‘Long Live Zimmerman’ Spray Painted On Ohio State’s Black Cultural Center

COLUMBUS, Ohio (CBS Cleveland/AP) — Officials say graffiti spray painted on the wall of a black cultural center at Ohio State University likely stems from the nationwide unrest over the fatal shooting of a black Florida teenager.

The graffiti painted early Thursday said “Long Live Zimmerman.” Columbus media outlets report that officials believe it’s a reference to George Zimmerman, the neighborhood-watch captain accused of killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., in February.

Larry Williamson, executive director of The Frank W. Hale Black Cultural Center, wants the person that did this brought to justice.

“We want the person brought to trial, caught,” Williamson told WBNS-TV. “We want to make sure these kinds of things don’t happen.”

Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee says university police are “vigorously investigating.”

“I was really outraged by this on a university that takes great pride in civility and respect,” Gee told WBNS. The graffiti has been removed.

It was discovered the same day a campus rally was held for Martin and Shaima Alawadi, an Iraqi woman who was fatally beaten last month in her El Cajon, Calif., home

Zimmerman is white and Hispanic. His family insists he’s not racist.

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  • Eric

    So, a white kid spray paints a wall, while we get report after report of black teens attacking and beating up old people and other innocents. I guess this shows the differences between the races.

    • John

      Your dumb.

    • http://jmassery.wordpress.com jmassery

      And don’t forget, CBS has come up with a new why of describing bi-racial people…”Zimmerman is white and hispanic,” I wonder if CBS will now describe Obama as white and African American?

    • Joe the dog

      I believe they were Black Girs beating up White men.

      • Bigg Smoke

        Joe the dog, U are so full of $hit, that your blue eyes are turning brown.

      • Joe the dog

        I think that’s legal in certain Black Cities

    • shakedown crews

      how do you know it was a white kid? it could have been asian or latino. Or a black person trying to gin up race issues again.
      without evidence, how can you conclude anything at all?

    • Amvet

      A white kid did it? Ther you go, profiling again.

    • Atlantic1

      How do you know a “white kid” did it? Often it’s the blacks who do things like this to try and demonize Whites.

      • SmarterThanYou

        Yes because all of the Black people are out to get you ! The racist scourge of the earth is clearly your average black person who race baits on weekends and performs cross burning’s during family cook outs. That was sarcasm in case the pseudo intellects with their statistics and bigotry couldn’t detect it. I genuinely think you do not think before typing, much like others on this page.

    • Brassia11

      Thank you, Mr.President.
      Guess your race baiting exeeded even your expectations!
      Job well done., Mr.Obama
      Bet it is much easier than acting presidential and be involved in serious mattersa of economy, jobs, unemployment, escalating deficit under your watch.
      What better way to diver the attention and seed the hate all over the country by your racial remarks. Now we know what you meant by CHANGE!
      What a disgrace we have in the WH!

      • spinner033

        He is better than the last one we had. Remember he came in office with these problems he did not create them. We were in a better state when Clinton was in office who was a Dem. Rep likes to live a mess for Dem to clean up. Enough said thank you.

      • Bigg Smoke

        You are quite welcome Brassia 11. You’re just mad a Black man is in the White House and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it. You people blame everything on the president. Where was your wining ass at when Bush almost bankrupted the country, by starting 2 unnecessary wars and sending thousands of Americans into harms way. Why weren’t you crying when Bush bailed out the banks? The only racist/racial remarks are coming from conservatives. Santorum slipped and called the president a n!@@er, but he caught himself before it came out. You republicans/conservative aren’t fooling anyone but yourselves.

      • Rhea

        …You think Obama put graffiti on the Ohio State Black Culture Center? FAIL.

    • LouiseJP

      in the first place , why is there a “Black Culture Center” in the US…would they like to see posted a :”White Culture”? and 2nd how do they know it was a “white person” who did this? you know the US needs to think this over.. get over the race industry. and just have “Americans”..

      • Tami

        Actually I think she does know they exist but its just more “offensive” when its black! verses Jew, Hispanic, Asian etc…ummmm wonder why?

      • Bigg Smoke

        Paula maybe you live in a bubble or in the woods somewhere, but there are cultural centers for all people, especially the Jewish ones. Just because you don’t know they exist, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. People need to know that we were more than just slaves.

      • paula

        In reply to Rhea- It’s not White History-it’s American History and America consists of many races other that White and Black who don’t demand their own “History” center. They are happy to be Americans and grateful to be here.

