CINCINNATI, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) — An Ohio woman is talking again after not being able to speak for over 30 years.

Jan Christian, 52, originally cracked her throat when she hit the dashboard during a car crash when she was 17, rendering her unable to talk, according to WXIX-TV.

“None of my family has ever heard my original voice, except for my mother,” Christian told WXIX.

Christian was unable to talk for the next 35 years of her life until she met Dr. Sid Khosla, an ear, nose and throat specialist at University Hospital in Cincinnati.

An anonymous woman Christian met shopping recommended her to see Khosla after she heard her speak.

“I can’t remember her face and I would love to know who she is,” Christian told WXIX. “She gave me a little miracle card.”

Khosla used jet engine technology to help Christian regain the ability to talk.

And now she’s quite the chatterbox.

“Sometimes I think (my husband) wishes I was quiet again,” Christian told WXIX. “He used to joke that he had the perfect wife, one that couldn’t talk.”

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