided for some time now. If you don’t believe that let a white person take a walk through the Orange Mound community in Memphis, or The Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans and see how they fair. Race relations in our country have been cursed for a long time now. It will not change any time soon.

      1. DonarOak505 says:

        Jackson, Sharpton, and Obama are going out of their way to devide the races you don’t here about any Republican candidates talking about this, Jackson and Sharpton have always been racist, any problem that they can possibly blame on a white man even if it truly has nothing to do with race they jump right on it and try to instigate a fight and their sheeple follow.

      2. Mr. T says:

        I must disagree with your statement Adam. What the F@*K dude. What was Obama doing by making the comment, “if I had a son he would look like Trayvon Why did Sharpton and Jackson both jump on this one particular incident at this particular time?Wakey wakey.

      3. Desmond says:

        Race relations were improving up through the time of MLK. That was back when a “racist” was a person who prejudged or discriminated against another human being on the basis of their skin color. Somewhere along the line, we decided to change the definition of the word.

        Blacks can now refer to each other as N-words and whites as “crackers.” Marion Barry makes prejudicial statements about “dirty” Asian people (see today’s news), the Black Panthers can intimidate voters at a polling place and put bounties on people’s heads, and characters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson build careers proclaiming guilt upon whites for crimes that never occurred (remember the Duke Lacrosse Team incident?)

        In short, the definition of racist has been simplified: A racist is a white person.

      4. Bigg Smoke says:

        Hey Desmond, its not so funny now is it. Before Dr. King, some white men were doing everything that you said and more to black people, Asian people, and Mexican people. We won’t even get into what the pale face did to the indigenous people who were already here when the white man “discovered/found” America. You all seem to forget that little tidbit of history.

    2. Joe the dog says:

      You must of written the dumbest pice of crap i’ve ever read.

      1. Mr. T says:

        Joseph the dog, please check your grammer and spelling. Sincerely, your third grade teacher, Mrs Bush.

  57. TeaRunner says:

    I know who did it.

    He’s one of the producers at NBC.

    I’m sure if CBS enhances the wall they’ll find there is no graffiti.

    1. RobbieK says:


  58. Big Man on Campus says:

    What would the president say if it had said long live trayvon.

    1. Joe the dog says:

      You didn’t know that the president was Hispanic?

    2. Kim Baliey says:

      6.3 ft 180 lbs his body full of gorilla muscles and his mouth full of gold teeth and hatred for White people was beating Zimmerman to death on the pavement until George pulled the trigger and ended the vicious attack.

  59. Indigo says:

    Zimmmerman is not ACCUSED of anything by the authourities. It appears the there is not national news outlets that will be honest in its reporting. The only accusations come from the race baiters, and racist colored folks. Please get back to honest reporting CBS. I know its a stretch but at least try ;once a while)

  60. sandiego1969 says:

    It had to be done by a white person from OSU, the hand writing is legible.

  61. Bob says:

    It is time for white people to stand up and stop the Hate. It is time to stop race baiters like the president, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson inciting hatred against whites. There is nothing to be ashamed of to be white. We do not hate anyone, we are just proud to be white. Nothing wrong with that.

    1. Doug Lynn says:

      Many years ago a friend that taught kindergarden was required to test children for signs of racism based on responses to pictures of other children of all colors. The black children were 5 times more likely to show signs racism in there choices.

      1. Jones says:

        Blacks have a higher degree of “self concept” than do others:,_Evolution,_and_Behavior

    2. Joe the dog says:

      I live in the keys and have a tan

    3. DonarOak505 says:

      Kudos Bob I agree completley, If I show pride in where I come from I am considered a racist, when blacks hate on whites its okay its not racist, its completley hypocrytical and I’m getting sick of it, I hope other people feel the same way its not right or fair.

  62. Barry Sather says:

    LOL, sounds like a backlash for all the race baiters. But I do feel very sorry for the family of Trayvon.

  63. RobbieK says:

    Won’t be long before we all find out NBC was behind this, but they will say it was a “technical” problem with the spray can.

  64. usa says:

    is now going to be pushing for EVERY school to have a WHITE CULTURAL CENTER. if they dont will sue based on discrimination.

    1. Jones says:

      “Cultural centres” are a sign of a subsidised group, a group that is weak.

  65. geo says:

    Hoax! The mainstream media seems infinitely gullible.

  66. Keith says:

    Can the racist whites and racist blacks please move to another country so the rest of us can live normally?

    1. harley2007 says:

      Fine with me that will eliminate 99.9% of all Blacks LOL.

      1. Joe the dog says:


    2. DonarOak505 says:

      White Europeans founded this country it was ours first you leave. While Ill admit their are racists on among every race the majority of whites don’t hate anybody for the color of their skin, a white girl was raped and decapitated in chicago by four black guys a week before Trayvon was killed you don’t see us trying to start a race war over that.

  67. fkobama says:

    Jesse and Al and Obama opened the can of worms now blacks can reap the whirlwind.

    1. BC says:

      Nice mixed metaphor! 🙂

  68. "White Cultural Center" ticket center says:

    No doubt retaliation will ensue; Ohio State better put a guard on the WHITE/EUROPEAN CULTURAL CENTER asap.

    The fact this country HAS “Black Cultural Centers” is a big reason for many of this country’s race problems. It breeds BLACK RACISM.

  69. 765773356 says:

    I bet a progressive did it.

    1. Doug Lynn says:

      Sad. But, I won’t be surprised if we found out it was done by someone on the Left trying to gin up hatred.

      1. Zimriel says:

        Whoever it was, is the equivalent of an Internet troll. Whoever he is I hope they catch him and put him in a cell with a big dude of the opposite race.

    2. Joe the dog says:

      I don’t believe thell jail the goverment

  70. harley2007 says:

    Well the natives keep pushing this is only the beginning. people can only take so many insults threats and attacks before they push back. Like I said if they are stupid enough ti think they can start attacking 60% of the population in this country they are nuts.. I have to say the minute 5 black guys start walking my way and threaten me I will be prepared. Nuff said. Better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6.

  71. yuqei says:

    Obama has succeeded in provoking racial hatred. He’s the most despicable President in American History. Is he trying to destroy America ?

    1. BC says:

      Short answer: Yes.

  72. Flannigan says:

    The person who did this could have been black: he just used spell check.

  73. Doug Lynn says:

    Racism will exist as long as people continue to insist on Black Cultural Centers and other special treatment based on skin color. We need one culture with many facets if we are to have a color blind society, not a society that separates people by culture based on skin color.

    1. Vince says:

      Well said Doug. Could not have said it better.

    2. soul leister says:

      RIght on, will never happen so long as we let democrats use taxpayer money to buy votes…

    3. Zimriel says:

      Meh, I’m fine with a Black Cultural Center. I just want a European one too.

  74. Vince says:

    Gee, I didn’t know Zimmerman’s HALF WHITE genes means he represents ALL WHITES. Does that mean Obama represents ALL WHITES too???? Morons.

    1. Joe the dog says:

      No, He only represents the white /Blacks HOMIES

  75. JMWinPR says:

    What courses do they teach at a “Black Cultural” center”? Are there Asian, English or German cultural centers, how ’bout just a plain old white cultural center?
    Sounds racist to me.

    1. Jones says:

      They are centres for cultures with big problems.

      Either cultures that are close to extinction (Native American & other small groups), or cultures with big PR problems.

      Since our view of black culture involves a lot of barbarity: senseless violence, rape, machete-based genocides in Africa (Rwanda), and this view is based on reality, blacks ‘need’ self-esteem & propaganda centres.

      1. Tami says:

        LOL you are very funny are maybe jut plain ignorant! oh and don’t forget the genocide in America!!!

  76. Edward says:

    Long Live Zimmerman!!

    1. hotrod says:

      cool another Bob Dylan Fan!!!!

  77. Barker says:

    What a STUPID mofo to spray paint that. This is exactly what Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, and all the race hustlers are hoping for. We have so many morons in this country.

    1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

      They or the DNC probably did it.

      This story is dying out… need to crank it back up.

  78. Rich says:

    If it was a black graffiti artist, they would have spaced out Zimmerman better to fit on the wall properly. Clearly a white guy did this.
    But LOL at the non-white doing the cleaning

    1. Joe the dog says:

      I wonder what color his jailer was?

  79. soul leister says:

    I just saw an “I AM ZIMMERMAN” t-shirt, small print at the bottom said, “please don’t punch me in the face because I am armed”… “You wanna taste the rainbow? Do ya punk?”