      • EGant

        Actually as a black male I would like to see a museum that puts actual “European” cultures on display. What would be wrong with that?

      • Rhea

        There is a black culture center because everything else that we see is white culture. Black people need to learn about their culture and they need to know that they have done something. What’s more, White people need to know that they did not create black culture, that black culture exists with or without them. I, for one, would LOVE to have American history, but too often American history IS white history. You get a few throwaway paragraphs about slavery and the Civil Rights Movement, as if that’s the only thing blacks have done, but other than that, it’s all white history.

    • George W. Axl Rosebush

      Considering the affinity certain minorities have for graffiti, blaming a white kid might not be reasonable…

      • HomeyDClown

        why does it have to be called a “black cultural center”? What would happen if the city put up a “white cultural center”? Polit. correctness is the cause of modern racism and retarded leftists.

      • Jack Johnson

        We can’t stand Zimmerman, so it is doubtful that certain minorities did this. Maybe it was U rosebush?

      • jethro1

        Comparing racist chicken scratch to the graffiti normally indulged in by “certain minorities” is like comparing stick drawings to a Rembrandt. I don’t remember seeing, “Long live OJ”, sprayed on the walls of a trailer park.

      • bill

        “certain minorities”? You mean beaners, of course. Filthy, stupid Mexicans.

      • asdf


        Actually it is. Just like the Trayvon case, things need to be PROVEN before anyone is presumed guilty – what is happening in this country? This is a dangerous trend. Blame whoever is responsible, white, black, or other.

        George W. Axl Rosebush – your name already suggests some issues, so please refrain from causing another and go somewhere else – you’re not welcome with your unhelpful rhetoric. We’re all humans, with the ability to wield spray cans and create graffiti, regardless of whether you think blacks are more likely to do it or not – that is the issue, not what you THINK, but what you can PROVE.

        If you want the same treatment, I suggest you allow the same for everyone, even those who do not match your color, or your idea of one that does not commit crimes.

      • Jobobo

        Sounds like another lame hoax to gain sympathy for ‘poor little minorities’ so they can get more handouts and special privileges


    • Mel

      I didn’t know Al Sharpton was in town! He has been a busy boy!

      • NewcastleWill

        it couldn’t have been sharpton for two reasons: 1) there was no poetic rhyme to it, and 2) the words were spelled correctly.

    • Brian

      What makes you think the perpetrator was white, or a kid?

      • melissatx

        Yeah?! I was probably the spawn of a Democractic politician. Color does not patter, it’s their politics!!

    • lev

      If the perpetrator is found he should be charged for damage to property, that’s it. This shouldnt even be a story; zimmerman is not yet a criminal because he has not been convicted, we should not forget that.
      Long live Zimmerman!

  • elizabethrc

    This was wrong, but no more wrong than the violent rhetoric put out there by the black panters, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, innumerable black congresspeople, and the main stream media.
    They have all already tried and convicted Zimmerman without a trial. They have threatened riots and violence if he is not jailed. They give only lip service to the judicial processes being allowed to take place. They have set the tone here and now they have to live with it.
    Who’s the extremist here?
    How about a little honest perspective?

    • SmarterThanYou

      Really ? What Violent Rhetoric ? Outside of the black panthers I don’t recall any of them calling for violence against Zimmerman OR whites. This is ignorant unfounded racist paranoia fueled by boogie men no one but yourself can see.

    • Joe the dog

      You must live in Japan

    • Joe the dog

      I like what you wrote

    • Longsleeves

      The reson why so many of us are up set with is story is because the racebaiter have now become mainstream. We accept there have always been racebaiter but they have always been viewed as a small fringe group.
      By placating these toxic views they finely got one in the White house.
      I have choose to send money to the Republican party I hope you will too.
      Its the only thing I can do to extract them from the seat of power.

      • OBAMA 2012

        Who the hell is THEM? It’s to late u wasted your money the REPUBLICAN PARTY is a JOKE and so is your comment! TEAM OBAMA

      • Mr. T

        Pity the fools. Yes Obama is panicking cause he knows he may not be able to complete destroying our sovereign nation in just one term. So, ya burn down the house. But to think that voting Republican is going to change anything, well…. We are all being played. They are all bought and sold and dont give a f@*k about you or me. They are only concerned about moving the new world orders agenda one step closer to fruition. Watch your backside and dont get fooled again and again and again.

      • Cindy

        Sell your house, max out your bank accounts. I’m sure Mitt will appreciate it while he’s sitting in his beach house in SanDiego.

