Cleveland State Vikings head coach Gary Waters called in to talk about Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice’s now publicized behavior towards his players on the practice court. Rice was taped verbally berating, cursing and even throwing basketballs and throwing his players around during practices. Coach Waters commented on this style, and he and Kiley explained how this style of coaching was the norm in their youth, and even had high school coaches that would paddle players. Gary talked about how the culture has changed for the better, and coaches don’t have to use violence or profanity to get their point across. Coach talked about how these tough methods could be used to get to a difficult player, but ultimately this will hurt recruiting, as most parents don’t want their kids subjected to “tough love.” Coach Waters wrapped up his interview by breaking down the Final Four, and talked about his team’s game against Michigan earlier this season. Coach picked Louisville to emerge as the champions of the NCAA.


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