    1. Joe the dog says:

      Wher can I get one of those T-shirts

  80. Robert says:

    Who cares about PAINT……

    The BLACKS are doing far more damage..

    Wednesday night, TWO BLACKS here in Florida attacked a 20 year old WHITE boy with wood clubs, and beat the crap out of him, and then walked off..

    The boy ended up in the hospital…

    The BLACK thugs kept saying “THIS IS FOR TRAYVON” as they were attacking the boy…

    1. Kim Baliey says:

      Darwin: “Blacks are not human but gprillas with vocal cords”
      This explains their brutal attacks on Human beings

  81. kellyj says:

    The referenced Alawadi case is NOT a hate case (although the media tryed to portray it as such). Alawadi was planning on divorcing her husband. Don’t e surprised when it turns into a case of Honor Killing…which the Media will then ignore.

  82. Mark Potok says:

    “We want the person brought to trial, caught,”…

    What was the crime? Spray painting? Or the message? We are all wearing conceal-carry hoodies now!

  83. Karen says:

    Some liberal professor probably put it there. Do you remember the professor who was hanging nooses on her doorknob?

  84. Cletus says:

    Does Ohio State have a ‘White Cultural Center?” If not… why not?

    1. tankette says:

      Just like there are no “White Colleges” or a “white college fund”. Double standards rule the race game…

    2. I'm BobM. from Ohio says:

      Exactly without a White Cultural Center and a White/Hispanic Cultural Center anything ‘Black Cultural ‘ is both evidence of institutional racism and an oxymoron. Establishment contrived Black and Cultural is preposterous and as much racist graffiti as anything I can imagine.
      We’re worrying about women joining the privately owned Augusta Country Club and I just want my White Cultural Center paid with my real live Ohio tax dollars at a state university where most blacks attend on Pell grants and athletic scholarships while maintaining less then respectable grades on my dime and the backs of white parents taxes and white students ever rising tuition and loan debt. Why do some students get Pell grants and have no obligation to repay even if they fail? But well qualified white students must sign loan notes as do their parents? Talk about institutional racism apparently blacks are poor credit risks to the establishment. Isn’t that what they saying? Loans to white families and students and forget it just give the blacks a grant because they’ll never pay it back anyway?

  85. TOM says:

    So jaded by the Zimmerman/Trayvon twisted facts that I’m comvinced that some black student/Black Panther/Reverend did this to keep the hatred alive and motivate people to riot.

  86. tankette says:

    Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or some black kid probably did it. It is also possible that CNN, NBC, or ABC did it too…

  87. double standard says:

    A couple of people in the work break room were quietly chit-chatting about how NBC edited the 9-1-1 audio tape to make it appear racist. This was a private conversation and was merely discussing the ethics of what they did – nothing more. Seconds later a female manager comes in literally screaming inches from their faces about Traaayvooon this and that and how whites are racists and don’t want the truth. She’s black, wears outrageously bright clothes and drives a tricked out black Escalade. Naturally nothing happened to her and HR won’t touch what amounted to a workplace rascist verbal assault and intimidation.

    1. Adam says:

      Welcome to the new world of political correctness, racial double standards, and affirmative action. It is getting harder and harder on one sub-group of people in this country. God help you if you are a white heterosexual male. We get blamed for everything.

    2. solid citizen says:

      OSU has quite the maintenance group for removing grafitti … at some places it would take weeks to get the work done

      Did Trayvon actually pay for the Skittles? .. what does the convenience store security camera show? If he actually paid for the merchandise, it would be a good example for the flash mobs that periodically descend on small businesses

      Quo warranto, B.O.?

    3. solid citizen says:

      OSU has quite the maintenance group for removing graffiti … at some places it would take weeks to get the work done

      Did Trayvon actually pay for the Skittles? .. what does the convenience store security camera show? If he actually paid for the merchandise, it would be a good example for the flash mobs that periodically descend on small businesses

      Quo warranto, B.O.?

  88. seenbetterdaze says:

    Civility and RESPECT? Those who are MAD over this graffitti don’t have a CLUE what Civility IS! And they definitely HAVE NO RESPECT for the LAW.
    Jackson and Sharpie have led them around by their noses too long…Feeding the Racists FRENZY. It’s already getting dangerous…Thugs with a Hammer beating a white motorist while HIjacking his SUV. and more….

    1. SmarterThanYou says:

      So you’re uncivil if you’re AGAINST destruction of property ? Remove the racist element from your post and think for a second. I mean if that’s possible for an idiot.

  89. NYS Parkie says:


  90. Steve says:

    If Zimmerman is “hispanic and white”, then Trayvon is “thug and black”.

  91. solid citizen says:

    OSU has quite the maintenance group for removing graffitti … at some places it would take weeks to get the work done

    Did Trayvon actually pay for the Skittles? .. what does the convenience store security camera show? If he actually paid for the merchandise, it would be a good example for the flash mobs that periodically descend on small businesses

    Quo warranto, B.O.?

    1. SmarterThanYou says:

      Did Zimmerman have to get out of his car ? Was the sun shining or was it cloudy that day ? What does this have to do with the current topic at hand about graffiti on a college campus ? I don’t know, either way this post reeks of stupidity and racist propaganda.

  92. tom says:

    Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and these people’r regimes are not stupid people, they are going to do and say anything to accuse and do even the dirtiest jobs along with the cruel media liberal people to stir up and make as many as human beings to look each other to doubt , to suspicious, to hate at least verbally, then it may get into violence. I know so well these people cold, cruel and calculated hearts with really bad bad intentions. People should be aware of these people who have no moral, integrity, respect at all

  93. thisiscrap says:

    So several black youths beat a white 78 year old man for no reason other than “this is from Trevon!” and there is hardly a blip on the national news radar. Some tool spray paints a NON racist message on a building in support of the guy being crucified for self-defense and it’s a racial issue? Oh please.

  94. Teresa says:

    I’m just glad no one spray painted the WHITE CULTURAL CENTER. Oh wait, there isn’t one?

  95. joe schmoe says:

    Just wondering if we can have a “white” cultural center…

    1. glitchus says:

      Personally, I’m quite sick and tired of being slandered as a “raaaaaacist” simply because of the color of my skin. I actually embrace the now antiquated notion that people should be judged on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, or gender, sexuality, etcetera. We’d go a long way as a country if the left would embrace this same ideal rather than exploit false racism for graft and power.

  96. auntben616 says:

    Good to see we are finally waking up to the democrat , government and media propaganda….remember the government will do everything they can to make blacks look good and whites look bad

  97. geo says:

    Get ready for wide screen urban riots if Barak Obama loses the presidential election.

    1. glitchus says:

      Let these racist fools destroy their own neighbourhoods and businesses, and then watch all the decent folk leave, leaving these morons to stew in their own mess…idiots. Gee whiz, if you really want to garner sympathy for your cause theirs nothing like pillaging and looting, it really speaks volumes about who they are.

  98. tankette says:

    Did anyone notice the last sentence? Zimmerman is no longer a “white hispanic, but now is “white” AND “hispanic”. So now they are targetting two groups…

  99. jnsesq says:

    Let me guess: That’s a “hate crime,” while Sharpton, et als., are merely exercising their (incendiary, seditious) First Amendment rights. Kno’ whu’m sayin’, yo?

  100. glitchus says:

    It’s obvious who did it, one of the race-baiters of the Black Panther/Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson variety in order to try to breath some new life into this shameful piece of propaganda perpetrated by our idiot lefty media and democrat party…truly sick and pathetic. These lefty racists have no shame as this really is all about the graft an ginning up the radical left base when you boil it down to the facts.

  101. bee bod says:

    Larry Williamson, executive director of The Frank W. Hate Black Cultural Center, should get together his hoodie posse and got out lynching.

    Isn’t that they way blacks get things done now?

    1. SmarterThanYou says:

      Yes. Of course all black people are racists who hide behind keyboards hoping to fulfill mass murder prophecies created by an oppressed majority. Because all black people are genocidal monsters hell bent on getting justice for Trayvon martin. That was sarcasm for the slow ones reading my posts. Please, grow up Bee bod, make some black friends, maybe even find yourself a black girlfriend ! Lol. Might help you loosen up.

  102. Bob says:

    Where is the outrage by this guy on the MSU killing? The British men that were killed? etc, etc, etc………

  103. gcblues says:

    Zimmerman is a hero, not a racist.

