Happen to miss the show this morning? If you did, well, don’t let it happen again. Here’s a taste of what was discussed.

6:23 – The Cavs beat the Bobcats 122-95 last night and Kyrie Irving scored 22 points in just 28 minutes. Tim in Fairport Harbor, a regular caller, went through his “show notes” to point out flaws in Kiley’s argument against Kyrie Irving being a superstar. This led to a bigger discussion of NBA players in the past and whether they make Kiley’s definition of a superstar.


7:44 – Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:40 is Ahead or Behind on Kiley and Booms. Today’s list was about the Super Bowl, ranked by the most watchable games to the least watchable games. You can find the complete list here.


8:23 – Our “Legal Eagle,” David Lynch, came on the air this morning to give his legal expertise on the Manti Te’o hoax. David talked about the different causes of action Te’o can take now against the hoaxer, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo. David also commented on governing the internet, and who is responsible to do so, and the verbal commitment in college recruiting.


8:44 – Yesterday was National Signing Day in the NCAA where student-athletes sign their letters of intent to decide where they want to continue their academic and athletic careers. Very often, players will verbally commit to one school, and then sign a letter of intent to another school. Kiley disapproved of this practice, and he and Booms talked with callers about the college recruitment and commitment process.



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