Bryan Altman

The Indians dispatched the Red Sox in a three-game sweep in the ALDS and now are set to start their ALCS series against the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday night at Progressive Field.

If you’re looking to find your way into the stadium for the first game of the series, it’ll cost you at least $84 to get in based on secondary market ticket prices from VividSeats.

Credit: VividSeats

Credit: VividSeats

If you’re hoping to catch Game 2 action, the cost is the same, but from there, as one would expect, ticket prices only go up.

For a potential Game 6 at home, the get-in price is currently $100 but would surely increase if a Game 6 became guaranteed. For Game 7, it’ll cost you at least $126 to get into the stadium.

But, if you’re looking to feel better about dropping that much coin to catch the Indians in the ALCS, take solace in the fact that tickets for their series with the Blue Jays are significantly cheaper than it is if you’re a fan of the Cubs or Dodgers looking to catch a game.

The get-in price for the cheapest game of that series is Game 4 in Los Angeles, with a get-in price of $85.

The most expensive? Currently it’ll cost you $419 just to get into the stadium to see the Cubs in a potential Game 7, which makes sense if you consider that the Indians’ last World Series win in 1948 came three years after the Cubs’ last World Series berth.


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