Beat Reporter Brandon Krisztal Says Broncos Think Adam Gase Not Ready To Be A Head Coach

Broncos beat reporter for 104.3 The Fan in Denver, Brandon Krisztal, called in to talk with Kiley and Booms about Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase. Brandon spoke about what makes Gase an attractive coach, and Brandon cited his youth and enthusiasm for the game and his aggressive play calling. Brandon shared that Gase is a protege of the offensive guru Mike Martz, and the former quarterback coach of Tim Tebow while Tebow led the 8-8 Broncos to the playoffs in 2011. However, Brandon did admit that the Broncos believe he is not ready to be a head coach in the NFL, and tried to answer what there was to be excited about with Adam Gase, if anything, and Brandon struggled to find another quality other than “enthusiastic” and “aggressive” and said it’s likely Gase will receive little to no credit for Denver’s record-setting offense this year.


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