Comedian Mike Polk Jr. autographing his new book. (Photo: Katherine Boyd)

Comedian Mike Polk Jr. autographing his new book. (Photo: Katherine Boyd)

The new Cleveland Connection is thrilled to have as our first guest… The one, the only, Mike Polk Jr.

Not only is the Cleveland comedian a YouTube sensation and Fox 8 superstar… he’s now a published author!


Listen to the podcast:  Cleveland Connection 1.20.13

Mike’s new book is called “Damn Right I’m From Cleveland,” and it’s stuffed cover to cover with laugh out loud jokes only a true Clevelander will appreciate.

Our Katherine Boyd sat down with Mike while he explained the difference between East Side vs. West Side.  Why we love Dick Goddard. And why he calls Browns Stadium “The Factory of Sadness.”

We talk to Mike Polk Jr. about his inspiration for such YouTube sensations as:

Factory of Sadness

Huge Group of Girls (We can’t link it ’cause it has some naughty words!)

And the Hastily Made Cleveland tourism video

As Mike explains, every joke is made out of love for the city he calls home: Cleveland!

To learn more about Mike Polk Jr., his videos and how to get his book, visit

Mike Polk Jr's book

Mike Polk Jr’s book

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