STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – A video released today shows a partygoer joking about the lifeless body of the 16-year-old Ohio girl who has since accused two high-school football players of raping her.

The video, which was released by KnightSec and runs about 12 minutes long, shows Michael Nodianos, a former Steubenville High School student, making jokes at the expense of the lifeless body of the 16-year-old female accuser. Nodianos, whose tweets about the incident were instrumental in helping police figure out the details of the night, recognized that the girl had been raped. Nodianos added that the victim looked “dead.”

“They peed on her,” Nodianos said in the video. “That’s how you know she’s dead, because someone pissed on her.”

Nodianos went on to make more “jokes” during the course of the video, making pop-culture references to “Pulp Fiction,” Mike Tyson, the Duke lacrosse team, “Star Wars,” and Nicole Brown Simpson among others when mentioning the force and speed of the alleged rape.

At one point of the video, someone off-camera mentions that “Trent and Ma’lik raped someone.” The boys referenced are Trent Mays and Ma’Lik Richmond, who are both being charged in the rape.

Until today, the video, which was mentioned in the initial New York Times story about the case, was not made available to the public. The video was posted by Deadspin earlier today.


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