’s Clark Judge Says Modell Didn’t Make Hall Based On Moving Team’s NFL columnist Clark Judge called in to talk about Super Bowl XLVII. Clark said the 49ers last series, particular the play calling, was the reason San Francisco lost this game. Clark questioned why Harbaugh didn’t call his final timeout before the 4th and goal play as the play clock was winding down. Clark disagreed with the notion that Jim Harbaugh choked in this game, citing the impressive second half comeback, even after the 3rd quarter opening kick was taken back for a touchdown by the Ravens. Kiley and Booms asked Clark about the possibility of Alex Smith joining the Browns, who said the chance was high given his relation to Norv Turner. Clark, a Pro Football Hall of Fame voter, finished up his segment by talking about the final ballot and why Art Modell didn’t make the Hall of Fame, yet again.

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