Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:06 – It’s rivalry week with Ohio State and Michigan facing off on Saturday and the Browns and Steelers on Sunday. Kiley, being from New York, really has no ties to college football, and asked, which of these two games features and bigger rivalry, and which are you more excited for?


7:06 – Maryland and Rutgers announced that they would be joining the Big 10 in the latest of colleges and conferences re-organizing. This prompted Kiley and Booms to point out the flaws for restructuring, and asked what and who does it ultimately serve? Fortunately, Don Boomleone was there to explain everything.


8:06 – Monsters head coach Dean Chynoweth came on the air this morning to talk about the team’s progress through the first sixteen games of the season. The team, currently at 9-6-1, is tied for second place with Toronto, four points behind the division leading Abbotsford Heat. Coach talked about the impact of the NHL lockout on his team, his new “hockey teeth,” and weighed in on whether you sit on a lead (like Pat Shurmur) or attacking when you’re on offense.


8:54 – Jackie Samuel from The Snuggery called in from Penfield, NY to talk about her business as a “professional cuddler,” who charges $60 per hour to snuggle up next to her.


9:06 – The fan’s own Dustin Fox came on the air to talk about the Ohio State-Michigan game this Saturday. Dustin expressed how big a game this is to every Buckeye, and as a former CB and national champion for the 2002 Buckeyes, Dustin gave an unique look at the rivalry game.



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