Through costume, everyone can have a little pride. But when fans deck out a mobile tailgating location, you know it’s serious.

The Browns Bus

Old Man Jay, one of the biggest Browns fans around, started The Browns Bus with an old yellow short bus and quickly turned it into an attraction. Since acquiring the bus, it has gone from yellow to orange and brown and gained a trailer. Though it is not the largest of the tailgate mobiles around, it is one of the most famous. Old Man Jay and his tailgate fans all welcome any new tailgaters to the party! Feel free to join and experience a Cleveland legend in the making. You can follow Old Man Jay and The Browns Bus on Facebook.

The Muni Crue

The Muni Crue
is a self-described, hardcore tailgating Browns fan club. This club loves the Browns and has realistic views of what will happen at every game. What members are more concerned with is the possibility of a great tailgating party! No matter what the Cleveland weather brings (and the Cleveland team brings), the Muni Crue will be parked in the same spot that it has snagged for the past several seasons in the Muni Lot. The Muni Crue started as a small group of people just looking to see the Browns succeed and have moved on to become a sponsored tailgating fan club. The portable bar sponsor is Best of Times, the salsa and chip sponsor is Stadium Salsa and the cornhole board sponsor is You can follow the Muni Crue on Twitter or Facebook

The Tailgate Dawg

The Tailgate Dawg
is the official location of the tailgating party that represents the Dawg Pound when the fans can’t be in the stands. The Tailgate Dawg is also parked in the Muni Lot and has plenty of Browns spirit to compete with the rest of the tailgate fans. The bus quickly became quite a sight when the group of tailgaters decided to decorate it like the “Dumb and Dumber” dog-grooming van. The bus dons a dog face on the grill, dog legs on the sides and a detachable trailer that houses the grill and bar area for some tasty tailgating eats and refreshments. 

The Kennel

An orange and brown painted bus is known as “The Kennel” to Muni Lot tailgaters. This year, the owner, Larry Laurello, has placed an orange inflatable pig reading “When Pigs Fly/Go Browns” on top of the bus. He says that if the Browns don’t make it to the Super Bowl, he’ll burn the pig at the end of the season. The Kennel is a simple tailgating vehicle, but also a spirited one with unique decor and lively fans.

The Browns Bunch

This particular group of tailgaters has taken the phrase “You know how we do!” and made it their own. They have even made their name known on and claim their fame through their ability to celebrate the Browns no matter what. In 2010, The Browns Bunch vehicle won the Best Browns Backers vehicle award. It’s clear why this vehicle won an award; the bus has an impressively crafted helmet on the front of it, a TV mounted to watch the game from and speakers and a DJ. Also, who could leave out the grill and and the beer taps? Chris Wenz, the creator, certainly didn’t. You can follow The Browns Bunch on Twitter and Facebook

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Kaitlin Dershaw is an Ohio native with a distinct love for Cleveland. She enjoys making new discoveries from tasty places to eat and drink, to perfectly unique live music venues. Her work can be found at


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