tailgate fan1 Bathroom Guide for Browns Tailgaters
Bathroom breaks are crucial if you’re going to celebrate, imbibe and stay healthy and hydrated during a Browns game. No one wants an emergency to arise for anyone, especially during an intense game, so being prepared is crucial.

Porta Potties

Porta potties are typically stationed around major tailgating lots so that those tailgating will have access to a bathroom even though they aren’t attending the game. Just because you aren’t in the stadium doesn’t mean you have to “hold it” all day. Just remember to have some hand sanitizer readily available, as those facilities can get germ infested quickly and not all will be equipped with a hand washing station. Also, despite the urge, please be safe around these, as they can be dangerous, even if it’s just some “playful” pranking. No one wants the big game day to be punctuated by a porta potty disaster.

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Public Restrooms

If you’re tailgating in a parking lot of a bar or restaurant, the staff will likely let you use the bathrooms inside if you are tailgating with an affiliated party in their lot. If they don’t have a porta potty, don’t worry, since they definitely have a toilet inside and a wristband or some identifying accessory will probably get you in the door. Remember to behave and don’t push the limits of the staff, since they are hosting the party for fans like yourself and you wouldn’t want to be stuck without something as valuable as restroom privileges.

RV Johns

Those tailgaters that are serious about their game-day celebrations and have a decked out RV more than likely have a functioning restroom onboard. While they may not be as welcoming to everyone using their restrooms, it’s likely that they will be welcoming to those who are celebrating with them and rooting for the Browns. Similar to the use of bars and restaurants’ restrooms, be courteous and respectful of those granting you access to their valuable facilities. Remember your 10 Commandments!

Stadium Restroom Map

If you are attending the game and have access to the restrooms in the stadium, be sure not to get lost inside. The restrooms have quite a bit of a walk attached to them, so also remember to check in with your bladder frequently, as getting to a restroom might not go as quickly as you thought. Unpredictable lines and crowds are inevitable. Visit the Browns Stadium website ahead of time and check out the info guide, which will tell you what sections the bathrooms are near and provide a map of the sections, so location and plotting is easy.

Just remember that once you have your bathroom plan for the day, you’re good to go. Stay hydrated and don’t worry about limiting your bathroom trips. No one wants to be dehydrated or sick due to tailgating gone awry. Keep these safety tips in mind and have a great time cheering for the Browns!

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Kaitlin Dershaw is an Ohio native with a distinct love for Cleveland. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.


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