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Teen Severely Burned After Setting Himself Ablaze For Facebook ‘Fire Challenge’

Lexington, Ky. (CBS CLEVELAND) — A 15-year-old in Kentucky suffered second-degree burns after rubbing alcohol on his chest and lighting himself on fire in imitation of popular Facebook and YouTube “Fire Challenge” videos.

Lexington police said that officers were called to the 3600 block of Appian Way to assist a teenager who had burned himself after watching the “Fire Challenge” videos online, WYKT-TV reports. The teen, whose name was not given, mimicked the online videos by pouring rubbing alcohol on his body and then setting himself on fire.

“Unbearable, yeah, basically,” said the teen who suffered second-degree burns. “Literally after it got put out it was already blistering, it’s just hard.”

Videos of the “Fire Challenge” also show teens spraying themselves with aerosol cans before lighting portions of their body on fire in order to singe off their own hair. But the videos never show the physical aftermath of lighting one’s self on fire.

“Just watching it and never seeing what ended and just being childish,” the teen said of his actions.

One of the firefighters who took the teenager to the hospital said that the burns suffered by the boy will likely affect him for the rest of his life.

“After getting a second or third degree burn later on in life if you get a sunburn it’s going to be compounded by these particular burns,” the emergency worker told WYKT.

“You can get caught on fire and die, your house can get caught on fire, wherever you’re at can get caught on fire,” said the teen, cautioning others not to light themselves on fire for any reason.

Benjamin Fearnow


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