BEREA (92.3 The Fan) – Former San Diego Chargers head coach Norv Turner was introduced Wednesday morning as the Browns’ new offensive coordinator.

Head coach Rob Chudzinski and Turner have worked together for several years and expect the chemistry between them will help turn the Browns’ offense around.

Below is a transcript of the press conference featuring Chudzinski and Turner courtesy of the Browns media relations staff.

Rob Chudzinski (Opening statement)
“Good morning everyone, thanks for coming today. I get this opportunity to introduce Norv Turner as our offensive coordinator and obviously, I’m extremely excited about Norv being here. We have known each other for a long time and had a chance to work together in San Diego for two years. Norv has been one of the best coaches in this league for a long time and I’m extremely excited for him to be here as our offensive coordinator. Our offensive philosophies, in working together and knowing him, mesh very well so I’m excited about us putting together and pulling from things that I’ve done in the last few years and Norv’s done and putting together the Browns’ offense. Obviously, with my relationship with Norv, he’ll be extremely valuable in his experiences as a head coach and me having a sounding board with somebody with that kind of experience that’s 20 feet down the hall that I can go in and pop in his office and bounce things off of. We sat down a little bit and started shaping what we want as the Browns’ offense. We’ve talked through a number of things. Norv will be calling the plays. I’ll be involved in that process and overseeing that as well. Norv will also be coaching the quarterbacks, which based on his history and past, the great quarterbacks that he’s been around and developed throughout the years, I think that will be a real asset for us. But again, overall I’m excited in putting this thing together as we sit down during the course of the next few weeks and both evaluate personnel and also put together the offense as I was talking about before. I’m really excited about this and I’ll turn it over to Norv now.”

Norv Turner (Opening statement)
“Thanks Rob. I look forward to meeting all of you, to working with you, and doing the things that are involved in that, obviously, as an offensive coordinator. I’m extremely excited to be a part of the Cleveland Browns – new ownership, new leadership in all areas. Certainly my relationship with Rob is a big part of the reason I wanted to be here, but in talking to Rob I think the excitement of what’s happening here in Cleveland, he really got to me. Having a feel for a lot of the players on the roster, the youth of the team was extremely exciting to me and it looked like a great opportunity to be with someone who, obviously we share a philosophy in terms of offensive football and the way you play football. The biggest thing for me, you want to offensively be a team that is exciting. You want to be a team that the fans love to watch. If you’re going to be that type of team, obviously you have to be able to score points, you have to be able to make explosive plays, big plays, you have to be a team that plays fast, plays hard, plays physical and I think it will show that our guys like to play football. I think that is something that has always been conveyed in the way we play the game. I’m excited to be here and certainly excited to work with Rob.”

Norv Turner (On if there are any comparisons between the players on the Browns roster to any of his former players)
“When people want to start making comparisons, first of all it’s early. Second of all, I think each guy has his own style, has his own thing that he brings. I always compare production more than types of players. I got to see Trent (Richardson) firsthand. He made an amazing, explosive run against us in that game here in October, I think it was. I know it was a rainy day, but he’s an impressive, young player. I’ve been fortunate through most of my stops to be with outstanding running backs, great running backs. Guys who have characteristics like Trent. I’ve been fortunate to be able to coach five backs that have led the NFL in rushing. I think that experience will help me in terms of understanding what we need to do.”

Norv Turner (On what his impressions of Brandon Weeden are after playing against him this year)
“I think you have an idea and first of all, I always am reluctant to be too quick to evaluate a young player. Brandon’s a very, very young player in terms of his experience, but he did good things in the game when we played and he did good things in the games that we evaluated getting ready for that game. The thing that I really – when I started talking to Rob and looking at personnel – Rob and I have both been fortunate to have been with young players and be able to develop young players. I think we’ll look for the guys, what they do best and find a way to get them an opportunity to do that and then hopefully they can continue to grow as players. I look at what Rob did in Carolina with Cam (Newton) and the production and the things he did over his first two years. That’s what you’re trying to do with young players – allow them to get better and grow. So for me to give you a big evaluation on Brandon would not be fair. I, first of all, haven’t met him and I just started looking at tape.”

Norv Turner (On if he wants to have a fullback like he has had in the past with Daryl Johnston and Lorenzo Neal)
“You want to be a physical football team. We’ve had good fullbacks where we’ve been and we’ve done things from more of a two tight end-two receiver set. So I think a lot of what’s happening in football now is the field is being spread a lot more. The fullback still has got a role, but it’s not as big a role in this league. You like to have that physical presence. Sometimes you get that out of a tight end, sometimes you get that out of a pure fullback.”

Rob Chudzinski (On if it was an easy decision to hand the play calling duties off to Turner)
“We talked through it and talked through some of the things. We started with what we’re going to call things because we were a little bit different in some of those, what we want the offense to look like and we’re still having those discussions. But, Norv’s been one of the best play callers in the league for a long time so it was just a matter of getting to that and us sitting down and working through the process and that will be an ongoing process of, again, defining what the Browns’ offense is going to be.”

