by Beau Bishop

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1) Malik Hooker, you’re table is ready. Another interception for a guy I couldn’t be higher on. He has as much potential as any college safety I’ve seen with my own eyes since Sean Taylor. And he wasn’t alone. Glenville’s Marshon Lattimore also shined bright. For Lattimore this was extra special. The former Tarblooder has missed most of his first two seasons on campus and now finally healthy looks poised to deliver on his immense potential.

That offensive performance won’t get it done Saturday in Norman. JT Barrett and the passing attack going without a touchdown was a real shock. I didn’t see much in the way of deep shots. It reminded me very much of the offense I saw at the beginning of last season. The approach was simply way too conservative. It is possible that Urban and his offensive coaches were saving something for the Sooners. Lets hope that is the case.

3) In the end, a weird opponent, weird weather delay, weird game. I appreciate Ohio State getting me the cover and Im ready to move on to Norman.


4) Nope, not today.


1) Two of the next three ‘can’t miss’ NFL franchise Quarterback prospects had less than stellar days. Deshaun went 27-53 for 292 3 Touchdowns and 2 Ints as Clemson barely survived Troy. Meanwhile Freshman Jacob Eason getting his first start for Georgia went 11-20 for 204 a touchdown and an interception as Georgia snuck past some school called Nicholls. In the words of Pete Campbell, “not great, Bob!”

2) I really thought Michigan would have more trouble with UCF. Not because the Golden Knights are special, they are not, but simply because I thought Michigan would have a little let down. They did not. Jim Harbaugh has ship pointing squarely in the correct direction.

3) The Tennessee-Virginia Tech game at Bristol was cool. I wouldn’t pay to see a game at a race track but it passed the HDTV eye test.

4) Nick Saban after giving Lane Kiffin a raise from just over $700,000 to $1.4 million midweek seen yelling at his offensive coordinator on the sidelines when asked what the argument was all about Saban replied “There are no arguments, those are called ass chewings.” Priceless.


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