PAINESVILLE, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) — An Ohio judge has sentenced a drunk driver to look at the dead bodies of traffic fatality victims.

Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael Cicconetti, who is known for his creative sentences, told WKYC-TV that this is a “scared-straight tactic.”

“If we prevent one person because of this driving under the influence, I’ve done something,” Cicconetti told WKYC.

Jonathan Tarase, 27, was found guilty of operating a vehicle while intoxicated in October after running a stop sign and nearly hitting a husband and wife.

Tarase apologized in court to the couple, but Cicconetti wanted to make sure Tarase never does this again.

“I’m not doing this for the publicity, I’m doing this to get through to people. These actions have to stop” Cicconetti told WTVR-TV.

On top of viewing the two dead bodies either at a hospital or coroner’s office, Tarase was sentenced to 65 days in jail and will be on parole for six months.

According to WKYC, previous Cicconetti sentences included making a woman who abandoned dozens of kittens in a forest spend a night in the woods and making a man who shot a dog donate 40 pounds of dog food to a local animal shelter.


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