    1. white-white says:

      Yes GCBlues… I agree.. Zimmerman is a hero. We should have a national no-hoodie day. It’s a day when all the thugs shed their disguise and try to live among the rest of us civil Americans.

  104. OEF/OIF 5X Veteran says:

    I instantly bought stock in Mars Inc (owners of Skittles) and Starter and Champion (largest manufacturers and distributors of hooded sweatshirts)… there’s a silver lining in everything. I was gonna trademark some stuff but he kid’s parents beat me to it! I designed a cigarette disposal can that has a hooded cover called the AshTrayvon… and a hooded alien cartoon character that teleports via a rainbow, named Trayvon Martian… at first i thought this was too soon, but if i follow the parent’s lead, then i’m obviously still in good taste right?!

    1. Richard IV says:

      A man after my own heart. Let me buy you a beer at the next ball game my friend. Cheers.

  105. RobertJ says:

    Ten bucks says it was painted by a Black person. Not trying to flame, but this kind of thing has happened before.

  106. white-white says:

    I’m tired of all this “White-Hispanic” BS. A person’s race is only made an issue when it serves the Media and minorities. And now that the Media and Blacks are insisting Zimmerman is a White Hispanic, then Obama will forever be known as the first White-Black President. Do not let this go America…. our President is a White-Black man… no if’s, and’s or but’s. And I will request that our Census survey’s include White-Africans as an Option since White-hispanic is an option.

    1. john says:

      Obama is not a white/black president. Obama is a fully black African from the country of Kenya. The first time obama laid foot in the U.S. was when his mama flew his young butt to Hawaii on an airplane.
      Sometime in the future, after this worthless human being is removed from the white house, someone will “spill the beans” and the truth will come out.
      Amercans will then know, that they were victims of the worst scam to ever happen in this country.
      It will make Bernie Madoff look like a saint.

  107. Yancy says:

    I guess wishing for a human to have a long life is just as bad as wishing a ‘ninja’ was dead.

  108. Jeff says:

    Obama should have kept his mouth shut.. but this is part of his plan. A race war will rally black people to him regardless of his policies. I will also distract all races from noticing the police state

  109. bee bod says:

    George Zimmerman deserves a medal.

    1. Zimriel says:

      ¡Viva Zimmerman!

  110. Richard IV says:

    You’ll get more productive work hours per-day out of four Hispanic guys named Zimmerman than you would a dozen blacks named Martin over the course of three Months. Trust me I know. I’ve hired both Mexicans and Blacks and the Mexicans work more efficiently and without any backtalk or BS like 90% of the blacks I’ve hired. There you go.

  111. mekongdelta69 says:

    “…Officials say graffiti spray painted on the wall of a BLACK CULTURAL CENTER at Ohio State University”

    The usual height of irony…

  112. Reality says:

    What if this was done by those who would gain the most from it?

    1. Mr. T says:

      Ya and what if sucks!

  113. Carl says:

    This should have been painted on the White Cultural Center of Ohio.. oh wait

    1. Chapmac says:

      race piping continues becaiseit workf- just writea racist letter to yourself, explode in outrafeand the deans will bend over and grab their ankles- you can then shake them down for preferential hiting, fixed admissionsand a host of cream-puff courses even a turnip could get ab “A”in without cracking a book.

      1. Mr. T says:


  114. JCalifornia says:

    I would not be surprised if and when they catch who ever did this, they turn out to be black. It seems more often than not when this kind of things occurs, its a student or professor.

  115. dryden01 says:

    Look no further for the paint sprayer than the campus Obama supporters trying to promote another racist inspired red herring. If caught, nothing will be said in the media and there will be no apologies to anyone for the fraud, just like with the Duke Lacrosse team and Tawana Brawley.

  116. nationallaughingstock says:

    Who gives a crap what color Zimmerman is or what “race” he is. The more important question is what color or race was the person who painted the slogan. In recent years there have been a lot of instances of “minority” cry babies claiming to have been left a noose, or hurtful grafitti or beaten (Think Tawana Brawley) where it was finally proven they did it to themselves to further their own racist agenda. Most likely in this case it wasn’t a black who did it because there were no spelling errors and it was written in a non-ghetto typeface.

  117. JustAGuy says:

    Now, there’s pushback from all the rabble-rousing by Sharpton, et-al. Nothing good will come from any of this.

    If Obama was any decent president, he would be trying to use his position to bring DOWN the level of tension.

    If Obama was any decent president……..only if. 😦

  118. flannerys2003 says:

    Was this in retaliation for what was sprayed on Ohio State’s White Cultural Center?

    Oh wait, Ohio State — or ANY college for that matter — doesn’t have a White Cultural Center. THAT would be “racist”.

    1. American says:

      You got that right friend.

    2. brutus says:

      On most university campuses the White Cultural Center is also known as the library.

      1. Zimriel says:


  119. john says:

    So, Columbus officials believe, that the words “long live Zimmerman” refers to the recent shooting in Florida.
    No kidding! You have to be smarter than Sherlock Holmes to figure that out. What smart officials they have in Columbus.
    BTW..if the person is caught, all they can be charged with is vandalism. No hate crime here. Just an expression of a person’s opinion.
    That should really tick off the black community. They probably expect this vandal to receive 40 years in state prsion for insulting local minorities.

  120. American says:

    You White folk that give your money to Chris “Racist” Rock so that he can continue to pee on white people, are just plain idiotic

  121. neokong says:

    “We want the person brought to trial, caught,” Williamson told WBNS-TV. “We want to make sure these kinds of things don’t happen.”

    Uh hoh geez….
    A trial for a graffiti sprayer.

  122. 'Nother-son-'O-Ursus says:

    As a white person, I am ALWAYS ashamed when I read about crimes like this!
    Hopefully, the perp’s ‘baby blues’ were open & smiling for that security-cam he/she/they will get to watch, (and, lamely explain) in the courtroom where a small bigotry recives ‘hate crimes’ enhancement!

    1. American says:

      Do-gooders like you give white people a bad rap, fool.

    2. Brian says:

      Why do you assume the perpetrator was white?

    3. prernascott says:

      You’re either not white, or you’re a stupid liberal with an overwhelming sense of non-applicable guilt. While I don’t condone what was done at all, I am still appathetic towards your false guilt, seemingly representing all whites and our “collective shame”. If you are white, and no sarcasm was meant, you’re part of the problem in this country.

  123. Wendell Joneses says:

    Long Live Zimmerman. I second that.

    1. Zimriel says:

      Yeah, but I’m not going to tag that on some building that I don’t own.

      1. soul leister says:

        do like “they” do, paint your own building and blame it on someone else… its not like its the first time that has happened… remember the black college student that put a noose on their own dorm door and blamed whitey (until everyone figured it out)… nothing has changed… same trick being played here (too obvious, to have not been someone associated with the “cult”ural center… trying to keep their funding from being cut…self relavent).

  124. dirtypolitics says:

    They have to keep the story alive…after all they were able to improve Obama’s approval rating by race baiting.

    Guess who are “they”.

  125. Locodays says:

    Would they be ‘vigorously investigating’ and ‘Our for Justice” if the tagged building read “Long Live Trayvon”?

  126. herrdoktor says:

    I used to be a big Dylan fan too!

  127. American says:

    Remember this spray paint crime is heads and tails above all the murders of white people by blacks( which is a daily occurrence). These words do more damage than a bullet, bat, or knife inflicted on a white by a black.

  128. Rufus says:

    I guarantee a black person painted that graffiti.

    1. American says:

      Is it spelled wrong?

      1. Kevin says:

        good one

      2. Zimriel says:

        No, but Rufus’s *grammar* is wrong. Graffiti is plural. Since this is a single instance, the correct form is graffito.

  129. Kevin says:

    Can you imagine the graffiti if a school were to set up a “White cultural center”? Graffiti would be the least of their worries. Universities won’t even allow young Republican clubs or conservative studies or R.O.T.C. on campus.

