by Beau Bishop

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1) That was better than any Buckeye fans’ wildest dreams. There was no predicting what we saw Saturday night in Norman. We all knew this Buckeye team had great talent but to think they would be a great team this quickly, no chance. That was an evisceration of a proud, talented, desperate football team. As good as this team is now, my goodness, what will it look like in November?

Noah Brown – your table is ready. I started hearing whispers about Brown going two seasons ago, many thought he was the most talented receiver on the team last year, but to prove it under those bright lights and in that way … wow. J.T. Barrett said post game that Brown has suction cups for hands, seems appropriate. What a redzone weapon he will be all season long for Barrett.

3) Speaking of Barrett, I really believed this was a referendum game for Barrett. Well he played perfectly. In doing so he thrust himself smack dab into the middle of the Heisman race. Barrett will have opportunity to pad stats for the next several weeks and then have Heisman moment’ chances down the stretch with games against Michigan State and Michigan. If Ohio State wins out, he’ll be in New York.


4) It’s LeBron James and Urban Meyer. No one in sports in the state of Ohio, and for the most part the nation, is as good at their jobs as those two are at theirs. What Meyer has done to one of college football’s true blue blood programs is hard to wrap your head around. The Buckeye football program has never been healthier than it is right now. He has it set up the way Saban has it at Alabama, the way Bowden had it at FSU in the 90’s, that is a rare thing. Enjoy the hell out of this Buckeye fans – it will not last forever.


1) One of these people will actually stop disrespecting Mark Dantonio’s program. No one in college football gets more out of his team than Dino gets out of his. What a performance Saturday night in South Bend. Clinical.

2) Remember when Alabama used to be this black and blue grind you to powered sugar program? Not anymore, they are more likely to beat you 48-43 as 13-10.

3) It’s Lamar Jackson’s Heisman to lose. I covered FSU at the end of the Bowden dynasty and the beginning of his downfall. It was a dark, tough time to cover that program. As bad as it was, I rarely saw them embarrassed as they were Saturday by Louisville and Jackson. What a performance.

4) Harbaugh has played 3 home games this season, he’s had Jordan, Jeter and Brady in attendance. Credit where it’s due, that is as good a guest list as you can have.


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