LOUISVILLE, Ky. (CBS Cleveland) — Some people find buried treasure, others find dinosaur bones, but this time something more illicit was found buried under a group of Whiskey Row apartments in Louisville.

WHAS-TV reports construction workers stumbled onto an abandoned sadomasochistic club when they were preparing a few buildings for internal demolition.

The club called “LATEX” appears to have been abandoned for a long period of time. Inside there are a series of oil paintings that are reproductions of well-known work — including “Saturn Devouring His Son” by Francisco Goya and “Femme Couchee” by Salvador Dali.

But the most interesting thing left behind is the rack with gear that appears to have been made with a saw blade.

A founding member of LATEX explained to WHAS that the club was founded in the mid-90s and was in operation until the late 90s.

LATEX stood for “Louisville Area Trust Exchange” and had around 1,000 members.

“A group of about eight of us decided to form an organization to promote and teach people about safe ways to practice sadomasochism,” the anonymous founding member told the station.

The organization mainly worked out of “Sparks,” a club that was located across the street from the hidden S&M dungeon.

A source tells WHAS that LATEX did “demonstrations, theatrical performances, held workshops and classes, did benefits for local charities, and eventually opened the clubhouse-private area across the street in the room the construction crew discovered.”

In its heyday the club boasted more than the rack, but dozens of devices for S&M.

The current owners of the building are planning to keep the rack and the paintings to preserve the buildings unusual past.


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