HERSHEY, Pa. (CBS Cleveland) – The Hershey Company has landed itself in hot water with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration after making reportedly erroneous health claims about one of their chocolate syrups.

Referred to on its website as “a great new way to get extra nutrition from the syrup you love,” the company claims that its new Syrup with Calcium is a “good” – defined by them as 10 percent of the Reference Daily Intake – source of calcium, zinc, biotin, and vitamins E and B5.

These claims got the attention of the FDA, who are now demanding the labeling be changed. According to Reuters, the terms “plus” and “fortification” are especially an issue for the regulatory administration.

The ingredients also allegedly do not meet the guidelines necessary in making such claims.

Officials from Hershey told Reuters that they have resolved the matter, and will be amending their labels to satisfy the FDA’s demands.

Hershey’s is not the only confectionery company to receive negative attention after claiming to be good for your health.

The makers of Nutella were also forced to eat their words after airing commercials extolling the healthy virtues of the chocolate hazelnut spread as a breakfast option. Nutella was subsequently hit with a class action lawsuit led by a California mother who had tried to encourage her young child to eat using the spread as part of breakfast.


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