J.R. Smith Wants To Start His Own Golf Tour

According to CBS Sports, NBA champion J.R. Smith wants start his own golf tour.

He wants athletes and celebrities to join forces.

Smith, currently a free agent – but most likely coming back to the Cavs in 2016-17, has been known to be an avid golfer, and has always been one to mingle with all types of celebrities. So why not a Smith sponsored pro-am type event?

I would watch.

Smith talked with Jared Zwerling of the NBPA and said he has an idea where about 10 NBA players go on something like a three-city tour, playing the top golf course in those cities.

Then, people could come out and watch NBA players golf. Then Smith said that the money from fans and sponsorship for these outings would be given to charity.

Here’s what Smith had to say in the article:

“That’s not all. I have the idea of organizing a mini golf tour for NBA players. A lot of us play golf. I’ve been trying to get the guys to do one. We’d do like three cities, go to the three best golf courses and have our own little mini tour. Have fans come out and watch.”

“Realistically, it can be one day out of the week at a golf course, and let’s say 10 guys would play. It’s not a 50-man field like the PGA Tour. It would be a select group, two at at time. Then all the money would be donated to each other’s charities. And the players could be paired with a celebrity. Justin Timberlake plays, Samuel Jackson, Mark Wahlberg, all these Hollywood guys. That’s all they talk to me about when they see me–golf, golf, golf.”

Keep in mind – there would be no professional golfers on this tour J.R. has in mind of creating. Which would make it all the more fun.

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