Mike Holmgren Remains Committed To Pat Shurmur

Mike Holmgren promised he would be more visible in 2012, and he has shown that by appearing on the Kiley & Booms Show twice in the last three months. Some of the highlights from this time around were how he is dealing with the ownership change and doesn’t want to be a disruption, the future of head coach Pat Shurmur, why Brandon Weeden didn’t play in the last preseason game, and how the league will handle the fate of Joe Haden.

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    […] – And some guy named Mike Holmgren came in studio today for about a half […]

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    […] RELATED – Audio: Mike Holmgren with Kiley and Booms on 92.3 The Fan. […]

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    […] – Hey, did you hear we broke a national news story yesterday? Mike Holmgren appeared on our show yesterday and admitted that Joe Haden had an appeal hearing. Oh, and we also gave you a black bear update. […]

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