WIP’s Glen Macnow Says Joe Banner Thinks A Lot Of Himself

Glen Macnow from WIP in Philadelphia called in to talk about Joe Banner’s time with the Philadelphia Eagles. Glen started off the conversation with an emphatic “I told you so,” in reference to a conversation with Kiley and Booms a few months ago when Banner was introduced as the team’s president and C.E.O. Glen talked about Banner’s responsibilities with the Eagles, and what he did best, which was knowing when to get a rid of player who was past their prime. Glen said Banner could be “vicious” and talked about a draft pick Banner was infamous for making, offensive lineman Winston Justice. Glen said Banner has a very off-putting demeanor, and thinks very highly of himself. Glen said he would hire Joe Banner for his team, but would build a 40-foot high wall between Banner’s office and the coaches.

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    […] 8:24 – Glen Macnow, afternoon host on WIP in Philadelphia, called in to talk about Joe Banner’s reign…. […]

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