FORDSVILLE, Ky. (CBS Cleveland) — Kentucky authorities believe that a woman was eaten by dozens of her pet wolf-dogs after she died.

The Ohio County Sheriff’s Office told WFIE-TV that when they conducted a welfare check on 67-year-old Patricia Ritz, they found a human skull and jawbone as 50 hybrid wolf-dogs roamed her Fordsville property. Officials believe they are the remains of Ritz.

WHAS-TV reports that neighbors called authorities after she wasn’t seen for more than a week. She reportedly told her neighbors that she wasn’t feeling well recently.

Ohio County Animal Control came to Ritz’s property in an effort to gather up the dogs, as many were malnourished.

“I’ve been fighting tears a lot today,” Tracey Ward from the Ohio County Animal Control told WFIE. “I cannot understand why someone would live like this and put animals through this.”

Ritz had a litany of animal cruelty charges dating back since 1986. Adopt-a-Husky Rescue told WFIE that the worse offenses came in 1997 when she was found guilty of second-degree cruelty after Greenville authorities found 120 dogs in her possession and in 1999 when 159 of 184 dogs she had were euthanized.

She was allowed, though, to keep the remaining 25 dogs if she spayed and neutered them.

“After the sadness, there was relief,” Mary Beth Kolb of Adopt-a-Husky Rescue told WFIE of the most recent discovery. “There absolutely was relief that this will never happen again.”

The rescue group states that they hope to find rescues and sanctuaries for the hybrid wolf-dogs.

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