WATCH: Indians OF Michael Brantley Discusses His Mindset Following Another Surgery

CLEVELAND (92.3 The Fan) – Michael Brantley chats with reporters in the Cleveland Indians’ clubhouse on Tuesday after undergoing another surgery — this one to help resolve right biceps tendinitis — earlier this month

Here are some of the highlights:

What were your feelings after another surgery?

“It was tough, but at the same time, I knew I did everything in my power to get back this year. I tried multiple times, as we all know. It just didn’t work out for me. So, I kind of had to accept the hand that I was dealt and go from there.”

Despite being out for the season now, what can you do to help?

“Anything I can. I can’t be on the field with them as much as I want, obviously, because of this. But, anything I can do in the dugout, in the locker room, after a game, anything I can do to ease somebody’s mind or help somebody in a positive way to impact this team, that’s what my role is.”

Was the situation mishandled at all by yourself or the team?

“Not at all. I feel like I did everything in my power and so did the Cleveland organization. I felt great at times, and then at times I didn’t feel so well. It’s something that just happened. I’m not happy that it happened. I wanted to be out there and playing with my team, of course. At the same time, this is the cards that I was dealt. I understand that. But, I did everything within this organization that they asked me to do, and I know I gave it my all, myself. So, I don’t think it was mishandled at all.”

Can you describe what the second surgery was for?

“The shoulder is very complicated. Your labrum and your bicep tendon are very close to each other and they connect at one point, and cross at one point as well. it’s just, I kept having the same occurrence that happened. Everything kind of closed down on that bicep tendon and it’d get aggravated. Then, it’d take a little while for it to feel better, and then it’d get aggravated again. It’s kind of a trend that kept happening, and the only way to fix it was to have surgery, remove it and put it in another location. So, that’s what they did.”

How important was it to get this done now instead of waiting?

“It’s very important. You just have extra time now. I know it’s a four-month rehab, but at the same time, I have a little bit of extra just in case. I don’t have to rush it or anything to get back. My main goal is, when I come into Spring Training Day 1, I don’t have any limited abilities. I want to be able to play from the time they say, ‘Play ball.’ The first day I get there, I don’t want [any] restrictions at all, and just have a normal, easy camp going into it, so I can get built up like I normally do. I think it’s going to be very important to do it that way.”

Now what?

“I’ve already started rehab. It’s very minimal. It’s very small movements here and there, But I started rehab about three or four days afterwards.”

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