Boston’s Tony Massarotti, from 98.5 The Sports Hub and The Boston Globe, wrote a pretty scathing article against the Browns Wednesday afternoon.

The column was about the Browns gamble on not taking QB Carson Wentz 2nd overall in the NFL Draft, and letting him fall to the Philadelphia Eagles.

A sample:

RG3 is o-v-a. That’s how we Bostonians say it. You say over. We sayova. But the real story is just beginning.

Entering Week 1, Cleveland chief strategy officer (now there’s a title for you) Paul DePodesta said publicly that the Browns did not believe Wentz to be a top-20 quarterback in the NFL. Why DePodesta would say that will forever be a mystery, particularly when he is making the transition from baseball to football. Whether he is right will ultimately be decided on the field, where Wentz’s career got off to a promising start against, appropriately, the pathetic Browns.

And make no mistake, the Browns are pathetic. Take a good look at their schedule and try to identify the games that will be wins. If they go better than the dreadful 3-13 they posted last season, it will be an upset. And the beatings the Browns take will be nothing compared to the one they will suffer if it turns out that Wentz can actually play.

For the full article, check out Massarotti’s article here.


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