WJW/Fox 8 sports director John Telich called in as he does every Wednesday, this week to talk with Kiley and Booms about the “Miracle in Cleveland,” the rescue of the three girls from a West Side home, who were held captive for 10 years. John talked about this incredible story, and his fellow reporters who have covered this story over years. John also talked about Amanda Berry’s mother, who unfortunately passed away a few years ago before her daughter as found. John then moved on to talk about the surging Indians. John talked about the impressive starting pitching the Tribe has received recently, and said it’s no surprise the team is playing as well as they are as “it starts and ends with starting pitching.” John then, of course, weighed in on the most recent argument between Kiley and Booms: who holds the power in pitch selection, the pitcher or the catcher?


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