  130. trav says:

    The hate of this country will be the cause of it’s downfall, Keep fighting each other WHEN they’re REAL and organized groups ( CELLS) that has said they are only here for death to america and american blood and all we can do is continue to fight each other…WILL WE EVER UNITE?……DOUBT IT

  131. kiddopup says:

    WHERE is the bstorie about the whie guy in Baltimore that was lost stopped and ask for directions he was stripped of his closed beaten half to death and they took all his stuff silence from the media and then left does actual do this kind of thing to keep a false narritve going in californis a member of the TEa party was accused of rape an arrested and two weeks later the so caLLED VICTIN CHANGED NHER NSTORIE AND SAID NO HE WAS NOT THE GUY THE NEWS JUMPED ALL OVER THE FACT HE WAS WITH A TES PARTY GROUP BUT NEVER MENTIONED SHE WAS AN SEIU UNION MEMBER AND NO HEADLINE ON THE ABOUT FACE THE MEDIA AND THE LEFT WORK HAND IN HAND TO CHANGE FACTS IT IS A SORRY THING THAT WE THE PUBLIC HAAVE NO ONE LOOKING OUT FOR THE COUNTRY OR US

  132. shempus says:

    Black-white? But I thought Zimmerman was a hill person?

  133. shempus says:

    Trayeevaughn was a grill-sucking hoodie-rat punk. oops, is that racist? I didn’t mention a color.

  134. Mike Green says:

    Love the “White and Hispanic” crap. Why isn’t Obama “White and Black” then? Hypocrisy by the Liberal Media such a change of pace. LOL

    1. Tray b0 0n deserved it says:

      He ll, the libtard MSM are still showing his baby pictures.

  135. whipitgoog says:

    I sure hope they catch the black vandal who sprayed the building.

  136. el polacko says:

    i’d be willing to wager that Larry Williamson, executive director of The Frank W. Hale Black Cultural Center did the spraypainting himself. the “long live” slogan has a very lefty ring to it…doesn’t sound at all like something that would be said by someone who supports zimmerman’s self-defense position.

    1. Zimriel says:

      It does sound a lot like “viva”, doesn’t it? Anglos don’t use that term; haven’t in centuries. I haven’t heard blacks use it either.

      This is either a Hispanic or, more likely, a progressive white boy.

  137. Patrick says:

    This is really funny! I would love to know who did it so I could send some only or something. While the cops were investigating this, some black kids set a white baby on fire. This is the nature of the times. We need to kiss black behinds because they are special citizens. They don’t work, they get to vote five times, and they serve 1/4 the time in jail than anyone else would. Let’s praise the great North American blacks!!!!

  138. Bob A says:

    A hearty well done to whoever did it. The Freedom Center in Cincinnati would be another good place for some more “Street Art” like this. LOL

  139. Doug says:

    This is all a giant mistake…..Zimmerman is a little known 3rd string quarterback who famously came off the bench to beat Michigan in 1976…Zimmerman was a black-hispanic who never made it to the pros.
    He wound up making solar panels and windmills and is a BIG contributor to the Obama campaign.

  140. DirtyDave says:

    Wow from the look of all these comments, it is clear that hate is alive and well in America

    1. Zimriel says:

      But is there enough of it?

      1. Tray b0 0n deserved it says:

        Not nearly enough, but people are waking up, and the MSM can no longer suppress it.

        DD, go su k muh dik, nome sane, libtard?

  141. scott says:

    “I was really outraged by this on a university that takes great pride in civility and respect,” Gee told WBNS. The graffiti has been removed…..

    AND…I am really outraged by the media trying to get better ratings by instigating a racial war with now highly regulated selective censored news that they print.
    WAKE UP EVERYONE!!!…Were being lied too!!!

  142. mark dunn says:

    They believe it was done by a white person because they only used one color paint and block letters.

  143. Antonio Zapata says:

    Viva la Zeeeemermon

  144. Bubba Johnson says:

    “We want the person brought to trial, caught,” & “I was really outraged by this on a university that takes great pride in civility and respect,”

    Just a guess here, but I’m thinking’ if it was graffiti in support of Martin, the school wouldn’t be saying this. It would be more like, “You have to understand, the black community is a quite upset with this.” THAT they could justify – not the support for Zimmerman. Hey Ohio State – go to hell!

  145. Ken says:

    Now why would the New Black Panthers have done this… Oh, I know,… They MUST keep the hatred alive…

  146. dan says:

    The LIBS and RACE HUSTLERS hate FACTS. They re on the wrong side of things again and so is the media. What a SHOCK!
    Obongo needs the THUG VOTE. That s what this is all about.

  147. Doug says:

    Check Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for white paint on their hands!

    Oh Dirty Dave….yes and the vast majority is by African-Americans, or blacks or whatever the nom de jeur is.

  148. Jesusland says:

    If Zimmerman is WHITE and HISPANIC then Barack Obama is WHITE and BLACK. Stop inciting race hatred, CBS.

  149. Jeb says:

    Ha ha ha. I love it. Hypocrites. Sharpton can lynch Zimmerman, but that’s ok. Sharpton has incited looting at Walgreens there, but that’s ok. Black Panthers have a bounty on a yet to be tried man.

    A here a little spray paint and that person should go to jail.


    This is the problem, too much walking on eggshells and bowing to African Americans. Give an inch, they take a mile.

  150. Jeb says:

    Hate hate hate, it’s always the whites who are wrong.

    Its the Pot calling the kettle “white”.

  151. ericoidx says:

    Heh. It’s good to see that people are getting a little ticked off with the mainstream medias efforts to push their agenda on us all. And for all of you leftwing halfwits/nuts let me encapsulate it for you: We’ll start taking white/hispanic/asian etc….on black crime(when it is a crime) more seriously the day you start taking black on EVERYONE crime more seriously.

  152. Muhammad X says:

    Graffiti on a racist cultural center…shocking!

  153. Jim says:

    yeah it’s Long Live Soleday Zimmerman a famous rapper!

  154. MW33 says:

    Black cultural center? I am surprised anyone noticed the graffiti! It looks like the Obama ran media is getting their wish, in spades… You can’t make this stuff up.

  155. Deserttrek says:


    not nice to paint on the building. I do understand it. the politically crorect anti white pro everbody else agenda has gone too far.

    let florida deal with florida.

  156. breanna says:

    “he is white and hispanic”
    and obama is black and whote. see two can paly that game. stupid.

  157. malcom says:

    its a set up. It was obviously done by a black to stir up more hatred. Its like when a black hangs a noose and then blames it on racism. It happens all the time.

  158. A G Kaya says:

    Calling Soledad O’brien(ANATT) and Ed (I need another Black arse to suck).

  159. Shane says:

    Black Cultural center ? Blacks have no culture. Have multiple children with multiple men. Collect welfare and food stamps and sell drugs. Go in and out of prison to get a break from child support. The most bankrupt culture in the world.

  160. soul leister says:

    we need to start treating claims of racism with the immediate arrest of the person pointing it out… its no different than yelling fire in a theater… it needs to be illegal and it will stop overnight… problem solved.


  161. FeduP says:

    Why doesn’t some one just go spray “Long Live Trayvon” on the white cultural center and call it even… OHH Yeah….. Never mind……………..

  162. Annie66 says:

    I am impressed with the pseudo-outrage expressed by the school officials and others. I wonder if this ‘outrage’ would have manifest itself if someone had placed a bounty on Zimmerman’s head or published his address and phone number on the ‘building? Would those perpetrators been vigorously pursued and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? Part of the problem lending itself to deviant behavior amongst young people can be noted in the ‘black cultural center’. What culture are we talking about? To hear the blacks whine and moan, you would think that they are out picking cotton everyday and being persecuted and abused by ‘the man.’ That is not culture. I doubt that most of them could find Africa on a world map, besides which they are Americans, so what culture is there? Perhaps if these schools would educate the youth with real, worthwhile subjects and forget about ‘diversity’ and the rest of it, boys like the Martin boy would not be flirting with disaster and placing themselves in harm’s way.

  163. gphx says:

    So let me guess the administration will treat the graffiti wishing Zimmerman a long life like a hate crime but the New Black Panthers who put out a reward for his killing will continue to get a free pass because they’re black.

  164. Rod Miller says:

    Amazing how the author of this article connected the dots. Lucid reporting at its best … all while leaving some wiggle room … LOL

  165. hoax says:

    twana brawley,duke lacrosee…ohio state…
    this will be a hoax to garner attention by a black student!

  166. Kareem says:

    Has Obama left this country a better place after nearly 4 years? Judge for yourselves…

  167. AZsmitty, Arizona says:

    Ya’ll really think that the nation, once apprised of this lamestreet lynching of Zimmerman, wouldn’t respond? The alphabet networks all jumped to the front holding the 13coil rope in their hands demanding “justice”. Now the facts begin to emmerge, facts that cannot be hidden, they realise they are on the wrong side of the fight. Heck yes, long live Zimmerman, he has been tarred, feathered and all but run out of Florida on a rail. May his lawyers have an absolute bounty of a havest when they reap from what lamestreet has sown.

