Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:24 – Yesterday’s big Browns news was Jason LaCanfora’s story about Mike Holmgren being interested in the Dallas Cowboys head coaching job. Holmgren then denied the rumors yesterday at Browns camp which prompted speculation as to who is telling the truth. Kiley then likened this scenario to one in his career and told a story about him being misquoted about Joe Namath years ago.


7:24 – Kiley and Booms welcomed the Browns back from their bye week by asking “What went right and what went wrong” through the first nine games of the season. They took calls on this subject and led to a spirited Kiley and Booms debate.


8:45 – Magic Johnson commented on the Lakers firing Mike Brown over the weekend and claimed the Lakers are not like other professional sports teams because failure is not an option. Magic also criticized Mike Brown’s tenure in Cleveland for being a poor game day coach. This prompted a heated exchange between the guys on whether the Cavs and other Cleveland teams can compare themselves to the elite teams in sports.


9:24 – The Magic Johnson comments sparked the debate that commanded the rest of the morning. Booms was adamant he doesn’t want the Cavs or other Cleveland teams to be patient and wants to win now, where Kiley insisted Cleveland doesn’t have that luxury to do so. The guys argued this point and each brought evidence to support their theories. Chuck and Goat B also gave their daily General Hospital update.



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