    • P. Amboy

      The key is “arrest”. Conviction is not important. Without an arrest, the parents cannot sue for wrongful death in Florida courts. Once Zimmerman is arrested, they can sue Zimmerman, the city, housing covenant, police, … Its all about the Benjamins.

      • Bigg Smoke

        Den’s a wining bitch. Don’t go away mad Den. Just go away……

      • Super16

        Never let a crisis go tow waste. The life of a child is a small price to pay for a payday.

      • Bigg Smoke

        Whitey505. If Zimmerman didn’t chase that boy down and question him, he would not have to had defended himself. The kid was defending himself from Zimmerman. So, its the kids fault Zimmerman was a lil bitch and bit off more than he could chew. Old saying “Don’t let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash.

      • Den

        And yet you`re sorry ass does it anyway

      • Whitey505

        They can’t sue Zimmerman cause he didn’t do anything wrong Trayvon was killed because he was a thug and a man was defending his life

  • Ben

    What’s to bring to “trial”? At most some kind of vandalism charge, nothing more.

    • bt

      You just aren’t being “progressive” enough.

      – hate speech
      – hate vandalism
      – hate trespassing
      – hate thought crimes

      • Greg in dallas

        “Hate art”

  • darryl


  • Magneto

    No such thing as white and Hispanic CBS. Mexicans are not a race. Do you call Obama black and white? I think not. And look it up no one goes to jail for spray painting graffiti. Do you do anything but make up the news.

    • SmarterThanYou

      “Mexicans” aren’t the only Hispanics. You can be WHITE and HISPANIC. Spain is in Europe and has a largely WHITE population. “Hispanic” people are people connected to Spain. There are also BLACK hispanics. Learn to think for yourself instead of swallowing whole racist propaganda.

  • DaddyB

    Hate crime! Hate crime!

    • Joe the dog

      Your blach r retarded

      • Bigg Smoke

        Joe the dog was seen taking it up the rear from Newt Gingrich yelling get er done. Soweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • eddyjames1952

      Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton were seen running from scene talking on the cell phone,Rummer has it they were overheard saying “Yeah Barry we got er done” also they were carrying what appeared to be Pork Rinds, MD-20/20 and a can of spray paint.” rummer has it!

      • asdf

        Eddyjames1952 were seen leaving from page after posting comments, RUMMER has it he were overheard saying “yeah people’ll think this is real funny, hur hur” also he was carrying what appeared to be Mental Retardation, a can of paint to huff, and allegedly, a female family member while she sat on his shoulders A La’ “Grandma’s Boy”. RUMMER HAS IT!

        What a rummer, alright – more like a rum. Jeez, people, what happened to spell check – or better yet, the intelligence required to self-check before you post something? I swear, ever since Eternal September…the quality of information transmitted over our digital communications mediums is decreasing at an alarming rate.

      • Joe the dog

        I ment to say your a BLACK RETARD

  • Jim

    He’s White and Hispanic?! I bet that’s one thing you’d never hear if he won a Nobel Prize. Funny how those that say Obama is half white are considered racists though.

    • blahblah

      I heard a pretty good response to anyone who gives you a dirty look for pointing out Obama has a white side. Just call them sexist because they apparently don’t consider his mother’s contribution to his genetic makeup to be as significant.

      • Rhea

        I have a pretty good response to that. If Obama was not the President, and he was seen driving through a white neighborhood and was stopped by a white officer simply because he looked black (AND THAT DOES HAPPEN MORE THAN YOU’D LIKE TO THINK), do you think the officer is going to ask about his parentage? And even if he did, do you THINK the fact that his black-male daddy had sex with his white-female mother will alleviate any fines, searches, etc. that he would get for a BS stop?

        Because if you think either of those things, I have a bridge in Alaska I’d like to sell you.

    • Pat

      Yeah, that crossed my mind too. This White Privelidge concept needs a rethink. Skin color is only valuable if your black or brown.

  • John

    If I was a betting man, I would imagine this is a racial plant by someone from the left to further inflame the situation. Just a guess!

    • Brian

      No guarantees, obviously, but I’d bet $10 on it.

  • http://www.xesenta.com xesenta.com

    “Long Live Zimmerman” is actually a SUPPORT statement if u know the derivation of the phrasing. It means death 2 Zimmeraman. #zzzzz

    • jdog777

      I think the writer meant a LONG LIFE in prison. This is more of a condemnation of Zimmerman. I say leave the black painter alone… anything done would be racist for sure.

      • Bigg Smoke

        Sorry J dog, but “rummer” has it rush bitchbaugh was seen leaving the seen with spray paint and sean handjob was driving the get away car.

