Take a sip for the C-Word (Culture)

Take a sip for the word Progress

Take a sip for the word Analytics

Take a sip every time they say determination when describing Browns long term plan

Take a sip when the broadcasters talk about how hard the Browns are playing

Take a sip when stockpiled draft picks mention

Take a sip if they talk about Josh Gordon with a graph of his career stats or any other Gordon mention

Take a shot if they show the Browns quarterback jersey

Shotgun a beer and get shots for the entire room if the Browns get the win

Take a drink whenever they mention Kessler breaking the consecutive start drought for quarterbacks

Waterfall if they show Belichick getting ready for next week with Tom Brady

Take a drink if the broadcasters mention that the Browns are turning it around

Take a drink whenever Hue Jackson bites his tongue

Take a shot if they get deep into the marijuana discussion when talking about Josh Gordon

Take a sip every time they individually mention a specific Browns player injury

Take a shot every time Cody Kessler is involved in a safety


Drink whenever they mention the stealing of the signs

Waterfall if they mention chicken and beer in the clubhouse

Drink when they mention Big Papis farewell

Drink when they mention Tito’s Boston ties

Drink when they mention the greatness of the Cavs and the not greatness of the Browns

Drink when they mention LeBron

Drink if someone complains about the broadcast crew on social media





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