The Cavs are fresh off an NBA title, and the returning roster has no qualms with constantly reminding you of that fact.

After the Cavs game back from a 3-1 series deficit to defeat the Golden State Warriors in June, players said they’ve been re-living the moment before coming back for the 2016-17 campaign.

Can you blame them?

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ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said in a report that Game 7 was appointment viewing for a number of players in the down time during the summer.

Some quotes (from Windhorst’s column):


“I was rewatching the games and talking to my teammates about it, sending them snapchats of me watching.”


“I’ve seen it a few times. It was on NBA TV throughout the summer. I watch it from a fan’s perspective. I see what we could’ve done better, but I also watch it for enjoyment, to see those three zeros on the clock.”


“I’ve watched it over and over. Oh, it was enjoyable.”

Honestly, this is some of the most subtle, low-key trolling I’ve ever seen in my entire life. To give quotes about how much you love rewatching your own team win the championship when the other team lost in the most devastating way possible? It’s absolutely brilliant. Don’t tell me the Cavs didn’t know what they were doing when they said these things. The statements are as brutal and beautiful as that LeBron block.


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