      • http://www.xesenta.com xesenta.com

        either way – once again its an American language vulgarity. U can’t morph a ‘catch phrase’ – cos then its out of context and colludes ur message (to an educated reader, at least)

  • Rory

    Oh he is white and hispanic? Please refer to the president as white and black from now on in all of your articles that are about him.

  • George

    “Zimmerman is white and Hispanic”…interesting…so why then is the president black instead of white and African American?

    • SmarterThanYou

      Because this is the same country where if you had ANY black in you, you were referred to as black. Don’t tell me you want to change that now do you ? Or do you guys conveniently forget history when thinking of inane points to argue ?

    • guest

      …..because his African side is not American

    • Yaking

      The community organizer is a born of a white mother and a black father which make him a Mulatto. Mulatto:a person of mixed white and black ancestry

      • Bigg Smoke

        President Obama is a strong Black man and has more intelligence than any of you communist, racist on this site. You keep saying Obama is a race baiter, but the only race baiting is coming from republicans/conservatives on blog sites and Hush Limbitch and Sean Handjob.

      • HaHaHaHa

        I think he’s an octoroon or a quadroon,or perhaps a high yellow…….lolololololol

      • Ron Langevin

        also very low I.Q. and trying his best to swpeak well!

  • Chris D

    If we describe Zimmerman as White and Hispanic, then why don’t we describe Martin as White and Black. I’m sure somewhere in his family tree there was a white man or women mixed in. Of course if we did that it wouldn’t fit into the politically correct scheme.

    • RaaniJ

      I’m sorry but you sound like a COMPLETE idiot. Why would they call Martin White and Black when BOTH of his parents are Black??? I do not argue with them calling Zimmerman White AND Hispanic but erm…he is both why? BECAUSE His father is WHITE and his mother is HISPANIC! This isn’t the guessing game. Think before you type please or else you would only continue to make a fool out of yourself.

  • Miguel

    Do not assume the graffiti was done by a white or Hispanic. I would first check to see if Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton were in town. This reeks of race baiting by the pro’s.

    • muhammad X. Cheeks

      there is a long history of blacks perpetrating race hoaxes, even going so far as to burn down black churches and blame whites

      • jdog777

        they blame black on black murder/rape on whites. Why would this be any different.

      • Brian

        Well, we did invent matches

  • The Sage Waitress

    This is only going to escalate. I would expect OSU’s White Cultural Center to be defaced with Trayvon graffiti.

    • Tami

      No I believe everywhere you look in America there are “white cultural centers” lets start with the history books!!!

    • Dace

      They’re called museums…

      • Nicolasraage

        Have you ever been in a museum? Everyone I’ve been in has culture from around the world.

    • jdog777

      White Cultural center??? LOL. Is there such a thing

      • The Sage Waitress

        The sarcasm is dripping so heavy off that comment that I need a new keyboard!

      • Joe the dog

        I believe White Cultural centers are illegal in Ameraca

    • nowswimback

      Didn’t you hear? Whites don’t have a culture. Computers, automobiles, airplanes, light bulbs, roads….none of those things really exist.

      • SmarterThanYou

        “White Culture” is largely defined as American Culture. We don’t need a “White Culture” center when all you learn in school, see on TV and can read in books is largely founded in WHITE culture. “Black” culture in a majority white country, shouldn’t be an issue, well unless of course you’re a racist. Then obviously you’d have a problem with it.

      • Nicolasraage

        Rhea, Electric traffic lights had patents and were in use 12 years before Garrett morgans 1923 patent. (non electric in 1800s) New York and Detroit had 3 light traffic lights in 1920.
        The two patents by Lewis Latimers 1881 patent came after Edisons 50+ filament patents, and had no improvements over his Edisons . Also, Joseph Swan was experimenting with filaments in the 1860’s. Latimer was later hired by Edison in 1884 to be a draftsman.

        So, how is that Black History class working out for you? Have you learned anything but racism in it?

      • Mummy Face Pelosi

        Jdog’s sarcasm is because there is no white miss america, or white congressional caucus, or national society for the advancement of Caucasian people… And if there were we would all be in trouble.

      • Rhea

        Light bulbs wouldn’t work without the filament. Go ahead, try it. You couldn’t drive your automobiles safely on roads (the roads, by the way, that you built over Native American land) without traffic lights.


  • FedUp Florida

    But it’s okay for the ni6s to wear ‘pu$$y a$$ cracker’ t-shirts? Such a double standard. Someone take out sharpton or jackson and let us all off the hook already!