  168. Crabjuice says:

    Looks like a simple editing error to me.

  169. David Zimmerman says:

    Put it back up!

  170. Amnon Davidson says:

    Did the graffiti artist wear a hoodie when he wrote these words?

  171. Barry Soetoro says:

    Spray painted by Tawana Brawley no dount….. this will come out to be same as the case where noose that was affixed to a black student’s door at the University of Wisconsin… after investigation she finally confessed that she did it herself to “raise awareness” of black issues. As long as our first White-Black president wishes us to hate each other so he can use it to his advantage and get re-elected, we will be in this mess.

  172. Taylor says:

    The George Zimmerman defense fund should be up and running soon. This brave man took a stand against the savages so I think we should all try to back him up.

    1. Tray b0 0n deserved it says:

      Funny, he used to be a Democrat libtard who defended the pavement a pes.

  173. PacRim Jim says:

    Haven’t we been through this before?
    As I recall, the last few times the inflammatory messages were posted by blacks, to inflame idiots.

  174. Htos1 says:

    You just gotta know it was hoodies tagging this building.Don’t fall for the bullschiite.

  175. punisher says:

    wheres my bama money

    1. Louie Farrakhan says:

      U spent it onna muhfuggn lottery, uh sail fone, KFC, anna grape drank.

  176. Isaac Bickerstaff says:

    This was obviously painted by an official at the Center trying to generate just this sort of response.

  177. punisher says:

    hers a new theory maybe trayvon was going to do something wrong and zimmerman called him oni t huh people where hoodies for one reason so they hidden was it snowing in florida

  178. S0C7 says:

    Black cultural center? WHAT culture?

  179. George says:

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with wishing a long life to a victim of a crime who defended himself and who is convicted by some before the trial. And where is the outrage with Sharptans, Jacksons and Obamas of the world when they use the death of a black man to promote their politics.

  180. cavtrooper says:

    Someone needs to tell Larry, that as soon as we bring all the thugs to justice who have been defacing america for the last 40 years we will get right on bringing in who ever did this.

    Sorry, but I am really losing my simpathy for various protected class’s of minorites who are consistantly turning on the tears, crying racist, and being offended. But refuse to take even the smallest bit of responsibillty for the actions of thier own “comunnity”.

    Larry Williamson, professional victim needs to clean up his own house first. Because the thugs his people are breeding offend me. I am tried of Grafitti, pants being worn too low, hats on sideways, ebonics laced with profanity everywhere I go, street thugs, and wanna be thugs, wellfare queens, parsites on government assistance who happan to be able to afford $200 sneekers, gold bling, and Escalades with 22″ wheels, punk gangsters who never learned to shoot striaght and manage to hit everyone but who they are shooting at during the drive by, and anyone who sings, play’s or listens to “gangsta” rap.

    Ok Larry, clean up all this mess your “comunnity” has been forcing on this country for the last 40 years, and we will get right on bringing those who slighted you and “your” people to justice.
    Same for Al and Jessie.


  181. punisher says:

    the devil is good hes really splitting our country

  182. hoax hoax hoax says:
    I hope the president of the university is equally apologetic when this turns out to be a HOAX. these fake hate crimes happen all the time on college campuses, when the truth comes out and it is not the liberals desired narrative they just wish the damage they have done away! the president of ohio state only need see what happened with the duke lacrosse team and think before he jumps of the liberal bandwagon!

  183. JanaTore says:

    Might want to check the security tapes …

  184. JanaTore says:

    … the painters might look like Obama.

  185. Johnnie says:

    I love when Drudge links to these kinds of stories.
    Then all the racists can anonymously spew their hatred.

    1. stonedome says:

      like racism has ever been eliminated…

    2. HaHaHaHa says:

      scared of the truth are you?

    3. Tray b0 0n deserved it says:

      Did your head explode, libtard? These comments are appearing on every news site.

      NEWS FLASH: We outnumber you.

      The only thing worse than a feral gr 0id is a demented leftie like you.

  186. Shawn says:

    Wasn’t CBS just caught trying to make this a White and Black thing? Screw CBS and their brothers. The boy was killed cause he acted like a want a be . Thank God I live in Florida where if I was Zimmerman I could kill a POS too! I stand my ground!!!! Now point this anyway you wany, I do not give a rats Azz. Dont screw with me and I wont screw with you. You try to get over me and they will find you with a bag of candy too. The little brat wasnt brought up right and now he is dead. If you care enough about your kids, teach them right. Know where they are at all time. Do not wait 3 days and say” where is Jr?” More black on black crimes and at only 12 percent you make 90 percent of crimes. How can you hold you nose so high in the sky when you wont do your job as a parent. I am not here on this earth to raise your kids.

    1. stonedome says:

      wow! tell it like it is! you’re the man!!!

    2. RaaniJ says:

      First of all, how was Trayvon acting like a “wanna be”? And secondly, did you know him personally to say that he wasn’t brought up right??? WHO the hell waited 3 three days to find his whereabouts?

  187. TJ Anderson says:

    They want this person brought to justice for what? Graffiti? They are treating this like a hate crime. Thereal hate crimes are being perpetrated by Jackson, Sharpton , the Left and some of the media. It is also a possibility that Martin could have committed a crime against Zimmerman. Possibly that was even a hate crime. What I want to know is, did Martin have a burglary tool on him when he was walking around suspiciously. Casing condos?

  188. TJ Anderson says:

    Blacks want to eliminate racial profiling. Fair enough. Affirmative Action is racial profiling. I’m all for eliminating it.

    1. Kim Baliey says:

      Blacks reproduce faster than rats or roaches they have become the 21st Century plague.

  189. Eatdapoopoo says:

    Was probably a sinister black person that painted it on the wall in order to cause trouble and try to make a case for “racism”. Trayvon was a thug, Zimmerman was defending himself. Doesn’t matter what race they were.

  190. thinkingoutloud says:

    Seems like something that would happen up north.

  191. williampenn says:

    Totally Bogus!!! Dollars to doughnuts, this was committed by Blacks looking for an incident and the accompanying notoriety.

  192. stonedome says:

    “I was really outraged by this on a university that takes great pride in civility and respect,” Gee told WBNS. doesn’t this man realize that the genie has been let out of the bottle? his kind have been endlessly poking people in the eye with political correctness and they are sick of it…then the race baiters fire up the protest machine and whip up the racist hatred all the while hiding behind the right to free speech? the hoods are coming out and they are not being worn by black folk…

  193. bitterclingerman says:

    Is that Black Culture Center near the White Culture Center?,,,,,, Oh, never mind.

    1. HaHaHaHa says:

      What exactly is black culture?Plates in your lips and cannibalism?

      1. Hank says:

        And flies crawling all over your face.

  194. Tyrone says:

    Dat white paint beez rayciss an sheeeit, noamsayn?

  195. aandrews says:

    “Zimmerman is white and Hispanic.”

    More accurately, he’s Jewish-Peruvian.

    1. John says:

      It actually don’t matter to the race baiting blacks, what they care about is are you not black, because if you’re not black, they they can hate you, because they’re imbiciles.

  196. Den says:

    The black culture for the most part isn`t making it in the first world so one of theirs is taking us to the third world where they will feel more at home. Dependence, poverty, crime, violence, filth, degradation, stupidity, arrogance, and herd mentality . Welcome to Rawanda, USA. It`s not racist to protect and defend your culture and land against this. It`s suicide if you don`t. Great white warriors subdued and civilized most of the planet. Then allowed the jungle to overtake the garden. Nothing that can`t be quickly reversed if we coalesce.

  197. FEDUP says:

    In our Large Southern city, we had a mayoral contest that grew heated. One candidate was black. The other white. Then..right before the election, one night the headquarters of the Black candidate was vandalized with the “N” word spraypainted all over it. HELL broke loose. The DOJ ( and this was Bush) was in ..the Civil Rights Commission..the professional agitators..THE ENTIRE CITY OF WHITE PEOPLE WERE RACISTS..

