By DARYL RUITER, 92.3 The Fan Browns Beat ReporterBy Daryl Ruiter | 92.3 The Fan

INDIANAPOLIS (92.3 The Fan) – The Cleveland Browns’ brain-trust is preparing for their first draft under new ownership and management.

The talent evaluation process for CEO Joe Banner, vb/player personnel Michael Lombardi and coach Rob Chudzinski kicks into full gear this week in Indianapolis at the annual NFL Combine held at Lucas Oil Stadium.

They will be testing, evaluating and interviewing this year’s batch of draft prospects just like every other NFL executive, coach and scout in attendance.

Here is a what amounts to a partial ‘Combine dictionary’ of common terms and phrases to help you talk just like the brain trusts of the league – or at least understand what the analysts are talking about while watching at home on NFL Network.

Ankle Flexion – Bending properly at the ankle to keep the entire foot down on the ground

Burp The Baby – When a quarterback taps his non throwing hand on the football for a long time and waits too long to throw it

Character Guy – A player that is perceived to have character flaws/issues i.e. problems with coaches, teammates or criminal history

Duck – A wobbly throw by a quarterback

First Day Guy – Refers to a player who has displayed the skill-set to be drafted on the first day of the NFL draft which now just consists of the opening round (it used to be that the first three rounds were held on day 1)

Functional Speed – Anticipated/projected speed that a player will play with in pads as opposed to the shirts and shorts that they sport at the Combine

Happy Feet – When a quarterback gets nervous in the pocket and moves around too soon or too much

Heavy-Legged Waist Bender – An offensive lineman who tends to bend naturally at the waist instead of dipping his hips and bending with his knees

High Character Guy – The exact opposite of a character guy. Player with lots of character and there is no concern with his intangibles off of the field.

High Motor – Someone who plays with incredible energy consistently

Hip Flexion – Bending properly from the hip

JAG (Just A Guy) – Self explanatory i.e. a player who doesn’t distinguish himself as being skilled in any way

Knee Bender – An athletic offensive lineman who bends properly at the knees rather than at the hips

Manufactured Speed – Prospects will attend special speed camps prior to the Combine to enable them to run a better time in the 40-yard dash (executives often debate if a player runs the 40 with manufactured speed or functional speed)

Measurable – Anything that you can take a measure of and quantify it numerically i.e. height, weight, speed, jump, etc.

Play With Leverage – The ability to get low to the ground while maintaining balance and strength; often applied to offensive and defensive lineman as well as linebackers

Premium Road Grader – An offensive lineman who is extremely skilled at run blocking

Quick Twitch – A player who has a strong initial explosion/acceleration off the line of scrimmage

Spin – A throw from a quarterback that comes out of his hand well and has tight rotation to it

Workout Warrior – A player who looks good in the weight room or on the practice field but doesn’t play up to the level that his physical attributes suggest that he should be able to


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