Rob Chudzinski (On if it was difficult for him not to call the plays this year)
“I think that one of the things you want to do as a head coach is recognize the people that are around you and the talents that they have. With Norv here, there’s no doubt in my mind he’ll do a great job as the play caller. I’ll still be involved. The way that we’ve done this is from a game-planning standpoint and on gameday when I was with Norv when we we’re in San Diego together is that everybody’s really involved through the whole process of that. Certainly, like I said, I’ll oversee it, but be involved in suggesting or whatever it may be or calling it at times. That process is a fluid process in my experience and my experiences with Norv.”

Rob Chudzinski (On how he will benefit from having Turner call the offensive plays)
“First of all, Norv is outstanding at it so it will give us a great opportunity to win. Secondly, I think it will allow me to be able to be involved more with special teams, be involved more with defense and those guys in those areas. One of the things as a head coach that I want be careful of is just being classified as an offensive guy. I’m the head coach of the football team and being involved with everybody in all of those different phases and all of our players on a day-to-day basis is important in shaping the direction that we want to go.”

Rob Chudzinski (On if he would like to have an athletic/mobile quarterback on the roster)
“I think again, as Norv mentioned, the most important thing you do as a coach and I learned a lot of this from Norv, is to be able to adjust to the people that you do have. Really focus on the guys that you have, finding roles for them, finding what they do the best and putting them in the situations to be able to let them have the success that they can have. From that stand point, the first thing we have to do is look at the guys that we have here and see what they can do and see where they would fit in and how we can adjust and grow the Browns’ offense to doing what they can do best and then going from there.”

Norv Turner (On when he watches Brandon Weeden on tape if he sees a guy with potential that he can bring out the best in)
“Again, I go to the history, the track record and it’s what Rob was talking about. Whoever you’re coaching and whether it be a receiver, a quarterback, a running back, whatever it might be, I think you’re looking for ways for him to improve. Certainly there are things I look at right now and I say, ‘Brandon can get a lot better at these things.’ So you get excited, you go out and work on the details of playing the position. Part of playing quarterback is getting everyone else around him playing at a high level also. So that’s one of the things we’re going to do is spend a lot of time talking about how we get everybody on the same page and then everybody playing at a high level because they really do feed off each other. I’m excited. I love working with young guys. Rob and I both have had a lot of success with young players and there’s a lot of guys that I’ve been with that I think have had their best seasons while I was coaching them. That’s an exciting thing to get with some guys and watch them grow.”

Norv Turner (On if it is difficult not being a head coach anymore)
“To me, this is incredible, to have an opportunity to be here, to be with Rob. When he called I took a lot of time to decide what I wanted to do in terms of the next phase of my career. The opportunity to be with Rob, help him and coach for him and I think he’s putting together a great staff. It’s just an exciting opportunity for me.”

Norv Turner (On if he had to consider other job offers)
“I’m fortunate that I’ve got a lot of people I’ve worked with and people I know in the league. There are some people that appreciate the things I’ve been able to do so that didn’t really matter, the opportunities that I had or didn’t have. This is really where I wanted to be. I wanted to be with Rob. I wanted to have a chance to be on his staff with this organization and that’s really what matters to me.”

Norv Turner (On who else he was impressed with on the Browns roster when they played San Diego)
“The thing that happens and again, you’re talking about when we were getting ready to play Cleveland is that I saw potential. I saw guys that when they were doing things right, they did them very well. As I said, when you’re dealing with young players, getting them to do it over and over and over again can be the challenge, but certainly there are guys that got my attention. I thought the offensive line was a good offensive line. I thought there were guys on the outside that had a chance to be good players and be guys that can make big plays.”

Norv Turner (On what advice he would give Chudzinski about being a first-time head coach)
“I won’t say is this advice I’d give Chud (Chudzinski), I’d give any guy. A number of years ago Mike Tomlin, when he got the Steeler job, we were waiting for a meeting at the owners meetings and we were talking about it. I just think there are a lot of things that you have to handle that you don’t realize that first year. That is, I think, one of the things Rob has kind of thought in terms of the role I’m playing offensively because there are a lot of things that you have to handle that are other than just dealing with one side of the ball. That would be the biggest thing. You can get spread pretty thin real fast.”

Norv Turner (On why he hired Chudzinski in San Diego)
“We had a change of staff. We had a coach leave. I think we had someone get a job, but anyway, I thought that one of the things I’ve always tried to do and I think good coaches try to do is continue to grow and stay relevant. There were things I thought Rob could bring to our offensive staff and could bring to what we were doing on offense that could really help us get better. He was familiar with the system, he had been in the system and he had coached (Antonio) Gates before so there were a lot of things that really attracted me to getting Rob with us. I made him Assistant Head Coach, he helped me with a lot of the things you do as a head coach like I’m talking about and then Rob brought a lot of things that I had not been exposed to offensively that we kind of tied together with what we were doing. That first year he was with us we were 13-3 and we were a very, very productive offense. We were in the top five in big plays in the league and we’ve always been very productive in terms of plays over 20 yards. The second year we were together we were first in the league in total offense and again, we were in the top four or five in terms of big plays. Bringing him in really, I think, gave our offense a little different look and gave our guys some more things to get good at and we expanded with that.”