    THEN they discovered the Video Film in an overlooked security camera in a building across the street. Clearly..Two Black Men..both active in the Candidates election…were spraypainting the building. There was even a streetlight..on…showing enough light to identfy them.
    I would be very careful about this. We also had an incident with a noose in a firehouse after Whites passed the test and got promoted. The FBI came in and gave every person who volunteered to take one a lie dedector test. Every single white person..and all of the black people except two men,….took and passed the test. One of the black men..took the test in his lawyers office and failed. The other one never took it. Later, it came out that both men had been alone in the firehouse before the Noose was found..both were angry over the promtions. No one was ever fired. They were never faced with doing it..but the city was on riot alert..and it stopped after that.
    I would not rush to judgement on this one.

    1. John says:

      Were their names Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakan?

  198. DOUG says:


  199. Turning Worm says:

    About 90% of racial hate crimes are committed by Blacks against innocent White victims. EVERY DAY hundreds of Whites are assaulted, sometimes killed, by hate-filled racist Black thugs who purposely target Whites. Yet there is NO media coverage, NO outrage, NO government investigation of this growing epidemic of Black-on-White hate crimes. So EXCUUUSE ME if I don’t shed a tear for Trayvon and the rest of his ‘people’.

    1. Roger Sterling says:

      Blacks are the most racist people on earth, at least those in the USA. We need to stop coddling this troublesome race of violent thugs and the race-hustlers like Jackson, Sharpton, NAACP, SPLC, Congressional Black Caucus, etc.

  200. Fed Up says:

    GUARANTEED that this is either a black person or a limp wristed, Birkenstock wearing trust fund kid who is “down with the struggle.”

    Go occupy a friggin job like everyone else and shut up…mutts

  201. David says:

    I read a blog recently that refered to obama as a “White-African”…I guess that is the new News Media termnology that we need to use…based on their description of George Zimmerman as a “White-Hispanic”…I’m learning new things everyday….

  202. ricardo4max says:

    Thank God I am proud to be a Buckeye today! Bring it on racist b-tards! Al Jesse NBC ABC Obama thugs etc…The time has come to stand up to these anti-American evil pos.

  203. Robert Byrd says:

    The message is legible and spelled correctly. Obviously the work of a white person.

  204. Frank says:

    Was anything spray-painted onto the outside of the “White Cultural Center”?

  205. Da Big Red Haole says:

    Long live Zimmerman!
    O and Joe must go!

    Not mine but the two best comments I’ve heard today.

  206. will says:

    I bet a black did it. Just saying.

  207. NotAmerican says:

    What a troubled country you all live in… Pretty amazing to watch te collapse of the American Empire from outside your borders.

    1. stonedome says:

      as if where you live is a utopia…
      we’re just working it out like we always have, amongst ourselves. notice how we don’t ask for outside help like the euro wimps when there is trouble

    2. Si Senor says:

      Borders? You mean the unprotected invasion routes?

  208. crossbow3503 says:

    I recall that when black churches were burning and all the guilty feeling white people kicked in and rebuilt them it was discovered that blacks had burned them. The suddenly they stopped burning.

  209. JeetYet? says:

    The vandal wasn’t referencing George Zimmerman but “Zimmerman’s Deli” on Detroit St. in Ann Arbor, MI. The graffiti artist is probably a fan of their reuben sandwich and, seriously, you would be too if you tried it. Way good!

    Long live Zimmerman’s!

  210. SteveK says:

    Whiule I don;t support nvandalism its good to see the silent majority poke through.

    Zimmerman is not the problem noir is racial profiling, the real problem is black overinvolvement in criminal behavior.

  211. Al Sharpton says:

    Jesse, pass dem pork rinds ova here.

    1. Jesse Jackson says:

      Aight bro. Now gibs me sum yo Popeye’s.

  212. crossbow3503 says:

    Good chance NBC News did this. We know they lie.

  213. Joe says:

    9 out of 10 times it is a racist black person trying to make white people appear racist, by leaving such racist messages, hanging nooses, etc.. This stuff doesn’t work any more. Just like many white people no longer care if blacks call them racist.

  214. ATRUEAMERICAN says:

    I wonder what our half-white president, raised by a white mother and white grandparents will say about this?

  215. Jack the Leper says:

    Where is the f==king WHite Cultural Center??

    fricken black racists

    1. Mallen says:

      Blacks need a sense of culture so they created one in academia. In this culture, blacks aren’t robbing, raping, and dealing.

    2. John says:

      Most households have a white culteral center. It is very similar to the black culteral centers. Most people clean theirs, but it sometimes get plugged up so you have to call a plumber to get it working again. I would use a black culteral center much the same as I would a white one. I’m not picky.

    3. Kim Baliey says:

      Black Culture= “The Law of the Jungle plus looting”

  216. ME that's Who says:

    Obama was supposed to bridge the gap between blackandwhite seeing he is both blackandwhite.

    He was supposed to bridge the gap between the rich, the middle class and the poor. because he papa was poor and his mama was rich.

    he was supposed to Bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans. Don’t know how he was going to do that except to think that he is smarter than anyone in Congress, Senate and the SCOTUS and so they would drop their affiliation and drop in line behind him to push his Socialist agenda.

  217. Out of Wack says:

    Last week soeone spray painted “Justice for Trayvon” on the door of the White Culteral Center in….ah…oh, wait. I don’t think there is a White Culteral Center. Nevermind.

  218. koczani says:

    Until we know who did it and what their motive was, I suggest everybody shut up and let the police do their job. There have been instances in the past of racism, but there has also been instances where blacks have been using racist terms. This could have been done by whites, hispanics, blacks, or stupid kids. Until we know, everybody should just take a chill pill!

  219. Fake Name, TG4 cbslocal says:

    On my campus we like to remind them about how Whites in South Africa are being driven off their farmland and murdered on a daily basis. Genocide is the word for it.

  220. Slim says:

    Sharpton, Jackson and their followers are already hurting the reputation of Democrats with this obviously trumped up scenario against Zimmerman.

    That is why Zimmerman’s being a Democrat is not mentioned in most of the media. That little fact would conflict with Democrat claims of racism against Republicans, because it is in fact a member of their own political party that they are accusing.

    A bit convoluted, but there nonetheless.

  221. David B says:

    The boy who cried wolf cookie! FAKE RACISM! AGAIN!

  222. Frank says:

    Obama is white, too, then. His mother was white.
    Wow, CBS is crazy, too.

  223. Logical1 says:

    I’m sure that Larry Williamson, executive director of The Frank W. Hale Black Cultural Center gets just as angry when he sees extensive graffiti and tagging by black street gangs.

  224. John says:

    I’m going to go think about this at white culteral center.

    I’ll be sure to flush all the racism before it smells up the place.

  225. Space Cadet says:

    All your Zimmerman are belong to us.

  226. NOR says:

    The iraoi woman that was so called murdered was most likely murdered by her family. The police are on to it and the terrorist support group cair is backing off. It os always the same,muslims cry wolf and bitch and moan but it is all lies. Blacks cry racism even as giant gangs of blacks are attacking lone whites regularly in Philly,Detroit,St.louis,Chicago,DC Minneapolis and on and on. Hell they attacked whites at the Wisconsin and Iowa state fairs. What a joke.

  227. MT says:

    What was written on the campus White Cultural Center? OPPS, there is no White Cultural Center.

  228. c0mm3nt3r says:

    3 years: DC is more divided, the population is more divided, DoJ is more racist, minority groups are more agressively racist, media is more negative, law enforcement is handicapped, foreign threats have increased… We certainly have change.

  229. stonedome says:

    “We want the person brought to trial, caught,” Williamson told WBNS-TV. “We want to make sure these kinds of things don’t happen.” first of all, a black cultural center? the state university has spent millions setting this up and you don’t see the reason now that this is happening? you have to contact your heroes jessie and al …denounce what they are doing or it will get worse, plain and simple. you can only taunt people for so long before they respond in ways you are not going to like or be able to stop.

  230. Steve Bennett says:

    10 bucks says this is a NAACP/black/democrat/***/race-baiter false flag. just like the democrat activist who threw a brick through a democrat party office, on the jewish USC teacher who painted swastikas on her own car.

    Im betting this is just business as usual for the democrats little race racket.

  231. insaneloon says:

    I bet if his name was Jorge Zimmerman or George Zimmerequez we wouldn’t be talking about this. If Zimmerman is a “white” Hispanic then Bomba the Kenyan boy king, is a “white” American of African descent.

