By Anthony Lima | 92.3 The Fan

Now that Byron Scott has traded in his final season under contract for endless greens fees at lavish courses and most likely new golf clubs (don’t invest in any belly putters Byron, they won’t be USGA approved in two years!), it’s time for the Cavs to begin their exhaustive search for a replacement.

Why do I call this list incomplete? Well considering that Chris Grant’s mentor Danny Ferry went with a guy more known for being a video coordinator than an actual serious coaching candidate, all bets are officially off. Let’s take a look at who could be ushering the Cavs to their next draft lottery party celebration.


Phil Jackson: New reports have him “itching” to get back into the league in some capacity. Although tough to itch any area of your body when you’ve got 11 championship rings to weigh down your fingers (maybe that’s where his fiancé Jeanie Buss comes in).

Mike Brown: GM Chris Grant made it clear today that Byron Scott isn’t the coach of this team right now because they didn’t play defense. He also made it clear that the next coach will need to have that defensive pedigree and live in the film room. He may or may not have added that the guy has to be constantly drinking water, must sport designer spectacles, and must have a son that just graduated from Mater Dei. If anyone could recruit LeBron (to LA), it would be the former Cavs coach.

Maybe, just Maybe (but probably not)

John Calipari: Coach Cal won his elusive college title and has more turnover on his Kentucky team than the cast of MTV’s “The Real World.” What bigger challenge than for Calipari to jump back into the pros and prove he can right the wrongs of the past. As long as he stays away from Lucious Harris this second time around, he may have a chance. Oh and you know World Wide Wes has to come with him in a combo deal, so you may actually be able to sign a decent free agent in his prime. Can you imagine Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters in the dribble drive offense he made famous?

Stan Van Gundy, Jeff Van Gundy, the Van Gundy parents: This would be tremendous from an interview standpoint. Never a dull moment with any members of this blue-collar family. You want scrappy defense, go with Jeff. You want alienating of players and plenty of hilarity, go with Stan. Although, you know the scrappy Dan Gilbert would love to see Jeff Van Gundy clinging at the feet of either Tristan Thompson or Tyler Zeller during an in-game brawl.

Your reasonable list

Brian Shaw: The Cavaliers all but gave him Byron Scott’s job the last time there was an opening. He’s known as one of the up and coming young coaching candidates for years now. You really get the feeling he’ll actually land a gig this time around.

Mike Malone: Worked with LeBron James and under Mike Brown during his first NBA stint as an assistant. Known as a dedicated “grinder” who is starting to pop up on GM radars around the league. His dad Brendan took over for Paul Silas when he got the axe. The Cavs are very familiar with his work and he’s getting plenty of credit for some of the development this year in Golden State.

Ron Adams: The Bulls assistant coach’s name has popped up in recent weeks as a prime coaching candidate. He’s had a pair of stints with the Bulls and came from Oklahoma City, which is the poster child for the type rebuild Chris Grant has been looking for.

Eric Musselman: The Brecksville native has always been a name that some Cavs fans have coveted in the past. His dad Bill was once the coach of the Cavs during the lean years, as if that narrows it down.

Flip Saunders: Another Northeast Ohio native who’s spent plenty of time as a coach in the NBA. His attention to defense was a staple of some of his early teams, but bad jobs with bad rosters were ultimately his undoing.


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