Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:05 – Kiley and Booms began Thursday’s show by talking about today’s guest, a woman who glued 250,000 pennies to the floor of her art gallery. The guys talked about the value of a penny anymore and Kiley told stories of how much he could buy with a penny when he was a kid. This shifted to NBA discussion, as the Cavs lost to Golden State 106-96. The guys also weighed in on the Lakers, who are a disappointing 1-4 after acquiring Dwight Howard and Steve Nash in the off-season.


6:45 – Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman’s wife is nine month pregnant, and is expected to go into labor this weekend. Tillman said in a radio interview that he would miss Sunday night’s game if she went into labor on Sunday. This sparked a debate on whether Tillman has a responsibility to play in the game or attend the birth of his fourth child. Kiley and Booms gave their opinions and opened up the discussion to the callers.


7:06 – The Charles Tillman story was a hot button issue with the callers, and Kiley and Booms took calls all morning from men and women who gave their opinion on the situation or to share personal stories of when their kids were born.


9:44 – Mel Angst from Artisan Tattoo Gallery in Pittsburgh to talk about her decision instead of new tile or flooring, to glue 250,000 pennies to the floor. The project took 400 hours, and received help from volunteers, which were rewarded with free tattoos. Mel talked about how they kept the pennies level, and the ongoing process as she completes her project.



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