  232. guest says:

    So, writing on the wall was wrong. But, I’m not going to say it is bad to wish Zimmerman a long life, considering he hasn’t been convicted of a crime. He was taken to the police station for questioning. People act like he was given a pat on the head and a cookie for his trouble. Thanks to certain television stations fanning the flames, this is going to be a huge deal that makes it impossible for the police to do their jobs. Those following the hype and Al Sharpton would do well to remember all of the lives he’s ruined by falsely accusing whites that he just “knew” were guilty. What I know is that NBC is now in hot water for making a call sound like Zimmerman said something that he did not. But, many of those blindly following the biggest race baiters in the country (Sharpton and Jackson) aren’t going to listen to reason. Instead, they’ll listen to shills who have done more to harm the black community than most hate groups ever will have the power to. The result of this is going to be a whole lot more white people in Ohio going out and getting their CCW, because everyone is scared of having to deal with the riots and the Toledo incident did not make anyone feel any more secure.

  233. Dat_Truth_Hurts says:

    If blacks are upset about this. they can spray paint “Death to Zimmerman” on the campus White Cultural Center to get even.

  234. John C says:

    I thought Hispanics were Brown. Are White Hispanics better than Brown, or visa versa?

  235. bob burns says:

    Just what “crime” is supposed to have been committed here?

  236. Spike Lee's address is... says:

    Surveillance video show the perpetrator,. Perp was unidentified due to wearing a Hoodie.

  237. Ted says:

    I thought the Black Culture Center was the state penitentiary.

  238. FUBO says:

    Shaima Alawadi was killed by her family. And Obama and the Black Panthers are a lynch mob intent on killing Zimmerman.

    1. Kim Baliey says:

      Secret Mayo Clinic report says:
      “Blacks are not Human, they lack 80% of Human DNA. Blacks are in fact Gorillas with vocal cords,a different species of African animal”

  239. Tom Jones says:

    Democrats completely lost the Latino vote on this one. Latino leaders announced in several states that they will be encouraging their followers to vote Republican. Ha ha.

  240. Heather says:

    If they really want it to stop, the best thing they can do is to keep quiet about it. This was almost certainly the act of a bunch of kids who did it to hear you guys scream.

  241. Desmond says:

    Hey CBS-

    Have any one among your fine “journalists” ever stopped at a railroad crossing and watched as the train cars went by?

    The guy who tagged this wall is a vandal and a criminal. He’s not an inventor. There is nothing new or original about a punk using spray paint to leave a hateful message on someone else’s property.

    Why is it that you are just-now noticing that graffitti is a crime?

  242. Td Marks says:

    Wow there is a black culture center on every corner of America. Its called a 7Eleven or anywhere malt liquor, crack, and kool cigarettes are sold.

    Black culture center. Thats an oxymoron.

  243. Bob says:

    Perhaps they were Washington Nationals fans. Let’s Go Nats!

  244. Thomas says:

    After a group of black youths viciously assaulted a 78-year-old white man in Toledo earlier this week, while shouting “this is for Trayvon”, this backlash should come as no surprise. Luckily, this was merely an act of vandalism and not violent as were the incidents in Toledo and Sanford, FL (the riot by hooded Trayvon supporters at the town’s Walgreens store). Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail in both racial factions and the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will be remembered and realized.

    1. Kim Baliey says:

      He should sue Obama for inciting to riot and Eric Holder for failure to perform his duties. Sue for 25 Million. Settle for 20. Call me I’m a lawyer.

  245. NAAWP says:

    I hope someone doesn’t spray paint something supportive of trayvon on the NAAWP Headquarters.

  246. NAAWP says:

    I first became aware of this when it was reported on BET

  247. Mike0oSS says:

    At least there is some one with the courage of their convictions out there, willing to put all on the line to make a point.

  248. NoOin2012 says:

    The democrats ,the government and the media are trying to create racial tension in the country on purpose….they will always portray balcks as angelic, innocent victims, good and alays portray whites as oppressive, haters and bad. It doesn’t matter what the facts or reality says they will lie and change it. this is done on purpose to further and agenda and relegate whites to second class citizens….be ware and don’t believe anything you read particularly from the media(CBS,NBC,MSNBC,CNN,ABC)

  249. John says:

    Inside job. Left fanning the flames and making sure this story lasts till the election. No whites were involved in this shooting yet some how white America is guilty. Cry wolf much?

  250. Kim Baliey says:

    Tryvone is a distraction Obama wants to HIDE his horrible record of pure failures.

  251. wolverine87144 says:

    I guess I question why that college in OH-IO is holding a rally for a Californian Iraqi women and for Mr. Martin. Where’s the educational value in that?

  252. homer says:

    spraypaint….the tool of a black or mexican

  253. Steve Salvi says:

    The only illegality is the wrongful defacing of public property.

    Any meaning or attribution of the “author” is simply conjecture.

  254. 11 11 says:

    Looks like somebody else is fed up with white Americans being blamed for virtually ALL the failures of blacks to assimilate into the culture.



    SEND the NI66ERS BACK to AFRIKA!!!!!


  256. ASharpton says:

    Wait, the director wants the person “caught, tried and punished ‘ to stop this from happening? well I agree but I’m not so sure he and I agree on what the crime is.. the crime isn’t for what the message was– that’s “Free Speech'”– the crime was graphiti on prpoerty that wasn’t his own….

  257. dodobird says:

    A few years ago at Pomona College in Claremont, CA (outside LA), a black professor perpetrated a racism hoax on herself, but was found out and let go. In the meanwhile, the campus shut down for a day to discuss and pretend to be outraged and horrified.

  258. Red in Denver says:

    3 years into the first term of our first black president and we’re more divided than ever along racial lines.

    I wish Obama would NOT comment on issues which have the propensity for racial division (such as the confrontation which ended up in the ‘beer summit’) — at LEAST until he has all the facts.

    He just ends up looking biased himself; and causing more division within the races.

  259. Tray b0 0n deserved it says:

    Shaima Alawadi, another libtard cause. Too bad she was beaten by her own family in an honor killing. Lefties are such tools.

  260. crossbow3503 says:

    I guess the other ethic groups in America that succeed, keep their pants pulled up , are not dis-proportionally in jail and are not the most favored minority, often wonder when Blacks will stop over playing their hand ?

  261. Lazybum says:

    Maybe they should retaliate by spray painting something witty on the White Cultural Center….oh that’s right, a “White Cultural Center” is racist.

    But a Black Cultural Center is not.

    We allow special groups of every race except white in the name of stopping racism? Can someone please explain how that works?

    1. RaaniJ says:

      OH MY GOSH!! PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE SO STUPID!!!!!! You walk around saying that “minorities” are sensitive because they get offended over every little thing yet THE MOST of you are getting offended because there are “Black Cultural Centers?” Are you dumb or are you just plain stupid? Maybe both. Italians, Greeks and Jews are considered “White” in this country. THEY HAVE CULTURAL CENTERS!! Do your damn research and stop being so ignorant. And even if there were no “White Cultural Centers” THEN GO AND MAKE SOME! WHO THE HELL IS STOPPING YOU?! Stop complaining about every little damn thing!..

  262. Mike says:

    Zimmerman is NOT white, the media lies.

  263. Mike says:

    Zimmerman is NOT white, the media lies.

  264. Nicole says:

    You want to talk about being racist, saying “white folk”……How do we know this person is white?!? Stop playing the racist card, people are just making worse, more than it actually is…..I’m white and I find this racist, shall I start an uproar! I do believe in justice, but enough is enough!

  265. IP says:

    Now Now People,stop acting like children and look at the big picture. Trayon Martin was murdered, and Zimmerman got away with out facing any jail time. Now the difference is if it was a black on black crime,someone would be in jail,or any other crime for that matter. But considering he has a retired judge as a father and to add salt to the wound he is white. It created a bad picture. Lets be honest, even when we take out race, its still a horrific crime against a teenager…and that’s the truth!

  266. Drivestun says:

    Tragic story that is deader than trayvon. What I did learn from this is, don’t take a bag of skittles to a gun fight.

  267. RealTalk says:

    Just by viewing the many comments in this section simply proves why we have racism in the USA and why race will always be an issue. If it weren’t for white people, racism would not even exist. That’s a fact! 2nd, all of u idiots are up on a blog arguing about black, white and all of the different stereotypes disgust me. Whites are the most devilish people in the world ever since the beginning of time & past history proves it time and time again.

