Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:06 – The Browns slim playoff hopes evaporated yesterday following the embarrassing 38-21 loss to the Redskins, who were lead by rookie quarterback Kirk Cousins in his first NFL start. Brandon Weeden played awful, and Pat Shurmur was out coached, yet again. Kiley and Booms came on the air and recapped this disappointing final home game of the season.


7:23 – Coach Sam Rutigliano came on the air this morning, as he does every Monday at 7:20, to talk about the Browns-Redskins game, a 38-21 loss by the Browns, which eliminated them from playoff contention. You can listen to his segment here.


8:05 – Marcus Glover, the senior VP and general manager of the Horseshoe Casino called in to talk about ‘Holidays at the Higbee Buidling.’ The casino, which is housed in the old Higbee building, has decorated the casino floor with old decorations from Higbee’s Department Store and Marcus called in to talk about the casino.


8:44 – Tony Zarrella, the sports director at 19 Action News and host of Tailgate 19, called in to discuss the Browns 17-point loss to the Washington Redskins.


9:24 – Kiley and Booms were still analyzing the Browns 17-point loss to the Redskins, and the poor play of quarterback Brandon Weeden, the inept coaching of Pat Shurmur, and just why they don’t try Colt McCoy out with just two games to go.



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