TORONTO (CBS Cleveland) – A missing woman was found after an hours-long search party – in which she herself was participating.

The Toronto Sun is reporting that approximately 50 tourists logged multiple hours Saturday night in search of a woman thought to be missing near Eldgja canyon in Iceland.

During a sight-seeing trip to the area, one woman allegedly broke off from the group to clean up and find a change of clothing.

When she returned, the rest of her tour group didn’t recognize her, and talk of a missing person began to occur.

A description of the missing person was offered, which the woman did not recognize as herself. She began to assist the others in looking.

The coast guard also reportedly preparing a helicopter to help in the search.

Around 3 a.m., the party realized that the woman they sought was among them, trying also to find the nonexistent missing member of their party.

The search was subsequently called off.


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