  268. all race says:

    I see its a lot of mad white people on here….but when this world end ,you all will see..its funny that people can have a lot hate while you alive ,but when your time comes, it won’t be so funny…and that goes for all race…

  269. M Bear says:

    1. It is 2012. if you still don’t like or respect another person cause of there skin color. kill yourself.
    2. if you think any part of the government especially republicans are trying to help this country your stupid and need to kill yourself
    3. if you are behind a computer talking crap knowing you stay and the house where no one could find you ( most people on here) you are a coward, a E-rascist, and the reason this country is going down the poophole, jump in front of a moving express train

    people like ya’ll on this site make me wish sometime that the world should end this year.
    greetins from philadelphia you ignorant morons

  270. Levuna says:

    so ashamed not only to be in American right now but ashamed that in this country there are still people who are truly racist in 2012 and simply don’t care about justice and human beings regardless of what color they are I am so digusted reading some of these heartless, cowardly, inconsiderate, racist,pathetic comments. Regardless to what Travon was,clearly he was not a thug because if you go back in history thugs wore suits so he wasn’t a thug. I hope that those of you with thise ignorant comment never have this happen to your child.

    1. Ron says:

      Trayvon got what was coming to him. Live like a thug, die like a thug. I can’t stand all of you racists who think whites and Hispanics should let drug crazed blaque thugs attack us with no repercussions. Step to me and I’ll shoot you in your face.

  271. king x says:

    Wow you bigots on this site are spineless; none of you would have the guts to say this to a black man in person b/c you know you would get your ass beat….Obama won Ohio in 2008 and will win it again!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ron says:

      You are a coward and a liar who supports racist blaque thugs.

      George Zimmerman is a modern American hero. I don’t say that about too many registered Democrats……. We should replace MLK day with George Zimmerman day. American blaques no longer believe that they should be judged based on the content of their characters anyways, They’ve turned their back on MLK’s DREAM!!!. They want to be rewarded based on the color of their skin.

      HOW does affirmative action judge blaques based on the content of their character again???????

      Democrats have defecated on MLK’s Dream.

  272. Ron says:

    George Zimmerman is a modern American hero. I don’t say that about too many registered Democrats……. We should replace MLK day with George Zimmerman day. American blaques no longer believe that they should be judged based on the content of their characters anyways, They’ve turned their back on MLK’s DREAM!!!. They want to be rewarded based on the color of their skin.

    HOW does affirmative action judge blaques based on the content of their character again???????

    Democrats have defecated on MLK’s Dream.

  273. David says:

    “We want the person brought to trial, caught,” Williamson told WBNS-TV. What he meant to say was convicted and then brought to trail, caught. “We want to make sure these kinds of things don’t happen.” Never going to happen.
    I’m surprised there are no video cameras around the building. Which means it was most likely someone familiar with that area.

  274. jenny says:

    “His family insists he’s not racist.”-and to date, there is no evidence that he is!

  275. Strudwick Wickerwire says:

    Just maybe these “societal hostage takers and shakedown artists” should get a little of their own medicine, with a little of their own jive thrown in!!! Having to walk on egg shells whenever in the presence of “immaculate minorities” that require incessant funding and catering to without the least bit of thanks, but implied threats!!! Yeah, spray paint them for a change!!!

  276. jenny says:

    “His family insists he’s not racist-and to date there is no actual evidence that he is.

  277. Francisco says:

    Ohio is a key battleground state in the next Presidential Elections, I would expect more of this sort of thing to happen in the near future to help the Leftist “Get Out and Vote” organizers “rally the troops”.

  278. redruffansore says:

    When I think “Black culture”, why do empty shell casings come to mind?
    The bus to the future is leaving without you. Enjoy your self made fail.

  279. AmeriKKKa says:

    I thought racism did not exist anymore. The people who made that notion must not read these comments. Ah, the internet. Isn’t it amazing. It allows for people to be their true selves and say or do things that they would not in reality. What will White Amerikkka do in the years to come? Heh, and everyone says that the South is taking over. That’s true but it’s coming over the border. Lol.

  280. BarbaraS says:

    The best way to handle graffiti is to remove all traces of it immediately!

  281. Amvet says:

    Why does OSU have a Black Cultural Center in the first place?. It’s very existence implies that blacks are culturally distinct from mainstream America. If a nonblack were to suggest that blacks are different in any way that person would be branded a racist by the infantile PC clique. Anyone with even half a brain can clearly see that blacks, often with the help of self-loathing whites, have institutionalized racism yet they expect everyone but themselves to be “color blind”. They should heed the words of rational black Americans like Sowell and West rather than the self serving divisive spew emitted by the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, Jones, etal if they are to ever be contributors to society..

  282. glitchus says:

    If a security camera caught this I’d imagine we’d see someone wearing a ‘hoodie’ with a an upraised fist symbol emblazoned across the back.

  283. Joe Average says:

    I love the internet the only place where variations of races can say there true feelings because we all know in public 99% of you would not say the things you do on here to your coworkers or boss. God Bless America! We need it.

  284. Taylor says:

    On a black cultural center? That’s pretty messed up. I’m sorry but no one in support of Zimmerman would even bother doing this, unless they were trolling or doing it for laughs and have absolutely no dog in the fight, which I also doubt anyone would risk getting arrested for.

    Reminds me of this episode of some cop show where a black guy secretly commits a crime against his own people so it can be seen as a hate crime to stir up racial tensions.

    Should have made the Z in Zimmerman into a swastika for full effect.

  285. Janus says:

    “I was really outraged by this on a university that takes great pride in civility and respect,” Gee told WBNS. The graffiti has been removed.

    Evidently Gee has never been in a bar with college students.

  286. aichtuttle says:

    What’s Obama’s alibi? He’s the biggest race-baiting inciter in the USA right now.

  287. Logo4245 says:

    When you spend weeks race baiting on TV, are you shocked to see some backlash from equally unstable individuals. Puleez – enough with a call to justice. Do you remember it took almost a year to indict Casey Anthony? Was that racist or just slow ?- Florida usually conducts very slow and thorough investigations. Meanwhile jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Obama and Spike Lee are laying the groundowrk for a mistrial.

  288. modd kenwood says:

    has anyone taken time to consider that this may be homage being paid to Robert Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan ? Just a thought…

  289. Will says:

    So many stupid people on the internet now… I love this country, but some of my fellow Americans are really shameful.

  290. My chocolate world says:

    As a young black manager of a mid sized technology company, I make every opportunity to hire anyone that is not white. When I do have to hire white people I place them in the lowest position with the intent of axing them first. Obama said it best when he said nothing at all. Trayvon could be my son and those white men who were killed by a black person, no comment. By the way, I will do everything in my power to make life bad for every white man, woman and child in the world.

    1. Ura Ch1mp says:

      Burger King is a ‘technology company’? LOL.

  291. JimTresselBestThingThatHappenedToOSU says:

    Couple things:
    1. Another brilliant example of why The Ohio State University is a leading institution and bastion of academic achievement and the development of world leaders(*cough Jim Tressel)
    2. Please continue to hypothesis on the race, religion, creed, gender, political allegiance of the perpetrator. While you all “debate” this topic me and my fellow MBAs, JDs, Ph.D.s (who are increasingly ethnic minorities and women) will continue to run this country and make life altering decision for you (i.e. President Barack Obama).

    Last Note:
    The few have always ruled the many. Today it is not about race, but about wealth and ability to create new things(technology, services, ideas, etc.). If you are not creating, you are losing, and the primary way to create in today’s society is to learn and know Math. If you don’t know how to program a computer, how to evaluate the conditional probabilities of a binomial distribution, or can not articulate your thoughts in a structured and well written argument, then you have lost. All you are know is a cow to consumer as much as I can give you.

    So please keep “debating” this, and while you are at it, buy some more corn products from ConAgra, buy some more fuel from BP, and pick up another smartphone (that I helped design) because my wife and I are looking to put in antique reclaimed oak floors in our study and the extra sales will really help my bonus this year.

    1. Den says:

      You are a moron. Enlighten us please on minority numbers on campi across the nation. Especially males. You went from 16.8% of the pop. to 12.2 in 4 years. How`s that for enrollment.

  292. boolee says:

    me lik colo bleen

  293. boolee says:

    Me lik colo bleen…:D

  294. Kim Baliey says:

    Black Gorilla Culture= Looting and Flash Mobs, anti White, Latino and Asian racism

  295. Africa says:

    Many White people who commented on this in a negative way seem very racist, I really need to understand why do you guys hate black people.

  296. ddw1258 says:


  297. Whitey MacWhiteguy says:

    My money says that they will find out a black person did it and nothing will be done. More than half of these “crimes” are done by blacks for attention.

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