Rob Chudzinski (On if he knew Turner before he was hired by him)
“Probably for about 20 years we’ve known each other.”

Norv Turner (On Brandon Weeden in the West Coast Offense and how he would fit into his offense)
“The way this league is now and I know people want to label different styles of offense, but most of the labels now are based on the terminology you use and the background of the people who are coaching it. I think the way this game has evolved most people are trying to do a lot of the same things, they just maybe name them different so I never get caught up in systems. I think you look for the things that, in terms of the style of offense we have, you look at the tape and identify things that I think Brandon does well that we’re going to ask him to do. I look at things where I know he has to improve and needs to get better to do the things we want him to do, but I think he has a lot of the skill set that we’re looking for. Again, this is early in terms of an evaluation, but he does have a big arm and he can throw the ball up the field.”

Norv Turner (On if he has had a chance to look at Colt McCoy and how McCoy’s skills translate to the offense he runs)
“I just think to get into the evaluation of players, it’s really not fair to them. I am familiar with Colt. I watched him come out, watched him play when he played for Cleveland. He brings a different style than maybe Brandon. He’s been a productive player when he’s played.”

Norv Turner (On if he has to think differently regarding big plays due to the cold weather here)
“Some of our best passing games have come in the real cold, the people think are the tougher conditions to play in. The day we were here, I don’t think either team was going to make many plays. It was not only cold, it was windy and very rainy so obviously, some of that does limit you and that’s what we talked about being a physical team. Not only being a physical team, but being a complete team so if you’re in the conditions where you’re not going to make a lot of big plays, being able to be more of a high percentage team and run the football. You look at the games that were played this past weekend and the games that were played in the weather, I didn’t see a limit in terms of big plays or of production offensively so I’ve never really felt, other than when it gets real windy and rainy that it limits you. In fact, some of the big passing games that I’ve been involved with have been in the real cold weather. Places like New York, Philadelphia, those types of places.”

Rob Chudzinski (On his relationship with Mike Lombardi)
“It’s been great. We’ve had a lot of chances to sit down and talk. I’ve been in and out of his office and he’s been in and out of my office. He’s getting settled in. We’ll have some more meetings as time goes on here in the next few weeks of really sitting down and talking more personnel. Really, most of my efforts have been in putting together the staff and I feel we’re off to a great start. I’m really excited about the guys that we have. I’ve been taking my time with it. I want to make sure that we do it right and we get the right people in here, the people that are going to develop the guys on this team because that’s what it boils down to is making those guys the best guys they can be. Obviously, in Mike’s part in us working together to find guys to bring in to help us win as well. I’m excited where we’re at. We still have some more spots to fill and I’ve been real thorough in the process and taking my time. I really don’t have a timetable on it. I just want the right people here.”

Rob Chudzinski (On if he can say that they are proceeding with Brandon Weeden as the starting quarterback for 2013)
“No, I think that’s premature to say any of that. Again, until we all get together, we get the staff set, we get a chance to sit down and talk through personnel and everybody’s on the same page with those things. There’s always, you don’t know watching tape, necessarily how guys are. Sometimes guys will get out there and they get into the system and maybe it’s a better fit. Maybe you see some things that you didn’t see from tape, whether its game tape or practice tape so you just never know. Like Norv mentioned before, there’s a lot of young guys and those young guys have a lot of growth potential and you have to see what they are when you get out there on the field.”

Norv Turner (On if he thinks defenses will catch up with the read-option like they did with the run and shoot offense)
“I really believe and you were very specific talking about the run and shoot, but I think people catch up with whatever you’re doing. We go back to why I wanted Rob to come in and work for me, he brought some things that people didn’t identify me with in terms of the things we did on offense. I think the read-option and the style of offense that some of these teams are doing now, I think it’s going to be in the league for a long time. I think defenses will get better at defending it and you may not see the explosive big plays out of it like you saw in two or three of those games. I think it’s very successful in college and the college defenses have gotten better at defending it, but they certainly aren’t stopping it. I think depending on the type of players you have, yeah, it’s going to be a part of football at all levels.”

Rob Chudzinski (On how long it took him after he got to job to call Turner and if it is odd to now have Turner working for him)
“I knew that Norv was the guy that I wanted to bring here as the offensive coordinator and I had that trust level in him. We have a great relationship, have a great relationship. Like Norv mentioned, as an assistant head coach I was sitting in there a lot of times learning, dealing with the same issues, seeing what things were coming across his desk. I think we’re that close and I feel that close and have that kind of trust with him. I don’t see the situation as being awkward at all. I am happy to have him here. I’m a team guy. I’m leading the Browns in that way. Everybody’s going to contribute and that’s the type of environment we want here in this building.”


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