    • Bigg Smoke

      If I remember correctly the KKK were the original boys in the hoods. Where was your political correctness back then. Maybe if we take out Zimmerman and his dumb daddy and pu$$y a$$ brother then you would be off the hook.

    • Ron Langevin


      • asdf



    • kirok


  • Roy Baty

    I can’t even read the black graffiti around here. Probably says long live cop killer Mumia.

    • Bigg Smoke

      Hey Roy, it probably does.

  • JeffT

    Predictable, you’ve been paying attention. You go to the head of the class, with a gold star!

  • mikeinsa

    How many more Trayvons does there have to be?

    As many as it takes.

  • Beachguy53

    The Ohio State Blackeyes?

  • Steve Redder

    The obama media and the black community are a disgrace. This is yet one more example of their get whitey agenda.

    • SmarterThanYou

      You’re a nonsensical conspiracy theorist spouting unfounded B.S. to be co-signed by several other “Good Ole Boys” on a news site. You’re a classifiable nutcase. There is no “Get Whitey” agenda, your paranoia is destroying your sense of reality.

    • Bigg Smoke

      Steve Redder, If it is, it’s working. Get em and get em good…………..

    • DonarOak505

      That is true, its screwed up, hypocrytical and completley backwards how its okay for people to be racist against those of us who are of European descent, but if we say anything to defend ourselves were the racist ones, Al Sharpton can incite a race war when he wants, Kanye West can jump on stage and rip a mic out of a white girl’s hand who just won a reward, if it was the other way around and Beyonce won an award and John Mayer jumped on stage and ripped the mic out of beyonce’s hand he would be considered a racist but not Kanye its okay for black people to be racist because of something my great, great, great grandfather may or may not have done, I’m not my father I did not enslave or opress anyone and black people living in this country today are not opressed don’t act like the struggles of your ancestors are your struggles, if a black man is struggling today in America its the same reason a white man would be struggling today its his own fault and he didn’t stay in school.

      • SmarterThanYou

        What kanye did was dumb but it wasn’t racist.
        Are you dense ?

      • Mr. T

        No John Mayer would be pummled

    • frito


  • WBC

    I will give anyone 20-1 odds that the “perpetrator” was either a black student or a black faculty member.

  • VulpesRex

    Kudos to whoever did this. Hopefully the first act of many acts of rebellion against the black race-baiting machine.

    @Sage Waitress – Hopefully sarcasm was implicit in your post, as I’m sure you know that there is not a single White Cultural Center on any college campus anywhere in the USA.

    • Bigg Smoke

      VulpesRex if there is not a single White Cultural Center on any college campus anywhere in the USA, then that’s good. Excellent. It should stay that way.

    • lev


      • Joe the dog


  • X

    How can this even be believed without asking questions? NBC lied about their tape edit which made Zimmerman look racist. All of the media have lied about the facts of this case. Al Sharpton is still race baiting inspite of facts proving Zimmerman was attacked. Starting to smell a lot like the boy who cried wolf. An Obama supporter is the most likely suspect in this battleground state.

    • BC

      Careful about using the term “boy,” X – someone will call you “racist.”

  • Roy Baty

    Before his death, when Leonides said to Ephialtes, Live Long, he was cursing the miserable traitor.

  • amplitude jones

    Mr Z is hispanic/semitic. But hey- that is far more American than african is, the way the barbarians have been acting since MLK2.
    Why all these Black sections on every campus? They cannot feel OK without the tribal romba thing?
    White Cultural centers need to be established. You know- WHERE MODERN CIVILIZATION COMES FROM

    • Bigg Smoke

      amplitude jones is a redneck having sex with his sister. Just like Santorum had sex with his mother. Now they have a bunch of retarded kids. The little one with the disease kind of looks like Zimmerman’s love child. While Santorum was away, the redneck was at play. Why is the entire campus white with only a Black section. But hey- that is more American than the CaucASIAN is, the way the cavemen have been acting since that backwood bitch George Wallace. More Black cultural centers need to be established. You know Where MODERN CIVILIZATION WAS STOLEN FROM………………..

      • RaaniJ

        I LOVE THIS!! lol

    • DonarOak505

      Kudos amplitude

    • S in FL

      Better wish for gum drop rain and candy cane lanes…….THOSE institutions would be called “racist” maybe White Entertainment Television (WET)?

      • SmarterThanYou

        There is a “White Entertainment Television” it’s every channel that isn’t B.E.T. or TV One.

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