Could there be a Cleveland link to one of the most infamous serial killers of all time?

Perhaps there is, says a report in WEWS-TV News 5.

A contractor was renovating a home on Scranton Road, removing over a century of wallpaper and paint to get to the original plaster.

Contractor Ken Maynard says they found writing in pencil, and worked to make it legible.

It read “Jack the Ripper.”

” I have a date on the wall over there that says March 16, 89. I believe 89 would mean 1889 and some of Jack’s letters were written in 1888,”Maynard told the station.

The home was build in the late 1880s.

The Ripper murders all occurred in London in 1888.

Police never made an arrest in the case and the identity of the sinister Jack the Ripper has been debated for over a century.

Mohammad Ias, who lives in the home with his parents, tells the station he did some research and believes the signature matches those on letters sent to the London police at the time of the murders claiming to be responsible for the crimes.

“I was pretty surprised, I had goose bumps, chills,” he said.

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